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Raven sat on her bed tapping her leg impatiently. She couldn't sleep. She just couldn't. she didn't know why, she should be tired. After fighting Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Control freak. Not to mention the whole fiasco with Terra happened just 3 weeks ago. But no matter how hard she tried sleep would not come. So now she just had to wait. She stared at the alarm clock on her nightstand, it was 3am. She sighed as she felt a headache coming on. Finally she got up to go make herself some herbal tea. She was clad in a black Spaghetti strap tank top and her purple underwear. her hair was haphazardly pulled back and she was barefoot, the chipped nail polish Starfire painted on her toes exposed. She would normally never dream of going out like this but, she figured no one was awake anyway and she didn't feel like changing. As she neared the common room she jumped at the sound of breaking through the crack in the door she found a figure hunched over the table several bottles scattered everywhere.

"what the-" Raven paused and stared.

"Beast boy?"

"hey what are you doin here?" Beast boy slurred his words.

"Beast boy! Are you drunk!" Raven gasped.

"hey I know…..why you came…..down here. Dressed like that….you came to see me." He smirked and stood up.

His uniform was wrinkled which matched his ruffled hair. He was slightly hunched over and he stumbled around.

"Beast boy! What are you doing?!" Raven stared at him angrily.

"Hey now no…..need to….yell mama."Beast boy grinned and started walking towards her.

"Stop Beast boy!""Raven went to back up.

Beastboy roughly grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

"Beast boy!"
"Why are you doing this! Your underage!" Raven yanked out of his grasp and pushed him down on the chair.

"""Beast boy said reaching for a bottle but Raven slapped his hand.

"Beast boy whats wrong? You can tell me."

Beast boy's eyes became sad.
"I always believed I was worthless. Terra made me feel like I was finally loved or wanted not just that I can help them save lives. Then she went and broke my heart like that, and you."

Beast boy stared at her with cruel eyes.

"me? What did I do? Raven said confused.

"You don't know? Every day you insult me. And bring me down, and yet I still love you." Beast boy laughed humorlessly.

"Love me?" Raven stared at him incredulously

"Beast boy slowly got up and moved towards Raven until they were faces were only centimeters apart. Raven could smell the alcohol on Beast boys breath. He slowly moved in and softly kissed her.

"Raven stood frozen in shock with her eyes wide. Beastboy smirked and walked to the door calling behind his shoulder.

"if you want some more you can come to my room."

The next morning Cyborg came downstairs to find Raven still standing in the kitchen.
"Aw come on Rae put some pants on!"

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