It had been a while since the incident at the Wright & Co. Law Offices. At the moment, Phoenix was investigating DL-6 with Mia, who had recovered from her injuries. A childhood friend of Phoenix, Miles Edgeworth was involved in that case, but there was another case to be investigated at the same time. Miles was accused of murder. Wright figured that he could save Edgworth by digging up the past, but to make things worse, Edgeworth even confessed to the DL-6 incident, which had happened fifteen years ago.

"I can't believe Edgeworth did that to us," muttered Phoenix.
"Phoenix," said Mia, "don't get upset. If that's what Edgeworth believes... let him believe it... for now."
"Yeah, I guess you're right." said Phoenix, "Also, it's a shame that Maya couldn't be here... um, could you
fill me in on the details?"
"Maya caught a cold standing under a waterfall." answered Mia.
"What!?" exclaimed Phoenix, "Didn't she learn last time?"

The two of them were in the Criminal Affairs Department and were given permission to go into
the evidence room. The conversation they were having happened during their walk there.

"Now," said Mia, "we will look for the DL-6 files."
Mia looked for the DL-6 folder.
"Found it!" she said, and then she stopped moving.
"What? What is it, Mia?" asked Phoenix.

"The files... are missing." answered Mia.
"What!?" excaimed Phoenix.
"Well, well, well." said a voice, "I see you two are rubbing your noses where they don't belong."
"V-von Karma!" exclaimed Phoenix.

Manfred von Karma appeared before Mia and Phoenix.

"Have we met before?" he asked.
"We're... Miles Edgeworth's defense team." answered Mia.
"Sorry, but I hardly remember defense attorneys," answered von Karma, "they are merely bugs and there only purpose is to be crushed."

What a rude man, thought Phoenix.

"Now," said Manfred, "I believe you have something that doesn't belong to you."

"What are you talking about?" asked Phoenix.
"That damn letter! Give it!" demanded von Karma.
"What... oh, you mean this?" said Mia, holding up a piece of paper, that contained detailed instructions of how to carry out the crime that happened.
"Give it." said von Karma as he pulled it out of her hands and crumpled it up, and then he began to eat the paper.
"Y-you..." said Phoenix.
"I have a present for you." answered von Karma, pulling out a taser.

"Wh-what are going to do with that?" asked Phoenix.
"Don't worry," said von Karma, "people don't die from it... usually."
Mia and Phoenix began to back away slowly and then both of them turned and ran, but Phoenix wasn't fast enough. The taser found its way to Phoenix's back. Phoenix felt his
body fill up with electricity.

"Phoenix!" exclaimed Mia.
And that was when the taser found its way to her, too