Haruhi woke up the next morning, not wanting to go to school and face all the questions of the other host members, so she went to her phone and texted Kyoya to tell him that she wasn't coming to school today and it was Friday too and she said that she will explain everything to him and the others on Monday.

After that she decided to go in to the shower and then get dressed, after she was dressed she then ventured downstairs to the kitchen, thinking there she would find Shigure but when she got to the kitchen, there was another girl there making breakfast

"who are you" asked haruhi

" oh you must be haruhi I'm Tohru Honda its nice to meet you" said tohru

"its nice to meet you too tohru" said haruhi

"are you part of the zodiac too haruhi" asked tohru

" how do you know about the zodiac tohru" asked haruhi

" I tripped in my room on the carpet and bumped in to kyo and he changed in to his cat form then I got dizzy and started falling and Yuki and Shigure tried to catch me and they changed too after I landed on them and then Shigure told me about the family curse" said tohru ( imagine episodes 1 & 2 of fruits basket)

" I see and yes I am part of the zodiac as well but I am an outcast like kyo do you want some help with breakfast" asked haruhi

" sure I would love some help, I don't know what kyo likes for breakfast and normally he just drinks milk from the fridge I know what Shigure and yuki like but not kyo" said tohru

" I'll tell you what I will makes kyo's and you can make ours is that a fair deal" said haruhi

" yes that would be most helpful thank you haruhi, so are you a cousin of Shigure and the others haruhi" said tohru

" well I am yuki and the others cousin, but not Shigure's since he is my older brother" said haruhi

"are you done with kyo's breakfast because I am done with ours" said tohru

"yeah I'm done" said haruhi

They leave the kitchen and go in to the dining room

" my dear flower what lovely food have you cooked for us today" said Shigure

"Shigure nii behave and stop acting like a pervert" said haruhi

" oh good morning my dear sister are you feeling better now and I take it you have met tohru" said Shigure

"yes I did and I think she is a lovely girl, so where are yuki and kyo" said haruhi

" don't call me stupid!" yelled kyo

" then don't act stupid, stupid" said yuki

"I'm gonna wipe that smirk of your face rat boy" yelled kyo

" as if you could, good morning miss Honda, haruhi are you feeling better now" said yuki

"I am feeling much better yuki, kyo come and have breakfast with us" said haruhi

" thanks but how did tohru know what I like and don't like I never told her" said kyo

"I made yours and tohru made everyone else's don't you guys have school today" said haruhi

" no it is vacation time for us until the new semester starts" said yuki

The phone rings and Shigure goes to answer it and after a while he comes back in to the dining room

"who was on the phone Shigure nii" said haruhi

" that was Hatori, he wanted to tell me that as of next week, yuki, kyo, tohru, kisa, hiro, momiji, hatsuharu and kagura will be going with you to ouran academy, kisa and hiro will be in the elementary part of the school, momiji and hatsuharu will be in the middle school part, while you, yuki, kyo, tohru and kagura will be in the high school section and since you haruhi already have a scholarship there akito told the chairman of the school your real last name and the chairman has said that you can keep the scholarship and has also has given tohru a scholarship to go to the school as well, but the tuition has been paid by akito for the both of you." said Shigure

" I see, well there are a few things that I should tell you guys about" said haruhi

"what are they haruhi" said yuki, kyo and tohru

" well most of the school thinks I am a boy apart from 6 people and they are my club mates and friends" said haruhi

" what club is it haruhi" said Shigure

" it's a host club, and before you say anything the club is there to entertain young ladies who have too much time on their hands and before I tell you my friends names you should know that they are all boys" said haruhi

" so you're the only girl in a club with 6 boys" said kyo and tohru

" how did you end up in a club like that haruhi" said yuki

" well It was my first day of school and I was looking for some where to study since all the libraries where full and I stumbled on to the third music room that is where the club is and I accidentally broke an 8 million yen vase" said haruhi

" oh I forgot to tell you as well haruhi, Hatori said that akito has paid of your debt to the host club but you are to act like you are still paying it off even though it is gone, so what are your friends names haruhi" said Shigure

" well you have the chairman of the school's son tamaki souh and he is the president of the club and is the princely type, before I continue you should know that the club has different types for each member of the club, next you have kyoya ooteri who is the vice - president and he is the cool type, next you have the hitachin twins and they are the little devil type and there names are hikaru and kaoru, then you have mitzukuni haniazuka or huni for short and he is the boy- Lolita type then you have takashi morinazuka or mori for short and he is mitzukuni cousin and he is the wild type and I am the last member of the club and I am the natural type." said haruhi

" what do the school uniforms look like haruhi" said tohru

" well for kisa hers is pink and white, hiro's is dark green they are the elementary school colours, for momiji and haru their uniforms are white and yellow with black trousers for the middle school boys, for the high school girls uniform is yellow with a red bow and the boys is a light blue colour with black pants Shigure nii can I borrow your computer" said haruhi

"sure haruhi" said Shigure

Haruhi shows them what the uniforms look like

" well I would prefer to wear the boys uniform to the girls, but since I have to wear the girls uniform I will" said tohru

"we agree the boys uniform for the high school is better than the girls" said yuki, kyo and Shigure

"did Hatori say anything else on the phone Shigure nii" said haruhi

"the only thing he said that he would be picking you up for school on Monday for school" said Shigure

The rest of the weekend went ok, yuki and the others received there school uniforms, tohru told her friends that she and the somha's was moving schools and they were happy for her and that they would still visit her at Shigure's house, haruhi and the others agreed that they would all meet up for lunch time in the school gardens, Monday morning outside ouran's school gates, before haruhi showed everyone where they needed to go.

" I will pick everyone up after school except you haruhi since you have your club and akito said that he needed to speak to you about something after you have finished you club so I will pick you up after you have finished" said Hatori

" ok Hatori, do all the teachers know that if anything happens in hatsuharu class that they can call for me or any of the others to come and deal with him and that if any of the younger ones need me to call me as well because you know how kisa is around new people" said haruhi

"yeah they do they were told when we rang up to transfer yuki and the others here haruhi" said Hatori

Then Hatori leaves and haruhi shows the others where to go for their classes, halfway through the morning haruhi's and the other Sohmas, the twins class teacher gets a phone call

" haruhi you are needed in your cousin's class that was just the teacher of their class" said the teacher

" which classroom is it miss is it the middle school or the elementary school classrooms where I am needed" said haruhi

" the middle school classroom haruhi" said the teacher

" I see is it ok if my cousin yuki comes with me miss" said haruhi

" its ok he can go too" said the teacher

Haruhi and yuki leave and tell tohru and kyo and kagura that they will meet them for lunch in the garden haruhi and yuki go in to the middle school classroom and see that the problem is hatsuharu.

"Quit shoutin' like you're king of the friggin' world. You're makin' my ears bleed, you bastard. Now, I've got some common sense for you! If I wore a tie it wouldn't change who I am, if I had no piercings it wouldn't mean I'm nice, and if my hair was black it wouldn't stop me from kicking your ass. WHO do you think you are, anyway? Do you think you're God, huh?" yelled black haru

" thank god you are here haruhi I don't know what to do about him" the middle school teacher said

" is it ok if I take my cousins hatsuharu and momiji with me that way you get to keep your classroom from being destroyed any further" said haruhi

"yes that is ok haruhi" said the middle school teacher

" yuki get hatsuharu please, come on momiji you are coming with me and yuki" said haruhi

Haruhi, momiji, yuki and hatsuharu leave the classroom

" why did you take me out of the classroom for haruhi!" yelled black haru

" because if you stayed in that classroom you could have revealed the family secret to the whole class that is why I removed you and don't yell at me hatsuharu, yuki take hatsuharu to the gym to cool off he can practice his martial arts while he is there as well if you need to find me yuki I'll be in the third music room with momiji." said haruhi

" ok haruhi, come on haru" said yuki and he and hatsuharu leave to go to the gym

" so what happened in the classroom momiji" said haruhi walking towards the third music room

" one of the guys in the classroom was making fun of haru hair and asked why he wasn't wearing a tie and then haru turned in to black haru I tried to calm him down but it didn't work" cried momiji

" hey its ok come on lets go and get you some tea momiji " said haruhi

They go to the third music room and takashi and mitzukuni are there and mitzukuni is asleep on his sofa that is in the room clutching usu-chan

" sorry mori senpai but something happened in my cousin momiji and hatsuharu class and momiji got upset and I though to fetch him here for some tea I hope that is ok" said haruhi

" that's ok, its nice to meet you momiji, I am takashi morinazuka or mori for short just as your cousin has said" said takashi

" its nice to meet you mori senpai may I ask what his name is the one on the sofa" said momiji

" his name is mitzukuni haniazuka or huni for short momiji and that stuffed animal teddy is called usa chan he has it every where with him" said haruhi

Haruhi gives momiji and drink and then the bell rings to signal lunch time and haruhi and momiji leave to go and sit with kyo and the others for lunch including haru and yuki and then the rest of the day well and now it is the end of school and at the host club there are no customers since there is a meeting

"how is your cousin momiji feeling now haruhi" said takashi

" oh he's fine now just was a little shaken up earlier about what happened but he will be fine" said haruhi

" that's good" said takashi

" hey haruhi are you ok you seem scared about something" said the twins

"oh I have to go to my families main house later and it just brings back bad memories I haven't been there since before I went to stay with Ranka" said haruhi

" why do you have to go to your families main house haruhi" said tamaki

" because the head of the family wants to see me" said haruhi

" well you better leave early we will discuss what we were going to say tomorrow" said tamaki

"thank you tamaki senpai" said haruhi and she leaves

" tama chan what were we going to tell haru chan" said mitzukuni

" I was thinking that it would be best if we tell here that we are part of the forbidden zodiac and then if she wants to leave she is free to do so" said tamaki

" but what if she doesn't accept us for who we are tono then what" said twins

"she will because I think she is also hiding a secret that she doesn't want us to know" said takashi

" how do you know that takashi" said mitzukuni

"because I can feel it" said takashi

" lets go home everyone" said kyoya

They go home

At the Sohma main house in akito room

"you wanted to see me akito sama" said haruhi

"haruhi, I called you here because in a few days time I will leave this world and go on to the next and I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for all the things I have done to you, you should know that I am also a member of the zodiac as well but I am like you a forbidden member I am the bear, you see the cat, wolf and bear were best friends as well as all of the other forbidden members of the zodiac, the other forbidden members went on to create families of there own these families are the hitachin, souh, morinazuka, haninazuka and ooteri, the morinazuka forbidden member zodiac for is the leopard, the haninazuka forbidden member of the zodiac is a rabbit, souh is the lion, hitachin Is the cheetah and the ooteri is the bat, I am telling you this because a forbidden member of the zodiac has always been the head of the Sohma family for generations and you are the next head of the family" said akito

" there are the last names of my friends in the host club" said haruhi

"I know this is why I am telling you this information, they probably think that you are just an ordinary girl with the name sohma and aren't part of the zodiac, the hitachin twins that are in your club, they are both the cheetah, they are cheetah cubs, they have probably have noticed that you are the only one that can tell them apart that is because you as the wolf are their protector, the same way the morinazuka family is to the haniazuka family, also you should know the leopard and the wolf were lovers and they are still to this day that is why every time you call the morinazuka eldest son is more protective of you than any of the other members even though they protect the haniazuka family, you have permission to tell you friend about who you really are Haruhi also you will feel when i leave this world to go onto the next please protect the family and tell tohru that i am sorry for the harm i caused her i was jealous that yuki and the others like her better than me." said akito

" i will tell her and thank you akito sama" said haruhi

The few days later in the host club there is no customers in the host club and haruhi went to make sure that all of her cousins got to Hatori's car

In the clubroom

"were bored" said the twins

" stop your whining" said tamaki

" I don't mind if you talk but you mind keeping it down huni senpai is sleeping" said kyoya

Haruhi comes though the clubroom doors about 10 minutes later mitzukuni wakes up

"haruhi where were you" said kyoya

"yeah where were you" said tamaki and the twins

"em I was seeing my cousin's to the car why" said haruhi

" well do you know about the zodiac and did you there were more than 12 animals that were supposed to be at the banquet" said the twins

" in total there were supposed to be 19 animals all to get but when the rat tricked the cat, the other 7 animals which were another rabbit, leopard, lion, wolf, bear, cheetah and bat decided to miss the banquet and be with there friend the cat instead and these animal became the forbidden members of the zodiac" said mitzukuni

"the leopard, bat, lion, cheetah and rabbit went on to create families of there own" said the twins

" the leopard became the morinazuka family and is to this day the lover of the wolf from the forbidden zodiac" said takashi

" the other rabbit became the Haniazuka family" said mitzukuni

" the lion became the souh family" said tamaki

" the cheetah became the hitachin family" said the twins

" the bat became the ooteri family" said kyoya

" we don't know what became of the wolf or the bear of the zodiac we don't know if they went to make families of there own or what" said tamaki

" each one of our families has been living with a curse for generations and if we are too stressed or hug a member of the opposite sex we transform in to the animals of the forbidden zodiac" said kyoya

" we understand if you want to leave the club haruhi" said tamaki and the others

" laughs" said haruhi

"why are you laughing we just told you something important about our families" said tamaki and the others

" To answer you question about do I know about the zodiac, yes I do and second I am not leaving the club, third I don't care if you change I accept you guys for who you are and lastly I know what happened to the bear and the wolf of the zodiac" said Haruhi

" how do you know what happened to the bear and the wolf of the zodiac" said tamaki

" my family each and everyone of us knows what it is like for you guys, but you guys have it easy, you can be hugged and loved by your parents, we sohma's can't we either get accepted by our parents and they are overprotective or we are rejected by them" said Haruhi

" how does your family know about the bear and the wolf of the zodiac" said Tamaki

" we sohma's are part of the zodiac too, the head of the family is the bear zodiac" said Haruhi

"oh I see" said Tamaki and the others