AN: Hello everybody, VigilentSempai here to present to you with the first ever installment Naruto: Catalyst of the Supernatural. As you know, this is a Naruto-Highschool DxD crossover, that will take place after the Fourth Shinobi War with a twist. The story will not follow canon DxD though it will bear similarities. I say this because I have only gotten to the Excalibur Arch, which is a far as I could get reading online. With that said, know that I do not know the whole storyline and have decided to mix the two universes, something that I find rare in Naruto-DxD crossovers.

This will be a harem story, that will include several girls from both anime. I do plan on writing lemons for this story, so if you don't tell, I won't.

Now! Onto the story!

Naruto was glad that the headphones he had brought today didn't let any noise go anywhere but in his ears or else the whole library would be subjected to his music and he'd have to turn it down and, currently, that wasn't an option for him. The only good way to listen to music was at max volume. In front of him rested his computer, an empty bento next to it, the glare from the sun making him wish he'd chosen his normal spot toward the inner corner of the room but something had compelled him sit next to the window, allowing him a great view of the city in the distance and the courtyard below.

Naruto watched as three people, males, conversed with each other as they peeked in one of the girls teams in their locker room, the kendo team if he remembered correctly. Several moments later Naruto's guess was proven correct as they girls streamed out of the locker room clad in towels or spare articles of clothing to cover their modesty. As he watched, two guys disappeared before the girls caught sight of them leaving their single friend to the feel the collective wrath of the whole girls kendo club.

Normally someone in Naruto's position would have laughed, snorted or even scoffed, but he just watched, unaffected before he caught sight of his reflection in the window. His usually unruly hair was pulled into a ponytail that fell just passed his shoulders. His face was angular with three lines one each cheek that led to him constantly getting asked if he had whiskers whenever someone took the time of day to talk to him. His blue eyes looked back at himself from the window before they hardened, a frown marring his face momentarily before he looked back to the crowd of girls beating the poor boy.

It seemed he had spaced out for a few minutes as they girls were dispersing, a twitching mass of flesh left in their wake. The boy had been beaten so bad that he was indiscernible from a pile of body parts, in fact the only thing that signified that he was alive was the slight twitching of his body, and even then corpses were known to do that…

Naruto's misgivings were unfounded, as miraculously the boy stood up, still bruised and battered but no to the extent that it had been before. As he watched, the boy ran his hand through his brown hair, before heading off toward the school building. Watching him, Naruto's lips twitched up.

Issei Hyoudou was a good person; average looking, with an average height, and spiky brown hair. Like Naruto, he wore a variation of the Kuoh Academy uniform: a vertically black striped, long sleeved white shirt under a black blazer decorated with a white accents, black pants and sneakers. Normally, the student wore a ribbon around their neck, but both Issei and Naruto had forgone it; both of them keeping the top three buttons open. Where that was the end of Issei's uniform variation Naruto went further, rolling up his sleeves of both his blazer and shirt to his elbows.

Hearing the bell ring Naruto was brought out of his thoughts before he lazily stood, stopping his music. He turned off his laptop, before stuffing it and his headphones into his school bag, before slinging the accessory over his shoulder and proceeding toward the door, empty bento in hand. He crossed the library at his own pace, giving a lazy wave and grin to the librarian, the bento finding it's way into the trash as he left.

A couple minutes later, Naruto stood in front of his English class his bag resting on his desk.

"-Honestly, Naruto, are you even listening to me?"

"Hmm?" Naruto said, before turning to his teacher, "Sorry, Tsukiko-sensei, did you say something?" Several people in the class laughed, their teacher flushing a light red. Kohana Tsukiko was a young woman, only about twenty-five with green hair that fell down her back stopping at her waist. She was tall, about the same height as Naruto, who stood a little under six-foot-one, when she wore high-heels. She was today, he noted idly . She had a great figure, that her business suit clearly outlines: a grey vest over a white button up shirt that stopped before her elbows. Her shirt had the top two buttons opened, showing off pale skin that constantly made Issei stare and drool. Her long legs were covered by grey stockings, and a tight pencil skirt that even Naruto had trouble keeping his eyes off of when she turned around.

Her emerald green eyes narrowed dangerously, or Naruto guessed they did as her left eye was covered by a bang of her hair so he only had one to go off of.

"Are you telling me," Tsukiko started in a low, dangerous voice, "That for the last minute in a half that I have been scolding you, you've been ignoring me?" Sensing danger, Naruto fell back onto his pre-planned escape strategies- Default One.

"Sorry," he said, as he rubbed the back of his head giving a sheepish grin, "I got caught up on the road to life."

"You used that when you were late last week."

Naruto gave a sheepish laugh again inwardly cursing himself. 'Shit, wrong situation! Escape Plan One!' "Did I?," he asked. "I guess I was too caught up in your beauty to think straight." He saw her eye widen momentarily, before she deadpanned.

"You weren't even looking at me, Naruto."

'Escape Plan One: Ver. 2!' "You're just so radiant, I didn't want to go blind." he barely finished his sentence before a clipboard landed on his nose hard enough to draw a small amount of blood. He stumbled backwards into the table right under the blackboard.

"Quiet, you," Tsukiko said, before turning back to the class. They had been watching with rapt attention, and, as if this was a rare occurrence (it wasn't). They had even started taking bets on whether Naruto was going to get off without a punishment.

"That's 100 yen. I told you, Kyoya."

"No, you said he'd get punished not hit, so I don't owe you crap."

"You still owe me 500. I said he'd be hit, not punished. At least not publicly- their illicit student-teacher relationship allows him to get away with stuff like this."

"Do they did it yet?"

"Nora-chan, I'm sure they christened each and every desk in this classroom."

At that the class exploded in commotion. Several students lurching from their seat as if scalded, some sat stiff and pale, Issei had his head to the desk murmuring to it (asking about boobs no doubt), and, as Naruto watched, one girl in the very back corner, tentatively leaned forward and sniffed the desk.

'What the fuck? At least have the decency to not do this when we are here.'

Naruto just stood his eyebrow raised and amused smirk on his face. He turned to his teacher, laying his hand on her shoulder, leaning in close to her ear before whispering loud enough for the whole room to hear.

"Should I tell them what we do when you take me to the staff room?"

The class turned deathly still, no one moving for a second, before all head turned to him with blank faces. Then, suddenly, like a spreading wildfire, one student, a girl, blushed. Then two, then four, then more and more until every single face in the classroom was cherry red, steam coming from their ears. Well except Issei.

He had passed out from bloodloss.

Naruto chuckled to himself. He was the Prank Kings, no Emperor, and he always took an opportunity to have a good laugh whether at or with others. Not that he ever did anything intentionally demeaning. Who knew that one girl had a fetish for leashes?

Who has a fetish for leashes?

Naruto's amusement was short lived, when he felt his teacher stiffen under his hand. Inwardly, Naruto knew what was to come, it was inevitable, predictable even.

Slowly, haltingly, Tsukiko turned to Naruto, her lips pulled into a pleasant smile showing sharp, pointed teeth. Her head was bowed slightly, shadowing her normally visible eye that was was shining with a deep red light, filled with murderous intent.

"Naruto…" her voice sounded like she had swallowed several bags of sweets, practically dripping with sugar so sweet it was lethal. Naruto only had time to gulp and raise his arms slightly before his teacher exploded. "DON'T! ENCOURAGE! THEM!" Each word was punctuated by her magic clipboard, which she didn't have before, slamming down on Naruto's head. Normally Naruto was able to withstand her 'tough love' as he liked to tell people that asked, but not this time and Naruto ended up on the floor three bumps, one on top of the other, sprouting from his head, his eyes swirling in their sockets.

Indeed, 'hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.'

After a couple of minutes, Tsukiko had calmed the class down enough and convinced the kids to sit into their seats ("No one performed illicit acts at any of your desks! Least of all me!"), revived Issei for a second time (The first he had asked if Naruto had seen her boobs), and made sure Naruto didn't have any lasting damage. Now he sat on the table in the front as Tsukiko addressed your class.

"Now, If you all remember, your first project this year was a research project about anything connected to the Sigmund Freud and to do a five minute minimum presentation on your research."

"Yeah," Issei called from his seat, "and Naruto didn't have to do it." He paused, a heavy blush staining his face so heavy in fact that a trail of blood ran from his nose. "That's right, because he-"

"Asked to combine his presentation for this class' presentation with his biology project," the green haired woman said before Issei could continue. Obviously, if he had continued nothing good would have come of it.


"As expected of the number one student in the grade."

"That doesn't matter, I feel pity for him. All that research…"

Tsukiko smirked. "Yes. He asked me and Etsu-sensei to combine them. We relented and gave him an extension on the project, and today he will be presenting the information to the class today." She glanced at him with a smile. "You are ready, correct?"

He nodded.

"Okay, class make sure you give Naruto the same amount of attention you give me." She stepped behind her desk, sinking into her desk elegantly.

Naruto was actually hopeful they wouldn't. Whenever Tsukiko-sensei gave a lecture, everyone listened, not just because she actually was a great teacher (Which was a surprise as it was her second year of teaching), but because she always sat in the front of the class on the table that Naruto sat on now, her legs crossed elegantly and an arm under her bust drawing both the eyes of both gender. How she did it, both function under the stairs continuously and not show the class her panties, Naruto would never know.

He did know that it was number four on the list of things Issei wants to see before he graduates.

Giving the green haired woman another smile, Naruto stood and faced the class.

"Alright," he said tugging at his collar, "I was originally going to do this with a powerpoint but I decided that I'd go with a lecture, so please bare with me here because I'll be giving a lot of information." Seeing all eyes on him, Naruto continued. "Has anyone wanted to have superpowers?"

The question seemed to catch people off guard, but soon enough several people started nodding or raised their hands.

Naruto grinned. "Ever wonder why we don't have any?" he asked, but didn't wait for a reply. "Its because we don't need, or rather we already do in a sense." He paused, seeing the little amount of reservation the other kids had to listening to a boring lecture vanish, Naruto continued as he started walking around the room. "I'll be informing you all upon stem cells and, what Freud calls, the Id. Now I know many are wondering how the two are connected, and I agree it seems like they aren't related at all, but please be opened minded."

Suddenly Naruto's hand flashed at a girl, snapping under her nose. She let out a small 'Eep!' as she lurched back in her desk.

"Sorry," he murmured to the girl before continuing like nothing happened. "Freud classifies the Id as, simply, our base instincts. Freud's definition relies heavily upon sexual desire and our instincts to avoid pain, or 'displeasure' as he put it. As an example, we could say that Hyoudou-san is a great representation of Freud's Id. His sexual desire has a large impact on his life and decisions, resulting on him peeking on girls and seeking the, ah, 'pleasure of oppai'."

"Got that right!" Issei called, causing Naruto to sweatdrop. At the least wait until he had finished his explanation.

"At the same time," Naruto continued, "he has repressed his Id as he seems to have a lack of self-preservation instincts as he is constantly beaten for doing the same things." Naruto was satisfied to see the boy deflate a little. Walking until he was back to the girl he had just scared. "Now I say this because, as I said before by by Freud's assumption the Id should control our bass instincts such as our fight or flight response."

Naruto's hand shot out, his fingers snapping under the girl's nose again, but, unlike last time, her head only jerked back a little bit less violently than the first time, and she didn't squeak. Glancing around he was glad to see the slightly surprised faces of his classmates.

"Can anyone tell me why she didn't react the same way that she did the first?"

The students were quiet for a second, contemplating, before a girl in the back raised her hand. "Because she already experienced it," she stated confidently, before turning shy. "Right?"

"Correct." Naruto smiled. "But how does that stopping from squeaking again? If it happened once it should happen again, right?" That seemed to bring the class up short; there heads turning as he started to walk back to the front of the class. "Exactly," he said to the silence. 'There is nothing that says that, that is suppose to happen, so how does it?" He paused for a second waiting for a reply. He didn't get one, but that was okay, he wasn't expect one. "Everyone remember how I said we already have super powers? Well you just saw it." Now standing at the front of the class, Naruto turned to see the confused faces of the class.

"That," he said pointing at the girl has unknowingly participated in his experiment, "that is our superpower as humans. Our adaptability." Seeing realization dawn upon the others, Naruto gave a giant grin. "Now that brings us to the biology part of this. The information I gathered and will tell you is all things that have been confirmed by scientist or with my own eyes with my own experiments.

"Stems cells, much like how the Id is the basis of the subconscious and conscious mind, is the basis for our bodies. They are the very first cells that we make as embryos in the womb that eventually make cells that make everything in our bodies. Blood, skin, organs, muscles, bone, fluides. Everything. They are, you could say the closest thing we will get to a conformation that there is a such thing as base instinct and, by extension, Freud's Id. As they are the only cells in your body that intentionally mutate to make more of what is needed in the body and hold the basis of our being in them, our DNA like red blood cells. So why haven't scientists made a way for us to have superpowers? Well that takes us into the biology of the brain.

"It is said that we only use 10% of our brain, but that untrue…"

"... While I said that we already have superpowers, if my hypothesis is correct human beings may eventually develop them just by evolution without even our own need to search for a way scientifically. Either way that the ability is found, it will develop from a base instinct, subconsciously, and on a cellular level with severe consequences to our mental process as a species." Naruto stopped, having talked for about half-an-hour nonstop, walking the room at least five times in the same span of time. He was currently sitting on the table at the front of the room, his mouth dry and his throat sore from constant speaking.

The silence in the room stretched for a while until it was apparent they were all waiting for Naruto to continue. Seeing nothing else to do, he decided to open up for question. They wouldn't have anything to ask really and he'd be able to finally wrap up the whole thing.

"Uh… any questions?"

Naruto immediately regretted his decision to ask that question as several hands rose into the air like missiles. Slightly taken back by his classmates enthusiasm, and the amount of question he would have to answer.

"Um, Issei."

The brunettes hand slammed down on his desk with a resounding smack, causing many to flinch, and he stood from his desk his chair falling over behind him. "Is it possible to get a power that allows me to be able to communicate with breasts?" Naruto, along with the rest of the class, fell flat on their faces at the absurdity of the question. Seating himself on the table again Naruto finding everyone looking at him expectantly.

'The hell is everyone looking at me like that for?' he asked himself before his eyes widened. 'W-wait! They don't actually want me to answer that question, do that? How the hell do you even come up with a question like that, much less come up with an answer that was more complex than yes or no?' Realizing that the silence was stretching and that Issei didn't seem to be breathing, Naruto glanced at his teacher, silently pleading for help. He was sure she was going to shoot Issei for asking such a lewd and obviously unnecessary question. To his surprise she didn't do that, but smiled.

"Well, Naruto?" she asked. "While the question is… different, I too would like to know if such… absurd things were possible for humans."

Staring at her gobsmack, Naruto took a second to realize that he would have to answer, and, judging by everyone's face, they wouldn't be appeased with a simple yes or no. Heaving a large sigh, Naruto rubbed his forehead, a headache already coming up. He looked up as Issei.

"Mythologically speaking, there is no doubt that such a thing is possible… but realistically… it's… more complicated."

"Hmm? Explain please," Tsukiko said.

Glancing around the room again, his eyes stopping on Issei, who looked like Christmas had come early, to the intent faces of his other classmates. He heaved another sigh, deciding to go with the truth.

"Scientifically speaking… the phenomenon is possible b-"

"YES!" Issei shouted cutting off Naruto. He had somehow made it to the top of his desk in the blink of an eye. A holy light was shining down upon him, brighter than the sun that was just starting its descent. A breeze ran through the room, ruffling Issei's hair. "EROGAMI-SAMA," he called, "I WILL NOT FAIL YOU! I SWEAR BY MY ARM, NO MY BODY, NO MY SOUL, I WILL OBTAIN THIS POWER! I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I DO AND HAVE SPOKEN TO EVERY BREAST OF EVERY GIRL IN THIS SCHOOL! YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT THANK YOU FOR SUCH A BOUNTIFUL OPPORTUNITY! I SHALL EXTEND YOUR INFLUENCE! INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF WORSHIPPERS! I'LL-Urk!"

Having had enough, Naruto had walked over and punched the boy in his stomach causing the boy to fall of his desk and hit the floor. Ignoring the downed man, Naruto made his way back to the front of the room. He sat back down and pinned everyone in the class stare.

"Yes. I did say that scientifically it is possible, BUT the probability of such a power being developed is astronomical, or, at best, abysmally small. Several factors need to be met. The ability to telepathically communicate needs to be created, what more it needs to be able to communicate to inanimate objects. If that ever happened it would mean that inanimate objects had a form of communication which would defunct everything the world knows about science in just about all areas of science.

"Either that, or breasts need to develop a conscious mind, a sentience. That itself has a higher possibility of happening, but even then the possibility of that happening in a world where everyone has superpowers, would be like trying to find a single, specific piece of hay in the entire world. By the time you pass there it would have been, it's already gone."

Issei stood up, one hand wrapped around his stomach the other pointing at Naruto. "I swear to you, Naruto, I will develop this power. I will prove to you that it can happen, and then I'll talk to all the boobs I come across!"

Naruto sighed. He had just said that it was possible based on his hypothesis hadn't he? Whatever. He gave Issei a smile. "Fine," he chuckled, "I you manage to do that, I'll take a swimsuit photoshoot for the photo club and write a smut novel with you as the protagonists. It'll be filled with a bunch of illicit scenes with hot woman, and if it ever comes out that someone wants to make a movie about it, I'll let you be the lead male actor. Deal?"

He had barely finished his question before Issei had sprung across the room, and grabbed Naruto's hand.

"Deal!" Issei shouted shaking Naruto's whole arm. "You better hold up your end of the deal!"

"No worries," Naruto said, pulling his hand out of Issei's grasp. "Now is there any other questions?" Less hands rose this time, but still enough. "Yes?" Naruto asked pointing at another student.

"What type of tests did you perform?" she asked as Issei made his way back to his seat.

"Mostly psychological ones on random students that tested human adaptability," he replied then laughed at the wide eyes of his classmates. "Don't worry all of the embarrassing ones I pulled on Issei."

"W-what!" Issei shouted from his spot. "You-"

"You remember that vendor last wednesday?" Naruto asked cutting across Issei. "The one with the huge melons?" Issei's face immediately lit up int recognition before becoming deathly pale.

"Y-you mean th-the one that…" Naruto nodded, giving the boy a foxy smile. "You pranked me!" Issei exclaimed, once again jumping from his chair and pointing an accusing finger at Naruto.

"No," Naruto said, unaffected the glares he was getting not only from Issei but from the rest of the class, "I did a psychological test. No prank. Besides, I don't know what you are talking about. You all seem to think that I am the one who is the cause of your… misfortune."

"Ah, maybe because every time someone someone does something to you, they end up on the wrong side of 'fortune."

"Not to mention you are the only one that hasn't been pranked."

"Yeah, you even got Tsukiko-sensei!"

At that Naruto had the decensy to look sheepish. He turned to the teacher who refused to look at him, rubbing the back of his head. "Hehe, well that's true that I have never been pranked, but I say that I'm just lucky. And if I was the prankster, I'd apologize very sincerely as I had no idea that she was just going to wear a white shirt that day. But sense I'm Naruto I can only say that orange was my favorite color beforehand, and that I think Tsukiko looks really good in that color."

At Naruto's words, Tsukiko's face practically exploded into red, her lips pursed tightly. In all honesty, he was partially at fault for that whole ordeal. But in his defense he had expected a substitute teacher after she had admitted that she had felt sick the day before. Not only that, but even if she had come to school, she should have chosen that day of all days to forgo wearing her grey vest.

To his credit he had reacted quickly after the bucket had fallen and had covered her with his blazer.

Before anything else could happen the school bell rang, and the students seemed to forget everything besides going to clubs or home. Naruto waited at the head of the class, bidding goodby to Issei as the brunet passes by him. Less than a minute after the class had ended Naruto was left in a classroom with his teacher alone, except for the desks and chairs.

"So," he started, "How'd I do?"

"A minus at least," Tsukiko said without missing a beat, turning to several papers on her desk. "In still need to talk to Etsu-sensei before I finalize the grade."

"Really?" he asked. "I could have sworn I got a perfect."

"A minus," Tsukiko emphasized, pinning him with a glare. "Take this as punishment on pranking Issei-san. The poor boy probably didn't know what happened to him."

"Yeah, yeah sensei," Naruto waved off her glare, not culled in the least to stop his pranks. "Anyway," he said slipping off the table and hopping onto her desk, "Wanna go out to eat tonight?"

Tsukiko deadpanned. "You do realize that sound like you're asking me on a date, don't you?"

Naruto waved his hand in the air as if shooing a really persistent fly. "I don't really care about how it sounds. It got my point across, so that's good enough for me. So, you comin'?"

Tsukiko shrugged, not even looking up from her paperwork.

"It's thursay."

She grunted.

"It's my turn to pay," he added almost as an afterthought. He grinned when his teacher slowly looked at him. "How's sushi sound?"

"... Five minutes."

Ten minutes later, Naruto was walking down the street, hands shoved into his pockets, Tsukiko by his side, her hands holding her purse in front of her, the last of the school disappearing in the distance.

"So," he called to his companion, "Expensive and no dessert, or cheaper, dessert and a movie?"

His teacher raised an eyebrow that Naruto didn't see as he was focusing ahead. "My Naruto," she said her voice holding a coy tone to it, "This does sound like a date. Is there something you want to tell me?" Naruto grunted and she laughed. "While I'm flattered, I must tell you I will not partake in any illicit action with my students."

"Take it how you want," Naruto grunted. "So which one?"

"I'll go with the second option."

"Okay." Naruto grabbed her arm and pulled her gently to the side, before he took out his phone and started searching for movies at the local cinemas. Quickly finding something, Naruto glanced up at his teacher and flashed her a grin. "Alright, Tsukiko-sensei, I found something that we can watch, but we'll have to wait for dinner. That okay?"

Tsukiko brought a hand up and tapped a finger to her chin in thought. "Sure," she said after some thought, "but I want chocolate."

Chuckling to himself, Naruto jerked his head to the side and started walking in the direction of the theater, his teacher's heels tapping on the concrete beside him. Luckily the theater was relatively close, and they got there before the movie started. Naruto snorted when the ticket seller and concessions guy gave him a conspicuous (Or so they thought) thumbs up.

They took seats toward the middle of the theater as it was relatively empty. The previews weren't even started but Tsukiko was already starting on her Hershey's bar, a happy smile on her face. Naruto chuckled to himself.

'Woman and chocolate… ' he thought as he popped a buttery colonel of popcorn into his mouth. He'd never understand their fascination, but then again, he didn't need to. He just needed to have enough money to buy it and they'd be content, so, by default, would he.

Being a guy was actually easy.

"Why do you do this?" Tsukiko asked, snapping him out of his thoughts, half her chocolate gone. "At least once a week we go out, more most the time, and you always ask on thursdays or fridays. Why?"

Chewing his lip in thought for a second, Naruto shifted in his seat so that he was turned partially to her. "It's to say thank you."

Tsukiko cocked her head to the side, her green eye glistening in the theater lights. "For what?"

Naruto smiled. "For being there when no one was."

Realization dawned in her face, before she frowned. "Naruto," she started, "I was just doing my job not-" She stopped when Naruto started furiously shaking his head.

"We both know that you went above and beyond what your job entails."

It was true, and Naruto knew it while Tsukiko constantly tried to downplay everything that she had done. For as long as Naruto could remember he had been alone, his mother having reportedly died in a car accident when he was four. He didn't remember her, except for red hair, only having a strange red spiral necklace to remember her by which he wore around his neck at all times. After the accident, having no one as a guardian, Naruto was put into the orphanage in the village that he had been living in. The village was small, not even having a name and not even being able to be found on a map. The people there had been extremely superstitious, and had found the fact that Naruto had survived the accident without a scratch a bad omen.

For years Naruto had been labeled as a demon, suffering neglect and abuse from the villagers. Nothing lethal, but he still had scars to prove it. Surprisingly enough, despite being such a small village the were still technologically up to date, which turned out to Naruto's saving grace. For the eight years that Naruto had been in the village after his mother's death, he had been ostracized and left out, beaten on occasion, his only escape being books, music, singing, writing and nature, which led him to being the top of his class.

One day a satellite repair crew came from the next town over. They came with two men and left with a small stow away (Naruto) in the back. It took several hours for the van to reach the next town and twelve year old Naruto spent the time reading and snacking on some food he had bought beforehand. When the van made it to the town, a city really, Naruto ran away before the men could even find out that they had a little boy on board.

From then on, Naruto went to a publisher and had a story that he had written published. It had taken a lot of work to even get the guy to read it, but once he had, it took considerably less effort to get it published under his real name. Having taken $25,000 in cash up front with a hefty percentage of the profits, Naruto had considerably more trouble getting a place to say, but in the end he did. He stayed in the town for four more years until he finished middle school. As a genius, he could have finished middle school in only a year, another half if he had decided to be a little lazy, but he decided that he'd stay with kids his age.

Even though he was no longer in his village, Naruto was still ousted, not as severely or harshly as before, but kids still avoided him, and he was later labeled as a delinquent when he defeated some kids after they attacked him for his hair color. It soon became too much for Naruto, so toward the end of his middle school days, Naruto had decided that he'd go to a high school in a different city, and if he was still treated badly he'd commit suicide.

So he took the entrance exam for Kuoh Acadamy, passed with a perfect score, moved to Kuoh, and attended the school as a first year. But even with Naruto trying to break out of his shell and being nice to people, the students still held him at arm's length at best. At the end of the first month of his first year, rumors started that he was in league with some big time yakuza, or that he was a demon that had killed his family and bathed in their blood in return for super intelligence. The stares and way people shied away from him had shattered the last of Naruto's resolve and he decided that it was over for him.

So after a week of staying at his home to write the first book of his second series, Icha Icha, Naruto went to school ignoring the questions of his teachers and just attended classes. Then, well after the last bell rang, Naruto made his way to the school roof, where he prepared himself to jump, and he would have if it wasn't for one person.

Kohana Tsukiko.

She had apparently heard about his disappearance and how he had ignored his teachers that day in the staff room that day and was a little curious. By a fortunate, for Naruto, hapstance she had stayed late that day, and had heard him walking through the halls by himself. Curious, she followed him to the roof where he was about to jump. Now being a second year teacher, she didn't have any interaction with the blond, and it as well being her first year teaching she didn't really know a lot about what teachers were suppose to do in certain situations, but in that instance she didn't hesitate.

Just as he was about to step off, she sprang forward and pulled him back into a hug.

Naruto stunned at first, didn't know what had happened, but when he heard the green haired woman crying something inside of himself snapped and he cried for the first time that he could remember. For a whole week after that, she hadn't left him alone, making sure that he ate, slept and didn't try to kill himself again.

In the end, Naruto had decided that he wouldn't, and instead chose to listen to the woman and find something to live for. So, Naruto had decided that he'd live to pay her back for what she did for him. Sense then, Naruto had decided that she was the only person that he would willingly die for.

She is the closest person Naruto had to someone that cared for him in his life.


"Shh," he cut her off, "the previews are starting."

The lights dimmed in the theater, and the film reel started rolling. Still Naruto could still feel his teacher's gaze on him.

Half way through the movie, Naruto got up to get a refill of popcorn. Whispering some words in Tsukiko's ear, Naruto stood and left as the male and female lead of the movie stared longingly into each other's eyes. It wasn't the choice of movie Naruto would have chosen if he was by himself, but Tsukiko was a sucker for romance movies.

After grabbing a refill for his popcorn, Naruto, on a whim, bought another bar of chocolate for Tsukiko and some licorice for them to share. Returning to his movie, Naruto couldn't help but stop and blink as the protagonist's butt was displayed on screen.

'...' deciding it wasn't worth focusing on, Naruto climbed back to his seat. Luckily by the time he sat down next to Tsukiko the scene had changed..

"Here," he whispered to his teacher, handing her the chocolate.


He grunted, throwing popcorn into his mouth. Rather unexpectedly, Tsukiko wrapped her arms around his, her head leaning on his shoulder. Blinking a little, Naruto shrugged it off, and went back to eat his popcorn making sure not to jostle her if he could.

By the time the movie ended, the popcorn was gone as was half the bag of licorice. Naruto and Tsukiko stepped out the cinema, her arms still wrapped around his. Taking a deep breath, Naruto turned to his teacher.

"Well that ran longer than expected," he said. It was almost six in the afternoon, and he still had to take her to dinner and get her dessert before the night was over. He was really glad that it was near the end of the week.

Tsukiko smiled at him. "Mmm!"

Chuckling, Naruto pulled her down the street. "Come on. I know a place around here that serves good sushi." Naruto was internally glad that he had just got another check from the publishing company. Tsukiko could eat her weight and a half again in sushi.

And that was on a good night.

Soon enough they were seated in a local family run restaurant seated in a both. Tea rested in front of each of them as they sat in a silence, gazing at the sky outside as it turned from yellow to orange to red then purple and finally a deep blue.

"Ne, Naruto," Tsukiko said into the silence, "How do you pay for all of this? We've done this a lot, yet you always pay for at least one thing."

"Trade secret," he said, laughing when Tsukiko pouted. "Fine, fine. I write books," he said.

"Naruutooo," she whined, her bottom lip jutting out slightly. Naruto suppressed a laugh. It was always good to see this side of his teacher, the one where she was just a giant highschool girl. "I know that. I read your work, it's good by the way, but you can't possibly still be getting money for a book that came out several years ago."

Inwardly flattered that she liked the book, Naruto had to stop himself from just blurting out that most of the money that he had came from his Icha Icha series. Woman hated 'Jiraiya the Sage' for creating such perverted books despite them being the forerunners whenever a new shipment of them come in too the bookstores. It's for the romance, they say.


"Actually," Naruto said after taking a sip of tea to buy himself to formulate a conceivable lie. "I am," he said, which was the truth but it wasn't much and judging from Tsukiko's face she had reached the same conclusion. "But," he said, "I just got paid because I'm releasing the first book to a series that I'm writing currently. I have the first two books finished and I just brought the first one into my publisher yesterday."

"Really!?" Tsukiko asked, startling him with her enthusiasm. "When is it coming out?"

"A couple of months. I'm not sure," Naruto said, sweating nervously inside. 'Note to self: go to the publisher tomorrow.' He did have the books done, but had been putting it off for a little bit of time now.

"What's it about? Where's it take place? It it a female protagonist again this time? When's it taking place? Can I read it before it's published?" Naruto sat back a little, surprised by the barrage of question. To be honest with himself, he didn't even remember all her question, they all just kind of ran together and he wasn't able to discern one from another. Still, despite the situation, Naruto couldn't help smirking. Tsukiko was a great teacher and very mature, but he found out pretty early that sometime she could be just like a highschool girl one a sugar high.

It was pretty cute.

"The series is called The Ninja Way and the first book is called Scrolls and Kunai. Sorry, It's not going to have a female protagonists, but there are going to be great female supports." He paused to take a sip of tea. "As for if you can read it before it's published…" he made a face, "maybe a little itty-bitty bit."

Tsukiko's face lit up as she smile so wide that her eye closed. She flashed him a peace sign. "Thanks, Naruto-kun."

Smiling to himself, Naruto couldn't help but feel his heart jump a little. "I didn't you were such a big fan."

Tsukiko seemed to realize what had just happened and looked a bit sheepish. She scratched the back of her neck. "W-well yeah," she stuttered. "I really do enjoy your work."

"Oh? do you want an autograph?"

She snorted. "Hardly," she said. "I'm your teacher. I've seen you penmanship."

"Oi!" he exclaimed in mock anger. "My handwriting is superb!"

"More like subpar," she said airily, her words like arrows that stabbed through Naruto. Crumbling onto the table, a dark cloud formed over Naruto's head.


Tsukiko giggled behind her hand, snapping Naruto out of his dark state as he looked up at her and smiled.

"Ne, Tsukiko," Naruto called cautiously, deciding to forgo using an honorific to see if she was okay with it. She smiled at him. "How your life?" he asked causing her to develop a curious look. "It's just," he started, sitting up and swirling the tea in his cup, "whenever we do stuff like this we never really talk about you. I know some stuff about you, but I still don't know you. So I was just wondering…" he trailed off unexpectedly bashful.

He glanced up to see Tsukiko staring at him with an unreadable expression, before she sighed, and took a sip of her tea. Setting it down, she looked out her window.

"I never knew my mother," she stated. "I was told that I look like her though, but I grew up with my father. He was a great man and always supported me no matter how hard life was. We lived in the lower end of Tokyo where crimes were pretty common, but no one ever messed with me or my dad. Actually no one messed with our whole neighborhood. You see, dad was ex-military, Special Forces, and knew how to protect himself and me. Anyway, I grew up with my dad, and he never got with another lady besides my mom despite being rather good looking. So it goes without saying I'm an only child.

"I went to school, did good. Great actually. I graduated at the age of thirteen, but by that time my dad had contracted cancer. He was a smoker you see. Sense he was seven if he's to be believed." She laughed a little, a clear sound that sounded a little sad and bitter if her face was anything to go by. She paused, obviously lost in thought. Naruto didn't say anything, but nearly panicked at the site of a single tear rolling out from underneath her green hair that covered her eye. "He died when I was eighteen," she continued probably not realizing that she was. "I was at college at the time in England. Even when he was sick he insisted that I go…" Another tear fell.

"Despite his death I managed to graduate at the head of my class, and even go back to get my masters in Language and English Literature. When I got my masters two years ago, I realized that I didn't know what I wanted to do. I had been so focused on finishing college I didn't think about what happened after. My father… he always told me to get my schooling, to finish so that I don't have to work but do something that I like. Yet when I finished… I didn't have friends or any family left, so after about of month of working as a secretary for some big-time CEO, a job I got just because of my looks, I decided that I wanted to teach, and came to Kuoh Academy."

Naruto saw her hands clench on top of the table.

"Dad wanted to be a teacher, but had decided to go into the army because he couldn't get the grades… Maybe i-if I had stayed… Would he-" She stopped, her body stiffening when Naruto reached across the table and took her hands in his own. They were small, but more importantly, they were trembling. Tsukiko turned back to him, her eye wide and slightly frightened. Not deterred Naruto smiled at her.

"I'm sure he would be very proud of you," he said making her eye widen even more. "I never had anyone that cared about me the way your father obviously did, but there is no doubt that any parent would be proud if their child had done what you did." He rubbed the pad of his thumb over the back of her hand. Her skin was smooth, he noted idly. "Are you getting enough money to live comfortably?" he asked, the random question startling the greenette.


"Do you love what you do?"


"Do you still love you father?"


"Are you happy?"

At this one she paused, her lips pursed. Her eyes flickered to their joined hands, before landing on his own blue ones. She nodded.

Naruto smiled at her.

Not his usual happy-go-lucky smile, or even his foxy smirk, but his genuine, soft, comfortable smile. He stood a little, his hands leaving hers and reaching up to gently caress her face, his thumbs wiping the tears.

"Then don't cry because I have no doubt that your father would be proud."

Tsukiko sat stunned for a second, before his words and position hit her. A blush sprang up on her cheeks but a watery smile lit up her face. "Naruto…"

They stared at each other for a second, before a cough broke them out of their moment. Naruto practically sprang back into chair, while Tsukiko turned her head trying to hide her burning face.

"Your food," the waitress said, a guilty look on her face.

After dinner Naruto had decided to take Tsukiko for a short walk through a park. He lived nearby, and he knew that she didn't live too far from him though he had never been to her place. Ever since their moment at the restaurant Tsukiko seemed to be constantly smiling, her arm wrapped around his as he led her through the city.

Just before they had entered the park, Naruto had bought both of them dessert.

"What flavor do you want," he had asked her.

"Strawberry," she had replied instantly. "It's my favorite."

It was his as well.

They were walking through the park, a comfortable silence between them as they watched the last tendrils of sunlight receed from the sky.

It was nice, Naruto realized. He had enjoyed their day together, he always did, but it was more than just that. He had looked forward spending time with Tsukiko, and, even though his wallet was slightly thinner (something he blamed on the cinema more than Tsukiko), he wasn't annoyed that he had spent the money because it had obviously made her happy. Not to mention he relished in the feel of her body next to his. He wasn't going to do anything perverted, actually he wasn't even thinking of anything perverted, it was just that it was a new experience that he never really was able to experience before.

The feel of being close to someone physically was something that he desired for as long as he could remember, and now he was finally experiencing it.

"You wanted to read the new book that I'm having published, right?" he asked Tsukiko. She glanced at him, her eye leaving his half-eaten cone and resting on his face. she nodded. "Would you like to come with me to my place to get the final draft?"

She smiled at him, a mischievous light coming from her eye. "On one condition," she said.


"I want your ice cream," she replied causing Naruto to sweatdrop.

'Really? What's up with this girl?' he thought. 'She really has a sweet tooth...' Heaving a sigh, Naruto just held his ice cream cone out to her, which she quickly took and licked.

"Okay, Naruto, you can, ah, take me too your place," she said wagging her eyebrows suggestively. Naruto flushed, regretting his choice of words. Tsukiko laughed at his flushed face, making Naruto crack a small grin.

"Come on," he said pulling her along the path.

"Oh my!" Tsukiko exclaimed, her voice sugary sweet sending a shiver down Naruto's spine. "Your so forceful Naruto-kun," she said before she leaned in close to him her lips next to his ear. "Luckily for you, I can do rough."

The synapsis in Naruto's brain seemed to stop firing for a second, all the electricity that would have been created ran through his body causing his right hand to clench involuntarily. He stood still for a second, frozen, before Tsukiko's bell-like laugh in his mind. Snapping shut his mouth that had involuntarily fallen opened, Naruto gave his teacher a glare that lacked any real heat.

"Hahaha- ah, Na-Naruto-kun you sh-hould have- have seen your face," she gasped out. She clutched his arm tightly, leaning on him so as not to fall. Giving a large sigh, Naruto ran his hand through his hair. What had he gotten himself into?

He started off again, scowling. The greenette stumbled a little at the sudden motion, but started laughing with renewed vigor when she saw his face.

It took them only a couple of minutes to reach Naruto's apartment building, but by the time they reached it it was fully dark out, the streetlights shining in the night like orange fire. The duo stopped at the door of the apartment building.

"Do you want to come in, or do you want to wait here?" Naruto asked, getting a deadpanned stare in return. "Let me rephrase that; would you like tea or coffee?"

"I would like some coffee," she replied back, a smile springing up on her face. Naruto internally sighed, as he turned to open the door with his key.

'Jeez...' he thought as he fished through his pocket. taking it out, Naruto fitted the correct key into the lock giving it a nice twist hearing the lock give a nice shunk! Opening the door, Naruto turned.

"Welcome to La Casa de…" he glanced over his shoulder only to see open space. Blinking in surprise, Naruto glanced to his left seeing nothing other than the empty street. Giving a quick glance up in the absurd case that she grew wings to escape from him, he was actually happy to see that she hadn't .Turning to the right didn't see anything, at least at first.

As he was about to call out Tsukiko's name, he saw the light of the streetlamp shine off of something. Turning back to the right, Naruto squinted before his eyes widened.

It was a single black heeled shoe.

Feeling his blood run cold, Naruto dashed down the sidewalk, stopping once he reached the shoe. He stopped and picked it up, about to examine it when he heard a stifled groan a little further down the street. Panic flooded Naruto's system, and he dashed down the sidewalk in a sprint.

He nearly passed her, and when he saw he nerely wished he had. The ally she was in was small and thin, barely wide enough for two people to walk abreast. She was resting at the back of the alley, her back against the rough brick. Her face was ashen and sweetly, and even from where he stood Naruto could see the pain that her emerald green eye reflected, and he could see why.

There, right underneath her ribs, was a hole the size of a fist punched cleaned. Blood was flowing freely from the wound drenching her from waist down. Naruto would have thrown up at the sight if it had been anyone other than Tsukiko, but instead he gave into his panic. She started leaning to one side.

"Tsukiko!" he called, dashing to her side, catching her just in time to prevent her from hitting the ground. He pulled her body close to his, his hand pressed onto the wound hoping to stem the blood coming from wound. "Tsukiko!" he called again, his throat feeling tight. "Hey! can you hear me!?"

"N-not so… loud, Nar-Naruto-kun." Her voice was barely above a whisper, laced with immense pain, but still she managed to lock her eye on his, smiling slightly.

"T-Tsukiko," he murmured. His throat suddenly felt like something was being crushed, and his eyes blurred. A band seemed to tighten around his chest. "Tsukiko, d-don't. Please…"

Tsukiko smile got larger, her lips pulled back to reveal a bloody smile. "Naruto-kun…" she said one last time before her eye seemed to lose focus.

"Tsu-Tsukiko," Naruto called, swallowing passed the lump in his throat. The band tightened around his chest, almost like it was sinking into his skin. "Tsukiko…" he said again reaching a hand up to gently brush her hair out of her face. Her other eye was closed. Her smile was still upon her lips, and Naruto realized that his tasted salty. "I-I love you hair, Tsukiko," he said caressing her face leaving a bloody trail after his fingers. She was still warm.

The band around his chest seemed to sink into his chest, wrapping around something inside him. He pushed against it, hated it for some reason. He didn't want it. He wanted Tsukiki, not whatever the band was. He wanted, needed, Tsukiko.

"Pl-please," he said, his breaths coming in a gasps. "Please don't leave me. I… I can't stand i-it… I don't w-want to be alone a-again. Please… please… please!"

A hand round purchase on Naruto's shoulder yet he didn't look, his eyes were scanning Tsukiko's face memorizing it. Something in his chest reacted to the hand. It yearned for it, lurched for it but the band held, pulling it back.

"You want her back?" a voice asked. It was soft, motherly, soothing.

"Yes," Naruto said, his words tearing his throat.

"You care for her?"



"She is all I have."

The voice was silent for a while, before another hand rested on his other shoulder. The thing in his chest jumped again, causing Naruto to gasp as the band buckled nearly snapping before it contracted like a fist squeezing his heart. "What if I told you," the voice sounded right next to his ear, his sight growing black, "that I can bring her back."

Naruto's body jerked. He would have sprang up. He would have yelled this entity that, that was exactly what he wanted. He would have done all that, but the band tightened again and Naruto could only groan, his vision completely gone. A numbness started creeping through his body.

"It'll cost you though," the voice said, and Naruto found himself seeking it out in the blackness. "What will you give me in return?"

The numbness crept further into his body, the strength of his legs and arms and legs left him

'Anything,' Naruto thought, wishing he would talk. But it seemed he didn't need to because the voice apparently heard.

"Anything?" it mused sounded pleased. "Yes that will do." Suddenly Naruto drew in a shaky breath, as the band was pulled back. His vision returned and his eyes fell upon the downed form of Tsukiko. "You need to push," the voice said once again right next to ear. "Push and trust your instincts."

Naruto did just that. He pushed against the band, and felt warmth enter his whole body.

"Good," the voice said. "More."

And so Naruto did. He pushed more, and then more, and more and more until the band was stretched to the extreme and he couldn't push anymore.

"That's great, Naruto-kun. Now focus. Focus on the wound and push it away. Will it away."

His eyes landed on Tsukiko's face, pale and slack. He eyes trailed down her body halting where the hole was.

'That's not suppose to be there...'

"No, it isn't."

'Fix… it…'

"Yes, fix it. Will it away."

'Will it away?'

"Will it away."

'Will...' Naruto focused, imagining the wound wasn't there. He imagined smooth healthy skin unblemished and untarnished. Pain exploded in Naruto's chest, but he ignored it and instead focused and willed with all of his might. Gold light filled Naruto's vision, but he didn't close his eyes allowing him to watch as the hole in Tsukiko slowly stitched itself closed until there was nothing but smooth, pink-tinged skin.

Suddenly the thing in Naruto's chest snapped, and Naruto felt warmth flood through his entire being. The world exploded into gold, and Naruto felt the strength leave his quickly as it came. Falling backwards, Naruto felt himself being caught by a small but strong hands. His eyelids felt heavy, and his eyes wouldn't focus. Slowly the world lost its golden glow, and Naruto was able to see white hair. With an extreme force of will Naruto focused his eyes, and found his staring into three, two pale lavender and a third bloodred.

The action proved to be almost too much for him, as his eyelids finally closed.

"Who… you… ?"

Darkness encircled him as the last of his consciousness was drained from him.

"Your destined one," he heard the voice say as if from several miles away. "Any you are mine…"

He wanted to ask more. He was so curious. But he was so tired. Before he could ask more or even think to ask more, the last of his strength drained away, taking his consciousness along with it.

When he opened his eyes again, he was looking at the sky. It was dotted with puffy clouds that seemed to morph when he looked at it taking shapes of rather random things.

A bunny.

A ship.

A book.

A drop of water

A person.

Naruto didn't know how long he gazed at the sky, but he found it hard to look away as if it was compelling him look. With an enormous force of will, Naruto blinked. He paused then did it again. And then again. Then again, and again, and again, before he was able to close his eyes for a prolonged period of time which he used to draw in a deep breath.

The air was different, he realized. Not in a bad way, though, cleaner, maybe a little thinner, but cleaner and… herbier

'Is that even a word?'

Pushing the thought away, Naruto found that it was getting easier to do a second to reconnect himself with his body, Naruto heaved himself into a sitting position. He was in the middle of a rather large clearing. The trees were larger and greener than any he had ever seen before, the undergrowth below the canopy of trees was illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the thousands of holes in between the leaves.

Naruto slowly got to his feet, his gaze sweeping around him trying to find anything other than trees.

'Where am I? What's going on?'

He stood in the middle of the clearing still contemplating what to do. Should he go? Where? What if he went in the wrong way? Was there any civilization around? was there any civilization at all? Was there anything to eat?

Grimacing at the number of questions that suddenly sprang into his head, Naruto wasn't ready for the pulse of malevolent energy that suddenly washed over him.

It was thick and heavy. He felt that if it had a form it would want nothing more than to destroy the world, to see the greenery that he was seeing right now burning in a sea of flames so hot that the dirt would be reduced to ash, and the stone would turn to lava that flowed over the world and boiled the ocean into mist. It felt large and negligent of life, as if just one touch from it would take the life of whatever sentient lifeform that it touched.

The scariest thing about it was that he felt connected to it. He felt comforted by it, like he was sure that whatever gave of that feeling wasn't a problem for him to be concerned about because it wouldn't turn it's malevolence on him.

Turning in the direction that the energy came from, Naruto couldn't help but swallow the saliva that accumulated in his mouth.

What the hell happened to his life?

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