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Curse of Life

Prologue: When Dreams Hold A Past

Death. Destruction. That was all that could be seen. No life. The land was just a graveyard. Fallen buildings littered the land. The sky darkened in sadness over the bit of Earth that had been taken before its time. The sky threatened to cry in pain. Thunder was heard. Lightening was seen raking beating into the land. There was no time to go into remorse over the land. Because before it all stood a lone figure. Female. The woman had long auburn hair. Went to about her ribs. Her back was turned. A layer of hair had been pulled and had an elaborate clip holding as it laid against the rest of her hair. Not much could be told of her outfit. A black leather dress. It was like the sleeves weren't an actual apart of it though. They were tight against her skin. These tight nylon sleeves were black. It was like there was a sleeveless dress on top of some sort of nylon body suit. Up to her elbows were a pair of silky black gloves. She had black boots on. The wind slapped at the woman. Her hair lifted and moved with the wind like a flag. Dust rose and showered what was left of the land. Some dust rested on the woman but was blown off in a few minutes by more wind. The howling wind died down. Then, a small sound was there. The only sound that could be heard. It was like a jewelry box. A small bell or chime sound. It sounded somewhat like a waltz. The woman knelt down and picked up something. She stood up. For what seemed like an eternity she stood there listening. The song slowly came to a stop. The Earth opened up and lava reached towards the sky but would fall then rise again. A gust of wind hit the woman but she stood without moving with the exception of her hair that moved violently with that gust. A dark mist came from the ground. Slowly it devoured the world. A small clank was heard. Then there was nothing but darkness. Then, the only thing that could be seen through the darkness was what the woman had picked up. A small music box. Round with four little legs and was gold. It had plates of silver on it that had etches in it. The etches were of dragons. And there were a few fairies on the silver too. There was some sort of lock on the music box. A girl appeared. She had been watching the whole thing. She had auburn colored hair. There were two white streaks framing her face and she had emerald green eyes. She was slightly built and looked of the age of 17. A gothic aura to her. She had a smile white shirt with dark green sleeves and black P.J pants. She knelt down to picked up the small little music box and took a close look at the box. The girl stood up with the box in hand. That's when she heard it. It sounded like a something like panther. All she could cared about was the fact that it sounded bloodthirsty and close. She backed up slightly looked around trying to find the sound. The sound came to her ears again. It was closer. The girl turned and ran. She was running for her life. And what ever was making the sound knew it. Because at each time the sound came to her ears again it would hold more of a lust for blood than before. She tripped over something and fell to the ground with a thud. The creature that made the sound was closing in on her. The girl tried to get up but it was useless, something kept her down. The sound stopped coming. Then for what seemed like hours there was no sound. Just when the girl started to relax she heard someone laughing. It was a woman. The laughter was cold and emotionless. It echoed off of the darkness.

"You don't belong Rogue . . . ." The woman taunted Rogue. Then she spoke in a harsh whisper. "I'm coming back . . . I'm coming for you!"

Rogue shot up in the bed in the med-wing drenched in a cold sweat. She breathed heavily for a moment before she was able to relax. Slowly Rogue laid back down. 'That dream . . . . it was so real . . . .' Rogue covered her face with her hands. 'She was raght though . . . Ah don't belong . . . . . ' Rogue started to drift back to sleep. Once again in dream land Rogue was unaware with what was happening in reality. She didn't feel a gaze upon her. Or realize that there was a shadow looming over her.

Professor Xavier wheeled into the room returning from the fight with Mesmero. He was followed by Magneto and the Acolytes. They had agreed to join forces in order to stop Mesmero. Xavier knew it was going to be alittle hard to get the two teams to work together but they had to. The world was at stake. Everyone that was with him stopped dead in their tracks at the sight. There in the living room sat everyone on of Xavier's students. The younger ones and the girls were all clinging to Storm and each other crying softly. Storm's once calm and serene face was streaked with tears. The boys scattered about the room. They too were crying. Hell, even Logan was crying. Logan stood there a corner looking out the window. It looked like everyone had been like this for a few hours. Jean looked around confused and sat next to Kitty.

"Kitty, what happened?" Kitty looked over to Jean. She clung on to Jean's uniform and started to bawl onto Jean's shoulder. Jean looked at Kitty. She sighed lightly and read Kitty's mind. Her hand flew up to her mouth as she gasped. Tears began to soak Jean's face. She started to cry with Kitty. Scott and Bobby looked at each other confused. Scott turned to Jean.

"Jean?" Jean choked back a sob.

"Rogue . . . she . . . she's . . ." Jean cried even harder. Bobby began to panic. It was no secret that he had a crush on Rogue. Well, only to Rogue it was a secret. Beast didn't waste a second. He left to check on Rogue in the Med-wing.

"Rogue?! What do you mean Rogue?" Bobby looked around franticly at the others. No one could look at him. Storm was the one to speak up.

"Child," Storm left the group of students that had been crying with her. Her voice was shaky. "while you all were gone something came up. Rogue, we don't know exactly what happened. And by the time Logan and I got there . . . Kurt . . . he told us . . . that when he had gotten there . . . dear Goddess, give me strength . . . he told us that Rogue . . . well, she's . . . child, Rogue is dead." Storm's crying had increased. Bobby stepped back shaking his head.

"No. NO! YOU LYING! ROGUE'S ALIVE! SHE'S FINE! ANY MINUTE NOW SHE GONNA WALK THROUGH THAT DOOR AND ASK WHAT IS GOING ON! THEN I'M GONNA HUG HER AND TELL HER I'M HAPPY THAT SHE'S ALIVE! WHEN I HUG HER SHE'S GONNA STIFFEN AND THEN TELL ME THAT IF I DON'T GET MY ARMS OFF HER SHE'S RIP EM OFF AND BEAT ME TO A BLOODY PULP WITH THEM!!!!" By this time Bobby was crying. He sank to the ground shaking his head. Storm sank to her knees and gathered him into a hug. Scott was in a daze. Beast came in and turned to Logan.

"Logan, what do you do with Rogue?" Logan looked at Beast confused.

"What do ya mean? After we found her went turned off the machines and then came and told the kids." Beast looked at Storm.

"It this true?" Storm nodded. Xavier turned to Beast.

"What is wrong Hank?" Hank sighed and shook his head.

"I can't find her." Everyone looked at him with confusion, "I checked all over. I can not find her." Professor Xavier turned and went to the med-wing. There was something very wrong and he wanted to find out what. Before he left the room he spoke to the students and adults.

"Please make sure that our guests are comfortable. And no fighting." With that he was out of the room. Storm looked up and finally realized that Magneto and the Acolytes were in the mansion. Storm sighed and looked down at Bobby. He had mainly stopped crying. Storm stood and guided Bobby over to the other students. She made sure Bobby was settled and wiped her face the best she could and took a deep breath. Ororo turned to face their 'guests'.

"Forgive us for the making you uncomfortable. But unfortunately things such as these can not be helped. Follow me. I will show you the mansion and were you all will be staying." Magneto nodded to his Acolytes as Ororo walked off. They quietly left to follow Ororo.