*Was written on June 14th, 2014*

-December 28th, 2001-

My name is Zack and I didn't always have interest in the legal world. However, that was to change the day my friend, Raymond Shields asked me to watch his mentor perform in court. Ray was being taught how to be a defense attorney. His mentor was a famous defense attorney known as Gregory Edgeworth. I ended up watching Mr. Edgeworth do his job.

I had my fingers crossed as I watched in the gallery as I hoped that Gregory would win. Unfortunately, there was the prosecution we had to worry about, who Ray told me about. His name was Manfred von Karma, a man obsessed with perfection. He would do ANYTHING to get a guilty verdict, which is probably why he hadn't lost in twenty five years! Gregory ended up losing the trial, but luckily he ended up getting von Karma penalized for presenting forged evidence.

The courtroom began to empty and I was alone with Ray. He was frozen. I poked him a few time and got no response.

"You okay?" I asked.
"Y-yeah... I'm fine," he answered, "I can't believe von Karma had to cheat!"
"Well, he didn't get away with cheating." I answered.
"Because of him, an innocent man was found guilty!" responded Raymond.

I was talking to him for hours as we were alone in the courtroom. Finally, we both got up and went to the hallway.

"I have to use the restroom," said Raymond, "will you wait for me?"
"Yes." I answered.

I stood still in the hallway as he went to the bathroom. All I had to do was wait. Not long after that, a massive earthquake started. I went into the men's restroom to find Ray, and he was in a stall, with door closed.

"Can it wait?" he asked, "I have diarrhea..."
"But there was an earthquake!" I responded.
"Yes, I know," he answered, "just leave me alone for now."
"Alright." I said as I left.

I probably should have stayed right outside like he had asked me to, but instead, I went exploring. I walked straight to a corner in the hallway and turned around. Next, I hid behind the wall, because I saw Manfred von Karma, holding a pistol and aiming it toward an elevator. I was thinking about what I was to do. Should be a heroic or just a pathetic loser who couldn't save lives? I was frozen and couldn't think about to do. As soon as I started to move, the pistol was fired and von Karma ran off.

I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached the elevator, I saw something that I wished I had never seen. What was I to tell Raymond? His mentor was lying on the floor of the elevator... dead. There were two other people in there, who were both unconscious. One was an old man and the other was a young boy.

Soon, I was found by Ray.

"WHAT THE-!?" He exclaimed.

I had a feeling that it was only going to get worse from here.

"What just happened!?" exclaimed Raymond.
"I-I- uh, I, um, it-" I started saying, but I wasn't able to get a sentence out, so I ran away from him.
"Come back!" he shouted, and kept repeating, but it soon faded away.

It wasn't long before a suspect was arrested for Gregory's murder. The man they arrested was Yanni Yogi, a bailiff in the courthouse. I was in shock and didn't know what to do. I wanted to testify at Yogi's trial, but for some reason, I wasn't allowed to. The days were getting lonely, as I had stopped talking to Ray. The day I finally decided to talk to him, I went in the direction of his house and into the street. A car was speeding down the road and I had no time to move.