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~Chapter 1 ~ Puppy for Sale

            Jou grinned as he walked out of Yuugi's grandpa's store, a new Blue Eyes White Dragon card held in his hand.  It seemed that after they defeated Pegasus and helped Kaiba get his company back, more cards came out, and Yuugi's grandpa wasted no time in getting some of the rare ones.  Jou finally saved up enough money working at the animal shelter to get the card.

            Jou frowned a bit.  He remembered, that, as luck would have it, the first day he started working there, the worst possible person showed up...


            "Working with you own kind now, I see."

            Jou growled and whipped around to face Kaiba, dropping the dog food container on the ground with a resounding 'thunk', "What're ya doin' here, Kaiba??"

            Kaiba smirked, "Looking for a dog for Mokuba.  Though, unfortunately for you, I don't think you are the breed we're looking for."

            Jou sneered at him, "Ya couldn't afford me anyways, ya big rich pig!"

            Kaiba laughed to himself, "Well, at least you've faced up to being the mutt you are."

            Jou smirked, "I may not be a pure breed like ya are, Kaiba, but I ain't a snob, and I have friends to prove it.  Ya have all the heart of a Blue Eyes, which isn't much, I assure ya!"

            Kaiba frowned, "At least I can afford a decent pair of clothes!  And at least I am always there for MY sibling!"

            Jou's eyes flashed a moment with all the sadness of the world, then his face became emotionless, "I think you better leave, Kaiba... Now..."

            Kaiba snorted and turned on his heel, walking out.

~end flashback~

            Jou balled his hands into fists.  How DARE Kaiba bring up Shizura??  He sighed and walked towards his house.  As he drew closer, he began to slow his pace considerably.  He was really happy about the Blue Eyes, but he wasn't thrilled about doing home.  He couldn't even really call it home.  Not since his mother left with Shizura. 

            Jou sighed as he finally reached his front door, and slowly opened it...


            Jou stifled a cry as a fist connected with the side of his head, sending him into a wall.  Jou tried to stand up, but and elbow in his back knocked him back down onto the ground.

            "Where you been, boy??"  His father growled, his breath reeking of alcohol, and his clothes of cigarette smoke.

            Jou whimpered as a foot connected with his ribs, "Answer me when I ask you a question, boy!!"

            Jou spit a bit of blood from his mouth, "B-Been... at... Yu...Yuugi's..."

            His father kicked him in the gut, receiving a yelp from Jou, "DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE!?  You were late, and you know better!!  I guess I'll have to teach you a lesson for being late!!"

            Jou watched as his father advanced on him, and everything went black.

            Jou slowly opened his eyes to find the sun beating down into his eyes.  He opened his eyes wider.  This was NOT his room.  He was outside.  In the street, to be exact.  So... His father threw him out.  Perfect...

           Jou blinked and tried to stand up, but fell back on all fours.  It was then he noticed just how big everything around him was.  And the fact that he had paws!  Jou whimpered and looked himself over the best he could.  He was a dog!  A DOG!!  How did this happen??

            Jou looked around frantically.  This HAD to be a dream.  This HAD to be.


            Jou licked his tail.  Okay, biting his tail didn't work, so he wasn't dreaming.  But how?  Who did this?  The only people he knew with magic would never—


            Jou whimpered pathetically.  No, not the dog catchers!!!  NO, NO, NO!!

            The man smiled and put Jou in the back of his truck with the other dogs, "Sorry buddy, but rules are rules."

            Jou grumbled, This is NOT happening...

            "Sorry hun, it is." A feminine voice reached his ears.

            "Huh??"  Jou was thoroughly confused now.  He was only thinking to himself.

            Someone chuckled, and a collie walked over to him, "You... smell different...  Like you aren't a dog at all..."

            "Cause I'm not!" Jou barked.

            The collie chuckled, "You look like a dog, you bark like a dog."

            Jou sighed, "Look, I know it is hard to believe, but I'm a human.  I work at the place we're goin' to.  I go to school.  I have human friends and a human life.  But this mornin', I woke up, and I was a dog!!"

            The collie cocked her head a bit to the side, "Well... You DO smell like a human."

            Jou nodded a bit, "My name is Jou."

            If the collie could smile, she would have had a full-fledged grin on her face, "My name's Cally!  Nice to meet ya!"

            Suddenly, the truck jolted to a stop.  This was going to be a LONG day...

            "Yes, I am looking for a puppy.  For my younger brother."

            The man behind the counter grinned broadly, "Lucky for you, be just got a whole load today."

            Kaiba nodded and stepped behind the counter to where the dogs were kept.  He knew what breed Mokuba wanted, but he had been here many times and they didn't have it. 

            As he was going to give up hope, he spotted 'the one'.  A golden retriever pup, about a year old, with perfect sandy-colored fur and chocolate eyes.

            Kaiba picked it up.  The pup's eyes widened a bit, then it started struggling, "No, no!  Not HIM!  Someone just shoot me!!"

            Kaiba kept a good grip on the puppy and brought it to the counter.

            The man at the counter smiled and took the money offered to him, "Take good care of 'em!"

            Kaiba simply nodded and walked out.

            As he rode in the limo, Kaiba looked at the small pup, who had fallen asleep in exhaustion.  It reminded him so much of another certain mutt from school.  No... I did NOT just think that about the mutt!

This was going to be a long day indeed...


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