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Chapter #3:

Conciousness came back slowly, and along with it came the pain.

It was like his entire body was one big bruise. Every part of his was throbbing in sync with the beats of his heart.

Harry couldn't help but whimper at a particular sharp throp, he curled in on himself, bring his paws to his belly and wrapping his tail around himself to bury his nose in it for comfort and warmth.

Wait... Paws?... Tail?

What in the name of Merlin...?

Shock coursed throught Harry at the realization and his eyes snapped open in a flash.

It took a little too long for his vision to focus but left Harry with another jolt of shock when he realized that his vision focused completely. Usually everything father thatn a foot away from his face began to blur but he was able to see tiny detales on the other side of the unfamilure room he was in.

Speaking of which, where the hell was he?

His eyes wandered the room. He wasn't able to see much leaning against a strange but warm pillow, he couldn't move much either so he took in what he could. The was a fire place with a warm fire glowing strong on the hearth. The walls were cream colored not far was two tall book shelves made of dark wood sitting side by side and brimming with books. The floor was covered in a light colored carpit.

There was more to the room of course but he didn't really get a chance to look as the 'pillow' he was leaning in seemed to take in a big breath and let it out in a sigh.

It's alive!

Harry's head snapped up and shock, twisting his strange new body around and painfully pushing himself way from his huge, living pillow so he could get a better look at it. His body gave a jolt of pain that caused a whimper from him. The sound was more like a pitiful mewling to his own ears. Which brought his mind back to the fact that he had paws and a tail! It was then that he remembered that he some how turned into a cat thing. He twisted his head around to look at his body, hoping that it was all just a dream only to be dissapointed when he saw that yes he was a freaken cat! This time it was a distressed yowl that left him. But before Harry could have a panic attack, he was jolted out of his thoughts as his pillow began to shake as if it was laughing.

Then the relization that his pillow was still alive and was now watching him also hit him. It was almost too much, the shocks he kept getting. He looked up at his living pillow only suck in a deep breath when he realized that curled around his body, that he was using as a pillow was a huge, panther-like cat!

With a frightened yelp Harry and tried to run away from the massive cat only for his ribs to scream in protest and his right hind leg to give out. He didn't even make it off the pillow they were both laying on and ended up curling up in a pitiful ball and whimper in pain.

The huge cat seemed to sigh before Harry got another shock when a familier voice seemed to echo in his head.

Foolish kitten, you are too injured to move.

Harry jumped at the sound, letting out an embarassing kitten sounding yelp. His eyes traveled up to the large panther, fearfully studying the creatures face, looking for signs of an attack.

The panther looked like a larger version of his kitten self. The adult panther creature had a long sleek body, unlike regular panthers, this one was thinner looking like it was made to be swifter like a cheetah but still muscled and powerful looking. His coat was jet black and shined blue. His face was covered in the same markings as his own smaller form, but they were colored differntly then his. The markings on the older cat were deep red. It also seemed that the larger cat had bigger ears than a panther. They still weren't as big as a normal cat's but they weren't the same a panther, too big and a bit too pointed. The older can's was obviously much bigger than him too, which is why Harry backed away some more.

Calm down Potter, I didn't go through the trouble of saving you only to eat you later! The voice, that was apparently coming form the panther, huffed. If Harry wasn't so panicked he would of laughed at the exasperated look the panther seemed to have. Who knew big cats could even have such expressions!

Harry opened his mouth to try to speak but all that came out was a growling, mewling sound. God he sounded so pathetic.

You're a hell cat Potter, do you really think you would be able to talk like a human? The increasingly familiar voice drawled.

Well how would I know that? Harry hissed back, speaking in his head and trying to will his words to reach the other panther.

The older cat seemed to chuckle again. The laughs coming out as growling breaths

You can't mind speak yet, it's something you'll have to learn, all I get from you is some emothions. You will have a lot to learn but first you'll have to learn how to change back into a human. The panther stood on his four powerful legs as he spoke. Shaking out his coat as he did so.

Harry would have been even more freaked out with how much the older cat towered over him more while he was standing, but he was too relieved to care.

I can turn back. He really should have been panicking more, seriously, he turned into a cat after hours of torture, then he nearly gets killed by his cousin and uncle then the wakes up next to another panther-cat like himself that apparently can talk.

He was probably gonna have a breakdown later when everything came back to hit him hard in the face, but at the moment he was way to relived with the fact that he wasn't stuck as a cat for the rest of his life He would worry about his sanity later.


Severus did not know what he was expecting when he apperated into Surry. The neighborhood it self was eerie to him. All the houses on Privet drive were the same, same color same sized fences, same structure house. The only thing that told him that each home belonged to different people and families were the little personal touches on the lawns and doorways. Everything in the neighborhood was pristine and perfect. It was scary.

When he reached number 4 the feeling in the back of his head that had been buzzing annoyingly soon felt a hord of angry bees were vibrating in his head. His instincts were going heywire, telling him he had to hurry that he had to protect. But what was he to protect?

Looking at the home of Harry Potter he couldn't think of anything that could be wrong. The house was perfect like every other one on the block. The lawn was cut evenly and the bushes of flowers were trimmed. It was almost obsessive how perfict everything was. So why was he feeling so anxious?

Walking up to the door, he could feel his heart hammering, not in frear but adrenalin. He knocked loudly and waited.

There was sounds of scuffling and whispered voices before sickily sweet voice called out "Coming!" there was more scuffling and Severus could feel his already slim patience dim even farther. He knocked again.

When the door opened and he saw the face of Lily's sister open the door, looking for all the world like a normal happy wife before her face fell at the sight of him. He smirked a bit.

"Vernon! It's one of them!" The female banshee screeched. Severus winced unnoticeable at the high pitch sound, he had sensitive hearing. He had to resist the urge to rub at his temples for his headache.

There was loud thumping that Snape first thought was banging on a wall before Petunia's husband came to her aid. Severus could feel his eye twitch a bit at the sight of the purple faced whale that stood next to the stick-like horse-faced woman. Oppsites really do attract.

"Good afternoon Dursley, my name is Professor Snape from Hogwarts, I have come to check in with your nephew," Severus said politely, although his tone sounded anything but friendly. He felt a stab of pity for the boy, having to live with animals, a horse and whale to be exact.

"We don't want your kind here, it's bad enough you dumped that freak on our doorstep. Leave! Get off my property!" The beast of a man snarled. Severus felt whatever patience he had left snap. This disgusting human thing dared to snarl at him? This is the first time he had even met the man and already he knew this was one man he wouldn't mind getting aquanted with the dangerous end of his wand.

He drew his wand, knowing they weren't going to tell him where the boy was. He felt sedistic pleasure as the fat man pailed and gasped eyes wide. Petunia gave an annoying little screech that made him ground his teeth. He heard a feafull squeek somwhere down the hall but he didn't acknowledge it.

"I don't give a damn about what you want, where is the boy?" Severus hissed back jabbing his wand into the man's throat.

He was just about to shove his way into the home when there was a howl of pain and anger and pain filled animal yowl.

The instincts that had been nearly overwhelming him for the past ten minutes that he had been in the muggle town finally over came him and he forced his way pasted the whale and into the living room where the sound came from.

"Get out of my house!" the fat man shouted after him but he was already in the living room. Rounding the corner he saw a boy around Potter's age holding a cat by it's hind leg.

It only took one good look at the cat to realize, it was Potter. He had come into his inheritance and these muggles had hurt him

Without a second thought Severus snatched the boy-turned-kitten out of the baby whale's hands who was too scared to move or make a sound of protest. He stroked the kitten's fur soothiing the pained sounds. And pulled the boy closer to him. His portective instincts feeling appeased now that the child was safe in his arm where he could be kept safe.

The father whale stood behind him when he turned his wand in hand forcing the huge man back at a safe distance, his horse-wife sheilded herself behind his large mass as she stared at the wand pointed at her direction.

"I will return, mark my words you filty excuse of a human, you will pay," Snape hissed menacingly. With that he turned away and marched out of the home. He would of loved to have hexed thoes muggles within an inch of their lives but the shivering boy-turned-kitten was more important and needed help now. There was no telling what the Dursleys had done to him before he ahd gotten there. But, being the man he was, Severus couldn't just leave before they paid at least a little he turned around so he was standing facing number 4 Privet Drive and with a complex movement of his wand and muttered latten he felt satified.

Severus smirked sedisticaly as he heard the shout at of the fat man as he reached the end of the block. He couldn't wait till the curse started to take effect. It would be only a small taste of the pain the Dursleys would soon be going through.


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