"Hey Pearl?" Steven asked as he sat on the couch. Pearl looked to him with a small smile. Setting her knitting down.

"Yes, Steven?" She asked the young boy.

"What was mom like!?" He burst out. Pearl blinked her eyes a few times before they went wide. A blue blush coming to her cheeks.

"Well..." she left out a sigh looking to the pink yarn that on her lap. "Rose... Was my every thing..." Pearl said closing her eyes. "Rose. Was so amazing. So very amazing... She was the rock that kept me standing up. With out her... I wouldn't be here." She admitted. Steven tilted his head.

"What do you mean?" He asked. Pearl looked up to the ceiling and smiled.

"Rose brought me and Garnet back here. On Earth. Where we could be free. She knew we weren't like the others. We wanted things everyone else didn't want. So she saved us from our pathetic lives..." Pearl sighed letting her head fall. "She saved me..." she wiped the tears that came to her eyes away.

"Was mom... Really nice?" Steven asked. Pearl looked to him eyes as wide as plates.

"YES! Your mother was super nice! The nicest person... I ever knew..." she sighed. "She brought home Amethyst... At first. I didn't like the Idea. I didn't know when she would snap and try to kill us. Like the rest of them. She made me think about the good... Not the bad..." Pearl sighed. Steven moved a bit and smiled to Pearl.

"Really?" He asked. Pearl nodded her head.

"Oh yes! I fought by her side! Every time! My sword and her shield! We were invincible!" Pearl stood up putting her fist in the air. "We were amazing! I protected her like no other! She was my queen and I was her knight!" Pearl cheered. Steven chuckled lightly. "But... It was all short lived..." Pearls arms dropped to her side and she closed her eyes.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"She met your dad..." Pearl sighed. "Don't get me wrong. I loved she was happy... But... She was happy with another person... and not just me any more... She was my world and I watched as she left me behind... I felt lost... Scared I was going to lose her... She kept talking all about him. Him. Him. All the time! I got mad over it. To hear her talk about him like he was something special! It made me mad! But at the same time... It made me happy... To see her so excited..." Pearl took her seat again picking up her knitting.

"Well it's a good thing! Right!? That she met him right?" Steven asked. Pearl looked at him and smiled tears coming to the corner of her eyes again.

"Steven... When she told me... About having you... At first... I was mad... I hated the fact she was giving up her life for you... But... Rose wanted me to be happy. So I was... I accepted that she was going to give up her own life... For something she loved more then her self... And when you came into this world... I fell in love with you..." Pearl smiled and put her hand softly on Steven's cheek. "Rose had loved you. From the moment she knew about you... And I knew with her gone that I had to love you. Just like she would love you." Pearl said.

"Really?" Steven asked. Tears started to come to his eyes.

"Really Steven. Because to me. You are more important then rose. She loved you more then her self. So to me... I love you more then her." Pearl kissed Steven's forehead and Steven gave her a big hug. Pearl rubbed his back softly as Steven silently cried into her chest.

Because even in death.
She's here with me.
Loving me.
The same I loved her.
For loving the thing.
That was her world.

"Because you were Rose's World Steven...
And I will always love you.
No matter what."