One Piece: Dragon's Gate

Journal Entry #1

I've been learning to write... and I think it's important that I tell my story. I was born thirteen years ago... at least that's what the guards told me. My father was a pirate, a feared one, one that the World Government was so worried about that they imprisoned me... his son, before I was even born... They seem to be uncaring as to my age. But apparently not everyone here hates me, the guard out side my cell... or whatever this thing is... Endon... I think his name is... he speaks to me sometimes... even though I can't respond yet. Oh well... I wonder if I'll ever get out.

Journal Entry #2

Wow, it's been 15 years since I was born... time flies so quickly for me. I'm learning speech, albeit slowly. Endon is all too willing to help me learn. He's actually really kind to me... I guess that not all of the Marines are so bad. He's been stationed at my cell in a huge prison called Impel Down for about 4 years. The previous Head Jailer, Shiliew was the one who put Endon here. Apparently They wanted to move him after they arrested Shiliew, but they let him stay, I wonder how long he'll have this job.

Journal Entry #3

I'm 17 years old now, I haven't been writing frequently because I simply don't care any more. I'm well aware of my plight at this point, I've been imprisoned for my father's crimes, ones that, due to his death, he can't exactly serve his time for. So why not his unknown son, who never did anything? It's the perfect way to get whatever they want. Although... there is one good thing... my cell has a crack in its wall, and I can see some light through it.

Journal Entry #4

It... opened... 3 years after I wrote my last entry, I got to working on the wall, hammering away with my hands until they shattered. Luckily they seem to have healed alright. However, I spent a lot of time just trying to see through the cracks. It didn't work, but eventually I was able to see inside... it's really hard to explain in writing, but... I could see everything, but it wasn't through the hole, I don't understand it. For a moment, I was able to see Endon too, he seemed nice... I think. Anyway, I was so desperate to get in I unlocked some kind of hardening ability... I'm not very good with it... but it was enough to break a small hole through through the wall behind my bed.

Journal Entry #5

It's a library... obviously I've never seen one before... so this is quite an intriguing discovery... I didn't even know what it was called, but reading the things in there wasn't a challenge. My mother, from what Endon told me, taught me how to read when I was about 5, then when I turned 8, they took her away. I guess... I don't remember her. Well... at least my mother did something for me, unlike that no-good father of mine. At this point, I've been through about a third of the books in the room for about a month, all interesting stuff, some of it's about human and Fishman anatomy, some of it is about fighting techniques, some of it is about medicine and some is a genre called "fairy tales". I think the most interesting thing however, is this box in the corner of the room, I can't open it, and it needs some kind of key... I wonder where it is.

Journal Entry #6

I was reading through the last of the books in the library, and a key fell out from the hard covers of one titled: Hipa-Hipa no Mi. It was about a special fruit called a "Devil Fruit" that endowed the users with really odd abilities. As I read through the book more and more, it spoke about this really weird Devil Fruit called the Hyper-Hyper Fruit. It makes the consumer a "Hyper-Energy-Human" Whose body is capable of surpassing normal human limits, as well as some other strange abilities. I've almost finished reading it, and I think I'd rather get back to it.

Journal Entry #7

That Fruit! That Fruit in the book, it was in the box! It took me a while to figure out how to use the key, but as soon as I opened the box, I was overwhelmed with a smell so unlike anything I'd ever been exposed to before... it was so sweet, I couldn't help but eat it! Wow was it good! It burned my chest for a while, but now everything feels so... well... easy! I feel like I could break out of here if I wanted to, and to be honest, I do... I really do... I want to see my mom... I want to see the world. I won't tell Endon about this... I don't want him to get into trouble.

Journal Entry #8

Someone came to my cell today, his name was Admiral Kizaru, I've only ever seen Endon before with my weird ability, but Kizaru was enormous, he almost didn't fit in my cell. He didn't seem to notice the hole behind my bed... at least if he did, he didn't say anything. We talked for a few hours about many things. I accidentally spoke about the Devil Fruit, which surprised him. When he asked how I knew about them, I told him that Endon mentioned one in a conversation. That seemed acceptable to him, and he told me that there were a lot of Devil Fruits in the world. Even he had one, it was some kind of light based Devil Fruit. He told me it made him nearly invincible, and made him move at the speed of light. I don't know how fast that is... but he made it seem pretty fast. He asked me if I needed anything. It took me a while to answer, but I told him I wanted some science books. Before he left, he gave me a Wanted Poster of my father, Kizaru said I look a lot like him... he had a huge bounty. I didn't recognize the number, but he called it a "billion berries". That sounds like a lot.

Journal Entry #9

It took about 3 days but Kizaru got me my books. About 300 in total on modern science, even some about Devil Fruits and their abilities. I read through some of them, and mine was in there too. Apparently mine is a very unique specimen even among the anomalous Devil Fruits. Mine apparently can take 3 forms. One is the one form that I got... called a Paramecia Type. It's supposed to let me absorb and control the energy around me and inside me... I think it allows me to dictate what part of my body energy goes to. The second form, which the books list of users stated belonged to my father, is called a Logia, and allows the user to become pure energy. The final listed form is another Paramecia, this one allowing the user to do the same as the first form, but with something called dark energy.

Journal Entry #10

I'm 22 now... I've been practicing with my Devil Fruit for the past year and a half now, and I've basically figured it out. I've almost mastered the basic principles of the ability this Fruit gives me. I can partition energy into my limbs, giving them nearly limitless strength. On the downside, when I do so, my body has a hard time keeping it together in other areas. If I strengthen my arms, my legs get weak, and vice-versa. I think that this Fruit could be incredibly powerful, but I still need to learn more about using it myself.

Journal Entry #11

23 years old, and Endon told me in the next few days that he was getting moved to another post for a few months, as if he stayed any longer at the same post apparently he'd be forced to retire. Oh well. I suppose a third or fourth of a year without him won't kill me. I've figured out how to balance my energy so when I partition it to other parts of my body. If I separate the energy before I partition it to a limb, the rest of my body can adjust, thankfully. Also, I decided on a name, Yuri Kallen. I took my father's last name despite him and I never meeting as it fits me more than my mother's, Qon.

Journal Entry # 12

Something is happening.

I shook my head a few times. Is this really happening? The door to my cell... is open... this is my chance. I grabbed a few of the books I hadn't read and sprinted up the staircase to my cell's doorway. To my despair, the person I ran into was the last one I had ever expected. "Oh-ho! Hello there, young Kallen." Kizaru. "Going somewhere?" He asked. I looked around nervously, trying to find a place to run away. "Oh, don't worry... technically you've escaped our custody." He said.

Wait... what? "Escaped? But... I'm still in the prison." I said. He nodded. "True... but the perimeter Fleet Admiral Sengoku set for your... "captivity" only included the confines of that cell... you've officially escaped, and as you've yet to commit an actual crime... you're free." He said. "But... I do have to ask you one question." He said. I nodded. Endon had told me that Admirals like Kizaru are the strongest fighters in the Marines. Pirates as vicious as my father supposedly was had difficulty fighting them... so I had no choice but to do as he asked. "What are your plans... now that you're free?" He asked. I shrugged. "I... I want to see my mother... where is she?" I asked.

He thought for a moment. "Ohh... I believe she's taken residence on the Dragon's Steps Archipelago." He said. "Unfortunately, as you're a non-issue as of now to the Marines, I can't help you in any other way than that. Although I will offer you one more piece of advice." He said, turning on his heels. "That Devil Fruit of yours." He started, my gasp at his words almost overwhelming the rest of his statement. "I believe that if you heat the energy below you, you can jump on the top of the water... I don't know how you'd go about it though." He said.

He began walking away and almost rounded the corner before another thought crossed my mind. "Wait! What happened, why is my door open?" I asked. He looked at me for a moment, then tossed me a piece of folded paper. A wanted poster? I unfolded it. A smiling young man grinned back at me from the image. "Monkey D. Luffy. He broke in to the prison earlier today... I'd take care of him, but I've been ordered to wait." He said. He rounded the corner, and I followed, but when I got around it, he was gone. I looked down at the poster again. "Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy, huh? I need to meet this guy.

I did, and now I was on a ship with him, and we were on the way to get his brother. All of these events in such a short time had made it difficult to truly understand what was going on. He turned to me, his eyes locked firmly ahead. "So, why exactly were you in Impel Down?" He asked rather cheerfully. "Well... I was born there." I told him. He looked rather surprised. "That so? I wonder why they didn't let you out." He said. "So... you broke in... why?" I asked. "Well... they had my brother, so I came to get him. But they took him, so I'm going to get him again." He said. I nodded, turning to face the others that had come with him.

"So... whose are these freaks?" I asked. One of them, who looked and spoke in a very odd manned, laughed at my question. "This is just who I am, prisoner-boy!" He laughed. An odd response, even I think you look strange, and I've only ever seen a few people... you definitely stand out from the others on this ship. "So... Kallen, you said you were born here... how do you speak so well?" One of them asked. I looked at him. Tall, ugly suit, cigar, scars, hook hand. Wow... what a freak. "I can remember my mother's voice, when I got a bit older, I learned to emulate it. To form words the way she did." I said. He shrugged. "That's fine, I guess." He said.

Ugh, Luffy seems alright... but the others... are kind of weird. "So... Luffy... do you have a Devil Fruit?" I asked. He put his finger inside his mouth and pulled his cheek. To my surprise, his cheek stretched to an incredible distance. "Yep, I ate the Gomu-Gomu no Mi. Why? Do you have one?" He asked. "Uh-huh, I found one in a hole in the wall in my cell. Funny huh?" I said. "Wow, that's quite the fortune you must have, lucky... So... what's it do?" He asked. "Well... it allows me to strengthen parts of my body to their physical peak." He said.

The air around us shook violently, pulling us up onto a huge wave, and water below us began freezing over. "That means Whitebeard started, and Aokiji isn't holding back." The strange man said. "Ivan, can you blast the ship over the ice?" Luffy asked. "Leave it to me, Straw Hat-Boy!" He replied. I looked up at the sky. This morning, I woke up to the same walls that I have for the last 23 years. Now... I'm on a ship, headed to a war between pirates and the Marines... I can't help feel like I should take someone's side. But the Marines imprisoned me without cause, which is incredibly unfair.

So who exactly, is good, and who is evil here?