Hi . . . okay.  I know I haven't updated, and I'm really sorry.  I figured everyone should know why I a) haven't updated and b) haven't emailed the people who are kind enough to get in touch with me.  The only computer that has all my stories (except for Life Uncommon) and the Internet is up a flight of stairs . . . and yeah, I can't really climb stairs yet.  I was just in a head-on collision recently, and I'm still bouncing back.  I'm SO SORRY I haven't updated Ariels.  I'm really trying to get better . . . but I just got out of a musical, and my bitch-from-hell director decided that I needed to get out and do my stuff, even days after the wreck and I couldn't walk right yet.  So I'm waiting for my joints to swell down.  My dashboard and cell phone charger (ouch!) did a real number on everything below the waist.  The seatbelt and airbag took care of everything else; I was leaning forward around the driver (who was driving MY car, my tiny little Toyota.) going "Um, there's a Silverado coming . . ." and so I have a bit of whiplash too.  But enough on my sob story—I promise I'll conquer stairs eventually!  I SWEAR I won't leave you guys hanging any longer than necessary.  I'm so sorry this is taking so long.

Promise I'll update as soon as possible!  Kudos!

--Psycho Pixie