Title: The Punishment of James Potter

Rating: T

Summary: What if James Potter's prank caused Snape his life, brought about the fury of Snape's godly father, Hades, causes the end of the Potter line of magic, and causes the rise of the hero of the Wizarding world. Meet Raven Potter, a child that James thinks is his and Lily's, but is not. She's a witch among her squib siblings, a demigod daughter of Hades, and the only one that survived the Killing Curse. Fem Harry! A crossover between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling and Riordan's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 11

Raven's second year turned out to be a nightmare in itself. With the Chamber of Secrets opened and people being attacked Raven knew that this was going to be another 'Hades is waiting to see if anyone gets killed' wait. Thankfully no one got killed and it turned out that a Gryffindor name Henry Smith had been possessed by Tom Riddle, known as Voldemort, and had attacked the students. Thankfully Lily didn't expel him for that.

During this year her mother gave birth to a little boy. When Raven saw him she knew that this was Severus. She loved her new little brother and vowed that she would always be there for him. During Raven's third year Peter Pettigrew, who had gone to Azkaban when Voldemort had been defeated, had escaped from Azkaban. Everyone was on high alert and Lily had to accept help from the Dementors. That didn't help Raven, as she kept having horrible nightmares about them.

"She has to be taught the Patronus Charm," Lily told Remus.

"I will teach her," Remus promised.

It had taken everything in her to learn this charm, but she managed it. Her Patronus was a doe, just like her mum's had been. Thankfully Peter was caught and sent back to Azkaban…to be kissed. During Raven's fourth year the Triwizard Tournament came to Hogwarts. Lily wasn't really a fan of students putting their lives in danger for eternal glory. Sirius thought it was a hoot. Of course it didn't turn into a 'hoot' when Raven's name came out.

Raven didn't like the attention that she was getting. Thankfully Draco Malfoy and his stupid friends had all left the school and were doing their own thing. Lily at once summoned the staff about this.

"With what happened at the World Cup, we need to be on our guard," Remus told her.

"I know that," she said, "I'm just worried that this is all a plan to get Raven away from the school."

"I think that Alister should watch Raven," Minerva suggested.

Lily nodded, not knowing that was a bad idea.

At the end of the year it turned out that Alister wasn't really Alister. It was a man name Barty Crouch Jr. Raven had to watch as Voldemort came back and summoned his Death Eaters. She barely got out alive, with Cedric's body. During her fifth year the Ministry decided that Raven had lied about Voldemort coming back. She had to go through a whole year of Umbridge. When Voldemort made the mistake of being seen, it proved that she hadn't been lying.

During what was Raven's sixth year things just got even worse. Raven decided that it was time to leave the school until she could gather her wits. She didn't hear that someone had tried to murder her mum. No one knew who it was and Lily and the others were looking for that person. During what should have been Raven's seventh year the gods gave her the location of all the Horcrux. She was able to get them, destroy them, and finally defeat Voldemort once and for all.

Let's just say the Death Eaters weren't thrilled.

Six Years Later…..

"You're going to have a great time, Sevy," Raven told her little brother.

"I want to be like you, sister, a hero," he said.

"Well don't go looking for trouble," Raven told him, "Mum wouldn't be happy."

She hugged him and he got on the train. When he had left she saw Hades standing there. He smiled at her and said, "You did my son proud, Raven."

"Thanks," Raven said.

As she headed back home she knew that Hades meant every word.



A/N: Well the story is done. Sorry about it being only eleven chapters but I really didn't want to repeat a lot of things that most know happened. I wanted a sweet ending and one that might leave a tear.