Chapter 1

Chuck Bartowski was a guy who thought of himself as nothing beyond average. He was a Stanford graduate that graduated with pretty great marks, but he had no clue what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He had no plan. The biggest thing he did was get a job on the side at this store named 'Buy More' to help get some cash in his pocket. The majority of the income came through his really amazing sister Ellie, as well as her very serious boyfriend Devon, otherwise known as 'Captain Awesome', just because of how much he said the word 'awesome'.

Ellie and Devon were doctors. They'd been together for a really long time, and it didn't look like Devon was going anywhere anytime soon. Chuck lived with them, but only because Ellie was nice enough to offer him a place to stay, since he was a clueless guy that didn't know what he was going to do next.

He got up from bed, ready for another day of the same cycle. Get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep. Of course, all of this with added interactions from his best friend Morgan, along with Ellie and Devon. But nothing was ever different. Nothing was ever interesting enough on his life. It was all too simple for him. He really needed and wanted something to be interesting in his life, but every day was just the same.

Until this day.

"Hey, Chuck!" Ellie exclaimed when she saw her brother come downstairs. She was sitting at the kitchen table with Devon, sipping her coffee. "Are you going to sit down for some breakfast?"

He shook his head in a hurry.

"I would love to, but I can't," he explained frantically. "I'm gonna be super late for work if I don't leave now. I'm already running late. I have like five minutes until my shift is supposed to start!"

"Awesome," Devon said.

"That is most certainly, um, not awesome," Chuck said, scratching his head. "Whatever, Captain Awesome. I should, uh, I should leave now. Later, guys." They both waved at him as he started to hurry out the door.

He got into his car and drove off to the Buy More complex. By the time he got there, he was already late for his shift, but only by a few minutes. If Big Mike wasn't paying attention, he'd be able to get in there without a giant lecture.

He rushed into the Buy More building, scanning to see if Mike was looking. And just to his luck, he wasn't paying attention at the moment. He was too busy eating a sandwich or something of that sort. Chuck smiled in relief, happily strolling into the store. He adjusted his name tag, getting ready to begin his shift.

"Chuuuck! Bartooowski!" Morgan exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "Somebody was running late."

"I know," Chuck said with a sigh. "I had an intense night last night. I stayed up too late, and of course, that resulted in me waking up late. I should have known better than to let her get the best of me. I always tell her I have to go to bed, but she just pulls me back in."

Morgan scratched his head.

"You're talking about Call of Duty, right?" he asked.

"Of course," Chuck laughed. "What did you think? I had a girl over?"

"Nope," Morgan answered.

"What? You don't think it's possible for me to have a girl over?" Chuck asked, raising his eyebrows. "Okay, now I'm a little offended! What would make you think that? As if I don't have game ever since... Jill?"

Morgan swallowed hard.

"No, no. Obviously you have game. You're Chuck freaking Bartowski!" Morgan exclaimed. "You definitely don't have as much game as your buddy Morgan over here, but you're still in the zone when you need to be. Maybe you've been in a drought ever since you and Jill broke up, but I'm sure you could-"

"Dammit," Chuck cursed under his breath. "I've been a loser. It's been over a year since we broke up, but I still can't get back out there. I don't know why, but I can't anymore."

"Of course you can," Morgan encouraged. "Any girl would be lucky to get you. I'll give you the Morgan method, and you're gonna hit on the very next girl that walks into Buy More. Is that a deal?"

"The Morgan method? Is this certified?" Chuck joked.

"Through my years of experiential dating, I've acquired much solid proof and evidence that the Morgan method is more than just valid, it's a practical guarantee to get the girl," Morgan said with the stupidest confident grin on his face. "Let me teach you my ways."

"Are you forgetting that neither of us can even remember the last time you had a girlfriend?" Chuck scoffed. "I don't think I should be taking dating advice and flirting advice from you."

"No, you have to do it. Step one, trick her into thinking you're too good for her. Even if she's way out of your league, she can't think that. Make it seem like you've got a million other options, but you've chosen her. She'll feel special, but still know she's replaceable," Morgan told him.

"And step two?" Chuck asked.

"I don't know," Morgan responded, shrugging his shoulders cluelessly. "I mean, I haven't gotten that far in the method. It's still a work in progress, but I assure you, it'll be up and running completely soon. But try step one on the first girl you see! If it works, I'll figure out exactly how to keep it going."

"The next girl that walks into the store?" Chuck nervously asked. "Can't I at least have some sort of selection? I mean, what if the next female specimen that enters this building is a, um, grandmother? It's a very reasonable question, actually."

"Guys like us don't get to be choosers. Plus, only girls in our league even enter this Nerd Herd store, so step one won't be too hard to accomplish. The girls are usually very within or below our leagues," Morgan explained with a grin.

That statement made Chuck feel all the more confident about his flirting goal. It was true, not to be rude or anything. Extremely gorgeous girls rarely walked into a store called Buy More, specifically known for its Nerd Herd booth.

But just to his luck, the complete opposite of a low standard girl entered the store next. And this girl wasn't average. She wasn't even above average. She was like a goddess from heaven in Chuck's eyes. Her beauty was so apparent and obvious, anyone who looked at her immediately thought of her as beautiful. With her cascading wave of blonde hair falling far past her shoulders, to a tight tank top hugging her curvy features, Chuck's own eyes were in for a treat just looking at her.

Unfortunately, her beauty was a clear sign of having no chance with her. Chuck knew Morgan wouldn't rest until he flirted with probably the prettiest girl he'd seen in his life (yes, even above Jill).

"There she is!" Morgan exclaimed.

"You've got to be kidding me..." Chuck muttered. "This can't be real life. Morgan, do you see that girl? She's at least a hundred, maybe even a freaking thousand, leagues above me. There's no way I could ever even trick her into believing she's beneath my league. She's beautiful, and I bet she knows it damn well."

Morgan shrugged his shoulders.

"I can't disagree. She is one sexy woman," Morgan commented. "Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe she's one of those girls that doesn't know she's good looking."

"Oh, I'll bet she knows," Chuck said. "And even if she didn't notice, how many guys on a daily basis do you think go up to her and call her gorgeous or compliment her?"

"I don't know, but definitely at least one today. You know why? Because you're gonna be that guy," Morgan informed him, poking his chest. "Go. Do it."

"Morgan..." Chuck muttered.

"Come on, Chuck! You'll never know unless you try," he said. "And if you don't, I'll go tell Big Mike you came into work late today. Blackmail is what I do best, baby."

"Screw you, Grimes, even though that's clever," Chuck laughed. "I'm feeling lucky today."

He didn't feel that lucky, though. It was pretty clear he was going to go up to her and make a giant fool out of himself, and he knew that. He knew that, and he was okay with it. He was tired of being afraid to ever make a move on a girl just because one other girl broke his heart badly. He knew there was a good side to being with somebody, and it wouldn't kill him to look a little. There was no reason to mope about Jill for the rest of his life.

Morgan backed up a bit, giving him space in the Nerd Herd booth, since he didn't want to interrupt the big first flirt (and possible last flirt, too). She offered Chuck a small smile when she arrived at the booth, but he was completely sure it was only a smile of decency, since she was about to get some sort of Nerd Herd service from him.

"H-hello," Chuck began, scratching his neck nervously. "Welcome to Buy More's Nerd Herd... erm, how may I help you today?"

Morgan raised his eyebrows. That did not look like anything near flirting. It seemed like he was just doing his job, which was pretty much all it was at this point. Except in Chuck's mind, there were a million things he was thinking about. He was trying to figure out the perfect card to play so he didn't screw this up. If he went with Morgan's unfinished, terrible method, there was a very big chance everything could become screwed in like, half a second. But he could vey well screw it up all on his own, since he happened to be quite a huge nerd, and a woman like that probably wasn't interested in a huge nerd.

"Hi," she greeted, her smile broadening. Her stunning blue eyes locked with his, sparkling. He noticed that perfect sparkle in her eyes right when he looked into them. "My phone's like, completely screwed, and I was wondering if there was anything you could do about it."

"Well, we are the Nerd Herd," Chuck told her with the most awkward grin in his entire life. Dammit, Chuck, this isn't how it's supposed to go, he thought, although the awkward smile on his face remained. "We um, we specialize in this... Nerd stuff."

To his surprise, she laughed. She laughed. Now, whether it was a laugh out of pity or a genuine laugh was yet to be figured out, but from the look on her face, Chuck seriously was thinking that just maybe, just maybe, it could have been genuine. That didn't mean he had a shot or anything, but it was a positive sign wasn't it. Besides looks (which everyone claims they don't care about, but it's so obvious they do care about looks), girls usually seemed to be attracted to guys that could make them laugh. Funny guys were all the rave back in college, and even high school (maybe even junior high).

"Then, nerd, why don't you take a look at it and tell me what you can do?" she said, pulling her phone out of her purse, and then handing it to him.

He nodded his head.

"Of course."

"Thank you," she said with a sweet smile. "So, when can I get it back?"

"Whenever it's ready," he responded. "I'll have to take a good look at it and see if it's an easy problem to fix or a hard one."

"Oh, okay. I'll stop by periodically, then," she told him. "To check and see if it's ready."

"Yeah, mhm," he nodded his head eagerly. "You should do that." She faintly laughed again, this time it was more directed towards his awkwardness, though. "So, do you have a name, or should I just give this phone to any random person that comes by?" He swallowed hard before adding, "But it shouldn't be a problem if you don't want to give me your name because it's impossible to find someone of uhhm, an equal beauty... So I'm just gonna stop myself now."

Her smile grew wider.

"Sarah," she introduced herself. "I'm Sarah Walker, and you're really sweet."

"As much as I love the name sweet, I go by Chuck Bartowski," he joked.

"I figured. You're wearing a name tag," she reminded, the smile remaining.

"Oh, yes, how.. how could I forget?" he awkwardly spoke again, trying not to get so nervous that he'd start sweating.

"Well, hopefully no other Sarah Walkers come up to you and claim my phone. I'll come by again later," she told him, and started to turn around.

Morgan was disappointed. He stepped back up, nudging Chuck.

"Dude," he urged.

Chuck took one second to realize that he wasn't going to mess up this opportunity because of his lack of confidence. Sure, she was a beautiful girl, but he didn't want to feel like he was so beneath her. There shouldn't have been a reason for him to be so afraid to just ask her for something stupid, like her phone number.

"Wait!" Chuck called, and she turned around.


"You could stop by periodically and check if your phone is ready, but I think the easiest solution to this issue would be if you quickly scribbled down your phone number. I could use it for only the purpose of sending you a text message to tell you your phone is read-" he began.

"You do realize that you have my phone, right?" she asked, on the verge of bursting out into laughter.

"Dammit, Chuck!" he muttered to himself. "Um, Sarah, I'm really sorry-"

"No worries," she told him, coming back towards the Nerd Herd booth. "If anything, I think it was a really cute way of trying to get my phone number, which I'm pretty sure you were trying to do. Unless it was just pure stupidity, but I think you're a little too smart to do that. You are a nerd, after all," she joked.

Chuck grinned nervously. Did that mean he was getting her phone number?

"I'll come back in an hour," she announced, with no mention of leaving him her phone number.

When Sarah began to walk away, Chuck turned around to look at Morgan, desperately needing some help. He'd barely made a move. She probably didn't even notice that he was trying to flirt with her. It didn't feel like flirting, even though it was so hard for him to get anything he had just said out.

"Use the Morgan method," Morgan urged, pushing him back towards the front of the Nerd Herd booth.

Chuck grabbed the purse she had left on the Nerd Herd counter and jumped over the booth wall. He lightly jogged towards her, calling, "Sarah, wait! Wait!"

She turned around again.

"What is it this time?" she asked with a light laugh, but then pursed her lips when she saw what he was holding.

"You forgot your purse," Chuck told her, holding his hand out to offer her the purse back.

"Oh," Sarah said, scratching her head. "Thank you."

But that was really it. Chuck couldn't think of another thing to say to her. She smiled at him again, taking her purse and then turning back around to walk out the door of Buy More. He had missed his first shot with her, but luckily, he now knew that she would be coming back in an hour to pick her phone up, if it was ready. Now, he had an hour to think of the perfect words to say to her to win her over, and possibly convince her to go out on a date.

When he went back to the Nerd Herd, all he could see was the disappointment on Morgan's face. Yeah, he sort of failed the challenge. But he did try! He tried to ask for her phone number, and he asked for her name. That was about it, but it was more than he'd done in a long, long time. He hadn't even gone to that tiny extent of 'flirting' with any girl in so long. It may have been so little, bit it was still a pretty big step for him.

"I would totally tell Big Mike that you came late to work today if I didn't know she was coming back in an hour for her phone," Morgan told him. "She may be like a sexy angel, but I think she found you pretty cute. But I mean, who wouldn't find you pretty cute? Look at yourself! You're like, the master of dorky cuteness."

Chuck raised his eyebrows at Morgan's comment.

"She is more than just a catch," Morgan commented, a grin spread wide on his face. "And I mean, your 'cute' act may capture her attention slightly, but the douche act is way better. I've figured it out now. The Morgan method is new and improved. Girls like bad boys. See us? We're nice guys, we're never gonna get the best girls. You slap on a douche, bad boy act, and she'll be all over you. But if you're gonna act like a bad boy, you've gotta look the part, too."

"What are you suggesting?" Chuck asked.

"We're going to transform you into a bad boy before she comes back!" Morgan responded.

"But I have to fix her phone," Chuck argued. "That's my real job, to fix her phone. I'm not getting paid for trying to look good and flirt with girls."

"I swear, it'll only take like half an hour or less. Then just use your magical nerd skills and get that phone done faster than lightning," Morgan said.

Chuck sighed and muttered, "I don't know if this is a good idea... I'd like to think I'm a decent guy, so I don't know if being a bad boy really runs in my blood."

With some hair gel and some practice of a bad boy brooding look, Morgan officially declared Chuck as ready for the bad boy life. He grinned at his work. Chuck did look a bit different, maybe even convincing enough to be a bad boy.

"Are we done here?" Chuck groaned. "I have less than half an hour to fix her phone now!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just one last touch, and you're good to go," Morgan said with a sneaky grin. He reached over and popped three buttons off of Chuck's white Buy More shirt. The Buy More shirt obviously wasn't the sexiest, classiest bad boy shirt, but Morgan had to work with what he had. So, he let a little bit of Chuck's slightly built chest breathe (he wasn't the most muscular guy in the world, but he had potential there, maybe with some visits to the weight room).

"I feel like a douche," Chuck mumbled.

"You're supposed to!" Morgan cried. "All you have to do now is step up your douche game when she comes back, and then she'll melt into your arms. Guaranteed. No more Nice Guy Chuck. It'll do if you want boring girls, but all the girls want bad boys. That's what they're int nowadays. Be Bad Boy Chuck."

Chuck sighed, pulling Sarah's phone out. He began to tinker with it until he figured out the problem, and soon the solution. The next hour was nearing, and he knew what that meant: she would be returning to Buy More in only a matter of minutes. It was go-time. He had to figure out exactly what to say so he didn't make a total fool out of himself.

And soon enough, the angelic blue-eyed blonde strutted back into the store. The way she pushed her blonde hair behind her ear was so flawless. Everything about her was so flawless. He seriously wouldn't mind getting tangled into whatever mess she brought, as long as she looked like that. Dammit, now he was starting to feel like a douche for thinking that way. Sure, her looks were amazing, but that wasn't all he cared about. But for now, her looks were captivating him completely. He didn't know if he could be a douche bad boy when she was that out of his league. How could he possibly convince a woman like her that he was above her league? It wasn't scientifically possible!

"Hi, Chuck," she greeted. "Any chance my phone is ready?" She analyzed him briefly, noticing his changes in appearance since her first visit an hour ago. "New hair?"

"Huh- Oh! No, nope. This is the way I do it normally. I was just, I was just in a rush this morning," Chuck lied, scratching his head.

Morgan was internally cringing watching this scene begin. It didn't look like he was headed for success.

"It looks nice," she complimented, raising an eyebrow. "And the phone?"

"Right!" he exclaimed, grabbing the phone from the counter. "I fixed it. It was a small fix, so it should work good as new. There was a tiny bug on it, but I used a little nerd skill and removed it."

He was remembering what Morgan said now. Convince her that you're not a nerd.

Sarah grinned adorably.

"You're amazing,"she commented, accepting the phone back. "How much do I owe you?"

"Forget about it. It's all on me," he said, going back to his nice guy ways. Dammit...

She raised her eyebrows.

"Why?" she asked.

Deepening his voice to add an element of sexiness, he said, "Should a pretty woman like you really have to pay?"

Now, she furrowed her eyebrows. He didn't just look different, he was acting different, too. And she noticed it, although she had spoken to him for about five to ten minutes. But she still noticed the change in attitude.

Morgan was growing frustrated. He picked up his own cell phone, and started spamming Chuck's with text messages.

"One sec," Chuck said, pulling his phone out.


Chuck swallowed hard. He was going to lie to her again already? This probably wasn't the best way to start off a relationship, not that this was even remotely a relationship yet. In fact, it wasn't even established if she even one percent of interest in him yet. But judging by the look on her face, she didn't look too pleased or interested.

"Damn, will these girls ever leave me alone?" Chuck muttered.

"What?" Sarah laughed. "Too many girls trying to get a hold of you, playboy?"

"Yes, exactly!" Chuck cried. "Thank you for understanding. I've tried to tell them I can't be with them, but they won't listen. They just keep texting me. I'm like, 'lay off, girls', but then my phone keeps blowing up."

"Glad you could make some time for me then," she scoffed, but she seemed genuinely annoyed now.

"I would make plenty of time for you," he said, smirking handsomely. "You're probably the only girl I'd really wanna know. I wouldn't mind if you bothered me."

Sarah's facial expression dropped. He made it completely, bluntly obvious that he wanted to ask her out now.

"Um, Chuck, I don't think that's a good idea," she told him.

"Why? Afraid of what I might do to your heart?" he joked.

She laughed.

"Not exactly. My work is really demanding, and I don't know if I have time for any sort of romantic relations right now," Sarah explained to him.

"How about I make you super lucky and give you a date with me?" he offered. "It's only one date. It could be harmless."

Sarah smiled and agreed, "Okay."

"Really?" Chuck asked, shocked. His eyes went wide. "I.. I mean, of course you said yes."

She laughed again. She was pretty sure he was trying to put up a cool act for her, so she was going to let his douchey comments slide, for now. Before, he was funny and sweet. Hopefully he'd stop this for the date, but she took a chance and accepted. She needed a night off from work. She spent too much time with her intense job. A date could be exactly what she needed, especially if it was with the nice Chuck.

"Now that I actually have my phone back, I can give you my number, and you can text me," Sarah said.

"Well, I knew you'd be charmed by me, so I already put my digits in that phone of yours," Chuck said with a smirk. "I like to let my lady do the work of texting me first."

Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"Alright..." she rolled her eyes. "Um, I'll figure out a restaurant or something for us to go to, and I'll text you, of course. Apparently it's against your policy, so... yeah."

He nodded his head. She shrugged slightly and then exited the Buy More. Chuck turned around with a shocked expression on his face.

"Dude!" Morgan exclaimed. "You have a date with a blonde goddess!"

"It felt so wrong talking like that, but it was so worth it!" Chuck cried. "It's official! The Morgan method actually works!"