Warning: this is dark and very much AU. I am playing on 'Pet' here as in a dog.

Prompt#2: Pet

The young man shifted uncomfortably with a clank and winced.

His belly was full with good red wine and rich dark meat, the soft velvet of the robe was a welcome change. He tried his best to not make a sound. It was warmer after all than the filthy rags but still not soft enough, biting into the bruises that bloomed purple and yellow like twisted passionflowers upon his body.

This was the pattern. Alternating smooth with rough. A dance: one step forward and two back. Submit. Accept. Go away and think on your decision in the dark recesses of the pit.

The light from the hundreds of blazing torches hurt his eyes. He blinked and dropped his gaze to the dish set at his feet. Fairy cakes. Gods they even remembered that.

A large and callused hand reached down to pat idly on his head. He grit his teeth, did his utmost not to flinch as it would only enrage him more.

"Come, come. Why so quiet this lovely eve?" came a deep sonorous voice from up above. "I was just explaining to his excellency the exquisiteness of your verse. Surely you would not make a liar out of me?"

"Sire, I am sorry. I am tired that is all." A lie. They both knew it. Resistance might be allowed in the foetid dark but not in the shining marble hall.

The hand grabbed hard and jerked roughly at his chin. He found himself gazing into deep grey eyes he had once thought to follow. The band of gold upon a finger flashed, bright and alluring, the true master of his days.

"And I am tired of this little game. Sing for me my noble Steward." said Elessar.