Marina stepped into the bar. It was four o'clock but she wanted a drink. She took a seat at the bar. The bartender turned. It was DW but covered in makeup and tattoos. Marina hadn't seen her since high school. It was a bit of a shock. DW laughed. She got that look all the time. Besides she had a job to do.

"So, what can I get you? I can make just about anything as long as you show me your ID first," she said. Marina ordered a vodka drink. She flashed her ID. DW nodded, "Well, Marina, I'll get that drink for you. I just want to know one thing though: Why are you drinking in the middle of the afternoon? I thought you were really happy."

"I am," Marina said flatly, "People can drink whenever they want when they get old enough. Besides, I had a long day at work. I've been working with James' fourth graders, and he just seems to ignore me when they're around. All I wanted to know was when he was leaving so I could lock up. I finally just left. Hopefully none of my supplies will be missing tomorrow."

"You must be talking about James MacDonald. Boy he turned into a mess," DW sighed. "I dated him in high school before he got all focused and whatnot. He was into comics and movies. He even went to carnivals with me. It was pretty fun dating him, at least until he joined that teaching program. They started this thing with my class that you could go to college at the same time as high school. He went into education and took some special needs class. After that, I had to dump him. All he could talk about were those poor children and how he could help them. I take you work with him?"

Marina nodded, "We work at Elwood City School for the Blind together. I teach fifth grade and he does fourth, but I've been talking with some of his students lately. He's so focused, so driven. I like it, but what if I want to have a normal, human conversation? I just can't talk to him at all," she sighed. She downed her drink in one gulp. DW looked at her, "Whoa, I know he's a bit of a handful but not enough to down a whole drink like that. Slow down."

Marina shook her head, "It is enough. I like him but I can't be with him. This is ridiculous. Why did I have to fall for the guy who was so in love with his job? What am I going to do? Make me another one of these," Marina demanded. DW refused, "Sorry, but I know you're one of my brother's friends, and I make it a point to help them, not help them hurt themselves. Getting drunk isn't going to solve your problem. I think you should call Prunella."

Marina was confused, "Prunella? But she's one of those quack psycho people now. I cut ties with her as soon as she and her mom got into all that foolishness full-time. Rubella's the only sane one now," Marina said. DW laughed, "Wow, Rubella didn't go into their home business? Who would've thought? Well, Prunella does some pretty good love potions. I didn't believe in them either, then Emily got one. Now she's married to the guy. He's a hot Puerto Rican in a band," DW beamed.

"Emily got a love potion and it worked?" Marina asked. DW nodded, "Yep, and Prunella predicted they'd have five kids together. She's pregnant with twins now."

Marina was concerned. She was tipsy but knew better. Love potions weren't real. All of the mumbo-jumbo that Prunella loved wasn't real. It was why their friendship ended.

But Emily trusted her. DW must've trusted her too. Maybe Prunella was doing something right. Marina would just have to see.