Writer's note: This is the final chapter. Although it ends on something of a cliff-hanger, it will be revealed exactly who killed who.


Chapter 21


It was now 4am Monday morning. In less than one hour the doors would open, and they'd have a lot of explaining to do. There were eight dead bodies, and they had to tell the police. Greenlee kept her gun on her at all times, remembering her husband's dying words. Then Zack said something that got everyone's attention.


Zack: I believe I know exactly what happenned. I think Ryan was right, for the most part. Erica was insane, she wanted us all dead. More than that, she wanted an elaborate spectacle that people would remember her for long after she was dead.

Bianca: That sounds like her.

Zack: She murdered Adam, and David. She tried to murder Annie, but Annie put up a fight, killed Erica. But Ryan saw what happenned, he took advantage of the bad situation, killed the woman who caused him much pain. The woman he viewed as a threat to his wife and his child.

Bianca: But then why kill the others?

Zack: That wasn't his plan. Ryan hoped to blame all the murders on Erica, and get away with it. Unfortunately for him, someone kept an eye on JR, the person who most hated him and wanted him dead. The one person who wasn't with us when Ryan gave his explanation. Bianca.

Bianca: Yes. I murdered JR. A part of me thought he was the murderer. But the truth is, I wanted him dead. He deserved to die for what he did to Marissa.

Greenlee: I can't say I'm particularly suprised you murdered him. But why Kendall, and my father?

Bianca: I didn't. Yes I murdered JR because he murdered the love of my life. Just like I murdered Michael because he raped me. But I would never have hurt my sister, or my uncle Jack.

Greenlee: You don't really expect us to believe you.

Zack: I expect you to believe it Greenlee, you killed Kendall. The lights were on a timer, we were all paranoid, all had fire-arms.

Greenlee: Yes. I could see Kendall with my flashlight, pointing her gun at me. I don't know if she thought I was a threat, or she wanted me out of the way to have Ryan. Either way I knew she was going to kill me. I did what I had to do to survive.

Bianca: But why did you murder your father?

Greenlee: I didn't.

Bianca: I didn't kill him either.


Then the two women looked at Zack. Each woman realized that if the other was telling the truth, he likely murdered Zack.


Zack: It was dark, I couldn't see his face clearly, but I saw the gun. After the first gunshot, I just reacted. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: You murdered my father.

Zack: It was an accident. And you killed my wife.

Greenlee: That was self-defense. All right, what happens now.

Zack: I suggest we say that Ryan was a homicidal maniac who was working to complete Erica's insane plan.

Greenlee: So my husband gets the blame for everything?

Zack: Do you want to go to prison? I sure as hell don't. I think we've all sufferred enough.

Greenlee: You killed my husband, and my father. Then again I killed your wife. The police would believe us if we stuck to the same story.

Bianca: I've agreed to nothing. I'm not going to protect the people who killed my sister and my uncle.

Zack: Greenlee's actions were self-defense, my killings were an accident. You on the other hand, committed cold-blooded revenge. You might think we're all in a scenario of mutual assurred destruction, we're not.

Greenlee: He has a point Binks. If we tell the truth, he and I might be aquitted at trial, would you? But we need to decide now because if we lie, we'll need to stick to it forever.

Zack: Your right Greenlee. They catch us in a lie, they'll assume we're guilty. And there's no statute of limitations for murder.

Bianca: I can't just lie, protect the ones who killed Kendall and Jackson.

Greenlee: We really only need two people to cooberate each other's stories.

Bianca: What are you going to do, kill me?

Greenlee: It's a thought.

Zack: There's no need for that. If the truth comes out, Bianca would be in much more trouble than us. I have a suggestion. When the police come, Bianca talks to the police first. If she tells the truth, we'll confirm it. Actually Greenlee and I would be aquitted it we tell the truth. If Bianca lies and goes along with my story, we'll confirm that one too. It's your choice Bianca, just consider the consequences.