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A/N: My boys! Despite my abhorrence of sequels, I found I wasn't ready to let them go. This story is a sequel to Trouble, though it is a very different story. As always, if you have questions about what may or may not be coming, please feel free to contact me. I'm always open for discussion, especially if your comfort is at stake.


A spark of electricity traveled from the top of Edward's head all the way down to his tailbone at the simple command. He could have made a smart assed remark, but he'd been instructed not to speak. There would be consequences if he spoke, so he bit his tongue, determined to be obedient. He locked eyes with his Dom, his husband, holding his gaze as he began to take his clothes off. Socks. Shirt. Pants. Underwear. Until he was nude and vulnerable.

The whole time, Carlisle sat in his chair, legs crossed. His left hand was poised at his chin. He held a crop with his right hand, and as he watched Edward, he tapped it against his leg. The light thwack of leather against fabric sent shivers down Edward's spine. The whole time, Carlisle's eyes never left him. They were hungry eyes but cool. Controlled. Calculating.

"Kneel," Carlisle said, his tone steady.

Edward knelt on the plush carpet, moving into the familiar position: arms clasped behind him. He waited.

"Spread your legs."

Edward obeyed, spreading his knees wide, sitting tall.

Carlisle let him stew a full minute before he moved. He stood up and took measured steps toward him. Edward held his breath. Internally, his thoughts were racing. What would it be? Would he grab Edward by the hair, pull his head back and push his cock past his eager lips? Would he kneel in front of him? Tease him with fingertips that tickled, that brushed instead of grabbing, stroking, satisfying?

The thwack of the crop against Carlisle's leg-louder now that he was standing so close-made Edward jolt. A whole new flurry of possibilities sprang to mind, and his cock stiffened.

Carlisle chuckled. "Excited about something, pet?" he asked, running the tip around Edward's belly button, so close to where he wanted it, and yet so far.

Edward licked his lips and nodded. He bit his lip, swallowing a groan as the crop teased his skin. Carlisle moved the crop up the center of his torso and around, around, around each of his nipples.

So it was going to be slow, slow torture tonight then. Edward wanted to groan. He was already worked up. He wanted Carlisle to order him onto his hands and knees and for him to bring the crop down in a relentless rain. He wanted him to pull him up, bend him over the couch, and pound away.

He took a deep breath, swallowing down impatience, and let his Dom guide him.

Carlisle traced the shape of his collarbone before he propped the crop under Edward's chin. He pressed, and Edward tilted his head up, locking eyes with him. A sexy grin spread slowly across Carlisle's face, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he began to move again, stepping around him. Edward was careful to keep his head tilted up as he waited.

There was a rustle, and Edward started again when he felt the cool slip of fabric against his skin. He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at himself. His every nerve was aware, tingling with anticipation, but Carlisle was simply blindfolding him.

That done, Carlisle knelt behind him. The heat of his breath against his neck made Edward's skin tingle. How desperately he wanted to lean back, to feel his Dom's body against his. But he waited.

Carlisle positioned his arms so rather than clasping his hands at opposite wrists, they lay one on top of another. It took Edward a minute to recognize Carlisle was using a binder-a leather number used to keep his arms almost entirely immobile. The stretch bordered on the edge of too much, and Edward fell deeper into subspace, relaxing his body, turning off thought to concentrate on the feel of it.

With a soft grunt, Carlisle stood again. The heat of his breath, his body left Edward's skin too cool. He shivered.

There was no warning before Edward felt the sting of the crop flicking his nipple. "Agh!" he cried, more out of surprise than any terrible amount of pain, but he hadn't even caught his breath before Carlisle flicked the other nipple. Edward sucked in a sharp breath.

Edward whimpered when Carlisle returned to teasing him. He ran the crop along Edward's belly again, still not dipping low enough to touch his already aching cock. Again, he circled his belly button, and then-

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Edward jumped as Carlisle rained a trio of smacks to the sensitive skin of his stomach. He flinched backward but righted himself quickly, eager for more.

Carlisle moved around to his back and traced patterns along the wide expanse of skin. Edward did his best to keep still, but he wanted to squirm. After minutes, he opened his mouth to beg and caught himself just in time. Instead of speaking, he made a strangled noise at the back of his throat.

"You have something to say, little boy?" Carlisle asked, caressing the crack of Edward's ass with a gentle pressure.

Edward shook his head and closed his mouth.

Carlisle ran his fingers through Edward's hair. "Such a good boy." And with those words, he brought the crop down on Edward's back five times in quick succession. Then he dragged it to his upper back and repeated those swats. Then again to the top curve of each of his ass cheeks.

As Edward caught his breath, Carlisle knelt behind him. As he scooted closer, Edward was thrilled to find he'd lost the pants somewhere along the line. Edward gasped as he was yanked roughly backward so his upper back was against his Dom's chest. With his legs spread wide, he was exposed. His cock rested against his stomach.

Carlisle brushed his lips against Edward's cheek and pressed his mouth to his ear. "Do you know how beautiful you are, pet?" As he spoke, he drew the head of the crop along the inside of Edward's right leg. "I love you like this. You can't hide from me, can you?" He ran the crop along the inside of his left leg, teasing the spot where leg met torso without brushing his cock or balls. "You're mine," he rumbled against Edward's ear. "Do you know that? Mine to do with what I will."

Edward mewled and then gasped as Carlisle smacked the crop against his inner leg, close to his knee. This time, he didn't stop at three or five strokes. No. This time, he was relentless. Without fail and without mercy, the sting of the crop traced a methodical line of fire up one thigh, then down the other. Edward tilted his head back, his cheek brushing Carlisle's, and cried out with wordless yells. "Ah. Ah. Ah!"

Carlisle stroked his free hand along Edward's belly and kissed the side of his mouth. Finally, finally, he touched the head of the crop to Edward's balls. Edward groaned shamelessly as he traced the leather tip over and around them, and then along the line of his shaft. "You like that, hmm?" Carlisle said, his voice low and hot against his ear.

Edward nodded.

"And this?" He slapped the crop against Edward's balls, not as hard as he had his thighs by a long shot, but hard enough.

Edward's whole body jerked. He pressed his lips together, muffling a moan, but he nodded.

Again, Carlisle was relentless. He covered Edward's balls and his cock with small but unforgiving smacks until Edward's chest was heaving with the strength of his breaths. He whined and moaned and writhed. Carlisle kept him anchored and steady, unable to escape this glorious torment.

By the time he stopped, they were both breathless. Carlisle took his earlobe in his mouth and nibbled, sucked, tugged roughly. He had both his hands on Edward now, rolling his nipples between his fingers. "I'm going to take you, little boy," he said, his voice a gravelly growl now. "I'm going to fuck you into the floor."

With that, Edward found himself being propelled forward. Before he knew it, his chest was on the ground, his head turned to the side and his ass in the air. He heard the snap of the lube bottle, and his Dom's fingers at his asshole. He cried out more with relief than anything as Carlisle slid home inside him. He fucked him hard and fast, his hand spread wide on Edward's back, the other at his hips to steady himself.

Minutes later, Carlisle had managed to find enough energy to undo Edward's binds. The moment he was free, his Dom groaned and flopped over. Edward took off the blindfold to find a sight that took his breath away. Carlisle lay on the carpet on his back, an arm thrown over his eyes. His skin was flushed and damp.

Grinning, Edward lay down with him, resting his head on Carlisle's shoulder. His husband sighed and wrapped an arm around him. He kissed the top of his hair. "Are you okay, baby?"

Edward had to laugh. "More than okay, daddy."


Carlisle didn't seem to be in any rush. Edward allowed himself the moment to bask. He was so sated, so fucking happy, sometimes he could hardly stand himself. He turned his head, hiding an obnoxious grin against Carlisle's neck.

Five years. He'd been with this wonderful man for five years, and they were impressively happy. Of course, they'd had their share of struggles. They'd fought and learned. They'd grown together, stronger with each challenge they faced. Their careers were going well.

Not for the first time, Edward wondered if life could get any better.

Lately, that line of thought had gotten more dangerous.

As though he sensed the shift in Edward's previously blissed-out thoughts, Carlisle began to stroke his fingers along his arm. "What is it?"

Edward huffed. "How do you do that?"

Carlisle wiggled a bit so they were face to face. His look and touch was tender as he stroked his fingers along Edward's cheek and chin. "You think I don't know you by now?" He kissed Edward, a soft kiss full of all his love. "Tell me what's wrong, honey."

"Nothing's wrong." When Carlisle tilted his head, challenging the statement without a word, Edward's lips twitched up in a smile. "Really. Nothing's wrong. It's just, I was thinking…"

His heart began to beat a nervous tattoo. Carlisle put his free hand to his chest, his brows furrowed as he felt it. "Tell me," he said again.

"We haven't really talked about it." It had been way too much to think about when Edward was holding down a residency. "But… Um. Do you…" Edward blew out a huff of breath, telling himself to get a grip. "Do you want kids?"

Carlisle sucked in a sharp breath. For one or two of the most tense seconds on the planet, his eyes went wide and his body rigid.

"I mean. We-" Edward started, but he was cut off when Carlisle kissed him. Hard.

"Yes," he said, the word filled with joy and excitement. He kissed him again and again until they were breathless. "Yes. Yes."

Edward kissed him back. He giggled-giddy with relief and shock and oh my god, was he going to be a daddy? He rolled over, straddling Carlisle, kissing him and kissing him and breaking with a gasp. He leaned over him, hands on either side of his head, panting. "Are we really going to do this?"

Carlisle's smile was blinding. He stroked Edward's cheek. "You want to make us a family? Yes. Yes, I'm very much for that idea."

Edward collapsed on him, kissing him, tangling up in his embrace. "I love you," he said.

"I love you," Carlisle said pulling him closer. "So much. So, so much."

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