Yeah, I couldn't help myself with this one! It too perfect to not to use! I saw a drawing of Jaune with some of the RWBY cast as children and started listing to a random song on radio and this came up! So why not. Let begin!

It was a normal day at Beacon. It seem like it was going to be a peaceful for everyone, but one.

Jaune Arc is about to go through the most strangest thing ever. Of all time.

Our story begain in a Dust class.

"Okay class. Today you all will be responsible to make Dust mix of your choosing with your team. So as long it safe, it a passing grade. Understood?" Said Professer Goodwhitch as she look at the class. She was filling in for the dust teacher as he was call in sick today.

"Yes madam!" The class chorus. Then they all got to work.

(With team RWBY)

"Okay team RWBY, let make a smoke dust for show!" Ruby said happily.

"It is the most safes after all." Blake agree.

"Then let get started!" Yang cheer.

"Just make sure you grab the right Dust. I don't want a bad grade because of your mix up!" Weiss said as she cross her arms. Which earn eyes rolls from her teammates.

(A few minutes later)

"Okay. We're almost done. Just need to add this last dust and we are done." Weiss said as she about to place the last dust into the beacor.

"Watch out!" A person suddenly cry out.

The team turn their head in time to see team JNPR , as well Velvet and Coco, trying to catch a green crystal dust.

Jaune trip as he try to catch the dust, which cause the others to trip over him and landed next to team RWBY. The green dust landed in the beacor. The group got up and watch in horrior as the beacor started to shake.

"What did you dunces do?!" Weiss ask in horror.

"We were making a medicine dust, but before we can finish it, Nora trip that hit plate it was on, causing it to fly over here." Ren example quickly.

"Coco and I were just deliver something to Professer Goodwhitch and saw the hold thing. We decide to help to to stop something bad from happing." Velvet said as she look around trying to think of a way to dispose of the dangerous dust.

"Oh Monty it about blow!" Ruby cry out in fear as she pick the dust up to throw it out side.

"Ruby no!" Yang cry out as the beacor explosive on her.

The room was cover in smoke, students rushing out in a panic. The Arc being tremble on as he was still on the floor. After Jaune manage to get out of the stamped, he rush over to the table his friends were at.

"Hello! Is anyone okay!?" Jaune call out as he try to search for anyone he knew in the smoke.

'Darn smoke." Jaune though angerly. When he didn't get a response, he wait in numb silent for the smoke to clear to check on his friends.

Once the smoke clear, his jaws drop at the sight before him.

All of his friends we're small! They turn into children!

They all look around, trying to figure out where they are at.

Their eyes stop on Jaune and said something that caught Jaune off guard.

"Daddy?" they ask as they stared at him.

He was about to denied that he wasn't there father til he look at there eyes. The eyes are fill with fear with no idea what going on and hoping the man in front of them is their guardian. So he sight as he realize what he had to do.

"Yes. I am your father." He said warmly. He then was tackle in a group huge while being call 'DADDY!' by the children.

'I'm going to need to speak to the head master.' Jaune though as he patted Weiss small head, much to her joy.

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