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Leopardkit woke up. Her father was there, standing guard. Ever since she was born, Leopardkit wanted to go beyond the territory. Leopardpath, her mother, had now returned from the fresh-kill pile. Leopardkit mewed, "When will I visit the others?"

"When you're old enough." Her father answered.

"Let me prove it!" Then, Leopardkit perfectly did beginner apprentice moves. Both parents were shocked. "I practiced."Leopardkit meowed.

"Looks like it's time for your apprentice ceremony." Blackstar said.

"Let all those old enough to catch their own prey join me for a clan meeting!"Blackstar called as begun every other clan meeting before. They all gathered, and soon everyone was there. "Today, we shall begin the training of new apprentices. Come forward, new apprentices." he said. Leopardkit obeyed. Next to her, Tigerkit was trying to tackle Hawkkit, Raggedkit, and Brokenkit. Brokenkit, Hawkkit, Raggedkit, and Tigerkit all got mentors. Now Leopardkit wondered who her mentor would be. "I shall be your mentor, Leopardpaw." Now, all of them were apprentices! How exciting!

Leopard woke up and yawned. Why couldn't she just sleep all night? "Gathering tonight."Blackstar said,"You coming with us, along with the other apprentices."

Leopardpaw couldn't believe it! A gathering!

As they began to walk to the island, Leopardpaw took notice of a ThunderClan cat. She followed him.

Finally, Leopardpaw leaped over the bridge to the island, landing on the ThunderClan cat she had followed.

"Hi."Leopardpaw began, "Are you a new apprentice?"

"Yeah. I'm Foxpaw, by the way. I come from ThunderClan."

"I figured that out easy. I know ThunderClan scent."

"So, you want to here at new moon?"

"Yeah, we'll talk then."

"Quiet you two!"Tigerpaw hissed, "The gathering's going to start."

"WindClan has little to report. Prey is good this moon, and we have many new apprentices and kits. WindClan is growing strong. "said Onestar.

"We, RiverClan, also have little to report. We are also growing strong. Many apprentices and new warriors since the last gathering." Mistystar said.

"ThunderClan has a new apprentice, Foxpaw. His parents are unknown. We just found him on the border one leaf-bare day. Other than ShadowClan almost crossing our border, little to report." Bramblestar said.

"ShadowClan didn't mean to cross the border. Sometimes our kits get carried away with their adventures! Anyway, many new apprentices have joined us tonight to the gathering. I am mentoring Leopardpaw, which I am proud to announce that her hunting acessment is tomorrow. Still, little to report." Blackstar said.

"That's my father."Leopardpaw told Foxpaw.

Soon, the gathering ended. If only Foxpaw was in ShadowClan! Then maybe Leopardpaw could have a chance.