Moon-Man Chronicles 2: Electric Boogaloo

Prologue: The Fire Rises

Two figures flew from shadow to shadow, finding haven in the darkness of the city.

They moved swiftly, unnoticed, in the moonless night. They passed by empty streets and into the heart of the city itself, eventually finding the building they were looking for.

The two went around, finding the back entrance to the large construct. The first silhouette crouched down at the lock and began to work quietly. The accompanying statue of the night stood a few feet away, its splatter-blaster looking for any movement in the dim alley. Small fumbling and clicks could be ascertained from lock until, at last, the crude metal gave way, leading into an even greater void of light.

They slowed considerably, almost crawling inside the building. Night vision goggles released their telltale glow, but froze at every noise the building's inhabitants made.

It had been seven hours since the Inklings had been recalled for the day's events, and though many would be sleeping, these persons took no chances of being discovered. Every slow step was followed by a few heart beats of listening for any reaction. Finding none, they moved on throughout the building, eventually reaching the stairwell.

From there they lowered themselves, and went in a simple clearing formation, where one person would advance, as the other provided cover. However, it seemed as if the building was completely empty as they checked every hallway leading up towards the top.

They stopped on the seventh floor, and moved into the corridor finding their way to a room's entrance.

The first figure knelt down to replicate the initial lock pick, but as its hand touched the door, the pathway simply opened. Both figures noticed, and they brought their weapons to bear as they quietly pushed the gate open.

They entered the room, lit only by the devices attached to their faces. When they had cleared the entire space from any potential hostiles, they searched the contents of what use to be a compatriots home.

The second figure silently closed the entrance to the apartment as the first one talked in a hushed voice.

"Someone got here first…" the first figure said, while looking under the small mattress that lay in the corner of the room. Its position facing the window that viewed the so called 'Plaza' beneath.

The second figure watched as its twin thoroughly swept the entire room, checking every corner from ground to ceiling, looking for any possible hiding spots the resident might have left.

Finding nothing, the first figure moved into the restroom, then closet.

"So you think he bit it, or that he's on the lam?" the second asked, while it watched the first continue its search throughout the closet.

The first figure stopped as it checked the roof of the closet, sighing and responding, before continuing its search.

"I don't know. The water gun isn't here, which means if he's on the run, he's not defenseless."


"Or it means that whoever raided this place could have a lethal weapon. Who knows? We haven't heard from him in a month, anything could have happened. A-ha." The first figure said, apparently discovering something.

"What did you find?" the second asked, its curiosity peaked.

"I found his phone," the voice said, before letting out a 'tsk' noise, "of course it's locked."

The first figure simply pocketed the device, and headed out the door, its search complete.

"With any luck, Marauder actually finished his mission before he started to cull his kin."

The second closed the door, following its twin's fleeting shadow out of the building.

"Hopefully. Then we can burn this city down without him."