Robo and Mobo were acting like complete idiots. They were swerving around in their Get-A-Way Wagon around town, and they killed several people. Good god. Well, seeing as they flunked Boating School, this was inevitable. Well, Mobo pulled out his pop-gun and shot a blue cop that was eating a donut he had stolen from Homer Simpson. Thankfully, the cop was just stunned, but the donut had flown onto the window of the Bros'. wagon, and Robo was a germaphobic, so he went insane and cooked up a storm of Mr. Clean to wipe the window.

"Look at those two damn buffoons." Said an Armored Guard talking to a Purple Bomber. "Yeah, he be a stoopid idieot!" replied the Bomber, pulling out his Ronson Comet and lighting a blunt. Technically, he was doing something illegal, but skrew dat.

A red, stout cop was riding his motorcycle trying to attempt a crazy stunt via using some crashed cars as ramps. Also doing something illegal. The people were right, the authorities are corrupt. A tall, thin, light blue cop noticed this act of sheer buffoonery and yelled, "BOO, YOU STINK!" like that fish from SpongeBob.

A short, light blue cop was trying to hit on a taller, more chubby green cop because he was gay. "Oh baby, wanna come home wit' me?" flirted the light blue cop. The green cop was so enchanted by these words that he fainted. Serves him right for being a homosexual.

Well, Robo and Mobo were still driving like complete idiots and smoking cigarettes that they lit with their Ronson Comets, satisfied that the Bonanza Bros. finally had a fiction that wasn't about serious crap.