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Chapter #4

Harry stared at the panther for a long moment. His panic temporarily pushed to the back of his mind as the nagging feeling of familiarity dominated his thoughts. This panther was far too familiar to him, the thought was impossible, because really, he was sure he would have remembered running into a talking panther. Even compared to all his misadventures since entering Hogwart, a talking animal still would have stuck out in his mind, like the snake in the zoo. So the thought rang so clear in his mind that even the other panther would have been able to hear it.

Why was this panther so familiar!?


The elder panther watched the kitten amused. The kitten's thoughts rang through his own head in a jumbled mess of half formed word and emotions. To Severus, it sounded very much like baby babble.

What was even more amusing was the fact that the kitten was completely oblivious to the adorably disgruntled huffs, growls and mewls he was making as he became frustrated when he couldn't grasp the answer that was on the tip of his tongue.

Despite the chaos that was the mind of the infant hell cat, Severus could still make out a general idea of the kitten's thoughts. it seemed boy turned cat was slowly grasping the larger cat's identity. He could have put the babe out of his misery and simply told him who he was, but where was the fun in that? Severus simply laid elegantly on his belly, not far from the kitten, and watched with barely hidden amusement as it dawned on the kitten who the older cat reminded him of.


Harry felt dread creep down his spine like icy fingers. he looked up at the face of the no-linger-mysterious panther and saw the very familiar condescending (to him) smirk, How is he smirking? He's a cat! and knew without a doubt who this cat reminded him of.

"Snape!?" he screamed in his mind. He knew that the larger cat probably didn't understand his thoughts, but the was no mistaking his body language.

In an instant Harry's ears flattened, eyes widened in shock, his back arched, fur bristling, and he curled in on himself painfully with his injured leg.

The larger panther seemed to huff and did the equivalent of rolling his eyes in exasperation at the kitten's reaction. To Harry, this just further proved the identity of the big cat and he unconsciously whimpered and hissed. He couldn't seem to focus enough to tell if he was scared or angry. His emotions were a jumbled mess and only made him panic.

"Oh will you calm down you foolish child," Snape's voice called in his head. "You'll undo all my hard work and I am in no mood to fix you again."

The voice of his professor in his head was enough to free harry of his panicked stupor. he gasped a breath, his heart hammering form the shock of his emotions overwhelming him in a way they hadn't since he was a child.

With this return to reality the pain from his wounds hit him harder than the express at full speed. His sudden and violent reactions aggravated hihis deeply bruised and broken body. There wasn't a spot on him that didnt hurt. He could do nothing but cry and mewl in pain, his body trembling.

Harry could think of nothing but the pain that racked his tiny body. He was distantly aware if the sound of someone cursing under their breath and the sound of sudden movement, then of clothing moving. It seemed like hours but it was only moments before large hands with long potion stained fingers gently lifted him. He cried out in pain and fear. His pained mind and uncontrollable emotions unable to process who was holding him and what was happening. Only pain and fear. Then the rubber tip of something was forced into his mouth and disgusting liquid spilled down his throat before he could spit it out. after the first swallow of the liquid the pain started to abate. Harry was then able to regain some sense, and in the quest of more relief, started sucking on the rubber nib, ignoring the taste of what he now realized was a potion.

He took three large gulps of the potion before it ran out and he was left suckling the rubber nib. the lain was almost completely gone now and Harry was back to his senses. he took a moment just to relax and bask in the lack of pain, something he hadn't felt in a long while, not even caring that he was still suckling on the rubber nib still in his mouth.

Harry was perfectly content in laying there in his pain free bliss and pretend to be oblivious to the world around him. but it seemed that reality was not through with him yet.

"Now if you're quite done with overreacting and hurting yourself," said the voice of his painful dose of reality, or as he knew him, Professor Severus Snape. "I believe there are still some things that we should discuss."

Harry felt the rubber nib thing tugged free from his mouth. He opened his eyes in time to see the professor pull a baby bottle away from him. If he was human Harry would of been flushing madly. as it were, he squirmed embarrassedly, in what he realized was his meanest professor's lap, causing to squeak in horror and squirm even more.

Snape sighed in exasperation as he glared down at the squirming kit.

"Would you stop squirming Potter so i can place you down," the potions professor huffed as he once again lifted the boy turned kitten carefully.

It was as his professor was lifting him that Harry realized that the panther was gone and the teacher now was in his place. So he can change back into a human, wait he looks different! Harry thought to himself as he looked up at his professor from the nest of pillows and blankets he woke up on before.

The cursed dungeons bat did indeed ssport a new look. Snape looked pretty much the same, with his shoulder lenth greasy looking hair, his beak like nose, his sneering expression, and his cold dark eyes. But now his face was covered in the same rex tribal marking his cat form sported. His ears were pointed in the same way had seen on elves in the few movies he was able to peak at. His nails were filed to a clean, menacing pint only a few cecentimeters long. When he spoke Harry caught the glimpse of fangs in his mouth. and swaying elegantly behind the man were two sleek black tails with puffed tips.

What the bloody hell is going on!

It was too much! first he turns into a weird looking cat, even worse a kitten! Then his uncle and cousin try to kill him. Then he gets rescued. He wakes up to a talkibg pather-cat-thing that turbs out to be his least favorite professor who he is sure hates him. And now this. He must be insane, that's the only logical explanation. Even in the magical, world this was just too much.

"If you give me a moment to explain I would clear much of your confusion," Snape huffed, once again breaking him out of his rampant thoughts. What was going on? This wasn't the first time something crazy had happened to him, he never freaked out quite like this or lost control of his emotions this much before.

"It's because you are a kitten now," Snape stated, somehow reading the question projected through his thoughts and emotions. Harry mewed in question, his thoughts calming down as he focused on what his professor was saying. "you are a kitten now, a baby hell cat, babies cant control their emotions, and being and empathetic species, you're emotions are much stronger and more out of control than if you were human," Snape continued as he took a seat in the armchair besides the nest so he could talk to Harry.

Harry's nose wrinkled at the term 'empathetic species,' he was no idiot, despite what Snape may think, he knew what empathetic ment but it was the term he didnt understand, obviously it had to do with emotions.

"At least you are not completely hopeless," Snape drawls, hos eyes studying the kitten. he was too busy tending to his wounds, then to his reactions when awake to study the kitten. "Yes, hell cats are a species of magical cats that take a human like form, we are usually born in this form and gain our cat for later in life. we are able to sense the emotions of those around us, this also gives us the ability to comunicate with others who are also empathetic. Beings with the ability to feel or manipulate emotions are called empaths. This abilty is almost unheard of in wizards but is seen in other creatures, such as us."

Harry took a moment to absorb all that his teacher said. the thing that stood out most at the moment was the fact that Snape was basically implying that they, he, wasn't human.

"You are right, we are not humans, we are a rare race of magical beings that have been dying out for a long time, there are so few of our kind, we were once hunted for out powers and made into exotic pets for power hungry purebloods and muggles. we usually stay hidden. soon the world thought us extinct, and they still do. the muggle world wrote us off as legends and myths," Snape hummed in thought as he paused. He linked his fingers together and rested his elbows on his knees and leaned his head down till his chin rested in his clasped hands. He looked at Harry who looked back with huge wary green eyes.

Harry mewed in sadness, it seemed that anytime there were those who stood out in any way as differen't were prosecuted. Muggleborns and purebloods, wizards during the witch hunts, werewolves, any creature that could be used to empower someone else were abused. The example stretch throughout muggle and magical history, it just plain sad and frustrating. His thoughts were still swimming with questions and Snape seemed to sense it because he stared a moment longer befor standing up from his seat. In seconds, were the tall scary potions professor once was, stood a panther. Harry blinked in surprise. it was like watching Sirius turn into Padfoot, without the pop though. Snape took a moment to shake out his fur a bit befor stepping into the nest. Harry scrambled backwards clumsily as the panther laid down in the nest and turned towards him.

"This is going to be a long conversation. You may not be able to mind speak but im able to feel all your questions. So lets start with your first one," Snape said in his mind. "Hell cats are born humans, our cat forms awaken when we reach a certain age. It varies a bit, but most awaken around 14 to 17 years old. then they become what you are now, a kitten. This is because Hell cats have extremely long lifespans, so from now on your aging in your human form will slow. You're human form will have changed as well, as you saw on me, you gain the charaistics of your cat form, your body will also be come younger, to balance your cat form and mentality. I hide my markings and tails with a glamor anchored to a chain I keep under my clothing."

Snape paused to let Harry process a bit. Harry sat wide eyed. extended lifelifespan, deaged body, how old was he gonna be? will he out live his friends?Snape answered soon after th thoughts crossed his mind.

"Yes you will probably outlive your friends, but wizards have extended lifesplifespans as well, not as much as yours or mine, but still a long while yet so do not concern yourself with that now. You need to rest Potter. The potion only made you feel better, you still need to heal and rest, I will not have you undo all my hard work!" Snape said sternly. His eyes narrowing as Harry immediately started to make grumpy protesting noises.

"Enough! We can discuss more tomorrow, your body will crash soon, you should be feeling it now."

As he said it Harry started to feel a sudden rush if drowsiness overcome him. He could feel a soft pressure in the back of his mind almost compelling him to lay down and sleep. before he really regestered what he was doing he slowly shuffled closer to the larger panther befor curling into the larger cat's warm fur of his belly. Any thoughts of this being his most hated professor that he was snuggling with drifted away like leaves on a stream as he fell asleep. before he fell completely into Morpheus's arms, he could of sworn he geard his professor whisper something to him in an almost tender voice.


Severus sighed as he mentally pushed the kitten to sleep. Even if heas more like Lily than he thought, the foolish kit was still very much like his father in some ways.

The child was stubborn and brash and always jumped before looking. but the way he reacted to the tale of their kind being hunted, his sadness for others he did not even know and his explosive temper, that was all his motger.

"Foolish child"

Severus was jolted from his thoughts as he felt a tiny mouth latch onto one of the teats on this belly and suckle. He turned to the kitten to see him trying to nurse and cursed himself. He had forgotten, Potter was a very young kitten now, basically a newborn, he would need to nurse or be breastfed. If only his mother was still... well there was no point in wishing in the impossible.

With another sigh he hesitated before whispering latin words though his mind. His eyes glowed a brilliant gold for an instant till the spell was finished, then they returned to their original dark onyx.

Harry mewled happily as warm sweet milk spilled from tge teat he was unconsciously latched onto. He snuggled closer to Severus feeling warm and safe and content for now.

Severus watched in silent awe as the kitten fed from him. The he used spell was used for mothers who had trouble producing breastmilk, of course it worked in anyone and the kitted was too far gone to wake for a bottle so it was the only thing he could think of doing, it wasnt unusual in his species for the father to nurse his kitten if the mother couldn't, Severus just never expected he would ever have to do it himself. As he watched the tiny black kitten suckle, curled up in a little ball, twin tails twitching in sleep, he could feel a warmth blooming that he hadn't expected so soon. The parental bond, he expected it, his instincts pushed him to care for the kitten, their kind was very family oriented, not that he would have left the kit to suffer even if he was potter's spawn, but he thought it would take more time.

He growled in frustration, he was overwhelmed aswell, he wasn't expecting potter to be one of his kind. He wasn't expecting every preconception of patter to be washed down the drain when he entered that house and heard that scream of pain. He wasn't expecting to become a parent, because thats what he essentially was now, all in one day. It was too much to process.

He once again stared down at the nursing kitten for a long moment. If I am to do this, I will do it right, if I'm to be a father, then I'll be a better one than my own, a better father than Potter. Severus promised himself. First he had to start by learning about the kitten, who he really was being the boy whi lived.

leaning down, severus nuzzled and licked the kitten ince befor he laid down to sleep. They would talk more in the morning, tomorrow was the start of something new.


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