An: hey guy im back bet your thoughts im die but you weres amlost right my brothers did a take of the change the passeword on my twiter so nice trys matt but I gotted it back so here's a n new story for a good celbraton. Also if you noticed I've been listening to feedback im getting betters spelling now and writing class so ill be goodly.

The ghostbusters were getting poor after ghostbust 2 so they were lookings around the newspapers for any ghost business. "there is no more ghosts" sayed peter vankedman and he was sad because his ghosts business would being in the red ( no money badness) so they looking around in the tv for a good ghostbusting good time. They deciding to looking around big buildings for suicide ghosts or stockbrocker ghosts or big shot wigs on wallstreet who had hearts attacks. They went fastly into a big old building with a nice gold carpent.

"what a cool building this are" sayed black ghostbustet. "agree" sayed wankman. Just then an old guy in a big old wig camed up at them. "What the fuck are doing in my office you fuckers" sayed Donald trump at the ghostbusters. "we are looking for ghosts" sayed the ghostbusters guys. "wow that's cool im haaving a big trouble with some fucking latino ghosts in my office bulding" explaining trup."we can doing that ghost for a price" sayed the ghost guys. "ok do it or you are fired ha" sayed trump with a classic refarance. "what about money" but trump was go.

"lets look for ghosts you guy" and they wented to looking for a ghosts. Just thened venkman spotted a ghost! "time to die AGAN" sayed peter with a quipped. but oh boy what a fuckeg idiot asshol was vankman it was trump son eric. "ow" sayed Eric and he looked sad. "sorry buster brown" sayed vankmen but there was mores pressuring times to attend to.

Meanwhiles the blackghoster was checking the halls. He was going down the halls that vankmens was just downs. Eric was getting untagled from the proten beams whens wanston camed in. "oh no a minority" sayed Eric trump and he shoots winston. "im die" sayed died from the bullet . "you shit basterd" sayed igor who saw the wholes thing. "oh no" was eric saying before he gotted proton blasted wit haste. Eric got put into the ghosts cage by igor. "now you can't hurt anybody anymore ghostfucker."

Thens Donald trumps came back from presidential complaing . "where is eric and did you get the latinos ghosts?" sayed trup hopesfully. "eric was a ghost so we gotted him" explained the ghosters."oh that's okay eric was lame"sayed Donald trump. He gaved them all 50 dollars except Winston black buster he got only 35. "wow" sayed Winston. "another job is well done by us the ghosts busters" sayed them with joy. They wented to back to homebase to get ready for a new day of catchering ghosts.

An: the end or was its? Check in next weekend for more spicy action and political intreeg.