Got another one-shot for all you lovely dears. Why? Well, I feel like giving you all some new things to read as I work diligently on those updates for all of my other stories. I'm nice like that. So here you go my dears. Please let me know how you all think of it. ^_^ Just to make it clear I do not mind criticism as long as it constructive. If it's be damn sure I won't tolerate it! Sorry...thought I'd throw that out there before continuing on with this.




I had to keep running. Of course, that was a lot easier said than done in this situation. Being chased was not my favorite thing in the world—it doesn't matter what will happen at the end of this chase! I do not enjoy it. He did...immensely. Yeah, that kinda pisses me off in a manner of speaking. Ugh. Mind out of the gutter please!

A bit too late for that, a dark voice chuckled within my mind.

Shit! I forgot about that whole mate-bond thing. This is definitely not good. The bastard is playing with me because I know for a damn fact that he's quite capable of catching me. He's done it before. Really annoying to be perfectly honest. Maybe this time I'll be able to wipe that damned smirk off of his face—I'm normally preoccupied by that point. Get your blasted minds out of the gutter...never mind. Because there isn't anything innocent about what's happening. I'm just trying not to get too distracted. It's something my mate relishes. Horny bastard. You wouldn't expect it from him.

Bugger off! I hiss back, ignoring the fire that inflames my veins, pushing myself to run twice as fast as I had been. I did not want to be found. Not yet. I was enjoying this too much.

I thought you weren't enjoying it, he purrs at me.

I'm not! I snarl. Yeah, I am lying out my teeth. On some level I do enjoy the chase...but at the same time I hate it. Mainly because I can never get far enough away before he pounces. It's rather irritating. As I've said repeatedly. Now back off!

"Then you should run faster," a voice said, as arms wrapped around my waist and causing me yelp as I was yanked me against a hard body. Sweet baby Jesus! He did it to me again! That ass! I really need to knock him out for this one of these days.

I look back with a glare. "You're an ass!"

That incredibly evil smirk nearly had me swooning—I seriously hate myself right now. "Yes, but you're mated to this ass."

Wow! Dirty mind!

Gutter alert!

My mind has entered the damn gutter.

Well can you blame me? I don't think any female with a decent pair of eyes and healthy hormones will blame me for being attracted to such a male. Then again, there are some out there who are a little pissed off at me for technically marrying the enemy. Fuck me!

"Soon," he said.

Oh, crap! I said that out loud.

I just had to keep repeating in my head as I was suddenly picked up and carried off: Mind over matter. It's mind over matter. A nice little chant that I knew would without a doubt, humor the man carrying me back towards the base. I'll have to kill him for that later on down the line.

"You're totally evil!" I snarl without any real heat behind it.

Wesker's dark smirk widened considerably. "You were well aware of this from the beginning. You have no one to blame but yourself."

I really hate him sometimes.


Another one shot ditty that I created. Yes, I realize that it's mostly like a whole Hentai thing that I've got going on. I can't help it. My mind decided to just go into the gutter, but not completely as you can easily see. Yes, I know it is incredibly small, but it's what I wanted to do. A.J hope you enjoy this one! -cackles darkly-