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World of Darkness

Chapter 1 Dark Beginnings

"Hey, I got a underage use of magic here!" The new intern jumped out of her seat and rushed over to her superior to show her findings.

"Congratulations, you discovered a underage use of magic. At the office for monitoring underage uses of magic no less. Well I'll be damned, never thought that would happen." Her superior was a bit tired of the constant interruptions over meaningless events. He had been training new recruits and his patience was wearing quite thin.

"I think you'd like to take a look at this. The pattern isn't like anything I've ever seen. If whoever did it wasn't under complete surveillance than I don't think we could of picked it up." The older ministry worked walked over to the map the recruit was working on.

"You don't have to report on every little event. It's probably just some kid fooling around. Simply track the spell type and send a letter to whoever it is. Bloody kids are always so worried about getting tossed out of school I'll guarantee you won't see a dot again for a year." The young intern tapped her wand on the section of the map in which the little white light was glowing. Her superior began top move back to his monitoring station.

"Holy crap, your never going to believe who it is!" The older ministry worker jumped up from his chair once more. He silently cursed whoever gave him this rotten job.

"It's coming from Surrey, Number 4 Privet drive to be exact!" Now the ministry worker was thoroughly annoyed.

"What's so damn special about that? It's not like the Queen of England just up and started using magic." He considered what he would do if this damn intern didn't give him at least one minuet of peace and quiet. The list of possibilities was not pretty or pleasant.

"Close enough, records show that the only wizard at that residence is Harry Potter!" The ministry worker was now fairly intrigued.

"Check the level, Harry Potter can't be more than 7 years old. It's probably just a whole bunch of accidental magic." The intern tapped her wand directly on the light and words began to be appear on a parchment next to the map.

"It says it's controlled. What a second, that can't be right. There must be something wrong with this thing." The intern began to tap the light again.

"What are you talking about?" Her superior snatched the parchment out of her hand.

"It can't determine what spell is being used. Whatever magic is being worked is unrecognizable. Not only that, it says that the magic has been active for well over an hour." Now this was something for a cause for alarm. The duration of the spell clearly indicate a controlled enchantment.

"Contact Albus Dumbledore, he is written as the boys contact party. Send a two person team over to investigate immediately. Have a Auror accompany in case there is trouble. It may also be necessary to change some memories due to the spells duration and it's presence in a highly Muggle settled area.

With that taken care of they went back to monitoring the underage use of magic across Britain.


An hour earlier!

Harry Potter sat in his cup board underneath the stairs. He was small for his seven years of age and could easily pass for being much younger. Especially since his cloths were way to big on his small frame. His ruffled Harry hung over his for head and hide his abnormal scar. He was supposed to get a hair cut tomorrow and he was dreading it.

The silence was deafening and he longed for any voice. Even if it meant hearing his uncle yell at him some more. He had been alone all his life and it looked like he would remain that way. Forever alone without anyone to tell his thoughts to.

He turned off the small light that dangled above his head. He hated the light, it only served to show the bruises that he had acquired in his short life. The light was oppressive and didn't fit in with the way Harry saw his life. He was in a eternal darkness that would never end. A night that fell when his parents died in a car crash. The sun would never dawn for him, he would live forever in the shadows of the night.

The Dursley's seemed to delight in pointing out how worthless he was. How he would never amount to any thing. He hated the Dursley's for the way they treated him. Children would walk around with their loving parents, but not him. He would be left alone in darkness forever. Never to know the love of a mother, and only the sting from Vernon Dursley's belt.

Harry wrapped all his emotions down deep, suppressing the sadness where it could not hurt him. He wouldn't give the Dursley's the pleasure of knowing they could hurt him. Harry pressed a small rag up against his face to wipe the trickle of blood that ran from his nose. Just another pain that he could hide inside himself.

For years he longed to escape into the night and find the freedom he desired. He had never tried running away before, he knew that he would just be caught. But tonight something would change. Harry was about to be chosen for a gift that few ever received. That only those who possessed it instinctively knew it's secrets.

His head leaned back in the corner of the cupboard that had remained his prison for around 6 years. A spider crawled across his hand and he lifted it up higher. He felt it's legs running over his hand, it's small weight in his palm. Always knowing that he could very easily be that spider, a small insignificant creature who would never mean anything. Harry hated his weakness, he dreamed of being able to hold his own destiny. With a swift movement he closed his fist and crushed the tiny creature inside. Better to die than live a meaningless life.

He was just a small scared little boy sitting in the darkness and he knew it. Sometimes he just wished that someone would close their hand around him and take the life that he never wanted. Who was he kidding, he would never have any type of say in anything. No one would ever care for him and no one would miss him if he just disappeared into the darkness that surrounded his life. He doubted that anyone besides four or five people even knew he actually existed.

It was at that moment that the feeling struck him, it was cold yet somehow comforting. At first it felt like he couldn't breath and he was drowning, but that quickly went away to be replaced by a great emptiness. Like something had made a unfathomable pit inside of him. A pit that had no end and you could lose yourself in it forever. It was empty yet somehow moved as if it was alive. The chill of nothingness flew through his body. The chill froze him to the core of his being, yet somehow felt comfortable. The void inside him whispered secrets that he couldn't quite grasp. The void lapped at his mind like the rising tide. Slowly rising till it overcame his mind and filled him with it's knowledge. The knowledge of the shadows, a power that few in all of history were chosen to posses.

He was given the secrets of how to shape the very darkness itself. To draw it around himself and hide in it's folds so that none could see you. How to shroud entire areas in it's confines and trap others within it. How to give it physical form and use it as a extension of yourself. How to slip into the void of darkness and travel across infinity in only seconds. To exert it as sheer force and crush those who stand around you.

In a instant Harry had control of the darkness he loved so much. He was a shadow master, and the world of darkness had opened to choose him as the heir to its strength. No longer was he spinning in the free fall of life, now he was life's master. He would be free to explore the world with it's darkness and shadows as his guide. No longer could the Dursley's hold him in their cupboard, for he was the master of his own domain.

As the thought of the Dursley's drew anger from Harry, he subconsciously called upon his new powers. The night deepened around him till no human eye could see through it. However Harry was no longer a normal human. His brilliant emerald green eye's shifted to a gold as the night thickened, allowing his eyes to penetrate it's depths and see with preternatural sight.

Now was the time to leave his confines. He allowed himself some time to adjust to the knew world that had been revealed to him before pushing his cupboard door open and stepping out of the black depth he had created in his cupboard. The clarity of his vision had become even more acute now that he had stepped out. He knew that he would end up needing glasses before, but now he could see as no normal person can. Pushing the front door open he took his first steps out into what could be considered a new world. Harry mentally corrected himself, this was his new world. He was lord of everything in it, the child prince of the shadows secrets.

He took a few steps out into the street when a popping noise came to his ears. Fearing the Dursley's had arisen to hear his leaving, Harry spun around to face the entrance. There standing outside of his house were three funnily dressed men. They wore long robes and they appeared out of thin air. They couldn't have traveled through the shadow void because only he and those he brought with him could enter the void.

"Excuse me but what are you doing at my house and how did you get here?" The three men turned around and came face to face with Harry.

"Young man you have a lot of explaining to do and you will be coming with us." One of the three stepped forward and tried to take Harry by his shoulder. However Harry was no fool, you didn't just go with strangers who appeared out of thin air.

"I asked you who you are, and I most certainly won't be going with you." The nerve of these people, treating him like a child. Harry reminded himself that up until a hour ago that was all he was, and that he really was still a child. He just had more power than he used to.

This brought a new revelation to Harry. Perhaps there was other things out there with powers. The world of the imagination had opened up to Harry and now there were millions of possibilities. If he could have power over the darkness then why couldn't others have powers as well.

"You can't just go using magic even if you are Harry Potter! Now come along, Albus Dumbledore wants to see you immediately." The other man made a lunge at Harry.

Harry wasn't about to be simply taken. The new instincts took over and Harry jumped backwards while falling into a defensive stance.

"I don't think I want to go with you, and I think it's time you leave." Harry tried to look as intimidating as a seven year old who look more like he was five could. He only exceeded in making himself look cute.

"Have it your way. Let's just stun him and bring him back." The third man said to the second.

"All right, but Dumbledore isn't going to like it very much." He drew a long stick from his pocket and pointed it at Harry's head. Harry new that this wasn't meant as a friendly gesture and his fear started to bleed over into his new power. He would need to remember to get that under control later. For now it served to unsettle the men, and now all three had pointed sticks at him.

The night thickened around Harry till the Ministry employees could no longer see his form. They shot stunning spells into the darkness only to pass straight through. Harry had crouched down low to the ground and let the red light pass over him. His eyes turned gold once more and he could see through his dark with incredible precision. He reached inside himself for his new power and called the shadows out of himself in physical form. Three long tendrils of shadow extended from his body and shot out at the men. Two were taken off guard and the tendrils curled around their hands, ripping the sticks from their grasp. The thirds rolled backwards and fired more of the red lights at Harry. The two tendrils that had attacked the first two guards turned into the ground and lifted Harry into the air and out of his protective screen. The three stopped to stare at the small boy who now had sprouted three long appendages and had glowing golden eyes. In his lapse of concentration the Auror who had maintained his wand was struck hard in the chest with the third tendril. It ripped his robes and cut through his skin, while knocking him backwards ten feet. Now that no one presented a direct threat Harry drew his shadows back into his body and concentrated his power. He ran behind a car into it's natural shadow and pulled himself into the shadow void where he could easily escape without being followed. Harry disappeared just as three more pops signaled the arrival of more Aurors come to check out the situation.

Harry appeared on the top of his school roof. He had gotten himself up here once by accident. He now knew that he must have used some type of magic to do that, as well as all the other strange events in his life. Harry resolved to find out more about this world that was hidden behind the surface. He would start by unmasking the world behind his domain. The world that existed hidden within his darkness.