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Thank you, you three for reviewing. ^_^ I appreciated reading them. Since ya'll liked chapter one so much I'll put chapter 2 out right now. I hope you enjoy this one as much as the last. Hmm.. Originally I had planned something a little different for chapter 2. Maybe I should add a little scene of Inu Yasha trying to 'cook' (WEG = wicked evil grin). Ooo. the ideas.. The possibilities. .. alright I'll shut up and type in more of the story now. Recap:

"And a big bully too." Shippo adds, receiving a KONK on the proverbial noggin, from the halfbreed.

"Feh." Walks away into the distance.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Inuyasha walks through the clearing and into a forested area. Thoughts going through his head, mainly figuring in his own head all the different ways that Kagome was wrong about her accusations toward him were, about his personality. Not even five minutes has gone by and the Hanyou notices a movementin a brushy area, his hightened hearing allows him to pinpoint it immediately. Quickly he stands in his best fighting stance ready to take on the intruder on a split seconds notice. Ordering for the being to show its self, he finds it not co-operating with his demands. About to charge in after it, the being jumps into the air landing on his forehead. A scream emanates from his fanged mouth as Inuyasha falls backwards onto his rear.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrribit! Rrrrrrrrrrribit!"

A stunned stoopified facial expression is all to be seen, however curses ream, spewingly, in verbal sentences condeming himself for being frightend by such an insignificant lower being. His stomach growls out of the blue, reminding him of his hunger. Glaring cross-eyed at the green creature on his forehead, he smirks.

"Roasted frog legs sound good, heh heh."

Slowly he brings his hand up about two feet from his face. Then at a speed no normal human could achieve Inuyasha brings his hand to grip the frog's fragile body... only. to smack himself in the face, while the frog jumps to safety on a rotting log.

"Grrrrrrrrrr! !!!!!!!OWCH!!!!!!!" He whimpers holding his red, hand imprinted, nose and forehead. "You wretched vile ameba! May vultures pick your corpse when I'm through with you!"

With that he jumps at the creature and ends up getting his head stuck in the log. The frog hops onto Inuyasha's raised rear end, and croaks mockingly only to further enrage him. About an hour later, Inuyasha had unsuccessfully caught the fowl wretch. However, by now had hunted down two rabbits and a squirrel. He began sinking his canine's into the first rabbit. However, it didn't seem to taste right. He was so used to Kagome's cooked foods that his taste buds had adapted to that way. Cursing, he builds a small campfire and roasts the bitten into rabbit, however, the fire the hanyou built engulfed the dead corpse and burnt it beyond being edible. He then moves on to the last rabbit, after dulling down the fire. He killed that too. Now, he brings the fire to nothing but a small flame. It took fifteen minutes till Inuyasha's patience grew dim. Surely by now this minuscule animal would be cooked by now! Poking and proding it with one of his claw like finger nails he came to the conclusion that it wasn't even lukewarm. Stomping ofer to a pile of dead grass he had uprooted from the ground in anticipation of food, he dumps it on the fire, covering the corpse as well.

"Damn it! This is all, entirely, your fault Kagome, stupid baka. Stupid wench! I know it's your fault, somehow! And I plan on telling you so too!"

He takes his arm over the animal and brushes it off. Unfortunately, the fire flamed up when the grass had been dumped upon it, thus catching Inuyasha's sleeve on fire. Inuyasha went ballistic, flapping his arm in the air trying to get the flame extinguished, only feeding it oxygen, causing it to grow. He looked like he was performing a sort of weird tribal dance about the camp. Eventually, lying on the ground exhausted, he pants. Not moments later, he sits propped up looking over his 'masterpiece'.his 'creation'. his ruined scorched squirrel meat. However, it was still. slightly edible. And with Inuyasha being as stubborn as he is, he convinced himself that it was the best 'cooked' food he had ever made. Sadly. it was true, considering that was the second time he had actually cooked his own meat that day. and ever. The first bite didn't seem too bad. however the constant chewing of one bite and the forceful swallow that would soon come after put a damper on his spirits, forcing himself to realize that he would need to go back and .knowing Kagome. face having to appologise for whatever he had done wrong. though he'd be damned if knew what exactly he HAD done wrong, since his escapade for food hunting, he had completely forgotten.

Inuyasha puts out his campfire and heads back to his friends, thinking now about how right.well, mostly not totally, Kagome was about him. Mainly about him being rude. maybe a bit self absorbed. But this he wouldn't dare admit outloud. To Kagome, or even himself. He does have his pride after all. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Two hours have gone by, since Inuyasha had stormed off. Everyone has crawled into bed except for Kagome, who sits propped up at the base of a massive tree.

Why isn't Inuyasha back? I expected him to return at least an hour ago whining about being hungry still. Did I really hurt his feelings by what I said? Stupid me. I care about Inuyasha. Can't you just shut up once without insulting him, Kagome? Heavy sigh.

A pair of golden lit eyes, from high in the tree the raven haired girl sat against, follows her every slight movement. Whether it is a hand brushing hair out of her eyes or a shiver from the slightly cold night temperature. They gaze in wonderment as what were to be on the miko's mind.

"Inu.yasha." she whispers in an almost none existent voice.

Upon hearing this name, small yet very slight movements, within the branches, lower to endeavor to spy or listen in on the words being spoken so softly.

"Inuyasha. I.L." Pauses hearing the rustle of leaves and mentally knows who is there spying.

The watchful being cranes its head.

Decides to playout an evil thought, verbally, from her head. "Inuyasha." Still in the low murmur. "I like. no. I love." Smirks. "I LOVE Miroku!"

"NANI!?" As if a bird stricken, shot, by a stone, Inuyasha looses balance, from the shock brought on by Kagome's statement and lands on his head right infront of her. Looking like a crumpled up dead spider, after the impact of the ground to his face.

"Oh. Inuyasha. there you are." Remarks, in a sickeningly sweet innocent caring tone. "I was beginning to worry that maybe Naraku had gotten you or something." Just stands there, looking down upon the collapsed form, not budging to help him up.

Regaining his bearings quickly jumps to his feet.

First replies, "Feh." Then, decides to go ballistic in the young woman's face. "What the hell do you mean by you're in love with that letch Miroku!!?!!"

"You were spying on me?" Attempts to sound hurt and shocked.

"Don't change the subject you wench! Answer me." gets cut off.

"Are you finished?" Hands lying on hips, in the form of, tightly clenched fists.

"No I'm not finished! You just all but told the world that you were in love with a lecherous pervert with a wind tunnel for a hand!"

"Good. then this'll anger you ALL the more."

"Huh? Stop talking in riddles."



"Err.What the hell was that for!!" Bears his fangs, as he lifts to his feet.


THUMP. "Stop that WENCH!"

"Osuwari! Osuwari! Osuwari!

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Inuyasha's body lays motionless in the three foot imprint of himself.

Kagome, "Hmm.." Yawns. "All those commands have tired me out." Walks up, on, and over the hanyou's body, as a small grunt escapes from it. "Goodnight Inuyasha. "Crawls into her sleeping bag where Shippo was lying as well, and faces away from the half-demon. "Oh. and if you're hungry there's some ramen left over. it would have been warm had you not gone off on your temper tantrum." Retorts.

A moment later Inuyasha rolls out of the crevice and onto the soft grass with hateful dagger looks shooting at the back of Kagome's head. "You'll be regretting that, you wench. You, with your stupid agrevating incantation commands. You annoy the living hell out of me, with every cocky step of your grotesquely, beautifully perfect, visad." Curses in a low hiss at the sleeping form of his raven miko. "Nani?" Did I just admit, aloud no less, she was beautiful? Why did I do that?... Because you slipped it out in your jealously haughty fit. I'M NOT JEALOUS!... Yes you are.No.Yes.No.Shout up, you are too. "Damn it. I'm not I?"

With this reoccurring thought running throughout his mind, Inuyasha, stubbornly forces himself to fall asleep. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- Next morning ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

Kagome, still asleep, has earned the attention of her group of fully awake friends, as she talks in her sleep. Inuyasha barely acknowledges the state the miko incarnation is in, as he plots revenge against her. For all those sit commands she had placed on him last night. Not to mention that after last nights speakings, he had a horrible dream. or nightmare. because of what Kagome had said about loving Miroku.