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Chapter 2: What ever became of Cedric Digory?

February 14 1991, Great Hall just after The Potter incident, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cedric took one last look around the Great Hall.

Pomona along with all the female teachers were looking at him with an appraising smile, some were even chuckling in mirth.

All the girls were talking amongst one another in hushed whispers, no doubt talking about the byplay between the first year Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, then as if on cue they would stare at Cedric, give a slight blush or giggle and continue their hushed conversation, this time about what Cedric would do for his intended.

Lastly all the older guys were giving him the evil eye.

Cedric wanted to stand up and yell at everyone that he had absolutely no part of this what so ever! All he did was answer some questions off handedly. He did not plan this! He is not some mastermind of love and romance! Most importantly, he did not break the Guy Code!

The code which Cedric is referring to is this:

Thou shall not embarrass thy brothers in front of their intended for thou and thy brothers are united in the cause!

Sadly it seems like no one would believe him. 'All I wanted to do was get a girlfriend and maybe spend some time in a broom closet! How could this have gone so wrong?' he mentally whined.

Well nothing to it, he'll just have to grin and bear it. Besides it will blow over eventually. Before he could get up and head to Cho he was surrounded by a flock of first and second year students.

"Brilliant idea Ced!" came the voice of a first year Gryffindor.

"Genius, pure genius!" came another voice.

"Hey, I'm about to ask a third year. Got any pointers you want to share?" asked eagerly a third voice.

Thus came question after question. Cedric tried to act civil and polite, tried to answer all the questions he could but this just solidified his guilt in the eyes of the older male students.

After answering the last of the questions he got up only to meet face to face with a smiling Cho Chang who was standing next to the Hufflepuff table.

"That was sweet of you Cedric." Came the soft voice of Cho, calming Cedric and giving him courage at the same time.

Cedric holding out his arm, much like in the fashion Harry did, for Cho to grab hold of.

"May I interest you in a walk around the Black Lake?"

"But of course Milord." Cho answered with a giggle.


February 14 1991, Near the Black Lake, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

"I bought these for you, I hope you like them." Cedric said as he gave Cho the chocolates and flowers.

His voice filled with confidence, eyes burning as a mighty fire, he waited for Cho's love filled reaction.

With a smile Cho took Cedric's gifts, gently examining them. The happy smile on her face faded being replaced by one of confusion then one of pure anger. Cedric, still deluded, noticed none of this until he heard Cho's soft voice.

"How ordinary…" drawled Cho.

"Yes. Wait what?" Cedric asked in confusion.

"You help a first year make some no-one bookworm's wildest fantasy come true in the middle of the Great Hall, making every woman green with envy and jealousy and all I get are some expensive weeds!" screamed Cho.

"No… wait… I…" stuttered Cedric.

"Did you or did you not help him with his Valentine's Day?" demanded Cho!

"I did but…" Cedric tried desperately to convey the actual facts of the matter but to no avail. Cho was unstoppable.

"Did you deny even one allegation where people said it was your plan?"

"No I didn't but… please hear me out!" pleaded Cedric.

"You have nothing to say to me! My mother warned me about men like you! You are a lazy pig that believes money with get them anywhere! You didn't put any real effort to this day! You are just like the Malfoys!"


At the exact same moment, Male dorms, Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Pansy was sitting on Draco's bed, cradling a red rose that Draco gave her as his public present. After giving her their hidden signal they both retreated to Draco's personal dorm. He made Crab and Goyle stand guard, cast half a dozen locking and privacy spells after which Draco finally felt safe enough to show his personal present.

The young Malfoy heir was taught from an early age that family comes first. Alongside that he was also taught about the importance of the Guy Code. A cold chill went down his spine as he remembered the possible repercussions of disrespecting it. He could only feel sorry for Cedric.

Thinking of happier thoughts he took out his violin and started playing to Pansy a song that he personally composed for her.


20 minutes later, Near the Black Lake, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cedric was nursing his left cheek which was still glowing red from the slap that Cho left him. Sighing in resignation he was at least happy that the boys didn't bug him.

At that moment he jumped up, feeling the urge to clear his bowels, he started frantically running towards the nearest toilet.

When he got out of sight a disillusioned Professor Flitwick appeared.

"For honor and the Guy Code!" he silently whispered.


An hour later, The nearest male's toilet, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cedric left the stall with a heavy sigh. It seems like nothing went according to plan today. He felt like everything he ate this year came out of him. Staring on the ground, deep in thought, he headed towards the sink to wash his hands not noticing the red and gold trimmed students standing around him, waiting.

Raising his head, to check his face in the mirror he stumbled back in shock. All around him were the older Gryffindor boys, some cracking their knuckles, some brandishing their wands. Fred and George were even there polishing their beater bats. All wishing to show them their displeasure as their girlfriends showed them theirs for their lack of effort.

A cough brought his attention to Percy Weasley, who was the designated spokesperson for the mob.

"Cedric Digory, we would like to know if you have ever heard of something called… The Guy Code." Percy said in a monotone, repressing his anger after Penelope informed him of her opinion of his date.

Cedric's last pleasant thought was that Madam Pomfrey was female.

If he only knew that outside of the bathroom stood the older Slytherins who's dates were also disappointed with their lack of effort.


February 14 1991, Great Hall dinner time, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster Dumbledore looked over his students at dinner, a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face. It always made his old heart beat a bit faster just by feeling all the love in the air. Looking at young Mr. Potter happily listening to Miss Granger at the Hufflepuff table made all the sacrifices in the last war feel worthwhile. However he was a bit disconcerted with all the negativity surrounding Mr Diggory, he at least hoped that… but before he could finish his thoughts a silver Patronus shot in the Great Hall, stopping above his plate.

In a voice everyone could recognize the patronus stated, "Mr. Diggory is currently in the hospital wing, he is not in critical condition but… OH MERLIN! How does that even fit in there!?"

Dumbledore slowly stood up, leading Pomona to the Hospital Wing. He hoped that the state in which he would find Mr. Diggory would at least be better than the case in '69. He couldn't remember what actually happened with the poor sod he just knows he somehow managed to successfully Obliviate himself of the memory.

Mouthing something to Severus that only he could make out, he exited through the door.

Severus walked to the podium, addressing all the students.

"50 points shall be deducted from Hufflepuff" Snape drawled, "for the break of a most Ancient and Noble code of conduct. Let us hope that this incident shall never be repeated again."

For the first time in memory the Gryffindor boys alongside with the Slytherin boys stood up and cheered at Snape's declaration, all while the younger boys and all the girls just looked on confused not understanding what happened.