Chapter 5: Leaving

Note in case possible confusion:

Italic text= The night of Kaname and Yuuki leaving Cross Academy

Normal text = Before Appearing at Cross's place

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"Yuuki Kuran, I swear on the blood that runs through my veins that I, Zero Kiryuu, will kill you. Whether that be today or anytime in the future, the one who will end your life will be me. I will take you from this world with my bare hands.", Zero said as he stared me down with pure hatred.

I shivered at his blood vow. Every sense of me wanted to up and run from him as far and as fast as possible. Even if I were to run to the other side of the earth it still wouldn't be far enough.

So this is what it felt like to be Prey. So the shoe is finally on my foot. I smirked as my eyes grew wider with excitement.

Chapter 5: Rest of that Night

*Yuuki's POV*

I laughed with a malice coating my voice."You killing me? I doubt you live to see me even get a wrinkle let alone die, Little Level D." Zero clenched his jaw with pure hatred radiating off his skin as I hit a deep nerve, but I was far from done speaking. "In fact, what would mommy and daddy dearest say if they saw you now? Not only had their youngest child betrayed them but here is their first child helplessly in love with not only a pureblood but a Vampire King. So pathetic!"

I saw in that instant Zero snapped. He dropped the bloody-rose and with sped had me pinned against a nearby tree with his hands squeezing around my throat, restricting my air passageway.

"Shut the hell up! You know nothing!", Zero spoke through clench teeth. "Instead of spewing my past how about we speak of your present? Such as Kaname learning of what you did to Ichiru."

White hot fury sparked inside my blood as I pushed him off with a kick to his stomach. The bug grunted for a split second before jumping to his feet with speed. I sucked in air slowly as my vampirism began healing the bruise he caused around my neck.

"What? Afraid of him finding you disgusting once he knows?", Zero mocked with a glare. I bared my fangs at him in anger but refused to move. It hadn't been that long since my blood had awakened and Zero was a equipped Hunter with both mine and my brother's blood flowing through him. I'd be foolish to fight him now. I grimaced, loathing the disgusting man in front of me. "He wouldn't believe you", I said swallowing hard. "He'd simply think you're spouting nonsense in order for him to choose you to leave with him. In fact, he's waiting for the both of us at the gate as we speak to make that said decision."

"What?", He spoke with a frown deepening on his features. I grinned as the information clicked in his thick head.

"See the flaw in your little plan?", I said with a hysterical laugh. Then the laughing trickled away as my features went serious. "But... He'd believe me if I were the one telling him of my actions."

"Like, hell, you'd tell him the truth", Zero spoke while frowning at me with suspicious eyes as he picked up the bloody-rose, clenching the trigger.

"Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't dare", I said sighing out while crossing my arms. "However, I can't deny that Kaname is confused about the feelings he has for you." Zero scuffed at my word choice but I choose to ignore him and continue. "And because of his confusion, I know my brother won't be able to completely let you go. Therefore, I propose we make a small deal."

"A deal with you?", Zero spoke with disgust. "Unless it involves me putting a bullet between your eyes. I'll have to-"

"If my brother leaves here with you than I'll tell him I killed your brother", I interrupted, catching his interest quickly.

"... And if you leave with him?", The man asked with scowling eyes, never missing the key point.

"I want the last words you say to him to be 'I never want to see you again!' before running away like a pathetic coward", I spoke up with a smirk while Zero's expression became furious. His hateful eyes shifted to the ground while contemplating the deal. "I also want you to stay the hell away from him in return."

The wind picked up between us as Zero remained silent. I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I saw the battle of his decision play across his features.

"I don't have all day for your answer", I snapped. His natural lilac eyes words found my irritated brown eyes.

"... Fine", He finally spoke as a sinister smile played on my lips. "But if you don't hold on your end of the deal. I will kill you."

I saw assurance in his eyes. With this deal came the acceptance of Kaname's hate for him as it did for me as well.

"I guess it's time to face our fate, then", I said nodding towards the path that leads to Kaname.

*Before Arriving At Cross's Place*

*Kaname's POV*

The steady beating of a heart was faintly heard in the wooden mansion behind me. I glanced back to see the owner of the heart standing in the top window with a half smile. Her dark brown orbs filled with unnatural emotions stared down at me as if piercing through my soul. Unraveling all my secrets.

I gave a forced smile towards this woman, and she gave the same one in return. A hard ball formed in the back of my throat as emotions swayed my decision to turn away from her and continue the walk through the garden, getting lost in the shrubs, far away from the hell house behind me. It might have once been the house my mother planted gentle kisses upon my head; the house where my father taught me the ways of a Pureblood King while still remembering to show his own affections of love and care, but now that women in her unruly ways taunted the precious memories I gathered. However, it was not only her who tarnished these memories but also my betrayal to whom I really love.

"Kaname-san!", Kaien Cross shouted running towards me near the gate, the ash-blonde haired man slowed his pace once he'd gotten a couple feet away from me. I stood at the gates to the school witnessing the first glimpse of orange, pink, and yellow the sun colored the sky. Giving a deep sigh for how much the school was in shambles after Rido's attack, Cross took a couple steps to stand on my left side in front of the rubble from the broken gateway.

"She asked me to choose between her and Zero", I breathe out listening to the deafening sound of nothingness. Not even the morning birds were nearby, too afraid of the previous blood-lust of Level E's and my uncle to want to come here again.

"And what will you do?", Cross responded without hesitation. I said nothing, for even I had yet to understand what to do next. My desire wanted to keep them both close to me, but my mind knew Yuuki couldn't bear such a heartbreak, nor so much betrayal. It wasn't too long ago I'd spoken to her, witnessing our mother's death dance across her brown innocent orbs with understanding this time. The poor girl was shaking with cold sweat and fear of abandonment.

However, how could I betray the one my heart belonged to? My soul and blood belonged to him. He couldn't bear the betrayal as well. My only love watched both his parents murdered in front of him, along with the betrayal of his last of kin. Those silver orbs of his held a thousand years worth of pain and torment yet not once had he blamed anyone but himself. I could never abandon him. Not even if my life depended on it because, in the end, the thought alone would end up killing me.

"That woman did all this to get back at you", Cross murmured, making me frown with a deep sigh as my next foe rose to my agonizing thoughts. No. She was never my next but the one I'd been at war with this entire time. I had her to thanks for my uncle's madness for power. I had her to thank for the death of my parents. Now, once again she aims to kill the ones closest to my heart. That godforsaken women will one day go after him. My precious fallen angel. Although, if she decides to continue down this traumatizing path, she will feel my wrath.

"I will protect them", I spoke under my breath as the wind picked up beneath my feet. The cold morning air whipped across my neck, giving me a small unnoticeable chill.

"You can't take them both with you, Kaname-san", Cross said with a deep sigh. His hand tightened around the hunter sword in his hand with anguish. I could hear the pain radiating from his heart.

"I won't let him go", I whispered clenching my jaw shut tight while the wind slowed and a small breeze blew past. A soft hand rested on my shoulder. With confusion, I turned towards the owner only to come forward with an apathetic smile across his pale lips.

"You aren't letting him go", Cross spoke as I felt a coiling in my heart while a deadly pain seized me. In the far distance, I saw my decision of despair walking tall next to the one I loved most. The dreadful existence held a knife to my fallen angel's throat, waiting for the words to be spoken with a malicious grin. My eyes widened with fear as I recognized it as myself. Not I, but the words I will soon speak.

The terror of hurting the one I love frightened me to my very existence. An excruciating pain seized every corner of my mind, searching for any applaudable reason for taking such drastic measures. My wine orbs darted across the landscape in front of me, seeking for an outlet for these emotions.

She came into sight. The women that strutted next to my lover's side wore an expression what appeared to be emptiness. But with a couple seconds of studying the woman's expression, there resided a hint of...triumphant to her fluid movements and graceful posture. My emotions calmed as if on cue. I understand now. It was her fault. She was the one at fault for being so self-centered. It was her fault for ever mattered that occurred. If she hadn't been born then my uncle wouldn't have sought out to destroy my family. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have to leave the one I love.

Wait!... What am I saying?! This is Yuuki I'm speaking of! My beloved sister! Of course, I don't feel that way for her. She's the only kin I have left. I would protect her with my life. I will continue to protect her with my life.

At least that's what I planned for in the past years of my life. Until the knight of the chess pieces captured my heart, without ease at that. My brows netted together as frustration shattered my heart. My choice was obvious. The solution my brain thought of that would suffice to protect them both, in the end, tormented me.

"He'll rise above this, Kaname-san", Cross, whispered as he, too, watched the subjects of our conversation waltz their way. "He always does."

"I'm afraid that's just it", I whispered in a shaky voice. "It should have never been me to provide an obstacle that he has to struggle over. I should have been the one pulling him out the dark and into the light, yet here I am. About to witness my lover's eyes shift in the most heart-wrenching ways."

Cross went silent as a forlorn smile washed over his features and a sigh left his lips.

"Kaname-nii-san" Yuuki spoke in a small voice barely above a whisper once that finally got to me. Her big brown eyes were cast to the ground while she stood in front of me. I gave a soft smile before reaching out and running my hands through her brown long curls covered in precipitation. I lifted her chin to see an odd dead look in her eyes. My warm smile slipped of my features and was replaced with one of sorrow once again. My precious sister was being choked by grievance itself, and he was partly to blame. Maybe bringing her back had been too soon.

However, the thought was cast aside as my eyes shifted to the scowling hunter to her right. I'd caught the scent of his intoxicating lavender blood swirling the air as he stood there with a bloody balled up fist.

"You're hurt!", I said removing myself away from Yuuki and taking his hand in my own. I scanned the wound but making sure to hold his hand with nothing but tender care. It appeared to be merely a flesh wound, nothing life threatening but still unacceptable for my precious angel's hand to be tarnished. The signs of his hand healing slowly implied the wound was inflicted by an anti-vampire weapon.

"I'm fine", Zero spoke up with his eyes piercing into mine. There was this odd fire lit inside him which I could tell was fueled by rage. What could he possibly be so furious over?

"Let me heal it", I sighed out. Resisting the urge to question him on who had injured him. Knowing the silverette would ignore me or just get even more furious. I brought his hands close to my lips preparing to coax the wound in my saliva.

"I said I was fine!", Zero roared snatching his hand away while suppressing the flinch from the pain. I frowned in confusion, his anger now directed at me. Should I have not attempted to heal him? But he had never minded in the past so why now all of a sudden? "You have something to tell us, right? The reason as to why we're here, remember?"

I clenched my jaw shut as I removed my eyes from his own and turned to face back out towards the gate. I sucked in a rigid breathe in order to calm the shaking of my body.

"I will be leaving the Academy", I spoke up holding the posture of a respectable pureblood even though the small noticeable cracks in my voice told otherwise.

"And which... Will you be taking with you?", Yuuki's voice came before I felt a warm petite body up against my back. Her small sized hands clung to the back of my shirt as if she was physically and mentally using me as her anchor to sanity. My heart plunged into pain even more as I thought if her sadness selfishly forcing me to leave my lover her at the academy.

"I... must...", I whispered with a close to my eyes. The bond inside me wrapped around my throat, keeping from speaking the words I must speak to keep them both safe and out of harm's way. Images of Zero and Yuuki bloodied and beaten swiftly took root in my brain giving me the determination to continue on with my decision. "I will be taking you, Yuuki, with me."

I felt the girl clench against my back more making her presence known, but my focus was not on her anymore. My sense was on the silverette and the salty smell in the ears that I knew were coming from him. I didn't want to turn around to face the image in of him but I forced my body to move.

I was instantly met with Zero's shattered glass lilac eyes staring at me as his body quivered.

"Why did I believe you?", I heard him whisper while the tears streamed down his pale features. The sight shattered my own heart and my surrounding swayed while I was unable to peel my eyes from him. "Everything you've ever said was a load of crap."

My hand twitched to reach out to him and console his growing pain with the truth of my decision. To tell him I'm not prepared to protect him in this state. That if it was him I took with me that women would slaughter my plans in an instant with the help of others who weren't fond of hunters.

Unfortunately, the small body that held me around the waist in a hug was like an anchor to the ground. Pleading me to not reach out to him. Because if I did her entire being would shatter.

"I never wanna see you again", His broken voice cracked out before his form spun around and retreated back to the dorms. I was left there with regret growing through my body. The bond seizing every inch of me making sure I would never forget the echoing pain of my lover's face.

I stopped once I was deep in the garden with the mansion far behind me. I dropped to my knees with uneven breaths welling up in my throat. Clenching my chest where my heart lid I let the tears slip between my eyes and down my cheeks as once again Zero's expression tortured my heart.

*Yuuki's POV*

I watched my brother from the bay window of the music room as he walked through the garden with slouched shoulder for a pureblood. He seemed to have been dragging his feet. I could only imagine what his thoughts had been preoccupied more so who. I growled low, moving away from the window as a knock to the room came.

"Come in", I spoke up to the male on the other side of the door, making sure to keep a clear voice, hiding my spiked rage of my brother.

"Yuuki-sama, a letter has arrived dressed to you", The butler of the house spoke giving a bow to me after he'd entered. I took my time making way to him, grabbing the letter of the platter he present. The sender's name instantly caught my eyes making my blood coil. How could that putrid woman have the audacity to contact me? After she practically had a fit once the news of Kaname's and I being engaged reached her ears. The women my brother had been previously engaged to.

"Don't tell my brother about this letter, understood?!", I growled to the main butler who'd handed me the same aggravating slip in my hand. The male nodded in startlement before scurrying out of the room after a bow.

I sucked in a breath getting my aura under control before opening the yellow envelope in hand. Written on top of the envelope in fine handwriting was the words "Sara Shirabuki to the new Queen of Vampires". My fury spiked, rattling a cup nearby as I read each word written on the small letter.

'To my dearest, Yuuki-chan', the note read. 'I have quite the interesting information you'd enjoy to hear regarding the secret your brother keeps from you. If you'd love to chat about it, come to Japan at once.'

I clenched my jaw shut tight with fury. So, even this women knew of the secret my brother was intentionally keeping from me. She gained the information yet I was unable to get a single soul to speak on the matter. I shut my eyes as a sinister grin lit my features.

I guess we'll be seeing each other earlier than I'd like, Zero.

*End Of Chapter 5*

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