Another rewrite of one of my earlier stories. I've fixed dialogue and some grammar issues since I've learned a lot since I started writing. This story follows on A Bonding and 46 Hours.


Chapter 1 – Home

Ginny and Harry met in the Ministry cafeteria for lunch, each bursting with news. Harry decided to be a gentleman and defer to his wife.

"Ladies first, what is it?"

Ginny grinned as she burst forth.

"We did it! The women's and men's Quidditch cup is being held together at the same location on consecutive days. And, guess which assistant director in the Women's Quidditch Division has secured the option to purchase fifteen tickets to the women's final?"

Harry smiled seductively as he replied.

"It wouldn't happen to be my lovely, red-headed, brilliant wife, would it?"

"Ooh Harry, stop with the flattery or I am going to forget all propriety and jump you right here! Now, what is your news?"

"Well, maybe you would like to guess which Auror has recently used his world-saving influence to secure an option on sixteen tickets to the men's final?"

Ginny seemed puzzled.


"Yes dear, sixteen. Us, all of your family, and Xeno."

Ginny grimaced.

"Oops, I forgot about Xeno. Don't tell Luna. I'm sure I can secure one more ticket."

"I know Xeno is difficult dear, but for Luna's sake we must keep trying to work on him."

"I know Harry, but his refusal to accept that he has two grandsons still grates on me."

Ginny then switched the subject back to the Quidditch cup.

"Are we really going to be able to get the whole family to both finals?"

"Sure thing Gin, as soon as we arrange a way to get our entire, not-so-tiny family transported to the United States. Specifically, a back-of-beyond bit of acreage in the state of Utah."

Ginny's eyes went wide.

"Utah? That's somewhere in the western states, right? I heard about the decision to join the two finals, but no one in my department knew where yet, except that it was in the States. Why did they pick there? How did you find out?"

"Well, being who I am, I have some persuasion power with a certain assistant director of the Department of Magical Games and Sports. It also helps that Keel Trudgeon may have been an amazing Quidditch player, but he is not the brightest. As for why the location was chosen, it seems that there is a large magic population within that state. The state also has plenty of open land with very little interference from muggles. Finally, there is some religious group that is big in the area and any unusual rumors that may develop will most likely be accounted to them."

Ginny was stunned and excited.

"So, do you really think we can get everyone to go?"

Harry laughed.

"It's a double Quidditch cup. Barring catastrophe, I don't think anyone will care how far out of the way we have to go. Plus, we have ten months to plan."

They continued discussing details and a friendly argument ensued over which team each thought would make it to the finals. Soon, lunch was wrapping up and Harry took the last bite, then sent their trays across the room to the recycler. As he and Ginny stood up, she squealed like a little girl.

"Ooh, I can't wait until we tell Luna! Wait, what about the boys? I mean we need to take them, but they're really too young to appreciate the matches."

Harry laughed and embraced Ginny.

"We have ten months to plan the details love."

With that said, he bent down and kissed her soundly. Quite a few people looked over as the Potters said their good-byes and headed to their separate offices. The Ministry had become accustomed to the couple's none-to-shy displays of affection.

That night, Harry and Ginny apparated back to Grimmauld Place almost simultaneously. Luna came down the stairs as she heard them arrive. She had baby Sirius in arms and handed him to his mother. Ginny took her son and leaned over to give Luna a quick kiss.

"Hi love, how was your day? Wait until you hear the news from the Ministry."

Harry took over then, kissing Luna and ushering the three of them into the living room. Ginny immediately sat down to nurse her son as Luna gave them the news of her day.

"Nothing much new here. The boys really are the best babies. I managed to get several hours of painting done during their naps and then the three of us ran some errands. James is asleep upstairs now. I fed him just before you arrived home. I gave the last bottle you pumped for Sirius to him several hours ago, so of course he needed you. I know I could feed him too, but I think it's important that he bonds with both of us."

Ginny smiled at her wife. She really appreciated that Luna had taken over being the stay at home mother to their unique family. Ginny had returned to work two weeks ago when Sirius was two months old and had initially worried about how Luna would cope with the two babies and also how she would manage to keep nursing. Luna had adjusted very quickly and was a natural mother. Ginny actually felt that Luna handled it much better than she would have. As for the second problem, Harry had solved that when he brought home a muggle device called a breast pump. Ginny managed to pump enough before she left for work so that Sirius had a couple of bottles for the day. If he needed a top-off, Luna was happy to oblige.

Ginny and Luna's sons were born 46 hours apart and would grow up much like twins. Of course, they weren't identical. Sirius had thick, dark auburn hair that was a fair mix of both his parents. James had light, wavy golden brown hair that favored his mother, but showed a bit of his father's influence. Both boys had been graced with their father's beautiful green eyes. They shared a room that had been decorated with magical stars that twinkled and played lullabies at night, and their cribs were placed side by side. It was the intention of all three of their parents that the boys would grow up close.

As Ginny continued to nurse, she and Harry delivered their news and Luna also became excited.

"Ooh, a double Quidditch cup, that will be so much fun! So you have options for enough tickets for the whole family?"

"Sure do. Sixteen will cover the three of us, Xeno, Mum and Dad Weasley, Bill and Fleur, Charlie and Alicia, Percy and Audrey, George and Angelina, and Ron and Hermione. The kids will all be too young. Victoire is the oldest and she'll be barely three."

Ginny contemplated for a minute.

"Well, by the time the cup happens, there will be six kids. Victoire, Bill and Fleur's soon to be new addition, Sirius, James and then both Audrey and Hermione are expecting."

"Hmm, you're right Gin, the family is growing rapidly. Well, we have ten months to figure it out."

"Maybe we can find a babysitter during the matches, someone who doesn't care about Quidditch?"

Harry turned to her and beamed.

"Brilliant Luna, of course! Well we have ten months to think on who can help. Maybe we should find two sitters. Six children three and under with half of them under one will be a bit much for a single person."

"So, we have a Weasley family dinner this weekend at Shell Cottage. Should we make the announcement then?"

Ginny and Luna readily agreed as Ginny finished feeding her son and handed him to his father to burp. Conversation continued covering small details of each person's day until Kreacher popped in and announced that dinner was ready.

Luna went upstairs and retrieved James from his crib and joined the rest of the family downstairs for dinner. The boys were placed in cradles set in the corner and both dozed contentedly. All three parents made a point to have family dinners as often as possible and agreed that this included their sons, even if the boys were still too young to realize what was happening. Halfway through the meal, the family was interrupted as a silvery grey patronus flew into the room. It immediately took form as a badger and began speaking.

"Hello Harry. We've traced down Yaxley's youngest and it seems he has been responsible for a few of our muggle incidents lately. We need you to respond immediately by floo to a pub called the Carted Horse a short ways outside of Swindon. Everyone will meet there and then we will take him together."

As soon as the speech finished, the badger evaporated and Harry sighed.

"Well, looks like duty calls ladies. Sorry about this, but I know you understand. Hopefully I'll be back before morning."

With that said, Harry took a last bite of chicken and got up from the table. He kissed each of his wives, cooed over the boys for a few seconds and then made his way to the fireplace to floo. He repeated the pub name that his boss' patronus had mentioned and stepped into the flames.

Neither Ginny nor Luna were happy with Harry's sudden departure, but they both accepted it. Harry's job often called him away at odd hours and it was something that all three of them were learning to accept. Harry made a point of trying to balance home and work, but it was often hard. Having each other to lean on made it bearable, but Luna and Ginny both worried when he was away.

Lately the Auror department had been busy with what were being called either Second Generation Death Eaters or Death Eater Wannabes. In the year following the Battle of Hogwarts, all remaining Death Eaters and family members of those who escaped and those who did not went into hiding. After a year or so, they gradually started to become more active. Most of the original group had been killed or were now in custody. The main problem now were the children and other family members they left behind. The Ministry was loathe to persecute anyone by association only. Not all family members agreed with what their illustrious kin had done and many tried to make amends. The issue was weeding out the crop who still believed in the 'pure-blood' ideals that Voldemort and his followers had espoused. These were the witches and wizards that kept the Auror department busy now. Their activities were uncoordinated and ranged from simple muggle baiting to muggle kidnap and torture. Thankfully, no leader had come forth to unite them in the way Voldemort had, but that made it even more difficult to track them down.

Luna and Ginny finished dinner and took their sons upstairs for a bath. Once the boys were clean and back in their cribs, their mothers returned to the living room to watch the news. The television that Harry had brought into Grimmauld Place was now an accepted part of life and it was interesting to watch muggle news for clues of something more magical happening. They watched for several minutes, but nothing in the muggle news mentioned anything near Swindon, so they turned the set off. Luna began to read a book and Ginny worked on some paperwork from the office. They each made the occasional comment to each other as they passed a companionable evening. When Ginny finished her paperwork and announced she was turning in a bit early, Luna yawned and followed her.

When they reached their room, each of the women began their nightly rituals to prepare for bed. As Ginny brushed her hair, she looked over and saw Luna gazing dreamily at her.

"Gin you are so beautiful, I know I've told you a thousand times, but you are."

Ginny smiled at the dreamy look her lover gave her, set her hairbrush down and crossed the room. She took Luna in her arms and began to gently kiss her. Before long the kiss deepened and the nightgowns they had just put on were discarded. Ginny guided Luna to the bed and they lay down side by side and continued kissing.

Ginny traced kisses from Luna's forehead, down to her ear, down her chin, to her chest, across her nipples, to her stomach and finally to her labia. Luna was moaning loudly and running her hands through Ginny's hair. Ginny marveled at her beauty and could smell Luna's desire as her fluids began dripping. Ginny finished her kisses and began probing Luna with her tongue, beginning at her clit and licking down to her hole and then continuing back to the clit. Within minutes Luna was thrusting into Ginny's face and screaming as she came. Ginny was wet and ready herself, but she loved to feel Luna as she came, so she quickly climbed onto her and placed their mounds together. Ginny reached to tweak Luna's nipple and ground down on her with increasing enthusiasm as she felt their fluids mix. As they moved together, Luna shuddered to another climax and Ginny began panting as she also got close. As Luna came down from her peak, she smiled up at Ginny, then she flipped Ginny off and switched positions. Once Luna was on top, she drove her tongue into Ginny's mouth, while at the same time doing what she knew Ginny needed. As Ginny begged for fulfillment, Luna inserted two fingers in her and began stroking her from the inside, but it still wasn't enough, so Luna forced three fingers into Ginny and picked up speed. Soon Ginny tipped over the edge and came hard against Luna with a room shaking scream. As Ginny finished her orgasm, Luna dipped her head down to lap up the fluids. As Luna reached Ginny's clit, Ginny bucked again and came with a second small orgasm. Finally spent, Luna and Ginny rolled off each other to catch their breath.

"Luna we've been together for several years and I still can't believe what you can do to me."

"Mmm, same here Ginny dear. Absolutely fucking amazing. Only thing that would make it better is if Harry was here to finish us off."

Ginny nodded in agreement as they fell asleep, naked in each other's arms. Several hours later, Harry caught the floo home and dragged himself up to bed. Yaxley Jr. had been caught with minimal resistance. The Ministry was extra cautious and had sent five Aurors, but Harry thought that two would have been sufficient. Afterward, the Aurors had to be interviewed and paperwork begun. That was one thing they never advertised about the job Harry thought, all the damn paperwork.

As Harry reached his bedroom and stepped in the room, a beautiful sight awaited him. His wives were wrapped around each other with a pile of sweaty sheets kicked to the side. Obviously they hadn't missed him too much Harry thought. They were so gorgeous and seeing them displayed like they were set Harry on fire. 'Who cares about sleep?' he thought as he slowly approached the bed.

Harry reached Ginny first, who was half on her back with her right leg slightly raised outward. Harry stripped quickly and gently climbed up on Ginny. He rolled her over slowly and Ginny just let out a light moan as she remained asleep. Harry kissed her gently as he reached down and pushed two fingers into her. She was still plenty wet and Harry smiled and stroked her for a minute. Ginny slowly woke up and smiled when she saw Harry. Then he removed his fingers and drove his throbbing cock into her instead and Ginny went from barely awake to groaning and thrusting in seconds. As Harry increased his speed, Luna woke up as well and smiled.

"Oh, Harry, you're home, excellent."

Luna had just finished noticing Harry's arrival when Ginny threw her head back and yelped as she climaxed. Harry gritted his teeth and waited for Ginny to relax the clamp she had on his still hungry cock. As soon as he could, Harry slid out of Ginny and into Luna, who had been waiting hungrily. Luna grabbed Harry's head and pulled him into a dueling kiss as they picked up their tempo and she urged him to cum in her. Harry didn't take much longer, but Luna was right before him and they shuddered to a climax together. Finally finished, Harry fell back in his favorite position between the two of them and caught his breath. He then kissed each of them and began to fall asleep. His last conscious memory was of Luna leaning over to give Ginny a final kiss before his wives also joined him in satisfied slumber.

The boys woke them around six and Harry groaned as he went to retrieve his sons. He scooped up James first, then scooped Sirius in his other arm and took the boys to their mothers. Harry spoke lovingly to his sons as he made his way back to his bedroom. Luna and Ginny were waiting for the usual morning delivery of their hungry children. Luna was waiting with open arms, reaching for the baby on his right.

"Harry, why don't you give me Sirius."

Harry yawned and complied, switching the two boys to their opposite mothers. This was something that Ginny and Luna both encouraged to build a bond with each of them. As the boys stopped fussing and began their breakfasts, Harry marveled at the scene before him and then tore himself away to take the first shower. Despite his late night, he would need to be at the office promptly to attend Yaxley Jr.'s interrogation.