Bitter Sun Rising

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Summary: Bad boy Jacob Black doesn't return Bella's crush, so she decides to date someone safer: a harmless nerd in her math class named Edward Cullen. Little does she know that he is secretly a powerful and ruthless gang leader enmeshed in a vicious drug war that will put her life—and all her beliefs—at risk. AU, AH, E/B.

Author's Note: Edward is a very dark character at the beginning, so be warned. However, at the end there will be a HEA for Edward and Bella. There will be no E/B cheating.

This is a real-world AU, so no vampires or special powers. Characters may be OOC. Rated M for language and lemons.

Life Imitates Art Department: This is an actual news story from 2012: "Most teenagers earn minimum wage in their after-school jobs. According to police, a 17-year-old from Mason, Ohio, has been hauling in a whole lot more. A grand jury has indicted the clean-cut teen on charges that he ran a multi-million-dollar drug-dealing ring for several years during high school."

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Three concentric diamonds were spray-painted on the wall. It was a symbol I had come to know all too well.

I stood at the end of a long, unfamiliar corridor. I had never visited this part of the school. Half the ceiling fluorescents were dark and the rest flickered a sickly pale pink. Shattered glass glinted in the corners.

I walked toward the far end of the hall. In the wavering light, a student stood ramrod-straight before iron double doors I knew led to the basement. Long dreadlocks hung below his shoulders and brushed his muscular arms. Impeccably dressed in a sleeveless white linen tunic and perfectly pressed slacks, he glared at me as I approached.

"You can't go in there." He stepped in front of the door and blocked my entrance.

"Please," I said, "Edward told me to come." I didn't even blink at the lie. Not any more.

"What evidence do I have of that?"

I swallowed, but I had to go on. I had to find out. "You know who I am, right? Who I am to Edward?" I lifted my chin. "He wouldn't want you to go against his orders."

He eyed me for a few long moments. Then he stepped aside, face expressionless.

I slipped inside quickly before he could change his mind. Voices rose from below as I made my way down the metal stairs. I stopped short on the landing. In the dim basement below, a dozen people stood in a rough semi-circle around a girl with her head bowed so only her close-cropped dark hair was visible. On a raised platform at one end of the room, lounging in a black armchair, sat Edward.

"So, you no longer wish to be a courier for me, Alice?" Edward's voice sounded gentle. "In that case, you are no longer of any use to me." He glanced at the boy leaning against the back wall and nodded once. "Emmett."

"Too bad," Emmett mocked. He strode forward, reaching into his jacket. Alice stared defiantly up at him as he pinned her against the wall. There was a flurry of movement below and light glinted off a long blade.

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