Chapter 30 - Balance

Three days after the new year, Hogwarts classes started again. The school was covered in several feet of snow and all the fireplaces burned in an effort to keep the chill away. Harry had enjoyed his break at home, but was glad to be back in the classroom. During the last couple of days of the holiday, he had begun to get bored. After his injuries and forced recuperation, Harry had thought that he could perhaps be happy staying at home permanently. Now he knew that his active mind and somewhat mercurial moods were better served if he remained engaged and challenged, which his teaching more than managed.

As January drifted into February, Ginny and Luna entered their eighth months of pregnancy and the time when both were ready to be done with it. Harry remembered this well from their first pregnancies and did everything he could to cater to their cravings. One evening he arrived home and Luna descended on him before he had both feet out of the floo.

"Harry! Thank the gods you're home."

Harry kissed his wife before she could continue.

"Hi Luna love, it's good to see you too. Is something wrong?"

"Yes! I sent Minky out this afternoon and she says she couldn't find it anywhere and I NEED some."

"Alright, some of what exactly?"

"Grapefruit! Big juicy slices. Pink preferably. Ooh, I can almost taste it."

"Luna, you know I love you and I'd do anything for you, but pink grapefruit is not a usual commodity in England in February."

"Pleeeese Harry. Maybe someplace muggle. You could find it. You know the muggle places."

Harry sighed.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. It may take me a while."

"Oh, thank you, thank you! I love you Harry."

Harry decided that Luna was probably right. If he was going to have any chance to find what she wanted, then there would be more options in the muggle world. He left Grimmauld Place and walked down the street to a phone box. He checked the directory for a listing of grocery stores and made a note of several. The first store wasn't far and he made that his first stop. Unfortunately, no grapefruit of any color could be found, so Harry moved on to the next stop. Since he was moving around muggle London, there was no way he could apparate safely, so Harry used the Tube as he made his way around several neighborhoods. Finally, on his fourth stop at a small specialty grocery, he found three imported grapefruits. They cost four pounds each, but Harry didn't flinch. He bought all three, went around behind the store, and apparated home. His trip had taken nearly two hours to find three pieces of fruit.

When he walked in the door, Luna was waiting and squealed as she took the bag from him. She took it into the dining room where Minky was waiting on Harry's return to serve dinner. The grapefruits were sliced immediately and became appetizers as Luna and Ginny both devoured them hungrily. Ginny offered Harry a slice, but he deferred and sat back with a smirk as he watched his very pregnant wives with their delicacy. Once they finished, Minky served dinner and the lamb roast was much more to Harry's liking. Later that evening as Harry and his wives made their way to bed, Luna turned to him with a glint in her eye.

"Harry, I know you went to a lot of trouble to get the grapefruit. I'm much better now, so I think you deserve something for being such a good husband."

Harry's eyes widened.

"Hmm, yes Luna love, I think I do deserve something."

Luna began sucking on Harry's lower lip as she quickly removed his shirt. As their kiss deepened, Harry felt hands at his waist just before Ginny yanked his pants down and began to rub Harry's growing erection through his boxers. Harry pulled Ginny up and began to lightly rub her right nipple, careful due to her sensitivity. Soon the three of them were all moaning and Harry's erection was hard and painful. He hadn't made love to either of them in a week and had thought that his time was done until the babies arrived. Now it was obvious how horny both Luna and Ginny were and he was more than ready to fulfill them. He knew they would have to change things up to allow for their advanced pregnancies, but they were usually adventuresome anyway. As they moved to the bed, Harry finished undressing Luna before dipping his head down to lightly nibble her sensitive breasts. Just that effort made her start to quake and Harry knew she wouldn't take long. Desisting from her breasts, Harry took hold of her and rolled her over on the edge of the bed, allowing for soft support against her belly. With Luna positioned in front of him, Harry and Ginny both began to play with her. Harry's fingers began massaging her tight sphincter while Ginny's hand went in front and lightly massaged Luna's clit. Finally Luna had enough.

"Fuck! Stop! Just get in me! Someone fuck me!"

Harry winked at Ginny and then slid his full length into Luna. Ginny took Harry's hint and positioned herself underneath as her tongue joined Harry's cock in penetrating their lover. The combined efforts sent Luna rocketing to completion just minutes after they started. Harry was close, but as Luna came she slipped to the floor and lay there panting while Harry was left with his cock in hand dripping pre-cum. Ginny stood up and pushed Harry back on the bed before immediately lowering herself onto him. Harry was close and ready to cum almost immediately, but he needed to see Ginny fulfilled so he reached forward and found her clit. After several minutes of practiced fingering and slow strokes, Ginny began to scream his name and Harry let out a long breath, thrust twice more and finally emptied himself into Ginny. Luna had recovered by the time he completed and joined them on the bed. As Harry and Ginny caught their breath, Luna leaned over and kissed each of them deeply. Temporarily sated, the three lovers fell asleep spooning each other.

As the first rays of light began to intrude into the bedroom, Harry was awakened by the incredible combined feeling of having his left nipple licked while a hand stroked his cock. He opened his eyes to find both his wives looking at him naughtily. Luna rolled off to a side and began kissing Ginny before Ginny pulled back and looked over at Harry.

"Harry, we need you. Luna and I did a 69 an hour ago, but it wasn't enough. We're still so horny. I know you're tired, because you didn't wake up when we did each other, but now we need you awake so you can shag us before you leave for work. Please Harry."

Harry groaned. He was tired, but there was no way he could turn them down. He also couldn't believe he'd missed a 69 show. Quickly he turned to his side. Ginny was lying next to Luna and had turned her back to him again so that she could massage her wife. Harry decided the position was perfect as he pulled himself closer and entered Ginny from behind. She gasped at the sudden entry and then began to press herself back into Harry as his strokes deepened. Minutes later she screamed her climax into Luna's throat as her walls tightened around Harry. When she finally relaxed and was able to pull away, Ginny sat up and positioned Luna where she had been moments before. Needing no further invitation, Harry entered Luna immediately and began his slow thrusts into her. Minutes later Luna and Harry both came together as their orgasms collided and Harry's vision darkened for a minute. When he finally recovered, Harry looked over at his wives and briefly wondered if he could call in sick. Deciding he couldn't, Harry checked his watch and found he was already running late. With a groan and a final kiss to both his wives, Harry extricated himself from the bed and headed for the shower. The late hour meant skipping breakfast as he arrived at school minutes before his first class. Harry took a moment in his office to collect himself and tried to not to think about the fact that a half hour earlier he had been inside both his women. With a final sigh and shake of his head, Harry left the office to greet his third years.

The rest of February passed with no more truly outlandish food cravings. Ginny and Luna's sexual cravings continued, but Harry was more than willing to handle those. Then, several days before the end of the month when Harry had tried to work Ginny up, she had completely resisted Harry's fondlings and caresses. Harry knew that the time was close and desisted.

On Thursday the seventh of March, Harry was teaching his sixth year NEWT students when Minerva arrived in the classroom. She came over and briefly whispered in Harry's ear to let him know that Luna had just sent a patronus and Ginny was in labor. Harry announced to his class that he was about to be a father again and everyone cheered as he made his way to the floo.

An hour later Harry and Luna were sitting by Ginny's bedside. Her labor was progressing well and the pain and relaxation spells were in place, so she was relatively comfortable. The rest of the family had started to arrive and St. Mungo's had assigned the well-known Weasley clan their own waiting area. Each of them had been given a brief chance to talk to Ginny, and Harry was thrilled to see that Xeno had arrived as well. The day dragged on until shortly before eight in the evening when Ginny declared she needed to push. Harry rushed to the hall and summoned a healer.

The healers rushed in and the final preparations were made as Ginny began pushing. After her fourth push, the healer declared that the head was crowning. Harry wiped Ginny's forehead as she grunted and began to push again. Harry focused with Ginny and encouraged her pushing. Then he heard a different groan and looked at Ginny, only to see that Ginny had turned to look at Luna on her other side. Looking up at Luna, Harry's heart briefly skipped. The pain on Luna's face made it obvious what was happening. Then an assistant healer rushed around the bed and started yelling for help as 'the second Mrs. Potter's water had broken'. Harry rushed to the other side of the bed and stopped as he stared at the large puddle. Then Ginny grunted again and started pushing and Harry was torn. Two assistant healers had taken hold of Luna and were caring for her, so Harry turned his attention back to Ginny. Five minutes later, Ginny's second son entered the world loudly. Harry cried at the sight of his third son, then looked over at Luna, who smiled at him.

The healers had conjured a second bed and crammed it into another corner of the room, where Luna was now arranged while she worked through her first contractions and watched Ginny deliver at the same time. Looking around, Harry felt dizzy at the surreal situation. Seeing the new father about to pass out, an assistant shoved him into a chair and dosed him with a pepper up potion. Once he had recovered, Harry was allowed to sever the cord. The baby was taken away briefly and cleaned up while Ginny was also cared for. Then, at Harry's insistence, Ginny and Luna's beds were pushed together side by side.

None of the three parents had wanted to know what they were having, although they had all been hoping to even the odds with some girls. Despite that, when their third son was brought back, none of them minded in the least. Orion Oberon was handed to Harry first before being passed to Ginny and then to Luna. As another contraction hit Luna, the healer moved forward and began to initiate her pain and relaxation spells while Luna passed Orion to Ginny to begin nursing. As everyone began to finally settle, the lead healer turned and looked at Harry.

"You all really do know how to make things interesting."

Shaking his head, the healer excused himself and Harry followed him out of the room to the waiting room where the family had gathered. As Harry entered, he was engulfed by the family with Molly in the front.

"It's a boy! Healthy, beautiful. Ginny is doing great. His name is Orion Oberon."

The room erupted in cheers and Harry thought that if they continued like they were that hospital security would be arriving soon and he still had more news for them. Harry tried to make himself heard, but finally just had to wait it out. After a couple of minutes, the noise settled enough that he could talk again.

"Now, everyone will be able to visit two at a time. Grandparents first. Before you start lining up, I have more news. While Ginny was in her final pushes, the excitement was a bit much for Luna and sent her into labor. Her water broke while she was standing at Ginny's bedside. The healers have set up double beds for them. So, you can visit, but don't plan on going anywhere quite yet. Since Luna's in labor right now, I'd like to take Xeno back first."

As Harry pulled Xeno out of the crowd, his news finally settled and a few more cheers went up while several more people just laughed and sat back down to wait their turns. Harry and Xeno exited the waiting room and were soon back with Ginny and Luna. Xeno rushed to Luna's side and kissed her.

"I'm fine Daddy. The spells are working well. The healer says I'm already past halfway. I was having back pain earlier today, but I was so worried about Ginny that I didn't notice. So we shouldn't be much longer. Now, go see your third grandson."

Xeno walked around to Ginny's side and looked down on her and the sleeping baby. He leaned down and kissed Ginny's forehead. The gesture was the first time he had shown her any affection and Ginny's eyes watered as she looked at her father-in-law and handed Orion to him. Xeno took the baby and sat down in a chair to stare at him. Harry made his way over to check on Luna and smiled. It seemed that her father was finally coming to full acceptance of his daughter's family after several years.

When Xeno left the room, the rest of the family began to cycle through and take their turns admiring Orion. Luna continued through her labor and had her spells renewed around eleven in the evening. Shortly after one in the morning, the Healer checked her and determined it was time. Two pushes later, a small but squalling baby boy joined the Potter family. Harry severed the cord and the baby was taken to be cleaned up. When he was brought back to Luna, Harry and his wives marveled at their fourth addition.

"Well Luna love, no daughter after all."

"It's okay, I don't mind. We make beautiful boys."

"Of course we're still young. We can try again."

"True Ginny dear. Maybe in a couple years."

Harry looked back and forth between his two wives. He'd never dreamed he would have four children and now they were already discussing more. Deciding not to say anything, Harry shook his head and left the room to deliver the news to the family. He arrived at the waiting room with more than a bit of déjà vu. Taking a breath, he looked around the room and prepared his announcement.

"Another boy! Luna is fantastic. He's healthy and as beautiful as his brothers. His name is Atlas Arrakis."

Once again the cheers descended on Harry and once again he gathered Xeno and returned to his wives and sons. An hour later the entire family had taken their turns and left the hospital. Orion and Atlas were settled in their bassinets and Harry crawled in between his wives as the tired family finally slept.

Two days later Ginny and Luna were both released from the hospital and the entire family returned home and began to settle into the hectic life of having two babies and two toddlers. Minky was enthralled by the new babies and doted on both of the new mothers. Harry stayed home for a week before he returned to Hogwarts. Minerva had offered him longer, but Ginny and Luna both insisted that he return. Harry had to admit that they had everything well in hand, especially with Minky's help.

Soon life settled back into a comfortable routine. Harry really did enjoy being back with his classes. Then he would return home at the end of the day to two little boys running into his arms. Evening playtime would be followed by the family dinner, baths, stories and bedtime for the toddlers. At the end of the evening the babies would be fed and bathed before being tucked into their cribs a couple hours before Harry, Luna and Ginny went to bed themselves. The routine may have seemed boring to some, but it was perfect to Harry. He finally had the balance he had always wanted.



Well, this seems to be a good place to call this story to an end. When I had the idea of a three-way relationship with Harry, Ginny and Luna I thought it would be a few chapters. Now it's covered three stories totaling 46 chapters (I just added them up and am sitting here smiling, considering the middle story is called 46 hours. What a weird little coincidence). I just couldn't help it as the story developed. This third story especially took on a life of its own. The chapters with the Auror investigation were my most challenging, but I think they came together well. Thank you everyone who has kept up with the story and thank you for the concrit and kind reviews.