Someone was shaking me awake and for a moment I just growled to make them back off but I all I got was a low chuckle in my ear. "You gotta wake up now Eve." Riddick said to me quietly but I only pulled the blanket closer around me. I was so warm and comfortable that I didn't want to rise from this cocoon ever. "Evangeline."

Forcing my eyes to open a little I rubbed them slightly before looking up. I had been sleeping on Riddick and his arms were still around me. "As much as I am enjoying this, we're coming into port." He told me softly and I could only blink and nod my head up at him, gazing into his eyes. "Are you planning on moving?"

"Not really." I answered then leaned my head back against him. "How long?"

"Ten minutes." He guessed so I sighed.

"Then that's ten minutes longer I could have been sleeping you jackass." I felt his hand slowly slide around my waist, feeling my skin that was exposed because of my ripped up shirt and I gave a little whimper, sitting up a little straighter.

"You like it when I touch you?" He questioned in a dangerously seductive growl and I slowly looked up at him.

"Maybe." I answered then got to my feet, taking the blanket with me to check on the others. "Jack, Jack wake up." Shaking her shoulder the kid started awake then smiled sleepily at me.

"Hey Angel, we there yet?"

"Ten more minutes, but we gotta plan what we're going to do." I told her. "New Mecca is a big place, we'll have to find somewhere to stay and get cleaned up because quite frankly, I feel like crap and I might be coming down with something." Jack looked at me with worry then touched my brow.

"You are a little hot." She mused and I flashed a grin.

"Only a little? I'm insulted. I think I'm damn gorgeous." Jack grinned at my wit then helped me wake the other three. There was very little save for dried up, leather tasting food which was hard to actually chew but it was nourishing all the same. I brought some over to Riddick but he shook his head. "You need to eat Richard."

"I'll eat when there's something decent." He answered, pulling his chair closer to the panel then began preparing for atmospheric entrance.

"Richard…where will you go?" He gave a little shrug.

"Don't know." I sighed softly then sat down in the other chair, reaching up and dimming the lights slightly before flicking switches to open up the radios and communication line. "You?"

"I've never been further from home than the next block. I haven't got a clue what I'm doing or where I'm going." I answered but turned a smile back at Jack. "But at least I won't be alone."

"You really adore that kid, don't you?"

"Absolutely." Nodding my head in agreement I reached out to take the handle that controlled our thrusters and therefore our speed but at the same time Riddick reached for it and our hands brushed. I looked at him quickly then pulled back my hand but his own reached out and took it, fingers brushing and rubbing slightly against mine.

"Go ahead." He told me in his quiet, rich voice so I let him pull my hand back to the lever then he let go. I paused a moment to glance at him before easing off the throttle, bringing us down so that we glided towards the planet which twinkled with golden lights like a shining river, several hundred ships circling around in rings so I looked to Riddick. "You want me to take over?" I nodded my head, not really knowing what to do from here on in apart from how to land.

Riddick guided the skiff into orbit but suddenly a red light flashed and a rather bored voice came onto the speaker. "Identify yourself unknown spacecraft." Looking at the speakers I reached out and pressed the button, speaking into the microphone.

"This is a surviving passenger of the cargo vessel Hunter-Gratsner, Evangeline Cooper, with…" I looked to Riddick who nodded his head. "Six other passengers, three with casualties." There was a pause before the voice came back, suddenly more interested.

"Received. Can you explain what happened, Miss Cooper?" I shuddered slightly before pressing down the switch again.

"We crash landed on an unknown primeval planet, there were more of us but…well we were picked off by these alien carnivores that only come out at night. It was a planet with three suns, so there was everlasting day until it was eclipsed and we only managed to escape because we had found another settlement with this craft still in flying condition." I explained then rubbed my face wearily, turning off the switch to wait for her reply.

I looked to Riddick who gave me a brief look before easing into the orbit. For a while there was silence until I spoke in a hushed tone. "What are you going to do?"

"Just pretend I am not here and let me do the talking if they ask." He answered with a slight growl. "But if they ask where Riddick is, tell them he died on that planet." I nodded my hand in understanding.

"Survivor vessel, you have permission to land. Please follow the traffic beacon for your own convenience and you shall be seen to immediately." A small droid appeared in front of us but Riddick had already spun his chair around and hidden under the desk.

"Cameras." He muttered to me as I took control and guided us towards the planet, the droid leading the way with a bright red light flashing. Instantly I was reminded of the crash and how the sirens had blared in warning. At my sharp intake of breath and tight set of my jaw Riddick scooted over and reached out, touching my leg and I shot him a look. "Just keep flying, Evangeline, pretend I'm not even here." He told me with a devilish smirk then began to run his hand up my calf.

"I will kick you." I warned him but when he made no move to stop, I tried to lash out but he caught my foot easily then sank his teeth into my leg, biting on the softer underside but not hard enough to draw blood. It still made me jump in surprise and give a small yelp. "Richard B. Riddick!" I hissed and he smirked further, glancing up at me.

"I like it when you're angry at me." He told me and I just stared at him.

"You are an egotistic, insane, completely cocksure asshole." He arched an eyebrow at me then slowly pushed his hand higher, passing my knee to then grip my thigh and I instinctively pressed my legs together, trapping his hand which did not feel completely unwelcome there.

"Of course." He practically purred then withdrew both his hands, glancing up as we came into the atmosphere. I slowed our descent, weaving in and out of streams of other vehicles whilst staring wide eyed at the massive city below. "Jack! Come see this." I called and suddenly I was surrounded by kids and Iman, all desperate to see.

"New Mecca…" The religious man breathed then pressed his hands together, kissing his fingers then offered up a prayer.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm damn starving. I take back what I said about going vegetarian, I'd kill for a burger." I chuckled, silently agreeing with her.

"Hey Iman, does your people let gate crashers in for some food and rest?" I asked and he smiled down at me.

"All are welcome in the house of Allah." I gave Jack a nudge and a smile.

"We'll figure something out real soon. Don't worry." She nodded her head then watched my hands as I flicked a few switches, turning off the main thrusters to burn low down to the ground. The droid flashed continuously, guiding us over to a docking station where I spun us around easily, moving in on our side where the decking slid out to meet us and I landed with our rear facing towards a large facility, which looked like a vessel station.

The air seemed thick and murky with haze from fumes but other than that, the lights were bright, the streets were clean and I could see endless towers and buildings reaching up higher and higher to the stars which twinkled in the sky above us. No one was yet there on the platform so I turned to Riddick. "So, you'll be heading off now then?" I asked and he nodded his head, not turning to look at me. He still had the goggles on and I suddenly had the urge to just tear them off.

Iman had opened the hatch and Jack pulled on my hand, a rucksack on her back with supplies she was planning on taking but I made sure that she had left some for Riddick. "You go, I'll be out in a moment." I said, flicking a few switches to put the skiff on tick over, ready for a quick getaway.

"Okay. Hey, Riddick?" He turned and looked at her and Jack gave him a smile. "You saved our lives, I hope you know we're damn grateful." Riddick regarded her for a moment before chuckling, reaching out and softly knuckling her jaw.

"You're alright kid. You're actually alright." Jack grinned brightly as if she had just been told she'd won an entire block full of cash before bounding outside, leaving me to finish up. I tried my best not to look at Riddick but eventually my own will was pushed aside and I turned my head. He was looking right at me.

Neither of us said anything but when I turned the last dial, opening the fuel gauges a little, there was nothing left for me to do. "So this is goodbye?" I asked but he didn't answer, merely continued to watch me with a hard stare which made me shrink back slightly though I tried to hide it.

I reached down and shouldered my backpack, securing it there before turning to face Riddick. "We really are grateful to you, Richard. It doesn't matter what you do now or later, or even what you did in the past. We'll always remember this as the one thing that you did right." I paused, wondering if I should say more. "Will we see you again?" I hated the way I sounded so hopeful that he would nod his head.

"I don't know." He answered and my shoulders sagged a little. We were running out of time so I thought quickly, wondering what to do. Looking down to my wrist where the simple yet meaningful bracelets rested, I tugged one off, widening the circumference then grabbed his wrist, lifting it up then snapped the broad, dark brown plaited bracelet around his wrist, tugging on the ties to tighten them.

"Then you had better bring that back to me." I told him firmly, still gripping his wrists. "And if I have to hunt you down to find it then you will be in serious trouble, Richard." I let go then smiled, leaning forwards to kiss his brow gently, letting my lips linger there as I spoke. "Stay safe. Keep fighting." With that I turned and walked away, shifting my bag to sit better on my shoulder.

A firm tug stopped me in my tracks and as my bag was almost torn from my shoulder in the process of dragging me back I whipped around to face Riddick who only gripped the back of my head and my waist to then sealed his mouth to mine, effectively trapping me to his chest as if he were afraid I would try to escape.

Escape? Ha! Is he crazy? I am hardly going to turn down a kiss from the most amazing, complicated yet damn sexy guy I've ever met. His lips were warm and hard against mine but I welcomed the branding sensation, even more so when his tongue slipped through my lips and began to explore the interior of my mouth. As his hands pressed harder into me Riddick turned and I found myself suddenly trapped against the wall, his furious kiss igniting a passionate fire in my belly which I had not felt for a very long time and never before in such an intensity as now.

Stars flashed before my eyes as I moaned, Riddick's mouth leaving mine to kiss at my neck, tongue brushing against my jaw and the soft spot just below my ear before he bared his teeth and bit my neck. A louder gasp escaped me and I clung onto Riddick, not letting him go but I answered his animalism by gently nipping on his shoulder before biting down hard. He growled in pleasure at the stinging sensation then inhaled my scent, tenderly kissing the bite mark that had now been administered. "Richard…" I whispered, voicing the sounds of my desires and he lifted his head slowly, looking down at me.

Without waiting I reached up and slid the black goggles from his face and smiled when I saw his eyes, his beautiful eyes, which were now looking down at me with a care and tenderness. I reached upwards and kissed him again, this time leading him into a slow, dance like kiss that he seemed to enjoy just as much as his lust filled one. Not that lust was lacking here, just to say.

"Come with me." He murmured to me and I gasped, pressing my eyes shut as he then gripped my legs and hoisted me up, wrapping them around him and I clung on as his hands stroked my shapely legs. "Come with me Eve."

"Richard, it's not safe and you know it." I murmured to him gently. "If I go with you, I'd only be slowing you down and putting both of us in danger. You're better off on your own for now, until you can get those assholes off you back and that bounty off your head." I took one of his hands to touch one of my deeper, more serious gashes on the small of my back which was covered by a blood stained, filthy bandage which would need to be changed soon. "I'm still hurt, I need time to heal, time to grow stronger before I could ever keep up with you."

"I can protect you, Eve. You and the kid." I smiled at him, reaching up and brushing my hand across his face and his eyes flickered closed at that, leaning into my touch.

"I know you would, Richard, but its better this way for now. I don't want to, I really want to go with you, but it'll only end badly with how things are at the moment." I sighed then kissed him softly again, lingering there before slowly lowering myself down from him. "Besides, you still have this." I lifted his arm to show him my bracelet. "And I damn well want it back one day." He smirked but before I could go he wrapped his arms around me from behind and pulled me back.

"What if I'm gone a long, long time?" He asked quietly, voice rumbling in my ear so I turned my head and smiled.

"Then I'll wait for you. However, if you wait too long, I'll damn well be hunting you down and shoving your head up your ass." He laughed then let me go so I gave him one last look then left the skiff, the hatch closing after me.

Jack came and stood in front of me, glancing behind to the ship which was already lifting off and preparing to fly away so I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to safety away from the boosters. Only then did someone actually arrive down and greet us, but frowned when they counted our numbers.

"Only five? I received information to say there would be six of you." I spoke before anyone else could jump in.

"He couldn't wait, there was business he had to attend to but he wouldn't say what." The man, who wore a flashy, smart black uniform with a pin of a bronze planet with a ring around it and a crescent moon hanging from the lower dipped end.

"I see. Names? Including his." I introduced us all then told them that Riddick was some guy called William Johns. Myself and the two boys were rushed away to hospital where I stayed for a couple of days battling several infections and a rather painful bout of fever which locked me in bed for longer than I wanted to be. Thank heaven for advanced medicine.

Jack stayed with Iman whilst I was in the hospital, visiting me every day until finally I was let out. That was when I felt a pang, wishing Riddick was there. I was never much of a leader, you point me in the direction and I'll plough the road ahead but I could never just make the decisions all by myself, not without someone's help.

Well, looks like that's going to have to change. "So what now?" Jack asked and I sighed.

"Excellent question. Back to Iman's place I guess, find jobs then work up some savings before moving on from there. Hope he won't mind us moving in for a while, if he does then we'll just manage some other way." Iman welcomed us both, smiling broadly. He had been given a house, literally given a house because he was actually a very important part of his religion, something like the wise old man at the head, though he wasn't quite there.

We lived with him and I found a job at a factory making parts to be made into vehicles and Jack got a job at the fish market, though she complained about smelling like fish every day. Still, it was work and we got paid, so it was better than nothing. All I could do now was wait. Just wait. Wait for him to come back to me. I just hope that he's alright...