Xena; warrior princess. I don't own Xena or the other characters and I just thought up this story since the two characters that Xena and Gabrielle had redeemed never recurred in the series so I decided to write a little story about their little adventures. It might not be much but I'm working on it, so please have a read into it and enjoy it.

Chapter one.

The next day after the battle at Agathon's fortress, Xena had dressed Darnelle's wounds whilst Gabrielle made a makeshift crutch for Darnelle and Glaphyra stood watch thinking about what she was going to do with her life now that she had her second chance.
Soon after the time for dressing wounds was over the time for departure came, Xena and Gabrielle stood before Darnelle who was leaning on his crutch whilst holding a sack full of belongings and Glaphyra on the countryside.
"You want to go back to the way you were it's your choice." said Xena.

"Yeah, at least we have a choice. I mean I'm not saying I'm going to follow the straight and narrow, but well I've got some thinking to do." said Darnelle.

"Yeah, me too. Look after Xena, ok?" said Glaphyra.

"I will" said Gabrielle.

"See ya later, Princess." Darnelle said, giving a parting nod for a moment before he turned his head to Glaphyra and spoke. "So I'm heading East, how about you?" asked Darnelle.

Glaphyra drew a small grin before she looked at Darnelle and answered.
"Seems like a good a direction as any, think I could put up with the company, for a while."
Deciding to travel the road leading East together they went.
"Just Don't go falling in love with me now." said Darnelle turning around.
Glaphyra chuckled and replied looking back at him, "I'd sooner fall for a toad."
After that, they went forth to see what adventures they can go on the road towards the eastern kingdoms. "Well that's a start." Darnelle said, walking on his crutch as he followed her.

After parting from Xena and Gabrielle, Glaphyra walked along the fields side by side with Darnelle, who had been hobbling on his crutch since he had his leg slashed by Agathon's boomerang. As they were moving further across the fields, Darnelle looked ahead towards the end leading to the roads before he turned to Glaphyra who was looking out before her.
"Gold piece for your thoughts," He asked Glaphyra, who was hesitant at first as she continued to walk in silence. Darnelle decided to speak to her in a kind approach to show her what a kind man he can be. "You know Glaphyra, I can be a good listener at any time of the day.
I have saved your life from that guard in Agathon's fortress all those days ago. But I can almost see that there's something on your mind so you're welcome to share it with me, it's a long journey in the east and maybe I could learn just as much from you. So can I give you a gold piece, I'm just a man who wishes to learn your thoughts?"

Glaphyra gave a chuckle as she was a little sceptic about his change of heart since they last walked side by side to buy supplies for the attack on Agathon's fortress. Seeing he was trying to show some kindness, she decided to give it a chance so she could hear about his thoughts. So she spoke her mind whilst she kept her eyes ahead.
"I was just thinking about Gabrielle. When I was standing in the cage cell with her and Xena, I found out that she married a good man but he was killed by a vicious vengeful woman."

Darnelle couldn't help but feel so sorry for Gabrielle when she lost someone to another woman so he decided to dig deep into the subject. "Was the woman another amazon princess or just another lover of Gabrielle's husband?" asked Darnelle, curious of how it happened.
"Actually Xena called this warrior princess Callisto." Glaphyra answered, which caught Darnelle's attention and made him regret asking her about the vengeful woman.

"Callisto the warrior queen?" said Darnelle, turning his head to look forward in silence upon learning that name. He was feeling a cold chill inside him like the whisper of her name might strike fear into him. When she noticed that he stopped in his tracks.
Glaphyra stopped a couple of steps ahead of him, seeing that he stopped in his tracks, she turned her head to look at him. "You know her?" Glaphyra asked Darnelle who lowered his head down and raised his eyebrows like he knew of her, so he explained to her.
"I've heard stories of a woman bearing that infamous name a few years back when I was a champion gladiator in the games but I have to admit, personally I didn't believe them. I thought they were just crazy survivor stories told to scare off all the men in the great arena."

Glaphyra gave a nod in understanding his scepticism, so she spoke.
"Well she was real according to Xena, Her friend Gabrielle told me about her and what her bloodthirsty nature was like. I never in my life thought I'd hear of a woman filled with scorn. I can say that those stories you heard were very true. If you had asked her about the stories, she can vouch that Callisto had a bloodthirsty nature."

"That's comforting." Darnelle said in a fearful tone for a moment.

"Yes, she was the worst person that Xena had done wrong in a past time which she regrets. I've known Xena for a long time, but she never told me this story." said Glaphyra.

Then Darnelle spoke his mind once more. "She never told me neither, I just hope we don't run into her. Otherwise we'd both be dead within a day."
Then he moved forward to catch up to Glaphyra who stood waiting for him.

"Would it be before or after she kills you first?" asked Glaphyra, before Darnelle caught up with him and they continued their walk, Darnelle who chuckled a bit and then went silent, raising his head up he looked ahead at the road coming close.
After a while they made it to the end of the field and stepped on to the road before they started walking in the right direction heading towards the east as they planned.
As they started their long trek across the road, both Darnelle and Glaphyra had the time to think to themselves. Where would they go from the east? Would they go separate ways?
Darnelle suspected that she might leave at some point within a couple of days and he'd be on his own way to find things he could do to redeem himself of past sins.
Whilst he thought about his options, Glaphyra chose to break the silence as she looked at him and spoke. "I never got the chance to say thank you for saving my life inside that fortress."

Turning his head to look at Glaphyra, Darnelle drew a small smile.
He then turned his head forward before he spoke to hide his crooked look.
"What I did wasn't very much. I couldn't allow you to end up getting killed by one of Agathon's troops, I have to admit, for a beautiful woman I thought you were a good fighter."

"Oh and what of Gabrielle? don't you think she is a good fighter?" Glaphyra teased.
"Yes she is a good fighter. But she an amazon princess which surprised me as much, that's just about all that I see her as. A princess with a good heart and a good friend to Xena. But you? I think you're so much different." said Darnelle.

"Really? I'm flattered." Glaphyra replied looking at Darnelle with a sarcastic look.
The two laughed as they continued on their trek along the road to the east. Along the roads, they started sharing stories of days within their lives before they met Xena the warrior princess, they walked on for a short while when they came across a group of Bandits in the distance on the road to the village they were heading on.
Looking ahead the group before turning to one another, they decided to have a little bit of fun.
"Care to have a bit of fun Glaphyra?" asked Darnelle, with a small grin.

"I'd like to but we both have no weapons and you can't walk." said Glaphyra. Darnelle knew that she was right about his wounded leg. "Yes, you're right that I can't walk but about the weapons." He said, putting his sack down he then got down on his knee and leaned forward opening his sack to check his belongings for a few daggers he took from Agathon's fortress whilst Glaphyra stood watching him.

Once he pulled them out, Darnelle presented them to Glaphyra. "I thought that these might come in handy and I wasn't sure these are the type of daggers you're use to."

Glaphyra took one dagger in her hand and looked at it before she asked.
"How did you sneak these daggers out of the fortress." Darnell grimaced and then answered her.
"If you ask me it wasn't too easy but I managed to get them out of the fortress before Xena found out. I knew you were good at knife throwing, so I thought these would suit you."

Glaphyra sheathed her dagger before she looked at Darnelle, taking the other daggers.
"Thank you." she said, Darnelle drew a grin before he pulled himself up on his crutch and moved away with Glaphyra to the side of the road to avoid being seen by the group.
Within an hour, the group of bandits were on the march across the road without a care in the world, but what they didn't expect was the dagger taking out a man at the rear on the backside. The man yelled in pain, a few of them stopped and turned around to see the wounded man. One of them approached him investigate the what hit his rear, their leader stopped to turn himself to find out why they had stopped.
Suddenly another dagger flew into one of his officers at the front, the officer dropped off his horse when a stone knocked him unconscious him that minute.
The leader looked around him for a moment, realising that someone was playing tricks on them taunting them into cowering away from the roads when all of a sudden, a stone flew straight at his head knocking him out in the instant before he fell of his horse. When the leader dropped off the saddle, the group realised that these woods were haunted, so they started to disburse out of fear and panic.

After Most of the Bandits were far and gone from the road, dragging their wounded with them after being startled by what looked to be ghosts in the woods.
Darnelle and Glaphyra knew that they were gone and that it was safe to come out and retrieve their weapons from the grounds before their leaders might awake from being knocked out. Continue their trek, Glaphyra and Darnelle made their distance having taking the time to have a little bit of fun since the time they were still in the business as bandits.
Once on the road again and knowing that those bandits didn't see them they continued their stroll across the road, knowing that those bandits were far off behind them.

By Sunset, they came towards the village which was swimming with normal people who were just getting their stuff together to head inside for the night.
Walking into the village together, they crossed the streets until they came to an inn. Darnelle spoke with the innkeeper to make arrangements to get two rooms for them so they can get some sleep for the night. Finding out that the innkeeper had only one room with two beds, Darnelle and Glaphyra realised that they didn't have anywhere else to go, so they decided to just take it. He'd let Glaphyra take the bed whilst he take to the floor.
That night whilst they settled down into their room. Darnelle and Glaphyra talked more together, sharing some supper as well as exchanging their personal thoughts of how different their lives would be if they hadn't met Xena and had their lives changed for the time. At one point, Darnelle had made a joke which drew a smile on Glaphyra's face, making her laugh.

The Next day

Glaphyra woke from her bed to the sunrise when she turned her head noticed Darnelle was gone from the fur spread he was sleeping on that, sitting herself up from the bed she looked around just to find that Darnelle had left a cup of water on the side table next to her bed.
Seeing that he was showing a form of kindness, Glaphyra sat up on her bed.
Stretching her arms out she turned over, reached out and picked up the cup of water.
Taking a sip she found that it had a strange taste which she almost took a liking to.
She placed it back on the table and got herself out of bed before she stood up to go and find Darnelle. When she walked out of her room she went along the hall to the main reception area, where she found Darnelle, leaning on his crutch he was standing at the inn bar ordering some food when he turned his head to see Glaphyra standing at the pathway.
Looking at her he spoke. "Ah morning, Glaphyra."

"Morning to you too Darnelle." she replied.

"I was just about to come back with some breakfast for you, I thought you didn't mind it." he said turning his head to the innkeeper and back at Glaphyra who looked at him flattered. Glaphyra drew a small grin before she spoke.
"Aw, that's so nice of you to make the effort to bring it to me, but I can do things myself. I was just ready to pack my things and come out here when I found you gone from the room."

Darnelle nodded as he looked at her and spoke. "Well since you're here we might as well eat."
Glaphyra nodded in agreement before she walked up to him, she spoke. "Afterwards we'll head off."
Sitting together whilst taking their breakfast, which was bread and cheese and slices of meat, they shared a jug of water. Pouring two cups they drink small sips whilst they talked together, each one sharing a story of their lives, Glaphyra talked about her life in the village she use to live in before she went on with Xena. Separating from Xena after a time, she then took up a profession as a slaver, taking up different men all across the world.
Darnelle listened to her story carefully as she spoke, he took it pretty well and gave a nod to her when she finished her story. He then shared his story starting at the beginning of his life as young carpenter, cutting wood and building up chairs, tables and wooden horses along with beds and cupboards. He even created wooden toys before he was found by Xena and she took him in, training him as a warrior before he parted with her and became a gladiator.
It then became a new career as he fought against warriors in the games before he ended his career. Glaphyra listened to his storytelling with amusement, she thought it cute that he made wooden horses whilst she took a drink of water from her cup and then placed her cup before she spoke. "You must have made a small living as a carpenter."

Darnelle drew a grin before he answered and ate a piece of bread and cheese.
"I use to do alright but I wanted more in my life."

Glaphyra also took a piece of cheese and bread whilst nodded with a grin.
After she ate most of her cheese and bread from the plate before her, she answered him. "That made the two of us, I wanted to see the whole world and learn about the great things in my life. And now that I have reclaimed my freedom, I have not much to do from this day."
Darnelle looked down in thought whilst he cut a piece of meat and ate it before he took a swig of water to wash it down and spoke.
"I think that there might be more adventures on the horizon, and who knows what we might find along the road. We can take it day by day and then we'll see what the new day will bring to you or us. I was talking to the innkeeper, and he told us how much he appreciated that we chased off those bandits in the forest, but he warned us that they might come back again within a week or so." Darnelle then gave her a big piece of sliced meat which she took and bit on it, drawing a small smile to him for his generosity.

"I have to admit that I was touched by how you said that I was a good fighter. I mean not that I'm glad." said Glaphyra, her face the look like he had impressed her in a way. "Glaphyra, If you wish for an honest opinion, then its the only one that I can offer for you. I'm just learning as much on my feet whilst I go along and make decisions. Well at least its such a nice day and we should be in the next village within the hour of day light." said Darnelle.
Taking a sip from his cup, Darnelle looked down in thought and then looked up at Glaphyra, who then drew a small grin.
"I agree, so hopefully after we gather our things, we can find a horse or two in the woods. maybe see what troubles we might get ourselves into." said Glaphyra before taking one last piece of bread and eating it. Once she then took the last sip of her water, Glaphyra stood up from her chair and walked off whilst Darnelle finished his meal as well. He stood up leaning on his crutch to leave the table at the bar, Paying the barman a couple of silver pieces before he hobbled towards the hallway. Heading down the hall towards his room he passed by Glaphyra's room which was quiet but it sounded like Glaphyra was busy packing up. Standing at the door to listen Darnelle decided not to bother her and he went to his room.
Whilst Glaphyra was busy gathering her things together in her room, Darnelle hoppled along the doors of the hall towards the door of his own room as well. Opening his door he went into the room before he closed the door and went to the corner to pick up his sack and his furs together, strapping them across his chest, he then hoppled across to the door. Darnelle turned and looked back to see if he left anything valuable in the room.
Seeing nothing of value, he turned to the front and went outside, closing the door behind him. Soon after they met outside the inn, Darnelle and Glaphyra walked across the village passing by the market stalls which were starting to open up for business in the morning periods as the sun began to rise in the day.

Like a duo of travellers went on the road again, travelling from the village they spent the night in, they were making for the road heading east towards the forest where they might hope to find a stray horse and then take it as theirs, so that they can ride to the next village and then find work there for a small good wage. Halfway across the forest they came up to a band of travellers who were on the road East.
Glaphyra came up to their elder and then Introduced herself. "Are you the traveller's elder leading this caravan?" she asked.
"I am miss my name is Harrow. what do they call you?" said the elder.
"My name is Glaphyra of Athens, My comrade's name is Darnelle of Lyres." Glaphyra lied before she asked if she and her comrade would allow them to travel with the band. Seeing the two to be a pair of handy warriors to have around them if necessary and seeing Darnelle on his crutch, the elder turned to a couple of his men.
"Bring the man on the crutch and put him on the wagon, he can ride along with us, you Glaphyra can ride one of our horses." said Harrow the Elder.
Glaphyra nodded before one of the band travellers dismounted.
The rider then offered the reins over to her.
Taking the reins from the traveller who then took Darnell to one of the wagons, Glaphyra approached the side and then mounted up on the saddle. Settling into the saddle, she couldn't be more glad to be on horseback whilst Darnelle rode in the wagon. As soon as they were settled into their mounts of transport, Glaphyra and Darnelle were on the road with the gypsies heading further east with their newly found travelling friends.

Right, that's chapter one done. I hope you enjoyed it. There will be more to tell on chapter two, I'll be thinking up some new ideas for the characters Darnelle and Glaphyra, the journey which would take them a few months but she thought she would never get used to his attitude.
But then it would bring them close together in love and so on. Well until I keep things up to date, stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment or a recommendation for corrections or a good idea.