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Darkness. That is the first thing she thinks as she wakes up. She thinks of the darkness consuming her former enemy's daughter. It had been weeks since the darkness had consumed Emma Swan, and now everyone in town was trying to find a way to get to Camelot and to find Merlin who could hopefully save the savior from the darkness.

Funny that the savior needs saving. She thought to herself as she rolled over on to her back with a smirk playing on her lips as she opened her eyes.

She let out an exhale as she felt someone stir beside her. She stiffened only momentarily before realizing who it was. Then she relaxed. She relaxed even more when that same person started breathing rather close on her neck and playing with a strand of her ebony hair.

Then she heard him murmur three little words that have become such a comfort to her over the past couple months. She turned her head to face him and smiled to find his bright blue eyes looking at her with such adoration that she could cry. She returned those three little words back to him and he leaned in closer to capture her lips in a passionate but unhurried kiss that when they parted, she let out a noise of protest.

He smirked at her protest and leaned in for another kiss, but this time it was just a quick peck on the lips. Not seconds after their lips parted a second time, did the door to their bedroom open and in flew, well he was running so fast and jumped so quickly he might as well have been flying, a little boy not more than six years old.

This little boy was one whom she had grown to absolutely adore over the past year. And even when they were in the Enchanted Forest she had grown to care for and protect even after knowing him for maybe a day. Hell, she saved him from one of her deranged half-sister's flying monkeys and turned it into a toy stuffed monkey, but without the wings.

This same monkey came flying in the room with the young boy, as it was being tightly grasped in the not-so-little-anymore hands of her son. She had come to care for and love him as a son long before she and Robin decided that they were in fact going to be together for the rest of their lives and Roland might as well be her son anyways. She loved that boy more than anything else in the world and would do anything in her power –which was quite extensive –to make him happy. She already does this with her son, Henry, and so doing it for another child would be no different in her mind. And it really wasn't. Roland just needed a bit more mothering than Henry did now. Especially seeing as how he is the new Author and all.

She smiles proudly at that, and she gets a somewhat confused look from Robin before she shakes her head and returns her thoughts back to the present. Roland has by now made his way between her and his father and is lying with his back against his papa's chest and facing her with his monkey tucked against his chest and hers.

He looks at her with those big brown eyes that melt her heart every time she looks at them. Then he smiles that dimpled grin that could melt even the most fearsome adversaries and turn them into puddles. Although this grin has a hint of mischievousness, wonder, and confusion in them, and she has no idea why until Roland speaks.

"Mama, Henry told me a secret that no one else knows. But he told me I couldn't tell anyone. And I especially couldn't tell you or Papa where I heard it from." He said in his adorable childlike voice that she knew would turn deeper in just a few short years, given how early Henry's voice had changed. But with what he said, Regina stiffened because she knew that she and secrets that were meant to be kept secret were not a good mix. But then she remembers that only applies when it is her and Snow. She relaxes when she feels a hand on the top of her head and realizes without looking that it is Robin trying to soothe her. She smiles over at him and nods her head in reassurance before she turns her attention back to Roland who is looking rather sheepish at the moment. She is about to ask him what is wrong when she gets her answer in the form of her son speaking to Roland.

"I also told you not to say anything to either one of them because then it wouldn't be a secret anymore," Henry said from the doorway.

"But I can't keep secrets from Mama and Papa. They told me to never lie to them or I would get in trouble!" Roland was getting visibly more upset and Regina put her arms around him and cradled him closer and started rubbing soothing circles on his back while telling him that if it is a secret between him and Henry, and he doesn't tell it then he won't get into trouble. His tear filled eyes look up at her then and he gets a bit happier again.

"Really! But what if I wanted to tell you the secret? Especially if you already know it?" This had Regina's interest peaked and she turned her head to look at Henry who had laid down on the bed next to her. She looked at him with a confused look on her face. All he did was shrug his shoulders, look between her and Robin and then down her torso a ways and then back up at her and smiled sheepishly. She knew then what the secret was and was rather disappointed that she and Robin hadn't actually gotten the chance to tell Roland the news. This angered her somewhat and Henry could tell because he quickly went to his defense and explained what he had told Roland.

"All I said was that you and Robin had a secret that was going to change the family a bit, and when he started to get upset I quickly told him that it was nothing bad because he was afraid you guys were going to split up again. I just told him that it was going to make our family a little bigger," Henry said with a shrug of his shoulders at the end. Regina relaxed and was relieved to see Roland nodding his head and not adding anything else to it.

"Henry is right that your papa and I have a secret, and we want to tell you it, but you cannot tell anybody else until we say it is okay. Okay?" Regina said raising an eyebrow looking at Roland expectantly. He nodded his head in affirmation and promised that he wouldn't tell a single person until his papa or his mama told him he could.

At this, Regina looked over at Robin who was grinning from ear to ear. He nodded at her to continue on with what the secret was. So she was the one to tell his son, huh? Granted Roland was her son as well, but she thought he would at least start it. Guess not.

"Roland, remember when we told you that you were Henry's little brother and he was your big brother?" She asked, and then receiving an understanding nod from Roland. She continued.

"Well what do you think about being a big brother?" Regina asked, and Roland's eyes lit up with excitement and then confusion.

"Henry's not my big brother anymore?" He asked as his eyes started to well with tears. Regina quickly responded to remedy the situation.

"Of course he is, Roland! It's just you will be, too. You are Henry's little brother still, but you are going to be a big brother just like Henry is," Regina finished, hoping that this would be enough confirmation that nothing was really changing, just he was going to have a little brother or sister, though they knew which, but Henry didn't and they waited this long to tell Roland because they wanted to be able to tell him and Henry whether it was a boy or a girl.

"I'm gonna be like Henry?!" Roland got all excited at the idea of being like his older brother whom he loved so much.

"Yes, Roland. But," Robin finally spoke after watching the whole exchange.

"But what?" Roland and Henry asked at the same time.

Robin looked at Regina to see if it was okay if he told them the happy news, and when she nodded her head he continued.

"But you aren't going to be exactly like him. You see, my boy, Henry is your big brother and you are his little brother, and you are going to be a big brother, but you aren't going to have a little brother," Robin said, letting his words sink in. The younger boy was confused, but Henry knew what he meant and sat up cross legged next to Regina and was bouncing up and down with excitement written all over his face.

"What does that mean, Papa?" Roland asked.

"It means, Roland that you are going to have a little sister! Mom and dad are having a girl!" Henry explained for him as Henry wrapped his arms around his mother and congratulated her and then looked at Robin and did the same. Then he put his hands on Regina's abdomen and started talking to his sister.

"I knew you were a girl. I just knew it. You aren't getting married until you are thirty-five I hope you know!" Henry said and then got up and went bounding down the hall, all the while singing that it's a girl, he's going to have a baby sister. Roland got out from between them and took after Henry and started doing the same, though it was doubtful he knew entirely what was going on.

Regina and Robin didn't care though. Robin scooted closer to Regina and laid a hand on her lower abdomen. He kissed her on the lips before sliding down and whispering, though still loud enough for her to hear, to their little girl who decided at that moment to flutter around and say that she's happy about the news, too. Robin felt it and talked to their little girl.

"Hello, my little princess. I always knew you would be a girl as well, but your mother didn't want to believe me. And I agree with your older brother, Henry, that you are not getting married until you are thirty-five or older," Robin said as Regina scoffed. He looked up at Regina with a mischievous grin. He placed a tender kiss to her now bare abdomen and then went back up to Regina and gave an equally tender, but passionate kiss to her lips that lasted until they needed air.

"I love you," Robin uttered those three little words again.

"And I you," Regina uttered those three words back before pulling him in for another kiss.

Even with everything that had been going on the last few weeks, Regina still managed to hang on to her happiness. She has turned into the new savior of the town and its inhabitants, much to many people's wonder.

She found a way to reverse the curse she had put on herself so many years ago when she thought her mother wanted to get to the throne through her children. Though not long after, did she find out that she needn't have had to, given she was already pregnant and had been since the night she returned to Storybrooke from New York with Robin.

Even though her sister had played out such a twisted farce with Robin and Roland, he still couldn't bring himself to forget about Regina and had consequently never touched Marian/Zelena in any romantically physical way. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.

So the night he returned to Storybrooke with Regina, Zelena, Emma, and Lilly, he and Regina had shared a night in her bed, making love to each other. And since it was purely out of love, the curse Regina had put on herself, was broken, though she didn't know that, and since she hadn't gotten pregnant before with Robin, she didn't think anything of it. They hadn't taken any precautions just as they hadn't before.

And now she was glad she hadn't. Because now she had a perfect little girl on the way. A little girl she and Robin created together. Something Regina had thought impossible for many years. She thought it impossible for her to bear a child, which it was, but with the right person, anything was possible.

And just like Robin told her not long ago, but long enough ago to make it seem like a distant memory: "Perhaps it's all about timing."

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