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New favorite Memory by Brad Paisley
You're fumbling around in the bedroom,
Trying to put on your shoes.
Hair still down, dress half on,
Looking like you're about to blow a fuse.
I know what's about to happen,
I can read you like a book,
You're about to shoot that cute little "yeah, we're late" look…

Chapter 17 – Epilogue

Lightning streaked across the sky, the clouds looking more threatening with each minute.

She leaned against the floor to ceiling window and traced a heart on the glass as she watched him stride across the courtyard with purposeful steps.

She smiled and dimmed the lights; loosening the belt to her robe and exposing her cleavage, hoping he would like the surprise. With her right foot propped against the window, revealing her freshly waxed leg, she watched the door, her heartbeat increasing in tempo.

Rain began to pelt against the window.

The lock clicked, the door opened without a creak and a silent sigh escaped her lips. He was so beautiful … and he was hers.


He put his briefcase by the door and placed his mail on the counter. God, he missed her. One more day and she'd be back in his arms.

Where she belonged.

He loosened his tie and turned to look out the window at the approaching thunderstorm. It matched his mood perfectly.

Dark, angry and destructive.

His fingers paused on the top button of his shirt, frozen at the beautiful sight in front of him.

"Hi," she whispered quietly.

The weight on his shoulders dropped at the sound of her voice and he strode across the room to his beautiful angel dressed in white.

Her back straightened against the window, her heart hammering in her chest. She knew that look on her lover's face.


His lips caught her gasp and he lifted her hips, securing her legs around his waist and pushing her back against the window with a thud. The cold glass pressed against her back, but she barely felt it, concentrating as his lips erased the past few days from her mind.

Normally, he would be worried about hurting her, but he was lost in her taste, her smell, and softness.

His tongue stroked hers and dominated her mouth, licking and sucking on her soft lips. His large fingers squeezed her rounded curves and she bucked her hips against his hardening cock.

With a moan, he flexed his body into hers, which sent a jolt of pleasure down her spine; he drew back, dropping a soft kiss to her wet, swollen lips.

"You're here."

She smiled and caressed his stubble-covered cheek. "I am."

His smoldering green eyes traveled down her face to her cleavage and to her legs wrapped around his hips. Fuck, he loved the view.

"I couldn't wait," she whispered and kissed his cheek. Her fingers began to open his shirt, exposing his chiseled chest to her hungry eyes.

She moaned and his eyes snapped back to hers. "I'm glad, because neither could I. Fuck, I love you."

Isabella pushed his shirt off his shoulders and lightly ran her fingernails across his torso, sending a shiver through his body.

He needed her.

He needed her like the air he breathed.

She moaned his name as she undid his belt. "I love you, too. Now, please..."

She didn't need to finish, his need for her pushing against the zipper of his pants. He yanked her robe open, thanking every god in the universe that she was naked underneath.

"Beautiful," he whispered softly. She always would be.

Reaching into his opened trousers, he grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze before running it through her wet folds.

Kissing her lips once more, his green eyes met her brown ones. "Baby, I promise to love you properly later, but now I need to fuck you. I've missed you too damn much."

She pushed her hips towards him, and the tip of his cock slid into her entrance. His neck strained and he fought against the urge to press forward. But he needed her consent.

Her fingers yanked on his hair and she bit his lower lip. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need you."

His hips thrust forward, burying himself in her wet heat with a loud groan. Isabella's legs tightened around his waist and her teeth sunk into his shoulder, masking her scream of pleasure.

She was so full. Sex with this beautiful man felt as if it was the first time with him, every time. He stretched her and filled her like no one ever had.

She loved it.

His tongue fucked her mouth like his cock was fucking her pussy.

Dominant and powerful.

"So tight. So fucking good," He groaned and leaned his forehead against hers, his eyes watching his cock slide into her heat. Her pert breasts jostled with their movement and he latched on to her tightened bud, licking and sucking as if he was dying of thirst.

"I'm so close," she moaned, watching him disappear inside her.

His movements began to quicken and his fingers circled her clit. Isabella shook in his arms, her mouth open and her wide eyes on his.

"I've got you," he moaned, his orgasm reaching its peak. "Always."

With their lips joined, they fell over the edge together, holding on to one another like their life depended on it. They clung to each other, sighing in contentment as their breathing relaxed from their intense orgasms.

Sliding to the carpeted floor, he buried his nose in her soft hair and wrapped his arms tightly around her. "God, I missed you."

Her lips touched the pulse point on his neck. "I missed you, too. But it's over now. No more trips without you. Agreed?"

He chuckled and ran his fingertips over her temple and down her cheek, cupping her neck. "Agreed," he whispered against her lips.

He'd agree to anything when it came to her.

He carried her through his apartment and into the bathroom, setting her on the counter as he ran the water. He could feel her eyes on him as he moved about the room and he smiled, loving her attention.

With her back to his chest, they settled into the warm water. Edward held her close, stroking her arms and kissing her exposed neck.

She sighed and sank further into his arms. "It was eight months ago that we met, so today is some sort of anniversary for us. And remember it was thundering that night, too. And when you touched my hand, I felt a shock. I blamed it on the weather."

He tensed, the previous months not forgotten. "I ..."

She turned to face him. "We're passed all that. Please forgive yourself."

His eyes squeezed shut. "I'm trying, but you have to know how much I wish I could go back; back to when I first met you and make it right."

Her soft hand stroked his cheek. "But, then we wouldn't have met. And you do make it right. Your love is enough."

"You were so beautiful, yet so broken, so vulnerable, so lost, and I took advantage. God, I can't believe I fell for those lies. I thought you were going to be so easy to crush. But …"

"You had no way of knowing." She shuddered at the thought and he held her tighter.

"And don't forget you literally saved me from that oncoming car. That proved to me you were a good man. Maybe a good man with a horrible job, but again, you were doing what you were paid to do."

He let out the breath he was holding and thought back to that fateful day, eight months ago. He remembered the rain, the thunder, the way the light fell on her hair making the color seem so perfect. He remembered her eyes; scared; like a deer in the headlights. And he remembered the shock he felt when he grabbed her arm.

He broke out of his musing, nodded and kissed her lips. "Thank you, for your love and forgiveness. I will spend the rest of my life making you happy."

Relaxing again, she thought back to when she met her match.

The man that she loved.

The man who possessed her mind, body and most importantly, her heart.


Alice's Wedding Day

Edward watched in the mirror, trying to tie the fucking bow-tie, but his eyes were focused on Isabella. She flitted around his -their- bedroom, her hair still down and damp from their shower. Her dress was half on and she fumbled to put on her shoes.

He grinned, loving to watch her so at home having only moved in a few weeks ago. That first night they had met seemed so long ago, when in reality it was less than a year.

Isabella's eyes met his in the mirror and her eyebrow arched, silently chastising him for making them late. Edward shrugged a shoulder and grinned at her. He wasn't sorry for joining her in the shower and 'helping' her wash her soft skin.

"Can you get me my hair clip from my purse?" She asked softly, the hard look having melted from her face after he had smiled at her.

He nodded, finally getting that stupid bow-tie in place and properly tied. Edward hurried into the kitchen and emptied the contents of her purse onto the counter. His eyes fell on the slip of paper resembling a cheque.

His eyes widened. Quickly grabbing her clip, Edward hurried into their bedroom. "Bella, what's this?" He showed her the cheque.

"Oh, that?" She asked innocently, brushing back her hair.

"Yes, this!" Edward exclaimed, waving the cheque in front of her face.

"Marcus gave that to me. I haven't decided if I should deposit it or just tear it up." Still, she remained unfazed.

"But why did it he give it to you?" Edward asked, placing the cheque on their dresser. Bella tried but failed to zip her dress when she turned her back to him, silently asking him for help.

Her shoulders shrugged and she turned back to face him, smiling softly. "I think it was some kind of consolation for what his son had done. I didn't want to accept it, not wanting a payout since I had chosen to accept Mike's marriage proposal, but he assured me if I didn't, he would transfer the money to my account. I figured this was the easiest way, to just accept it." She pointed to the slip of paper.

Edward nodded. "That was very generous of him."

Isabella snorted. "Way too generous, if you ask me, but that's Marcus. Generous as the day is bright."

"It will remain a mystery how such a vile man as Mike could come from a father like Marcus." Edward shook his head.

"Yeah," Isabella nodded. "But he wasn't always that way. It's a shame that greed clouded his mind."

After a silent moment, remembering the man that brought them together, Edward grinned. "We could travel the world with money like that. Buy a house in Italy, drink wine every day."

Isabella giggled, brushing past him towards the door. "Come on, dreamer. We have a wedding to attend. get to."

At the door, Edward spun her to face him, again kissing her lips soundly, pressing her against the still closed door. "I love you, Isabella Swan."

She smiled, wiping lipstick from his lips. "I love you, too, Edward Masen Cullen."

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