And now we come to the second book. I thank you all for putting up with my irregular update schedule, but as I work a full-time job, I don't always have time to write. First, though, I would like to answer some reviews I've gotten on this story. These reviews have pointed out that Daedra are too powerful to be bound by the types of contracts used in the Potterverse, so here is my answer to that:

You are completely correct. A Daedra is far beyond the realms of power in both the Potterverse and the Nasuverse, but Halios is not a full Daedra yet. In fact, if we look at it percent wise, at this point in the story, Halios is barely above 50% Daedra. At the time the contract bound him, he was less than 5% Daedra, and thus well within the power of the contract.

Once he is 100% Daedra, the contract will fail, but that will only happen after his magical majority, around the same time the contract activates. As such, the reason they seek to break the contract, is because they don't know what will happen if it activated and Halios wasn't a full Daedra. Would it kill him? Remove his magic (which in essence would kill him, as Daedras are beings of pure magic)? Would it do nothing?

They don't know, which makes it safer to break the contract, rather than wait and see. I hope this answer clear some things up.

Chapter 17

August was slowly moving towards its end. Halios had spent the last weeks training under his parents during the day and talking to his friends in the evening. They had all attempted to read the books Lockhart had assigned them as the Defence Professor, but none of them – not even Hermione – had been able to read more than half of the first book before throwing it down in disgust. Not only was the books badly written, but they also contained false information, claimed that Lockhart was in two places at the same time, and embellished whatever truths they contained to such a degree, not even the descriptions of famous towns and monuments were correct anymore.

Fortunately, Tonks was able to give them tips on other books to read that would help them pass the course for the year.


That did not mean Halios was going to let Lockhart get away with such travesties of literature. In fact, Seren had had some really interesting ideas of what to do with the peacock during the year, and add to the fact that Sirius was a prankster, well… She had some good help when it came to revenge pranks.

A few days before September 1st, Halios decided to ask his father something. Leaving his room, he went and looked for him. He found him in one of the many gardens, his father bend over something, studying it. As he got closer, Sheogorath spoke.

"You know, son… The mortals of this world has so many fascinating imaginary creations. Far more than there could ever be back on Tamriel. As such, I have decided to create some of the more fascinating."

He motioned Halios to come closer, which he did. On a table in front of Sheogorath, three strange creatures sat and looked at them. The first was green-coloured, looking similar to a twig, but with bee wings, small, human-like arms with hands and large white eyes. It was about the size of a thumb in length.

The second looked like a collection of dust particles, in the loose shape of a fairy. And the third looked like a purple and pink rabbit, but with fox ears and a single horn-like growth in the shape of a cinnamon bun on its forehead.

"What are these, father?" Halios asked.

"Oh, I found a delightful family of two in that country your school is in, and these are the three most common creatures they believe in. The green one is called a 'Nargle', the almost invisible one is a 'Wrackspurt' and the colourful one is called a 'Crumple-Horned Snorkack."

"I see… and, what's so special about them?"

"Well, the Nargle lives in mistletoes, and are mischievous thieves. The Crumple-Horned Snorkack doesn't really have any special properties, but the family has been looking for them for years, and they are both part of my realm, so I thought 'why not?'. But my favourite is the Wrackspurt. This little guy is basically invisible, and its only function is to float around, enter peoples' heads through their ears and make their thoughts go all fuzzy. In short, it's the perfect creature for me!"

"I would say so, father." Halios said with a small smile. "Anyway, I would like to ask you for the permission to bring the Wabbajack with me to Hogwarts this year."

Turning around, Sheogorath gave him a look with a big grin on his face.

"For that new teacher of yours, yes?"

"That is correct, father."

"Then bring it, and be sure to use it!"

"Of course, father." Halios said, and then turned around to leave. But before he had left the garden, he was stopped by his fathers' voice.

"Oh, and bring the Snorkack with you too. I'm sure you can find some use for it."

Halios simply shook his head with a small smile, turned around, picked up the creature, and returned to his room. A few days later, it was time for him to return to Hogwarts.

September 1st

Standing in the courtyard of his home, Halios was checking his belongings one last time, before he left to board the Hogwarts Express. He had already checked his trunk, and was now making sure he had both his wand and the Wabbajack on him. He had to remember to thank Tonks for mentioning the wand holsters used by Aurors, otherwise it would have been a pain to carry the Wabbajack with him, as the staff was taller than him by a couple of inches.

"Are you sure you have the Wabbajack, because I can never remember where I put the damn thing." He heard from behind him.

"Yes, father." He answered. "I'm carrying it with me at all time, just like I do my wand."

"Don't worry about your father." His mother said. "You know how he is… always misplacing his artefacts. I count myself lucky his most important artefact is permanently attached to him."

"Oy, I'll have you know I don't misplace my artefacts! While I might not always know where they are, they are always where they are needed! And leave my Pillar of Madness out of this!"

"…I really didn't need to know that…" Halios mumbled, his face slightly flushed in embarrassment. Turning towards his parents, he saw his father with a pout on his face (which looked ridiculous on him) and his mother with a smirk on hers.

"Well then, mother, father, it's time for me to leave for the year."

"Then we shan't keep you any longer." Meridia said, striding forward and hugged him.

"Yes, and do remember to use the Wabbajack, eh?" Sheogorath said. "For what's the point of having it and not use it?"

"Of course, father. In fact, I'm almost completely sure I will use it within the next two weeks."

Using a bit of magic to levitate his trunk, Halios then picked up the cage that contained the Snorkack. Opening up a portal to platform 9 ¾, Halios said goodbye to his parents and stepped through.

The platform was bustling with people, as the clock showed that the train would leave in about 20 minutes. Looking around the platform, Halios soon spotted his friends and their families. His trunk floating behind him, he approached them.

"Hello everyone."

"Hello, Halios." Came the chorus from his friends and their families.

"So, Halios, are you excited for the new term?" Sirius asked him.

"Somewhat. While it will be interesting to see what we will be learning this year, I don't have any high hopes for the DADA Class."

"Yes… I can see what you mean." The grimace on the adults' faces told him that they agreed with him on that. They all had a great dislike for Lockhart.

"Anyway…" Sirius said, clapping his hands together. "Now everyone's here, and the train will leave in about 15 minutes, so perhaps you should find a place to sit?"

They agreed, and after a somewhat long goodbye filled with hugs, the four friends entered the Hogwarts Express, looking for somewhere to sit. Most of the cabins where full or mostly full, but halfway down the train, they found a cabin with only one person in it. After looking at his friends and getting nods in agreement, Halios knocked on the cabin door in order to grab the attention of the one inside.

The person inside was a girl – most likely a first year, due to them not recognize her – with dirty-blond hair, dressed in a light beige summer dress, and reading an upside-down newspaper. At his knock, she looked up and he could see that her eyes were silver grey, with a faraway look in them.

"Excuse me." Halios began. "Is it okay for me and my friends to sit with you? This is the first cabin we have found that has room for us."

"Oh, okay." The girl said. "Go ahead, more people means more protections from the Heliopaths."

Everyone (except Halios, who was used with such randomness due to his father) looked confused, but none the less, entered the cabin and put away their luggage. Once they had all sat down, Halios turned to the girl again.

"Thank you. My name is Halios. These are my friends; Seren Black-Weiss, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom. May we know your name?"

"Oh, I'm Luna, Luna Lovegood. Can we be friends, too?"

"I don't see why not…"

"Oh, goody! I've never had friends before. Tell me, is it true that friends do everything together?"

"Well, I wouldn't say 'everything', but many – if not most – things becomes better when done with friends."

It was at that point that Hermione noticed the cage with the Snorkack in.

"Uhm, Halios? What is that?"

"That? Oh, that's something my father gave me. He called it a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, and…"

As soon as she heard the word Snorkack, Luna was out of her seat and kneeling in front of the cage, mumbling to herself. Halios could only make out parts of what she was saying, mostly thing like "habitats", "dietary habits" and "possible sub-species". With trembling hands, she reached out and opened the cage before picking up the Snorkack and hugging it to her chest. Turning to Halios, she, with eyes filled with hope, asked:

"Where did your father find him? My father and I have been searching for them for years, but we have yet to find any trace of them."

"First, you must understand one thing." Halios began. "My father is in no way, shape or form to be considered normal. He is a god, and the god of Madness to boot. He told me that he created this creature, plus two other, after finding a family of two somewhere here in Britain, and taking a liking to them."

"Two other?"

"Yes. A stick-like creature he called a Nargle, which is supposed to live in mistletoes, and a mostly invisible creature he called a Wrackspurt. He took a real shining to the last one, as it's supposed to enter peoples' brains and turn their thought fuzzy, which, as the god of Madness, he finds funny."

As he talked, Luna's eyes got bigger and bigger, and when he finished, he found himself with Luna just an inch from his face. Her eyes were literary sparkling when she spoke.

"Can you introduce us? Please?"

"Okay? But let us wait until we are at Hogwarts. It will be easier to do it there."

Squealing in delight, Luna gave him a quick hug before sitting down again, completely focused on the Snorkack in her lap. Halios could see that the creature enjoyed the attention Luna was giving it very much. Meeting the gazes of his friends, he just shrugged his shoulders and joined in on the discussion they had in order to pass the time.

A few hours passed, and they had now reached a lull in their conversation. Hermione and Neville were reading, Seren was petting the Snorkack together with Luna, and Halios was staring out the window at the landscape as the passed by. That was when he saw something strange.

"Um, guys?" He said, grabbing the attention of the others. "Is it me, or is there a car flying next to the train?"

"Don't be silly, Halios." Hermione said, before she looked up from her book. "There is no way a car… Is that a Ford Anglia?"

The rest of them also looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a car flying next to the train. After staring at it for a while, Neville spoke.

"Isn't that Ron Weasley driving it?"

Looking closer, the others agreed with Neville that, yes, it looked like it was Ron Weasley.

"What shall we do?" Hermione asked.

"There isn't much we can do…" Halios began. "But I'm sending my familiar with a message to Professor McGonagall. She will know what to do in this situation. Or, if she don't, she'll at least know someone used a flying car to get to Hogwarts."

"Don't you mean 'Ronald Weasley used a flying car to get to Hogwarts'?" Seren asked.

"No, I will not mention any names, since we can't be sure it's truly Ronald that's driving that car. Sure, it looks like him, but we have magic. How hard would it be to use it to change how you look in order to get someone else in trouble?"

"I see what you mean…" Seren said with a frown.

Taking out some parchment and a self-filling quill, Halios quickly wrote a message to McGonagall, telling her what they had seen, but naming no names. Calling for his familiar, it quickly emerged from his shadow.

"Vonun, take this message to Professor McGonagall, would you?"

The living shadow that was his familiar bobbed up and down in agreement, before absorbing the message into itself. As soon as it had the message, it merged with Halios shadow, and was gone.

Message sent, the group returned to what they were doing before Halios saw the car. Time moved on, and soon it started to turn dark outside. Knowing that they would soon reach Hogwarts, Neville took his uniform and left to get changed. Luna looked a bit startled when Halios didn't leave as Seren and Hermione began to change, but once Halios had turn to his female form, she just shrugged her shoulders and changed too.

A few minutes later, Neville returned and they began packing their stuff in order to leave the train. Less than 20 minutes later, they felt the train slow down as they approached their destination. When the train had stopped, they left the carriage and stepped out on the platform.

"So, Luna…"

"Yes, your Holiness?"

Halios takes a deep breath, shaking her head before continuing.

"You know you don't have to call me that, right?"

"But you are the child of the One who created the animals my father and I have been looking for. What else would I call you?"

"How about 'Halios' or 'friend'?"

"Ok, your friendly Haliosness!"

*sigh*"That's ok, Luna…"

"This is fun to watch, isn't it?" Seren whispers to Hermione and Neville, as they stand a few feet away, observing the interaction between Halios and Luna.

"That it is." Hermione agreed. "But perhaps we should stop them. After all, Luna has to join the rest of the first years, and we need to get to the castle."

"Yeah, you're right…" Seren said with a sigh, before moving towards Halios and Luna.

"Sorry to interrupt you both, but we need to get going." She said, interrupting them. "Luna, if you could join the rest of the first year students over there with Hagrid, and we'll see you at the Sorting. Is that okay?"

"Okay!" Luna replied, before skipping over towards the other un-Sorted students.

"Thank you, Seren." Halios said. "I swear, Luna's like a female, less mad version of my father. No wonder he took a liking to them. If her father is anything like her, then my father has found a high priest for this world…"

Shaking her head, Halios continued: "Well, shall we be off to the castle, the?"

The four friends moved towards the end of the platform. Waiting there was a large group of horse drawn carriages, only without horses. Picking one of the once farther back, they entered the carriage and was soon rolling towards the castle.

Some ten minutes later, the carriage stopped in front of the entrance to the castle, and they got out of it. Following the rest of the students, they entered the Great Hall. Splitting up, they each went to their respective tables. Soon, Dumbledore called for silence and McGonagall led the first years into the hall.

The sorting went without any surprises, and the only two noticeable sorting were Luna, who made the Hat chuckle before it sorted her into Ravenclaw, and one Ginerva Weasley, who seemed to be arguing with the Hat for a bit before it shook itself and sorted her into Gryffindor.

Once the sorting was over, Dumbledore stood up in order to deliver his usual 'Welcome to Hogwarts'-speech, only to be interrupted when the doors to the Hall was opened and Filch, the caretaker, entered, dragging one Ronald Weasley with him. It would appear that Neville was correct, and Ronald was the one driving that flying car. As a result of that stunt, Ronald lost 100 points and was given one month of detentions.

As Ronald slunk away to sit at Gryffindors' table, he was met with the nasty glares of the other students siting there, since due to his actions, Gryffindor was now negative 100 in the race for the House Cup.

Waiting a moment, in case something else were to happen, Dumbledore then continued his speech. In the end, he welcomed the new DADA teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart. Almost all the female students applauded when the fop stood up and bowed, but the male students were less enthusiastic seeing him.

As soon as Lockhart sat down again, the food arrived on the tables, and the students began to eat. Once the feast was done, the students returned to their dorms, and went to sleep. As she lay there in her bed, Halios could not help but wonder; what would happen this year?

And so, the first chapter of the second book is done. It will most likely be a chapter for each major event in the book. So, the first lesson with Lockhart, Halloween with the Death Day party, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the end of the Basilisk.

The next chapter to be written is the last chapter for Hollow Magic. After that, well… I have some ideas of stories to write, but I will most likely not post a new story before next year, as I want to write a couple of chapters before I post it.

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