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2. She may seem to powerful.

That's only on the street. In a paranormal situation she is pretty much useless when it comes to getting rid of ghosts. She has no powers or anything. But if she were going up against a person she could break both their kneecaps easily.

3. She doesn't do anything on the team.

No, she pretty much helps them unload and look around places.

4. The story focuses too much on her.

Since she doesn't really do things on cases she will think about her life outside of this, other friends and other hobbies she enjoys. Her life doesn't revolve around SPR, or at least her social life doesn't.

5. Lin and Ángelita are bonding too fast.

They have known each other for a couple years prior to this. They haven't just met and they know each other pretty well. It will be a while before they get together romantically, for now, they're pretty much bros.

6. Ángelita is always getting places first.

Not only is she the most physically fit out of all of the team members, but she also has a dog that will sense things before she does. She may be able to get places faster but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll be able to do anything about it.

"...Wow. What a big house..!" Mai said, looking up at the large western style home.

Ángelita watched the young girl and Naru disappear while Lin drove her and the equipment around back to park the truck. Shiki was sitting in the back seat. The drive up had been interesting. Lin drove, Ángelita rode shotgun, Naru and Mai sat in the back with Shiki in between them. Mai had gotten bored quite easily. Lin didn't talk, Naru was reading and Ángelita was listening to music and smoking out the window. At least Shiki could entertain her a little bit. With soft white fur and big blue eyes, Mai couldn't resist the large dog.

On a different note, Lin had finally found out why everyone was calling Oliver Naru. He had actually chuckled when he found out what the nickname meant. Naru the Narcissist. It was almost scarily accurate. Ángelita couldn't help but smile when Lin chuckled. It was a rare treat to see the man laugh. Just as it was to see him express emotion, speak without being spoken or wear casual clothes. They were rare moments that had to be seen to be believed.

"So do you think the house is haunted?" Ángelita asked as she took off her headphones and rested them on her neck. Lin was not the talkative type, especially not with strangers, but once you wore down his walls, (or attacked them with an ax) he was slightly more open to conversation.

"It's a little soon for conclusions." Lin said but he glanced at her as they parked. He knew she simply wanted an excuse to make her opinion known. On the team she went into each case as a skeptic. Ángelita was skeptical by nature and she also did not have any psychic powers. She couldn't sense spirits, preform cleansings, exorcisms or cast spells. But then again, living with Naru and Lin without going insane could be considered a power.

"Based on the activity she came to us with; doors opening and closing could be a draft, I'm not sure how to explain furniture rattling but knocking sounds could be the house settling, maybe a branch from one of these trees or there could be an animal of some kind trapped in the walls." Ángelita said before putting her cigarette out on the ashtray that was on the dashboard.

"Maybe." Was all Lin said.

The two of them got out and Ángelita opened the back door so Shiki could hop out. It was a really nice property, high fence and surrounded by trees. Hooking Shiki onto his leash, Ángelita opened the back of the truck and picked up some shelves. Lin picked up some more shelves and together they walked towards the front door. Lin opened the door. When Ángelita walked through the door she felt some resistance from the leash. Looking back she and Lin saw that Shiki was not going to go inside. He was staring down the hall and was not blinking. His ears were pricked and he seemed intently staring at something that only he could see. Maybe there was something in the house.

Once base was set up, they were all just making sure everything was working alright.

"Ok, the monitors are working now." Lin said, looking at the screens. Naru stood next to him and Ángelita was sitting in a swivel chair next to him while Shiki was sitting on the floor next to them. It had taken a fair amount of coaxing to get the dog inside but eventually he did as he was told.

"...Based on what Noriko-san said, I wonder if it's a poltergeist?" Mai wondered out loud. Lin and Ángelita glanced up at her.

"Oh!Hey part-timer, you sound like you're finally getting the hang of your job." A familiar voice asked. Ángelita turned and saw Monk standing in the doorway with Ayako.

"A real ghost-hunter! Making a big deal out of things as usual. It sounds to me more like a chirei (land spirit)." Ayako sighed. Ángelita couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Let me see." The shrine maiden said.

"I think it sounds like something a human would do." Mai said confidently, crossing her arms.

"Oh...really?" Ayako asked.

"Well, listen. Statistics show that humans cause fifty percent of poltergeist cases. And they're often caused by women with high stress." Mai said confidently. "In this household that would be...the woman who doesn't get along with her sister-in-law...most likely."

"You mean Noriko-san?" Monk asked.

"I see. Kana-san does seem like she could be difficult to deal with." Ayako said. Mai smiled smugly.

"Exactly what an amateur would think." Naru said, destroying Mai's little ego. "Poltergeists are most often caused by younger teens... Most likely... Adolescents. Noriko is twenty. That's too old to be an adolescent." Mai flinched, looking at Naru irritably. "True, women with strong psychic energy can sometimes cause poltergeists but... we'll be able to determine that better when we test later this evening."

Mai proceeded to trudge out of the room in defeat. Ángelita couldn't help but snickered quietly.

"Aren't they so cute when they think they know everything?" She asked out loud. Monk and Ayako chuckled. Mai kind of reminded her of a rookie fresh out of the academy, they think they know everything and are so confident when in reality they didn't know shit. She found them adorable. She had a lot of them back in England. She had run security at the BSPR building. The fresh little security guards who thought they were the big dogs on campus. Ángelita was quick to stomp that delusion, with a hard kick to the chest in the gym.

In the evening, while Mai and Naru were busy working on the auto suggestion with the family, Ángelita amused herself by listening to her music while playing games on her phone back at base. Lin was watching the cameras as he always did and Shiki was laying on the floor. Ángelita started to think of her next prank on Lin. She was a die hard prankster, something she got from her father, and Lin was her favorite target. It was fun to get a reaction out of the taciturn man, whether it was amusement or anger, she loved either result. When they first met they did not like each other much, if at all. Well, two people with such different personalities were bound to butt heads.

Ángelita thought Lin was a workaholic with a stick up his ass, which he was. Lin thought Ángelita was an immature and temperamental psychopath who smoked more than worked, which was also true. They used to fight a lot but eventually Lin decided that completely ignoring her would be a better option. Ángelita didn't like Lin, but she hated when he outright ignored her. She understood that he was quiet but that just wasn't fair. So, she proceeded to prank him almost constantly, at least two or three times a week. This produced even more arguments, arguments that varied on each day, mostly about each other.

Ángelita was never working, all Lin did was work. She could never take anything seriously, he was a stick in the mud. She was immature and he could never take a joke. She got angry over nothing, he was a cold hearted bastard (pot meet kettle). The list went on. They also argued about completely stupid things. Simple debates between other people could end up in an hour long argument. Lin usually kept his voice level during their fights, Ángelita would definitely raise her voice. Before she could reflect on any specific arguments, Lin took off her headphones.

"Hey!" Ángelita said, glaring at Lin in irritation. Said man appeared very irritated as well.

"Could you please turn your music down? It's distracting and you can't even hear me." Lin said, holding up her headphones.

Ángelita smirked at him. "Oh, it bothers you, does it?" She asked in a sugary sweet voice. Lin nodded. Ángelita chuckled and snatched her headphones back. "Good." She said before putting them firmly back on her head. Lin countered by unplugging them from her phone and snatching it out of her hand. When she made a move to lunge for it, Lin put his foot in her chest and pushed her away. With his long legs it was a significant distance.

"What?" Ángelita asked in exasperation.

"I said, 'I need to use the restroom. Can you watch the cameras while I'm gone?'" Lin asked, his eyebrow twitching in irritation. He retracted his foot and she scooted back to her original position.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure, I got it." Ángelita said, before reaching out for her phone. Lin tucked the device into the breast pocket on his dress shirt.

"So that you actually do what I told you." Lin explained before getting up and leaving the room.

Ángelita then began her short spout of monitor duty, grumbling all the while. She really didn't like having her music taken away from her. Staring at the monitors in total silence was completely boring. Looking around the desk for something to entertain herself with, she spotted something that made her grin like a Cheshire Cat. Lin's phone. The password wouldn't be an issue, since she had seen Lin type it in before and had memorized it. With a smirk on her face and devious idea in mind, Ángelita picked it up and turned it on.

About half an hour later, it was five past nine and Mai and Naru had come back to base. Monk sat in a nearby chair, yawning. Ángelita was happily listening to her music once again after Lin gave her her phone back. She couldn't wait for him to discover the little prank she had left him.

Just when Ángelita was about to send Lin a random text so that he could see the prank, Shiki suddenly started barking. He had woken up out of a sound sleep and was on his feet, barking at the ceiling. Everyone turned to stare at the dog as it continued it's tirade of barking and growling.

"~What's wrong, boy?~" Ángelita asked, gently putting her hand on the white dog's head. Shiki just looked at her, made a little whining noise before continuing to bark at the ceiling.

"Any movement?" Naru asked, turning to the monitors. If Shiki, who was normally calm, was freaking out like he currently was, then something had to be going on.

"Nothing yet." Lin said.

"What are you doing here, Monk-san?" Mai asked, looking at the older man who yawned as he leaned back in his chair.

Suddenly Kana burst in, out of breath and very pale. "Come here, hurry!"

"What happened?" Naru asked.

"Just follow me!"

Ángelita ran upstairs, following Kana along with Mai, Monk, Ayako, Naru and Shiki. Kana flung the door to Ayami's room open when they reached the top of the stairs.

"We came upstairs so Ayami-chan could go to bed and this is what we saw!" Kana said, gesturing to the inside of the room. All of the furniture was moved a significant distance away from the walls and turned diagonally. Ayami just stood in the center of the room, holding Minnie and blinking innocently.

"Everything's turned diagonally...?!" Mai gasped.

'Again, thank you captain obvious.' Ángelita thought sarcastically.

"What's going on? Aren't you here to prevent this type of thing from happening?!" Kana yelled angrily.

"We're investigators lady, not gods." Ángelita said, crossing her arms. Kana didn't seem to appreciate the comment but before she could yell she was interrupted by Ayako.

"Are you sure Ayami didn't do it?" The shrine maiden asked.

"How could a little girl do this?!" Mai snapped, immediately coming to Ayami's defense.

"Right." Monk said as he knelt down, examining the carpet. "The firniture is still sitting on the carpet. I couldn't have even done it."

"May I inspect the room?" Naru asked.

"Go ahead! We'll be downstairs. Let's go, Ayami-chan." Kana said, grasping the little girl's hand.

"...I didn't do it." Ayami said, looking a little nervous.

"It's okay." Mai said, crouching down to Ayami's level with a bright smile. "I know you didn't."

"What do you think, Naru-chan?" Monk asked.

"I would love to meet the person capable of doing this." Naru said before looking at the carpet. "There's no trace of anything. It's impossible for a human to have done this."

Suddenly there was a scream downstairs. Ángelita got down faster by sliding down the railing with her hands and Shiki wasn't far behind. She reached Noriko in the living room she saw that everything was flipped upside down. Mai came in behind her and gasped in shock.

"Naru...The carpet... It's upside down too...with the furniture still on it!" Mai said.

"This is definitely a poltergeist." Monk said, scratching the back of his head.

"That's obvious. The question is who did it, right?" Ayako asked. "I'm sure it was a chirei! I'll get rid of the spirit for you by tomorrow. Just wait, you'll see. Good night." Ayako said as she turned around and left the room.

"Where does she get that much confidence?" Mai wondered out loud. Ángelita couldn't help but wonder the same thing.

"What's wrong?" Monk asked, turning toward Naru who had assumed his thinking pose. "You look like you're deep in thought. I something bothering you?"

"Don't you think the spirit reacted too quickly?" Naru asked. "Paranormal phenomenon usually don't happen when strangers are around. Normally they temporarily go into hiding when outsiders get too close."

"Is that so?" Mai asked.

"You see it on psychic phenomenon TV shows all the time." Monk said.

He began to explain more but Ángelita was getting bored and left the room, muttering about going outside for a cigarette. Shiki immediately followed her outside, glancing around corners as they went. Once out the front door, she leaned against the wall, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She took a long drag as she stared out into the night, admiring the stars and clean air. Looking down she noticed that Shiki seemed a little calmer as well, now that he was out of the house. Sighing and looking down at the dog with a gentle smile she ruffled his ears. Looking back out into the night she smirked to herself in a self-deprecating way, thinking back on the furniture incidents.

"Well there goes my 'it's just an animal in the walls' idea."

The next day the vase from the hypnotic suggestion experiment had not moved. Ayako was upstairs in Ayami's room, preforming an exorcism. The little girl in question had slept in her aunt Noriko's room the other night and was supposed to do the same every night for the rest of the investigation. Ángelita was sitting in her swivel chair again, next to Lin. She was wearing some ripped up jeans, black tank top and a hoodie. She was feeling exceptionally lazy today. She had also just stepped out of the shower. she had towel dried her hair and was armed with a brush, ready for the battle that any woman with long, thick hair knew.

*fifteen minutes later*

"Why don't you just cut it?" Monk asked. He came into the room five minutes after Ángelita and was just hanging around. She had been brushing her hair for a long time and it was obvious, even to him, that she still wasn't done.

"I would never cut my hair." Ángelita said. She remembered when she used to have short hair, she looked like a yield sigh. Her hair was so thick and curly it made her head look like a triangle. At some point Monk left, maybe to go to the bathroom or something, and then she heard Lin clear his throat.

"What is this?" He asked, holding his phone out to her. The phone itself was fine but the background photo was a rather graphic picture of a penis. It would seem as though he had finally seen her prank. True, it may be considered a real step back in maturity but it was still a prank and it provided Ángelita with some amusement.

"It's your new background." Ángelita giggled, eyes glittering with mirth.

Lin sighed in exasperation before leaning back in her chair, obviously changing the background. "I will get you back for this you know."

"Let's see what you got ~Koujito~." Ángelita said with a wink.

"You know I don't know what that means." Lin said, eyes scanning through various pictures on his phone, trying to find something for a new background.

"Which is exactly why I'll keep calling you that, ~Koujito~." Ángelita replied with a smirk.

Later on that night, Ángelita was hanging out at base. She was standing by the open window, a cigarette between her lips and a nail file in hand. She was also petting Shiki with her left foot as she leaned against the wall. Some would say she was weird, Ángelita called in multitasking. Noriko had kindly asked, Ángelita not to smoke in the house once she found out about her habit but she said it was okay to smoke out the window. Mai returned with a clipboard and handed it to Naru, who was standing by the monitors.

"Here you go, Naru. I checked the temperature in each room." Mai said.

"Ayami-chan's was lower than the others." Naru said before turning to his laptop. He pulled up several graphs and charts. "The house isn't crooked and the floors aren't warped and the floors seem to be very stable."

Shiki lifted his head and sniffed the air before he took off down the hall.

"I got it." Ángelita said before putting out her cigarette in her ashtray and following her dog. About half way down the hall she heard Kana scream. Immediately picking up her pace, she ran into the kitchen only to see flames shooting up and out of the stove. Shiki was barking aggressively at the fire.

"It just suddenly burst into flames!" Kana said, shaking with fear as Mai caught up and began dragging her back.

"Everyone stay back. Noriko-san, get a fire extinguisher!" Noriko nodded before quickly grabbing a fire extinguisher and giving it to Takigawa before she consoled her sister in law who was crying in fear.

"Naru, I found another extinguisher!" Mai said.

"Toss it!" Ángelita said, holding her hands out. Mai tossed it and the older woman caught it. She then quickly set to work, helping Monk put out the fire. "Hey, someone go shut off the gas!"

After they were finally done the stove was covered in white foam and the walls and counter were singed. Monk, Ayako, Mai and Ángelita were sitting on the ground, covered in ash and panting.

Shiki suddenly started barking and growling at the window. At the same time Mai was looking in the same direction before her eyes widened in fear.

"Naru! The window!" Mai yelled.

Immediately, Naru ran over, opened the window and looked outside. Ángelita rested a hand on one of her guns, just in case it was actually a living person and they wanted to do harm.

"...There's no one there." Naru said.

"Yes there was! Someone was looking in. A child..." Mai said. Monk and Mai both turned to Noriko, who looked extremely nervous.

"But...Ayami should be in bed in my room..." Noriko said.

After the incident in the kitchen everyone went up to check on Ayami in her Aunt Noriko's room. It was dark in there, only being lit by the moon and Ayami was still up. Everyone watched through the door as Ayami 'tucked' Minnie in.

"Minnie, I'll cover you with a futon." Ayami said.

Noriko went in and turned the lights on just as Ayami was putting the blanket over the doll.

"Ayami?" Noriko said. She trotted over to Ayami as the little girl stood up before placing her hands on her shoulders. "Ayami, were you peeking in the kitchen window?"

"No." Ayami replied.

"But Mai-chan said she saw a small child. That wasn't you outside, was it!?" Noriko asked.

"No it wasn't." Ayami said.

"Ayami!" Noriko said, trying to make sure the small girl wasn't lying.

Ayami backed up, looking scared. "It wasn't. IT WASN'T ME!" She yelled. Suddenly there was a large pound from the ceiling. More knocks quickly followed. That was all it took to send Shiki into another barking frenzy.

"Wha... What!?" Mai asked fearfully. The furniture began to shake with each bang. Shiki was barking like a maniac and Ángelita's heart was beginning to pound.

"It wasn't me." Ángelita noticed the bookcase was beginning to shake especially violently. "I didn't do it!" Ayami yelled. The bookcase then tipped over, heading towards Ayami's aunt.

"Noriko-san!" Mai screamed.

"Sister!" Ayami yelled.

Mai covered her mouth in shock. Ángelita immediately ran in. Seeing that she was cutting it close, she slid over on her knees. She stopped in front of Noriko and just barely managed to catch the bookcase. She grunted at the impact and winced when some books fell on her. Mai screamed when the bookcase fell on her and Shiki kept barking. Ángelita struggled to try and push the bookcase up.

"Monk! Would you mind giving me a hand!?" Ángelita said with a grunt.

"Oh! Yeah! Sorry." Monk said before jogging over and helping her lift the bookcase.

The next day everyone was looking at the monitors, reviewing the footage from last night. Lin sat at the computers, handling all of the technology while everyone else crowded around him. Noriko wasn't injured last night, thankfully. Shiki had almost tackled Ángelita to the floor once she was out of harm's way, covering her face with licks and making sure she was alright. Shiki was sitting faithfully next to his mistress as she sat in another chair.

"You failed again" Monk said.

Ayako blushed. "Excuse me! I know I'm useless!" Ayako scoffed before walking off and out of the room. She was most likely going to change out of her priestess garb.

"I'm impressed you were able to catch that book case." Monk said, turning to Ángelita. "You're stronger than you look."

"I'm a veteran from the spanish army." Ángelita smirked before turning her head and pushing her hair out of the way. On the back of her neck were two small tattoos. The first one was the seal of the spanish army and the one underneath it was the coat of arms of Spain.

"Impressive." Monk smirked.

"You may leave now if you're scared." Naru said.

"I...I'm not scared." Mai said angrily, clenching her fist but Naru wasn't listening anymore.

"By the way, it almost seemed like the poltergeist was responding to Ayami-chan's shouting. Mai also mentioned that she saw a kid in the kitchen window." Monk said. "You think that Ayami-chan caused the poltergeist?"

"The auto-suggestion indicated that a human didn't cause the poltergeist. How sure are you about the results of the test?"

"One hundred percent." Naru said firmly.

"Is it possible the auto-suggestion failed?" Monk asked.

"No way."

"How can you say..."

"Naru," Lin spoke up. "The temperature is starting to decrease."

"LIn, the speaker." Lin immediately increased the audio and everyone could here loud rattling going on in the room.

"But there's no one in Ayami's room..!" Mai said in shock.

On the monitors, the room looked completely normal but it sounded like the the furniture was rattling or being thrown around. Only, the room looked completely fine.

"Wow..." Naru said, looking at the thermographic cameras with wide eyes.

"What it it?" Ángelita asked.

"The temperature...it's dropping very quickly...now it's below freezing." Mai looked at Naru in shock. "There's no way Ayami-chan is causing this. It's impossible for a human to do this..!"

Ángelita was zoning in and out as she sat at base. She had just finished playing fetch with Shiki for about an hour. The white German Shepherd was taking a nap at her feet. Lin was watching the monitors, Mai was up in Ayami's room with Noriko and the little girl, Naru was sitting in a chair, reading a book and Monk and Ayako were arguing about nothing.

Ángelita was running a hand through her black hair when her phone dinged. She had gotten a text. She saw it was from Takeshi, her party guy and booty call. She had met him when she walked into his club not long after arriving in Japan. She had just wanted a night of dancing and fun, maybe even a quick hook up. A woman has needs after all. She met him and found that he was funny, attractive and very fun. They had a one night stand and Ángelita didn't expect to run into him again but after returning to the club several times and decided to have a non exclusive 'friends with benefits' relationship. Basically, they were friends, who occasionally had sex and also slept with other people. No romantic feelings involved.

Takeshi: "Hey! How's your case going?"

Ángelita: "The activity is pretty spaced out but the furniture has moved and a fire started."

Takeshi: "Creepy! :-0 Well, go kick ghost butt!"

Ángelita: "Please, all I ever do it smoke, be snarky, sarcastic and occasionally provoke a ghost into attacking me. But I will. Have fun!"

Takeshi: "Oh I am having fun ;) She's a little upset that I'm texting you while we're doing it though."

She slapped a hand over her mouth and tried to smother her giggles. Part of her was wondering if he was serious but then she mentally slapped herself, he was rarely embarrassed and was actually most likely telling the truth. 'Jeez, he really has no shame. But at the same time that's kinda funny.' She thought to herself.

Ángelita: "LOL! Asshole!"

Later on when the sun was setting and Ángelita was sleeping on the floor next to Shiki. She was using the white dog as a pillow. She woke up when Mai was talking to Naru about something but she wasn't focusing on that. She was to busy wondering about her dream which was quite possibly one of the weirdest dreams she had ever had. She was in a courtroom because, apparently she was on trial for murder. She didn't know who she murdered, or at least she didn't remember from the dream. But the one thing that stood out to her was the fact that her mother was sitting behind her with the other spectators and she was making tamales for everyone in the court. The funniest part about the dream was that at the time, Ángelita didn't find it odd. Her mother was just cooking food while she was on trial for murdering someone.

"...Ayami-chan really said that?" Naru asked, catching Ángelita's attention.

"Yes...isn't that strange?" Mai asked while Naru assumed his thinking pose.

Later on, Noriko managed to bring Minnie. The doll had blonde curly hair, a red dress and green eyes.

"This is Minnie..." Noriko said, presenting Naru with the doll. "My brother gave it to Ayami as a gift right before we moved into this house."

"Did Ayami-chan change before or after that?" Naru asked.

"I believe it was after." Noriko said.

"GIVE IT BACK!" Ayami yelled, running up to Naru and trying to reach for Minnie. "GIVE MINNIE BACK TO ME! DON'T TOUCH HER!"

"Ayami-chan, I heard you can talk to Minnie?" Naru asked.

"NO ONE TOUCHES HER!" Ayami screamed before snatching Minnie out of Naru's hands and running off.

"Ayami!" Noriko called out but the little girl never looked back.

"Oh that was the 'Minnie' doll?" Monk asked. "I'm surprised that 'little one' let you borrow it."

"I took it after she fell asleep." Ángelita said. Mai had originally volunteered for the task but Ángelita did it anyway, she was a whole lot sneakier than the teenager anyways. The doll was in Ayami's room on the bed and there was a camera pointed at it.

"...That doll is spooky looking." Mai said.

"Well dolls were originally made to contain spirits. They were hollow and soulless on the inside so spirits could easily possess them." Monk said.

"Soulless and empty on the inside..." Ángelita mussed out loud. "You mean like Naru?"

Mai and Monk started laughing, Lin even managed a couple of snickers when Naru suddenly stood up from his chair, eyes wide.

"Naru? What..." Mai looked at the camera and gasped. Minnie was lying faced down on the bed. "...Minnie!?" Mai said. "...No way...It was just sitting..."

Ángelita glanced down at Shiki and sure enough, all of the fur running down his back was standing straight up as he looked at the ceiling, growling quietly. Everyone watched with wide eyes as the doll slowly began to slide down the bed. The head then slipped off and rolled off of the bed.

"There's no recording of it on the video...anywhere..." Lin said as he typed away. "No reading of movement on the other instruments either."

Monk then walked in and Mai turned to him. "Oh! Monk-san! What'd you find out?"

"...Nothing." Monk sighed. "Minnie's head wasn't off. It was just sitting there like nothing had happened."