Mobo pulled out an RC Cola can and threw it on the road. It spun around and spewed soda all over him and some cars, but it was well worth it. Robo walked up to his wet and sticky brother. "Well, what have you been up to?" questioned the tall thief in red. "Just doing something awesome." Mobo responded.

Robo shrugged and walked down the street. A big Purple Bomber was there, drinking some Pepsi and chatting with a stout red cop.

"Y'know, I like the taste of Nutella on my toast in tha mornin'….it's pretty good. You should try it." The Bomber said. The red cop scratched his nose. "I'm allergic to Nutella, man." The red one explained. "Oh. Well, do ya like concord jelly?" Purple asked. Red shook his head no. He hated jelly because it gave him the craps, but that would be too embarrassing to tell the Purple dude.

Robo overheard this and rushed to the local Brookshire's and robbed a couple jars of Nutella. Thankfully, the blue cop cashiers were playing Puyo Puyo on their Game Gears.

Robo headed towards Mobo while he was still slinging RC Cola cans on the ground and getting himself and the cars even more wet and sticky. "Hey! I got us some Nutella! Wanna come home and have us some toast?" Robo offered. Mobo said, "Heck yes." And ran like the wind (Bullseye!) to their house on the edge of town.

Back at home, Robo revved up the toaster, ready for some toast with Nutella. Mobo was waiting at the table patiently, his stomach growling like a ferocious cougar suffering a famine. "Oh dear GOD HELP ME! I'm HUNGRYYYYYY!" yelped Mobo as he fell out of his chair grasping his stomach. Robo panicked, and he banged on the toaster to toast the toast for his poor starving brother. "COME ON, YOU DAMN DIRTY-"

The toast popped out. "Mother of GOD! FINALLY!" said Robo, annoyed at the toaster's slow work of toasting the bread. He pulled out the toast and put it on a plate and spread globs of brown Nutella on them. He set the plate next to Mobo's head.

"Come on, brotha, eat! Eat, don't die on me, brotha!" Robo said, about to sob, when Mobo got up and crammed two toast pieces down his pie hole.

"YUMMMMMYYYYYY INNNNN MYYYY TUMMMYYYY!" Mobo cooed. Robo was delighted, and he hugged his little brother tightly and warmly. "Oh brotha, you're okay!" exclaimed Robo as he smooched Mobo.

"Awwwww….thankies." blushed Mobo, and they exchanged hugs.