Chapter 4: Yuuki's Promised Fate

*Two days before Kaname and Yuuki show up at Crosses apartment*

Kaname...Kaname...Kaname. The only word I know. The only word I love. Why? Why? Why? The only question I ask. Does he love me? He won't even look me in the eyes when he says those words. It's all a lie. Zero. The word I loathe. The man he really loves.

"Kaname, How is work?", I asked walking into his office. Kaname isn't an old fashioned soul, though every room I've been in has a modern look to it, but still withheld elegance. It didn't take me long to realize that the modern part of it was to remember Zero. I remember Zero telling me how he always wanted a family and the house he'll decorate will be a modern one. At least he told me those things when we were still friends. I've asked my brother to remodel this house but he instantly shot me down. Insisting that the house was a state of some sort against the council. On the inside, I rolled my eyes at his lecture.

Kaname and I have been in America for a year, now, but for Pureblood Vampires like us, it just seems like a month, at least for me it has.

"It's fine, Yuuki, only a bit more paperwork to do", Kaname replied.

"I've brought you tea", I said setting it on his desk next to him.

"Thank you", he said not looking up from his work.

"mhm, I'll be in the music room", I said exiting his office. Kaname never is distracted by me, no matter how much I try to impress him with the way I dress or more. He gives me a smile and a compliment, sometimes he'll even go so far as to kiss me, but it's always chaste.

"very well then", he replied flipping a page over.

Kaname...why won't you look at me with the eyes you look at with Zero. You miss him, I know you do. You left your journal open for prying eyes to see. For my prying eyes to see. You talk about how it feel like it's been years since you've seen him. You say how much you care for him. How much you want him. How much you wish you could have chosen him. I can never fulfill that piece of you. For now.

The music room. Kaname's favorite room in the house. The place where our family would make sheets of poetry from the heart. Kaname cherishes the memory, I would too if I had grown up remembering them. Every since I got my memories nothing but the agonizing pain has been brought back to my heart. The pain of losing them was too fresh and too vivid, not to mention the pain of having the person I love stolen from me. The pain of losing myself.

The Yuuki Kuran girl from my memory is innocent and fragile, and Yuuki Cross was devoured by the vampire I am today, by the new Yuuki Kuran. The girl who is conniving, sneaky, a liar, and a murderer.

"Yuuki-sama, how are you today?", one of the maids said to me as I entered the music room. If I remember correctly her name was Tomo, Tomo Kizune. She's the only maid allowed in the music room on Kaname's orders. He doesn't want anything broken and she's the most graceful one here. Out of the service we hired.

"I'm good, Tomo-san. Thanks for asking.", I said with a sweet smile on my face. It was the one and only famous Kuran Mask.

"The violin, again?", she asked politely.

"Yes", I replied. Tomo immediately glided to my case where my violin laid inside. She checked each string before handing it to me.

"Here you are, Yuuki-sama", she said. "Would you like me to step out to give you privacy?"

"Please do", I said getting into position to play. Once the door shut, leaving me to my thoughts I began to play.

The night was still. The chaos going on couldn't reach my ear. The clock tower we stood on shining a pure white. A pure angelic white. It was the innocence escaping my body, living an empty shell. A metallic taste filled my mouth in return. It was my brothers love. Bitter at first but then a burst of sweetness ran in.

My senses sparked, my mind thinking quicker. Then memories exploded in my head. Images and videos of everything shooting by in a film-like state before it slowed to a stop at my mother's dead leaking corpse. My child self reached for her only to feel a chilled empty shell, and the hand that reached for her shoot back just before a younger version of Kaname ran in. Everything went dark.


"KANAME", a voice shouted. I slowly opened my eyes, just as lighting flickered through the sky, revealing my new yet old red eyes. "Why?" Zero said looking down at us. He stood at the very top next to the clock while we sat one level lower. Ironic, a level D looking down at us Purebloods.

"It had to be done, Zero", Kaname spoke as he stood up.

"No-", Zero began.

"He's my brother, Zero", I said standing in front of Kaname.

"I know", Zero whispered.

He knew. He knew I was the one to be with Kaname yet he still took Kaname away from me. He made the love of my life love him instead of me.

The wrong note sounded through my ears, my anger had gotten the best of me.

"Still haven't perfected that song, Yuuki?", a stern voice said to me. It was more of a disappointed statement than a question. I knew who it was without turning around.

"Kaname, you're finished with your work already", I said turning around to face him with an innocent smile. He returned it with a loving one. A smile for a sister, not a lover. Not the one you give to Zero.

"No, I didn't, but I thought a break was needed, and I heard you playing", he said.

"Was I too loud?", I asked concerned.

"Mmh", He said shaking his head 'no'. "I just want to see you play"

"I see", I said getting back in position to play again. "What song should I play?"

"The same one you were already playing", He said. " "Gentle snow" was it. You remind me of our mother"

I shivered at the mention of her name. The same images of her lifeless body flowing through my mind.

"Sorry, I should be more considerate of your feelings", He said watching me with eyes of pity. "I had time to mourn but you are just beginning."

I watched him. What was I supposed to say to that? No words came out, so I closed my eyes and played, humming the melody as I went along.

It was just me and Kaname in the room. I feed off his blood and he left to Zero. It's just me in this room. The Resin rose on top of the dresser mocking me. The love my brother had for me was sealed within it. I couldn't reach it.

Another wrong note reached my ears. I tried to corrected it, but it messed the song up.

"Did you know it took our mother four years to write that song", Kaname stated with a warming smile. While I was playing, he stepped to the window where the piano was placed.

"Really? I had no idea. I've never watched her write a sheet of music before", I said with curious eyes.

"Yes, She wrote it while listening to Fur Elise, her muse", He said beginning to play that said song. "Can't you hear the melody of mothers song within it"

I listened closely, and he was right. Her song was there but very faint.

"She was able to take the hidden message out of his music", Kaname said losing himself in the song. "I watched every night until it was complete."

"I wish I could've", I said looking down.

"The song was for you, Yuuki", he said. My eyes went widened with surprise to his happy face. "She wrote it when she was pregnant with you. She named it Gentle snow."

"The meaning of my name", I said with a soft smile.

"Yes", he said with a nod.

"That makes me happy", I said putting my violin away properly. "A song for me."

"Yes", he repeated. I stepped toward my brother and sat next to him at the piano. I rested my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes and listened to him play.

Zero...Zero...Zero Kiryu. I hate you. I hate you more than anything and anyone in this world. You took my brother from me. You have what's the most important thing in my life. My brother's heart. You invaded him in every possible way. He can't be free from you... unless you're dead.

Dead? Yes, Dead? If you die, Kaname will be free of you. I'll be free of you.

I slowly got off my bed and exited my dorm room. I don't know when I got outside or when I was in the middle of the forest between the exit of the academy and the sun boy's dormitory. All I knew was there in front of me, a couple yards away, stood a silver head man with two bells in his head keeping his hair up.

His turned around towards me just as I was about to move.

"Yuuki Cross", he spoke.

"Yuuki Kuran", I corrected.

He stared at me with a bored expression. That face spiked my irritation.

"Zero, you love Kaname don't you", I stated. Surprise lit his face. "I know about you and Kaname's relationship, but he's mine and I'll never let you have him. I love him."

"Zero?", he spoke softly. "and Kaname's relationship?"

"That's right. There is no longer a Zero and Kaname", I said with a smirk pulling at my lips.

"It's none of your business", he said scowling.

"He's mine", I shouted.

"No, he's not", He said glaring at me. "He can't be yours. He already belongs to Ze-... to me"

"Not if you're dead", I said in a daze. I let my bangs from my new long hair cover my eyes.

I remember now. I had gone to Zero's dorm before I came here. He wasn't there, though a small 48 caliber, perfect for my palm, sat on the dresser. As if it were calling me to take it. That same gun was pointed at Zero. And I was the holder. That same gun also had steam coming out of it.

Zero's body dropped to the ground in a slow motion, revealing another Zero with a stunned expression on his face. Two Zero's. No..this Zero is dressed in the boy's school uniform, while the one on the ground isn't.

My dazed state evaporated as I comprehended what I had done. I. Shot. Ichiru... I. Killed. Ichiru. Zero's twin. I had forgotten he were here at Cross academy now. Just before the correct Zero got to the scene area I had fled.

"Yuu..Yuu..Yuuki!", Kaname said waking me from my slumber. I had fallen asleep listening to him play the piano. "If you need to, you can go to bed now. It is almost morning in the human time."

I slowly sat up and rubbed my brown eyes in a groggily way.

"It's okay, Kaname, I've slept enough", I said getting up.

"I'm going to take a walk in the garden, would you like to accompany me?", Kaname asked. I shook my head.

"No, I just want to think for a bit", Kaname watched me carefully. "To stay here and think of mother"

Kaname expression drifted to one of sadness before one of understanding appeared.

"I see, when you need company, you know where to find me", he said walking out.

When I needed you it was too late...I had already killed him.

Run...Run...Faster...I have to run faster... I killed Ichiru

"Yuuki", Kaname said surprised as I smashed into him.

"Kaname", I said in a frenzy.

"What's wrong", he said panicky.

"I..I..He's dea-", I paused. I can't tell him. He would hate me forever. I can never let him find out. "I was looking for you. I remembered mother's death right in front of me"

"Yuuki..", He said saddening.

"She was lying on the floor in her own pool of blood", I began shaking and letting tears fill my eyes, but my mind wasn't on my mother's death, my mind was on the fact I had ended someone's life. One shot ended his world, his future, his present. The blood. The same pool of blood my mother would be in is how Ichiru would look now.

"Yuuki stop!", Kaname yelled as he held me. "You don't need to think about that, it's going to be okay"

"No, it's not", I yelled hysterically pushing away from him. "I'll never be loved again. I'm alone, Kaname!"

"I'm here, Yuuki, and I'll always be, I love you,"Kaname said as he looked at me with sad eyes.

"No! You love Zero", I yelled. "I know...I know about you and him"

Kaname made a pained expression at the mention of him. He loves him that much.

"Zero and I are...complicated", He said with his head down.

"You love him...You can't love me the way love him", I said as an unbearable pain slowly oozed throughout my chest. My breathing was shaky but I slowed myself. A numb feeling washed through me. "You need to choose between me and Zero"

Kaname was shocked at my words, so shocked he made no sound nor move. The eerie quiet engulfed us both until a thick swallow was heard in the depths of Kaname's throat.

"The gate. Come to the gate by sunrise", Kaname said dryly before turning on his heels to leave.

Several moments passed before a rustling sound came from my right. I immediately tensed but before I could turn, a piece of cold metal was at my temple.

"Move and I'll shoot", he said with a sickening voice. "Why did you kill him?"

I said nothing, how could I say anything? What should I've had said?

The gun on my temple began to burn as it pressed closer. I jolted at the pain but made effort into not allowing the man wielding the gun to notice my pain.

"Answer me", Zero said with a deep growl in the gun into my temple causing it to burn my scalp.

"It wasn't my intention", I said quickly, unable to mask the pain in my voice.

"Lies", He said. I could see from the corner of my eye Zero's finger on the trigger. If I don't choose my words carefully they could, no would, be my last.

"I wasn't trying to kill Ichiru...", I whispered, smirking at how quickly I'd regained my composer. "I was trying to kill you..."

"...You know, don't you?", he asked pulling the gun away, just enough so the gun wouldn't burn my skin, but still too close for me to escape. He was being careful, not allowing himself to slip up. He was a hunter after all.

Even so, he still wasn't able to hide the emotions that played on his well-sculpted face. Hardcore guilt, then frustration, disappointment, then finally rage once again. I rolled my eyes at the possible meanings behind each one. Especially rage. If anything I was the one who should be infuriated. He stole the last piece of a family I had left while knowing it! He had an affair with MY Kaname!

"How long?" I asked feeling nauseous to my core. Zero snorted.

"Wouldn't you like to know", He replied with a smug expression. I drowned myself in the fact I'd whip that superior feeling right from him.

"Can't I know when you took my Kaname away from me", I scowled playing my card accordingly.

"He's not-", The hunter began quickly to correct me on the ownership I held with Kaname.

"Even as a last wish before I die", I added.

"Did you give Ichiru a last wish", He asked grinding his teeth together.

"...It never came up", I admitted resisting the urge to shrug, knowing it wouldn't help at all.

"Then why-", The males had was twitching to fire the shot that would end my life.

"He just said Kaname belongs to you", I said with a cool expression. I shoved my personal emotions down, drowning them with the new instinct to persuade the silver head before me. "I guess the fact Kaname's my brother and future husband didn't occur to the bastard"

Zero pressed his bloody rose back into my temple again. I jerked at the sudden shock of electricity, scolding myself for slipping up on my words.

"I'm close to killing you, Yuuki, the temptation is all too great", He said giving the trigger a bit of a pull to emphasize how he felt. "but, Kaname would..."

Kaname!...Kaname... don't show such a weak soul Zero.

"He would hate you forever", I slowly said letting the words sink into that thick skull of his. "Killing the one last family member he has left. His poor innocent sister-"

"Innocent?!", Zero scuffed. "There isn't a single bone in your body that has innocence left. Actually, I don't think you ever were innocent, to begin with... Bloodsucker"

"But Kaname doesn't know this. He believes I'm just a fragile girl that will forever need protecting. That I will never be able to harm anyone let alone kill them", I coaxed in the most innocent voice I could manage.

He grimaced in response. Zero knew I was right, He knew Kaname's pathetic love for him would easily become hatred. One single wrong move and the two of them are done for.

"Go ahead, Zero, Pull the trigger", I said turning to face him. Shocked rushed to his eyes. "Put me down right here. I am just a 'Blood-suck' who killed your brother. Your pathetic betraying twin brother. Ichiru Kiryuu. "

You're too weak to risk having Kaname hate you. Even if the reason was for revenge of your twin brother's death. All you know is that small hope for love that my brother so kindly bestowed upon you.

"Yuuki...", Zero hissed. I couldn't see his expression anymore. His head was bowed down, allowing his bangs to cover his eyes but the twitching of his muscles and the sound of his heavy breath told me to stay on guard.

"Zero," I replied narrowing my eyes at the bastard.


A puncturing sound echoed throughout the night. Blood slowly oozed to the pavement below. My eye's widened in disbelief. Zero stood there with his hand held out in front of him. The source of blood was a flesh wound he'd made with the 'Bloody Rose'.

"Yuuki Kuran, I swear on the blood that runs through my veins that I, Zero Kiryuu, will kill you. Whether that be today or anytime in the future, the one who will end your life will be me. I will take you from this world with my bare hands.", Zero said as he stared me down with pure hatred.

I shivered as his blood vow. Every sense of me wanted to up and run from him as far and as fast as possible. Even if I were to run to the other side of the earth it still wouldn't be far enough.

So this is what it felt like to be Prey. The shoe is finally on my foot. I smirked as my eyes grew wider with excitement.

~End Of Chapter 4: Yuuki's Promised Fate~