Second book of my YouTube Total War series. Thanks to all of you who read the first one. Special thanks to Butterfly Composer for giving me some advice (thanks by the way mate) and TheGamakazi for supporting my first story (you're awesome) It really means a lot to me. I'll have new Youtubers and factions introduced as well. This is an overview on who you will see.

Great Britian, their empire slowly declines as they lose France, Belgium, and Netherlands. It is a dark age for Britain. The four knights continue to serve King Overgard but it seems that his time is running out. Other duke's are disputing on who gets to be the next king considering he has no heir.

Sweden, after the loss of Iceland, American colonies, and the king's friend. They are reduced to a fraction of what they were. To prevent a full-scale war with the British he made an alliance with them. But then an old friend asks for aid and Sweden is thrown into war once again

Evil Dutch Empire, Gamakazi defeated the mighty British Empire and declared to the world that he was evil and ruled with an iron fist decimating rebels across France. After the conquest of France he turns to Prussia who left him to fight the British alone. He is now looking for vengence.

United States, after beating two empires the world now had something to fear in the new world. They take a brief moment to rest and then set sail for India where the traitor Callofduty4man221 was based and then set their sites on Canada where they hope to expand their domain.

India, after defeating the Maratha Confederacy Callofduty4man221 disolved his company and declared India free of British rule with him as their figurehead. After he would run the British out of India, it came to him that India was not enough and so planned to push east but he would have to be careful of the Americans coming from the west

Prussia, it's dreams of uniting Germany were dashed after the British took over the south and formed a confederation with it's client states, plus the alliance of Austria and Poland waged war on them and the remaining free German states who had their own ambitions. Now they had the Dutch breathing down their necks. The fate of Prussia falls in the hands of the new Kaiser, ThePrussianPrince.

Canada, Canada was a British colony but Quebec was originally owned by the French. When the French were defeated, Quebec declared independence and beat the British back creating a strong nation in Canada. The Kingdom of Quebec committed atrocities against Anglo-Canadians by performing mass executions. One man had enough of this madness and chose to take a stand. Though he was American he didn't want to see a meaningless genocide, his name was Coldmeat247.

Australia, after the explorations of Captain James Cook the Polynesian island of Australia became a colony of the British Empire. They were a peaceful nation and never fought in a war. However when the news of the British losing in India arrives the governor, LegendofTotalWar chooses to send reinforcements to fight back. But the new free India won't go down easily