H2O: Just Add Water – Kentauros

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"What the hell?" Walker had just come to the edge of the tree line on Mako Island only to scramble back behind some vines in order to hide his larger than normal body. The last thing he needed was someone discovering his secret. Yet, he didn't think that was going to be the case, exactly, due to what he was looking at on the beach.

The large fish wasn't all fish. Rather, it had a young woman's body attached from the waist on up. He was looking at a real mermaid! And there he stood: a centaur hiding behind some bushes. Best to introduce himself, he thought, and bounded out of the vegetation.

Rikki had just beached herself on Mako Island and was about to begin drying off when she heard several people coming down the beach. Before she could glance back, she tried to flip herself back into the water. Someone called out, and what he said made her stop. Her eyes went wide as she turned to look that time.

"Wait! Stop. It's not like we'd want anyone to see either of us." He stopped at least ten meters away, with enough of the rocks nearby to obscure him if anyone sailed by on the waters around the island. Rikki gasped at seeing a centaur standing there! What was going on? And what was it about Mako Island?

"I won't hurt you, but I'd guess you're here because of something about this island, right? It changed me. Did it make you into a mermaid?"

"Yeah," Rikki admitted, still unsure of the tan-coated creature of myth. "But I'm going back home if you don't mind. This is just too weird."

"Why? I don't find that you being a mermaid all that weird. Why would you say that about me being a centaur?"

"Look, no offense, but you have a horse's body. And ass."

"And you have a scaly fish's tail. I won't ask how you get rid of toxins and such in your body. But why fight? We have both been affected by this island, whether you want to call it adverse or blessed. And right now, I suspect you'd like to get off of the beach where you could be easily spotted like that as do I. Can you change back to human? I can."

"Yeah, but I don't like some guy I just met to watch. Mind turning your back?"

"Not at all!" He turned to face into the island, still talking. "I'm Walker, by the way. Are there any other mermaids? I haven't yet found anyone else that's turned into a centaur. I have talked to some aborigines about this island and discovered a few interesting facts. Once you have legs, I can tell you more."

"Well, maybe. And you can call me Rikki," she admitted. It was too weird, even for her, a mermaid. She mulled it all over as she finally got dry enough to make the transformation back to human again. The sand was dry thanks to her heat power, so she didn't end up changing back into a mermaid just getting up, her shorts, shirt, and shoes returned to her.

Rikki remained cautious, only stepping forward enough to be away from the wash line of the shore. No sense getting splashed, and no sense getting too close to someone that was mostly a horse.

"Are you done yet? I know fish don't dry out all that fast normally."

"I have my ways," Rikki semi-admitted. "And yeah, I'm done. Are you going to change back, or do I need to leave anyway? Not that I wouldn't. I don't like this, knowing other people can change, too."

"Yes, I can change." He turned to face her, and she had to admit, it was kind of fascinating seeing a real centaur. And then he took a swig of his canteen, closing it up before there was a transition like hers, only starting with water, and then shifting through some kind of wind-blown dirt and plants. It was gone almost as quickly, leaving behind a young man, maybe twenty-seven by her reckon.

He wore an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt in green and white, khaki shorts, white socks, and hiking boots. If she wasn't somewhat attached to Zane, she could go for a guy like that. Still, better to get to know him, and not to reveal anything else.


"I suppose. At least you don't have that big ass anymore!"

"I suppose that is a turn-off to some. Not that I know anyone that knows. This isn't the kind of thing you just tell anyone, much less show them."

"How observant."

"Look, I'm just making conversation. Plus, it's exciting to me to find someone else changed by this island! Are there any others?"

"No. Just me," she lied.

"That's too bad. It would probably be fun to be able to play with friends like that. I know I wouldn't mind having at least one other friend like me." He paused, realizing he wasn't going to get much out of her willingly. Better to tell what he knew of the island. "I've been all over the island. That's how I found the pool that changed me. But, there's also a pool in a cave not far from here. It seems to have magical properties, too, at least during a full moon. Was that what changed you?"

Rikki wasn't sure to reveal that or not. She decided to change the subject instead, get more info out of him.

"Where's that pool? I want to see it. But, you walk ahead of me."

"Well, okay." Walker turned and headed back into the woods, checking over his shoulder to see if she was following. She was, though keeping a distance. "I don't blame you for being cautious. But keep me in sight. Some of the terrain is treacherous."

"Yeah, I know. I've been here a few times, too." She just followed with her hands at the ready in case he did anything. She had an inner debate on whether to message the rest, and finally did to Lewis. "Lewis. There's a centaur on Mako. Tell no one and come -alone-!" She only hoped he didn't tell anyone. She knew he sometimes couldn't help himself especially when there were new "discoveries" to be made about Mako.