"Ahhhhh!" Peridot yelled out as she rubbed her head. "How on earth do I do this!" She yelled out in anger. She was so into her work that she didn't notice the blue girl watching her from the door way.

"Go on." Steven whispered. Lapis looked back at him with a not to sure look. "It's only Peridot..." he added. Lapis nodded and closed her eyes walking into the pink room. The blue gem was happy Steven let them use his mother's room. She slowly made her way over to the mad green gem.

"Why does this crummy planet not have what I need!" She yelled tossing her arms in the air.

"Peridot?" Lapis asked peeking over the others shoulder. The green gem jumped slightly twisting around to look at blue gem. Lapis took a few steps back to give them a bit of distance. "I uhh..." She said looking away.

"You what?" Peridot asked turning fully to look Lapis in the eyes.

"I just... I uhhhh..." she muttered. Peridot tapped her foot as she crossed her arms.

"Get on with it!" Peridot yelled.

"I'm sorry!" Lapis yelled back. Tears came to her eyes as she turned around. "Never mind!" She yelled and ran back out of the room. The door closing behind her. Peridot scratched her head confused as to what was wrong with Lapis.

The blue gem fell onto the couch pushing her face into the pillow. Steven walked over and tapped her shoulder lightly. Lapis jumped a bit and looked up to the small boy. She then pushed her tear stained face back into the pillow.

"It's helpless! It's helpless Steven! No matter what I try she is never in a good enough mood! How am I to ask the impossible!" She cried. Steven opened up his mouth but was caught off guard as Lapis' wings spreading out. She flew out the open window and Steven stood there confused.

Lapis sat on her little ball of water as she cried. Sitting out in the Ocean. Hiding away from wondering eyes. The world felt so small to her at the moment. She hated her self for even thinking for a moment she could be happy with Peridot. She hid away from the world.

"Lapis!" Lapis turned back and seen Peridot walking on the beach. She went under the water right away. Trying to hide from the other gem. Lapis closed her eyes praying that the other wouldn't see her. To her demise she was found. "Lapis!" Peridot yelled walking her way. She walked though the water over to the blue gem. Lapis turned away not wanting Peridot to see her blood shot eyes.

"What?" Lapis asked crossing her arms.

"I've been looking all over for you!" Peridot yelled.

"Sorry." Lapis hissed softly.

"What's wrong?" Peridot asked. She put out her hand and touched Lapis' shoulder. Lapis turned around slapping the green gems hand away. Peridot blinked as she came face to face with the blue one. "Lapis..." Peridot said softly. "Were you crying?" She pushed on.

"No... I wasn't... I've just been in the water to long." Lapis said.

"Uhhh... Lapis... You control water." Peridot pointed out. Lapis blinked trying to bring up another reason.

"Well... I mean..." She said thinking.

"You were crying!" Peridot yelled. She took hold of Lapis' hand and started to pull the gem with her. "Come on!" she yelled.

"Peri! Stop!" Lapis cried.

"Then tell me why you were crying!" Peridot yelled back at her. Lapis stopped and looked down to the sand.

"I'm crying cause I love you..." Lapis cried. Peridot stopped and dropped Lapis' hand.

"What?" she asked her moving a step closer. "You love me?" She asked again.

"YES!" Lapis yelled. She clenched her fists and kept her eyes closed tightly. "Yes..." she said again.

"Really!?" Peridot asked.

"I said yes!" Lapis yelled again looking up to the green gem. She was caught of guard as her hands were grabbed.

"I love you too Lapis!" Peridot yelled a little to excitedly.

"Really?" Lapis asked.

"YES!" Peridot yelled. Lapis hugged the green gem. Never wanting to let her go.