Xena; warrior princess Chapter Four. it picks up where i left Darnelle carrying a wounded Glaphyra off to find a physician so it would probably have a few characters from Season 1,
Again, I don't own Xena or the other characters. It might not be much but I'm working on it, so please have a read into it and enjoy it.

Chapter Four.

After a long run across the terrain of the countryside to the borderline of Athens for a couple of hours, Darnelle had managed to find a temple where there was a group full of physicians and priests who were residing inside the halls of the temple, they were doing a practice in healing.
It was about a year since the priest Galen had retired from his work for a quiet life, He left Democritus and Hippocrates in charge of the temple.
Once Galen had retired on to the country, the two new priests made the changes for the insides of the temple during the whole of the year with the help of some new students who paid tribute to be enrolled in the study of medicine and healing. As the new physicians, they taught a new group of people in the arts and works of Healing in combat and helping other people in need.
During that the time the Thessalians and the Mitoans had finally managed to come to a compromise which had ended the civil war between the two nations as all had lost so many in that battle. Since then a new era of peace had come to the area, both armies had to work together to keep the Romans at bay for a time.

Inside the Temple itself a group was doing reading sessions whilst another group was listening to a lecture given to them by Democritus and Hippocrates on how to heal the human body when one of them turned his head around to see Darnelle who was carrying a woman forward towards the temple. When the young physician turned back to the other priests, he alerted the others.
"Hippocrates, we've got a visitor. He's carrying a wounded woman with him, she seems to have an arrow stuck in her back." he said. Hearing this news, Hippocrates stepped forward to pass through the students.

As soon as Darnelle had approached the entrance, the thessalian guard and the Mitoan guard both stepped forward to ask Darnelle a question when Hippocrates stepped out of the Temple and spoke.
"Wait guards, that man is carrying a wounded soul."

The guards turned to look at Hippocrates when he spoke.
"Bring them both inside, we need to take care of her wounds immediately."

As soon as the guards stepped back to let them pass, Darnelle went forward and carried Glaphyra forward, her arrow was still sticking out but the blood patch on her back seemed to have stopped bleeding.
He went up the stairs before he entered the temple and then brought her towards the altar which was now used as an operating table for the seriously wounded patients.

Upon entering the temple, the new high priest Hippocrates stepped up to Darnelle's side before he stopped him and asked him about Glaphyra. "How long has the arrow been stuck in her back sir."
"She had the arrow in her wound for about a couple of hours or so, but i've kept my hand over the wound to keep her from losing any blood from her body. Is there anything that can be done." Darnelle said, whilst Hippocrates took a look at the wound on her back, seeing the arrow still inside he looked back up at him.

"Alright you take her and lay her down at the the table, she'll have to lie on her side whilst i clean the wound and take the arrow out before it gets infected, Democritus get the students to bring me some hot water and bandages, and I willll need some of the new smalll jars of herbal ointments to spread around the wound so i can pull out the arrow."
Hippocrates spoke giving instructions he turned his head from Darnelle to the students. Some of the students themselves started getting busy, gathering the provisions needed whilst the others cleared the path to allow Darnelle to take her to the table which they've cleared immediately.

Once Darnelle had placed Glaphyra who was laying unconscious on the table, Hippocrates and his physicians then got started on their work on fixing her wound whilst she was out cold for them to work.
A couple of students brought the hot water to the corner along with the tools that might be needed for the procedure of removing the clothes to get to the wound.
Whilst one of them brought an ointment to numb the wound enough so that Hippocrates can pull the arrow tip out from the spot on Glaphyra's back, the other's turned away to let Hippocrates work his skills in removing the arrow.
When the work of healing was started, Hippocrates had to break the arrow stick in half, leaving a short tip for him to pull straight out. Once it was done, he drew a knife to make a cut on the back of Glaphyra's clothes so they can get to work on the wound, the apprentice who was a girl, had the layers removed but kept the front covered at all times whilst Hippocrates worked on Glaphyra.
One of the students brought Darnelle away to let the physicians do their work.

Applying the ointment carefully on the skin whilst one of the apprentices was holding her encase she woke up and squirmed, Hippocrates waited for at least half a minute whilst the apprentice watched on. "Now, we wait for at least a half a minute or so before we can start removing the arrow from the back."
As soon as the time had come to remove the arrow thirty seconds later, Hippocrates, started to twist the arrow and pull it slowly.
The arrow slid slowly out from the skin of Glaphyra's back like a root from the earth until he managed to lodge it out. But as soon as the arrow's tip got yanked out of the skin on the back, Hippocrates placed the arrow tip into the hot water. The apprentice had the wound cleaned up to prevent any infections from getting into the wound whilst Democritus did most of the lecture for the students to learn.
Then Hippocrates got one of his healing potions and used it to stop the bleeding in her back before he started stitching up the wound.

Once it was stitched closed, Hippocrates then applied a clean patch on the wound to stop the bleeding before tying a bandage on the wound
They waited for almost a couple of minutes into the wait when Glaphyra started to open up, she moaned abit from waking up when she found that she was in a temple and she spoke out. "Darnelle,"
Darnelle was sitting down on the floor by one of the pillars when he heard Glaphyra call to him, so he stood himself up and approached the table to walk around it and stand in front of her face before he spoke to Glaphyra with his voice.
"Glaphyra, its Darnelle speaking. I'm here as you have called me."
Stirring a bit from her dreamlike daze, Glaphyra tried to move but when pain stung on her back, she gasped and scrounged her face in a touch of agony. "Darnelle, where are we?"
"It's alright Glaphyra we're safe for now; you're in the healing temple." Darnelle explained to Glaphyra who looked at him with her eyes widened before she asked.
"Healing temple?" Darnelle nodded before he spoke. "Well you almost died saving my life. There was a roman archer who appeared and shot an arrow upon me, but you stepped up and then took the arrow for me."
"Oh, I was afraid that the arrow might hit your heart. I mean I hope that I can't imagine seeing you lying dead in my place and I... I guess people do a lot of reckless things for those they care about." Glaphyra looking away from Darnelle, who remained silent as he looked at her and listened to her.