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I could hear it the sound of fighting outside. If only I could believe it, for this has been a constant day dream of mine. I have lost all sense of time in this white room. Oh, how I hate the color white and yet I miss it dearly. I miss my bleach white other third. I miss both Zangetsu, and Masa, sweet kind Masa. Aizen took them the moment he had me in his hold. 'BOOM' the room shook, rocks falling. That was definitely not my imagination for the stability of everything was off, including my restraints. I can get out! Get out and help whoever came here.

I ran down white hall after white hall trying to get closer to the sound of fighting. I'm so close I could almost feel the bursting reiatsu of the new and grotesque arrancar, no grotesque things for they are no where near human or even hollows with how they act and look. They are there, right on the otherside of the door along with the sounds of metal against metal. I feel the mutant creatures' reiatsu flaring in battle along with Aizen's calm and collected reiatsu. All of this behind a giant white door. Always white and yet I can't feel the rest of the resistents' reiatsu.

I can't take it no more so I push the giant doors open with some effort because, though I was able to shake off some of my restraints I still have half of my reiatsu suppressors on. When I finally enter the room goes silent. On all sides I see those things lined upon the walls leading up to a sickly green curtain with Aizen in his weird butterfly form holding onto a royal red rope with a tassel at the end. No, not red. The rope showed specks of gold were blood hadn't reached it around the top.

"Look at who's finally joining the party. Oh what a surprise. Especially with all I had to do to get you moving again. Staging a battle that will never happen." Aizen face of course was blank and covered in WHITE. Though his voice said it all. His voice dripped with fake sympathy not even bothering to hide smug tone behind it, smug as if he had won. And I didn't know how true that statement was till Aizen let go of the rope causing the curtain to fall.

Behind the curtain was the twelve heads of the taicho of the Gotei 13. All impaled by a stick, The Soutaicho, Soi Fon, Rose, Unohana, Byakuya, Komamura, Shunsui, Kensei, Toshiro, Kenny, Kuro-fucking-tsuchi, and Ukitake. In front of each of their captains was their fukutaicho except the fifth division had a gap behind Hinamori. The heads of Sasakibe, Omaeda, Izuru, Isane, poor Hina, Renji, Iba, Lisa and Ise one stacked on the other, Mashiro and Shuhei just like lisa and Ise, Matsumoto, Yachiru, Nemu, and Rukia. The next row has all the rest of vizard squished between the heads of Yoruichi and Kisuke and Tessai in the very middle. Even with all of this I didn't think it could get any worse and yet when Aizen stepped aside I saw the heads of Orihime, Ishida, Chad, my father, Yuzu, and Karin with an empty stick between both of my little sisters. I screamed.

No. No. "NO!" I did the only thing I could think of. I ran. I had to get out I had to get to soul society, this can't be real. Yet it couldn't be an illusion for Aizen killed, no destroyed his zanpakuto. No more illusions yet Aizen truly didn't need it to win he was the new Reio. The new soul king. I had to get back. Back to before. Before Aizen became the Reio, before they all died, before Aizen had the power to win. I ripped a garganta open with all the power I could muster and I fell, fell through into not darkness but a light the tint of orange.

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