Blaine couldn't help but wonder about the youngest Durin prince. While the dwarves were tramping around laughing and having a merry time, the young

Durin prince sat in the corner, and Kili didn't smile.

Blaine found it unnerving how his lips were always pulled in a frown. She wondered why he wasn't singing that awful song, and tossing crockery with the

other dwarves. They laughed at her, but Kili didn't smile.

When Blaine was lifted onto her horse by the Durin princes, she tried to look as ridiculous and uncomfortable as possible. Fili roared with laughter, the others

chuckled and chortled, but Kili didn't smile.

By god, Thorin smiled more than the prince did, and she saw Thorin smile only once. Oh, she was going to make Kili smile if it was going to be the death of

her, and that may be the case. Kili didn't smile

At Rivendell Blaine had enough. She asked Fili what was wrong with his dear little brother. He told a horrible story of the young prince's lost lover, and she

finally understood why poor Kili didn't smile.

Blaine stopped trying to make him smile with jokes. Instead she turned to kind gestures, making sure he had enough to eat, helping him make arrows, things

like that. She got Thank you's, but Kili didn't smile.

As Blaine tried to sleep, she heard a cry. Poor Kili was having nightmare, mumbling his lover's name, tears running down his face. When he woke, he

wouldn't look at anyone, and Kili especially didn't smile.

Blaine dropped all attempts of trying to get him to smile at Beorn's. The lad told her he knew Fili told her the story, and he knew what the dear little hobbit

was trying to do. He thanked Blaine. But Kili didn't smile.

Kili grew worse in the Mirkwood dungeons. Fili had fallen hopelessly in love with the elf guard, Tauriel, and Kili had a front row seat. The prince had claimed

he was happy for his brother, but Kili didn't smile.

It didn't help when Thorin made Kili stay in lake town, instead of going to the mountain, due to the wound to his leg. Kili thought it was a joke, albeit a cruel

one, but Thorin didn't smile, so Kili didn't smile.

Blaine found Kili after The Battle Of The Five Armies. She called out to her lover and his nephew, who escaped by the skins of their teeth. Kili wasn't so lucky,

Blaine didn't blame him when Kili didn't smile.

As Kili took his last few breaths, barely clinging to life, he whispered 'I love you all, don't worry about me, I'll be with her soon.' His brown eyes stared up at

the sky, and Kili's lips pulled up into a smile.

Blaine sobbed, Thorin held her tight, and Fili kissed his dead brother's forehead. Blaine might not remember everything that happened that day, but she

knew she would never ever forget Kili's smile.

She also knew as her little brown haired, brown eyed, dwobbit boy, ran around erebor, causing mischief and playing pranks with his cousin, Fili. That she will

never forget Kili either.