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"Then please come this way to the castle so we can get comfortable before answering questions." Mūn-ō waved towards the gate. Inside the gate was the smell of dried blood.

Chapter 9: The District's Purpose

*Kuchiki Ginrei POV*

'My son is a beautiful woman. MY SON is a WOMAN! Oh, Kami why out of all the potions did it have to be that one. Breath in, breathe out. Clam down, stress isn't good for the heart. IS. Is that the smell of blood!' In front was buildings made of large stones, blood dripping through doorways.

"Why I Kami's name is there blood everywhere!" screeched Hirako-Taicho and indeed it wasn't just spilling from doorways but there was bloody foot print leading all over, as if they had o destination at all. There was even small splatter on some of the walls between two buildings.

"The cleaning crew comes by twice a week on the meat houses off days. There next cleaning date is tomorrow so this is the dirtiest it gets here in district 4." My son explained all while continuing to walk as if this didn't look like a mass murderer was given free rein of the area.

"District 4?" This time it was Unohana-Taicho who spoke up, though she sounded almost preoccupied as if she didn't care so much about the answer as to her surroundings.

"Yes, there are Eight districts and at the center of the districts is the castle." Again, my son answered. I'm curious if the other king was truly mute or not. "District one houses our market, unlike outside we trade wears rather than money. District two is the farm lands, we grow many different fruits and vegetables. Most of whom we still don't have a name for so we just describe them.

District Three is where the workshops are. There are many different types such as; clothes, jewelry, kitchens, statue builder, weapons and so on. District four is the slaughter house, we only cut up what we need and if by mistake more is cut than it is sent to district three to be salted and dried.

District five is the animal farm where the animals are breed and then sent to slaughter or to the third district to pull carts back and forth between district one and three as well as the castle. District six was supposed to be the relaxation district but since someone found out how to make alcohol from these strange plants it has become more like a pleasure district." Byakuya lists on so, as to get this explanation over with. That is till Hirako-Taicho interrupts.

"And you didn't stop it from becoming this why?"

"Because, if we were to restrict this it would cause unneeded unrest among the citizens and if it doesn't become a problem there is no need to stop them from enjoying themselves. After all no rest makes the body decay." My son states as if it were a fact.

"Now District seven is the scholarly district. A library as well as school exists here to keep track of all we have learned of this land and to teach this knowledge to everyone. As for housing, everyone lives in the guild halls that are in the final District eight that connects to district one because that is where most end there day." At this we come to a stop in front of another gate that has already begun to lower. "And now I present to you the castle." At the sight behind the gate all Taicho and Fukutaicho were struck speechless.

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