The New Avatar


Naruto x?

Author's Note

This story is based off a bit of study I was doing. And trope study. Harmless Freezing is a highly unrealistic trope used when characters are frozen by superpower or weapons turning them into humanoid Popsicle. Then shortly after, they thaw out, and they are mostly unharmed. Sure, they might shiver a bit, but they have absolutely no problems with hypothermia, frostbite, shock, or, with the covered in ice version, suffocation. After all, microwaving frozen food works! And there's all this buzz about ''Cryogenics'' (Not always used correctly as well.) which must mean that you can freeze and thaw people out with no problem.

Contrary to what people believe I know large harems and other such things aren't realistic or easy to do. I hand wave some minor things from time to time and things I haven't yet I will expand upon, if you can't wait and be patient for those explanations then I can't help you.

Anyway back to what I was saying. If the character's body itself is frozen, the situation is even more unrealistic. Unless you take special precautions when you freeze organic tissue, applied phlebotinum being involved and all, ice crystals will in a realistic matter form and rip apart the cell membranes. When it thaws out, all of the soft tissue turns into mush. There are ways of minimizing ice damage to frozen organic tissue (usually by injecting it with special chemicals), though whether it will be of any help to future scientists that try to revive the person is a matter of debate as any chemical that could be used would be extremely toxic.

Even if you avoid the ice crystals, there's the matter of having parts of your body at different states. Freezing is usually portrayed as instantaneous, but thawing is generally done more slowly. This would kill you. Imagine having your extremities full of oxygen-starved blood while your heart is still frozen. Not pretty.

Every other story has Naruto as some other Avatar, in his world while transplanting Avatar info. (Avatar reincarnation cycle in Naruto's world, no matter the story and I've seen just about all of them, really doesn't make any fucking sense. It's just avatar but replacing avatar with Naruto characters.) So I decided to do something new and unusual. Word of God telling us there is a herd of surviving Air Bison makes this all the easier. So expect some weird and unlikely shit for this fic. Here is how Kyuubi16 would do an Avatar story.

Story Start

Legend of the New Avatar
For as far as anyone can remember there has been an Avatar,
Master of the Four Bending Disciples,
Jie Shui Shen Gong-The Divine Ability to Halt Water,
Yun Tu Shu-Ability to Move Earth,
Zhi Huo Shu-Ability to Manipulate Fire,
And Jie Qi Shen Gong-Divine Ability to Halt Air.

This was just one of many powers that developed through the realms.





Many realms with many possibilities with countless heroes.

And for many years the realms remained separate.

Until Now.

In another world a terrible being ravaged the earth until it was stopped by two brothers.

One of the brothers would later father two sons to carry on his legacy,

Burdens, rifts, and wars soon plagued the descendants of the two brothers,
Countries and people were lost and a terrible war nearly consumed the world,

For the word Shinobi would soon find peace.

Peace often being nothing more than a dream for many realms was proven in one that it is indeed a possibility.

And Air.
A single being from that world holds the hope of a new age of peace,
Taking on the memories of those he left behind during his ascension into sage hood the relic would now seek out to bring peace to other realms consumed by the cycle of hatred.
A human, with power that was nearly unmatched,
Clear pure eyes of blue shade,
He would make the first step of making a new Era,

And once again, bring order to the world.

''Hey girl,'' a voice softly said, belonging to a robed figure rubbing the fur of the Sky Bison. It was a large beast, with white fur and beaver-like tail, with brown eyes and six legs with three toes on each foot. The creature may not have been the size of a Boss Summon, but she definitely thwart most natural creatures he knew in size. ''We'll be there soon.'' he said as a ghostly image appeared next to him. She had pale lavender eyes and light blond hair that fells past her waist, which she kept tied at the end with a bow. She was wearing a lavender kimono with her hair kept tied back.

''We're almost there.'' the young woman spoke to heavy coat person whose face was shrouded by the hood.

The sound of wolf-like howls filled the air. ''Those are sounds of an Alpha calling out to its pack.'' the person spoke. ''Some poor animal has met the end of its life.'' the person continued.

A sound of a woman's scream echoed through the air causing the person to look up.

''Naruto-kun.'' the blonde haired woman called out to the young man who nodded and shed his coat.

''I know...'' he turned to his Air Bison. ''Come on girl, let's go.'' he stated as he and his Air Bison ran towards the origin of the scream.





My Grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace, when the Avatar kept the balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads,

That all changed when the Fire Nation attacked,

Only the Avatar could master all four elements. Only he could have stopped the ruthless Fire benders, but . . .

When the world needed him most . . .

He vanished.

A hundred years have passed and the Fire Nation is nearing victory in the war.

Two years ago, my father and the men of my tribe journeyed to the Earth Kingdom to help fight against the Fire Nation, leaving me and my brother to look after our tribe.

Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads, and believed the cycle to be broken.

But I haven't lost hope,

For I feel a presence out there, someone powerful that can help us turn the tide and end the war, just like HE did centuries ago . . .

For, I still believe . . . that someday, the Avatar will return to save the world.

Chapter End

This is part 1 of the prologue. We've seen the stories where Naruto replaces Aang in a matter of speaking or hey he's an Avatar too for no reason. Hence my talk about Harmless Freezing and such at the beginning. Of course this my attempt at this sort of plot line so I hope it goes well.