This is old fan fiction story idea I had few years ago but never went on writing it.

I started working on it just little while ago and might not be best works as I haven't written stories in a long time. If there are building critique you can give me please do. Also English ain't my first language so expect some grammar errors, also I do not own K-On but rest of the characters in this fan fiction are made by me

Please enjoy!.

Japan was about to go to war and its people had no idea what was ahead of them as they were evacuated to shelters all around the nation. There was a foreign military force called 'The Legacy' just outside town of Sakuragaoka. This unit was lead by infamous lunatic known internationally thanks to his way of conducting warfare. This guy read his opponents like books and took full advantage of their weaknesses, sure The Legacy used to be secret military unit but after its old Generals retired and left it to younger people to run there had been many changes in this military that used to work from the shadows and it still did. Anyway as for this unit outside this peaceful city there was man inside a tank laying on the tanks drivers seat.

"Yo Devil's Reaper! Do that outside!" Tank commander called Shtil, Russian word meaning Calm, told a guy as he was loading the tank with fresh shells.

"Yeah yeah. I'm going, how long we gotta sit on our asses until we can roll in that shit plant?"

"Two days still."

"FUCK!" Devils Reaper got out to look at five terrified girls who were cold and guarded tightly.

"We thought we could trust you!" One girl with yellow headband shouted in disbelief.

"Get back to the tent. You're all wet and believe it or not we're here to help you guys."

"Have you no shame! Especially she trusted you!" Airhead looking brunet shouted her face red with anger.

"Just get into the fucking tent!"

[About one year prior]

It was early spring morning as there was lot of boys and girls walking from dormitory area towards a school called Sakuragaoka College. Many of them were looking at one guy who was saying something in foreign language and seemed mad so everyone tried to avoid him as he kept walking on and in fact for their own safety they did well as the boy was cursing about how he had to go to this country and this city.

"Yo! Wait up! And stop freaking cursing like that, you're scaring people" Girl around the boys age ran after him making him stop to his tracks.

"Oh yo Ge... Gigi, what took you so long?"

"You left from airport straight to here and left me with all of our stuff to unload. Damn it De.. Mmmphf?"

"Hush, not that name here. Come up with something else. After all you are always using your real name because no one knows you're of the ten you know whats."

"From this day forward until certain day you'll be Kaz. Here's your assignment and rest of what we'll need. See ya inside and remember to talk the local language" Kaz looked on as Gigi had obviously made local friends already ahead of him for what they were there for.

[After opening ceremony]

"Damn that was boring as fuck. How the fuck you got so many people already? "

"Well I took time to look up locals when we were preparing to leave and come here."

"You sneaky little..."

"Hey Gigi-chan! Want to head and get lunch from the cafeteria with us?"

"Sure thing. Behave or we'll have shit to pay" Gigi whispered to Kaz as she went back inside with her new friends leaving Kaz outside to the yard.

"So who is that guy?"

"Yeah Gigi-chan who is he? He is somehow creepy."

"Ah sorry bout him. He's friend of mine that also moved here to study so we decided to get same place to live in and split the bills. Don't mind him he's cool once you get to know him and after I roughen him up a bit when ever he misbehaves."

Gigi's eyes caught something interesting as they walked in to the cafeteria, there was group of four girls walking past them.

"Hey Mio-chan are we going to see Azunyan yet?" A brunet said looking at tall raven-haired girl

"I don't know she told us to meet us at the yard after 10 am. So let's go see if she is there." The raven-haired girl replied as they walked around the corner. Alongside these two were a blond girl looking like foreigner and one golden-brown haired girl.

"Who were they? Pretty loud people."

"Oh they. They came from same high school as we did. They are four members out of five of the HTT band"

"Oh I see. No wonder their loud if they have their own band." Gigi was thinking despite their cute looks they probably played something loud.

"So what you're having?"

"Coffee will be just fine for now. Not that hungry."

"Okay, but you gotta try at some point these pastries they sell here."

"Yeah they are amazing."

"So where you two come from?" One of the girls asked Gigi's they took their seats.

"Kaz comes from the Kingdom of Slovanya, it is in eastern Europe, pretty decent sized country and I come from Molan right north of Slovanya. We met at young age as there was war in my country that time."

"Sorry to hear that, but it is okay there now right?"

"Yeah, much better, current regime though is still struggling catching the old regimes criminals. Enough of sad subjects. What is there to do in this city?"

"Well recently not much but awhile ago they were renovating one place here apparently soon they are gonna open up some kind of old styled night club here."

"When it opens up we gotta go check it out."

'He certainly didn't waste anytime setting up our meeting point here in this town.' Gigi thought to herself as she listen more of stories her friends told her.

In front of the college's main building there was a row of benches with people sitting on them, others were talking on the grass in the shadow of few trees planted there. There was especially happy group of five whose conversation was caught short as a guy was talking to strange looking phone walked passed them and sat to the bench right next to theirs and started talking.

"Yeah? Yeah, okay got it. Okay, once I am free I'll come check it out. And the package? Alright, well make sure it comes here soon. I don't want my skills get rusty... Good well at least that came on time." Kaz was on phone talking to someone and his long phone call had attracted attention of eight girls chatting two benches away from him. Sure their English wasn't that good but they still managed to make out most of this strange phone call.

"I think there is something familiar about him, but I can't put my mind on it." The blond girl of the group said.

"I know what you mean, I saw him somewhere just... Hey was it this?" Dark brunette with red glasses pulled out a small news paper from her bag and showed it to her friends.

"Well certainly similar clothing but not him." Raven-haired girl said looking at the photo on the new paper about new exchange program the college had just started and it was big event so the college news paper club had gone to the local bus station to interview the coming students of this school. The program brought lot more funding to the school and one fifth of it had been put to the clubs use.

"Yo, excuse me, got any idea where this place is?" Kaz had gone to the eight girls ask for directions to a industrial area outside the town showing a address on a paper.

"Well you need to take bus to Yokohama but that goes only every four hours there." Brunet with yellow headband told him.

"No worries I can walk there."

"But that's over 30 kilometers away on the other side of the town." Smallest girl of the group exclaimed

"Nah that's nothing on me."

"Why don't you come with us. My father is in town again and we're going to meet him there before heading over to my place. I'm Kotobuki Tsumugi by the way., but friends can call me Mugi"

"Don't wanna bother" Kaz told them.

"You're not bother at all, Name's Ritsu Tainaka and this is my friend Mio Akiyama."

The girl with yellow headband said and soon they all had made themselves known to Kaz and he had introduced himself though he had to get one of the papers out to see what his given last name was.

"Kaz Rijah. Well I better get going now I got stuff to do."

"See you after school then." Ritsu had told him.

And so that evening they met at in front of the college gates.

"He is bit late. Where he is." Azusa said while looking her watch and being bit annoyed.

Just then a motorcycle drove in front of them behind a limo parked there.

"Yo, I am bit late I had to take care of few deliveries first." There was a whistle as Kaz looked at the limo thinking who ever owned this car must be loaded.

"So would you like to ride with us or you want to ride your bike there?" Mugi asked giving out a gentle and kind smile.

"As much tempting it looks like to ride in that thing I still have tons of stuff to carry after I get this package to the guy waiting for me at the industrial sector... I mean area. So I will be riding my motorcycle."

The girls looked as Kaz put his helmet back on and started his bike and so they looked at each other and decided to get into the car and get on going. The ride to the industrial area was short but there was big surprise waiting for both Kaz and HTT band members as it was Mugi's father who was there waiting both of them.

"Oh I see you have met my daughter Tsumugi. So how was it, any trouble delivering this to me?"

"Not what so ever. After all we deliver these goods if the price is right. Speaking of..."

"Ah yes, here is the payment." Kaz took a briefcase checked inside while the girls were huddling over and whispering something and as they looked back up Kaz had already put his payment to his motorcycles side to a bag there and was driving off noticing the girls had wanted to as something from him.

"Hey papa. How do you know him? Where he comes from?" Mugi asked her father.

"Oh he is old business partner of mine, delivering me rare valuables like the ones in my office cabinet with thick glass. Was there something you wanted to ask him?"

"No not really" Mugi told her father.

On the next day the girls went to school seeing a girl with reddish orange hair cut just above her shoulders talking to Mio's teacher and as they walked past them they caught part of the conversation.
"So you see, that is why he cannot make for school few days, so could you send someone over to our house from the class to bring him his assignments and study materials he might need."
"Of course. Hey Akiyama-san could do it. I'll give her the needed materials and why don't you explain her what you need" The teacher saw Mio walk behind the girl.
Mio stopped to her tracks with her friends and looked back at her teacher of literature department and the girl and saw her teacher point the girl to her.
"Hello. You must be Akiyama the teacher was telling me just now. Could I ask a favor?"
"My friend is in your department and well he is... Occupied with other things and I would take his assignments to him but I really don't have time myself so could you please help me out? I'll pay the favor back to you, I promise."
"Who is your friend? And who are you?" Ritsu asked curiously at the girl holding her books looking desperate.
"Oh right, I'm Gigi Gregorovitz and my friend is Kaz Rijah, he is little taller than you are Akiyama, wears this strange looking jacket. Well he is really nice guy but can be annoying at times. So please can you help out?"
"Mio looked extremely hesitant but Yui's, Ritsu's and Mugi's curiosity had been sparked, not about the so much yet but about this girl as she seemed enough nice to them and new in town too.
"Sure she'll help out." Ritsu grinned to Gigi showing thumbs up

"Great thanks, I'll see at lunch? I'll tell you bit more. I gotta run! Thanks again!" Gigi waved happily to the girls as she went to her own classes as the bell rang signaling the girls they needed to hurry too.
Mio's classes ere getting her nervous as she thought that she would have to get notes for a guy. She had never before done that before and never even met the guy, or so she thought. She was too concentrated on taking extra notes that she didn't notice a scary looking student missing from the classes they had today.
There were lot of ideas of what kind of a scary guy this Gigi's friend would be, would he be like those predator people in that one manga series Ritsu was reading, or would he be some other type of a freak.
Her three first classes of the day before lunch were nerve wreaking and when the lunch break came she was happy to get some of Mugi's delicious tea she always brought for lunch.
"Are you alright senpai?" Azusa asked looking worriedly at Mio.
"Why it had to be me to take the notes to this guy who I don't even know?"
Ritsu got worried of her best friend who was getting scared for what was surely nothing to be really scared of.
"If you're that worried I'll come with you after your classes end today to take the first notes to him, if he behaves badly I'll pulverize the guy." Ritsu stretched herself to make herself look like a big masculine bodyguard but succeeded in making herself look more like a ape or a gorilla and this made Mio ease up chuckling a little.
"That would be nice." Mio admitted

"We all will come, Ricchan doesn't have anymore classes today but me and Mugi-chan still have few more classes to go. What about you Azunyan?"
"I still have three more classes just as Mio-senpai does."
"We'll see here in cafeteria at two in afternoon then?" Ritsu looked and everyone nodded though Mio was still unsure but was glad that her friends promised to help her out.
"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late got a call from friend of mine and took longer than I thought" Gigi arrived to the cafeteria looking like she had ran a marathon.

"So we were interested of hearing bit more of your friend, what is he like?"
"Well he does like music a lot like you girls seem to like having your own band and all."
"You heard that? Where?" Azusa was surprised
"Oh some of people on my class are your old school mates. Anyways Kaz well he might seem bit scary at first or distant, don't mind him acting coldly, he is actually big softy once you get to know him enough... Though among real close friends he is an ass" The last part came out unintentionally and as a mutter.
"What was that?"
"Oh, hehe, nothing at all just forgot to do something before I left the class earlier. What else do you want to know?"
"Well what about you?"
"Me? Well hmm... I do like to draw a lot... I do love movies especially romance and also scary ones, oh and lot of old movies, can't get enough of those old good films. What else what else... Oh right, I only know Akiyama, but what about everyone else?"
The girls realized they hadn't introduced themselves yet to Gigi.
"Hirasawa Yui awesome guitarist of Houkago Tea Time." Yui pumped her fist against her chest proudly.
"Yui-senpai you have still lot to learn, I'm Nakano Azusa, please to meet you." Azusa had a sweat drop on back of her head while looking Yui try to play her guitar but had forgotten everything.

"Kotobuki Tsumugi, very please to meet you."
"Kotobuki, now where have I heard that name before?"
"Oh our Mugi here comes from a rich family and her father owns bunch of big companies. I'm Tainaka Ritsu and this is..."
"Akiyama Mio, please to meet you Gr-ge-go.."
"Oh please call me just Gigi, everyone does. Please to meet you all."
"Where do you live?" Yui looked now extremely curious.

"What Yui-chan is trying to say is that we went just before coming here we went to student relations and they couldn't give us dorm number as you apparently do not live on campus." Mugi explained in bit more detail.

"Yes, Kaz and I bought a house from the new residential area and haven't yet submitted our address to the college. That reminds me made this for you girls." Gigi rummage through her bag and pulled out a folded paper and handed it to Mio.
"That's map I printed out this morning just in case and there on the bottom there's the address too. I'll pay this favor back to you girls anytime, well almost I am bit busy today, but what about tomorrow? You free tomorrow after school. I found this great place to hang out."
There was whispering among the girls then they all gave positive answer to Gigi that they were free after that they agreed on time when they would meet and where they they started going to their own classes again but Mio stayed as she had free period next and she tugged Gigi's sleeve carefully.
"Eto... Gigi-san, about your friend... Is he.. I don't mean by any disrespect but is he the guy with the strange looking beige jacket and the green hat, is he that scary guy?"
"On what department are you Mio? Can I call you Mio?" Mio nodded and continued.
"Literature. There is this guy sitting always next to my seat who looks like he's dangerous."
"Yeah, that's the guy, I told you not to worry, he won't bite. Though I'll have to have a talk with him. Hey why aren't you heading to classes?"
"I have free period now."

"Oh nice, same here wanna go for a walk?"
"Weren't you busy today?" Mio shot a questioning look at Gigi.
"Yeah, but I can handle things after school, come on, show me little bit around, please?"
"S-sure..." The two girls walked off from campus and Mio started to show Gigi as much as they could see in short time that they had.
"Here is a cafe we usually come after school if the one of our classes go late and the cafeteria is already closed. It's owned by Sawa-chan's friend, she's our old High School teachers"
"Cool, hey mind if we go in? We still have some time. My treat. Great." Gigi didn't even wait for Mio to answer and pulled her in there and at first Mio was self-conscious about gaining more weight but when she saw a tasty looking strawberry cake she just had to get to try it and Gigi took a piece of apple pie.

"Alright, here are your orders, one piece of Strawberry cake and apple pie with two teas, please enjoy." The Waitress bowed to the two after giving their orders as they saw next to the window
"Oh this is so good." Mio's eyes practically sparkled as she took her first taste of the new cake on the coffee shops menu.

"Not bad apple pie neither. I gotta drag Kaz's lazy ass here sometimes. Oh sorry I have to take this.. Yo bro, what ya need?" Gigi walked outside to take the call leaving Mio inside to wait and as she looked it looked like she was arguing with the person who just called."
"Sorry about that, Kaz called, he just needed something he could've easily gotten himself. Sighs, as I said lazy"
"you said something as you answered the phone.. Is he your step-brother or? I mean you two have different last names"

"Oh no, we're just close friends like that. You seem pretty close to Ritsu, we're like you two are, close friends."
"Well I can now somehow see it, you are saying your friend Kaz-san is sometimes annoying, believe me Ritsu is annoying at times too, but we are still good friends." Mio was starting to understand little bit more of Gigi and her scary looking friend Kaz.
"Oh damn, it is almost time for next period." Gigi looked at her watch realizing they had wasted a lot of time and had to hurry so they'd make it for the next period.
"We can make it, Ritsu showed me once this short cut but... It is kind of a scary place."
"I see you don't do scary things that well, well don't worry I'm here, sure we just met but I consider you and your friends already as my friends and I take care of my friends" Gigi smiled gently giving confidence to Mio to use the short cut. Gigi quickly paid the bill and they were off back to the campus in no time at all.

It had been now on three days that Mio and her friends had taken study materials to Kaz and not even once had they seen him there so they had just left the papers on the kitchen table and always on the next day there was the same study papers on the same spot but all finished up already. Though on their fourth day only Mio and Ritsu were going to take the study materials to Kaz but today they had a nasty surprise as they went to put the new study materials to the kitchen table again Mio and Ritsu heard a yawn behind them and as they turned they saw Kaz with very bad case of bed hair syndrome, his hair was all over the place and looked very scary in his half asleep state. He had actually worked all the time in his room and had fallen asleep that morning and only woken up when Mio and Ritsu had come in. Both girls jumped as they got spooked by Kaz who just groggily looked at the two walked to the fridge took some milk then took some cereals went to the kitchen table and fell right back to sleep.

"Anoo, are you alright?" Ritsu poked carefully the guy who suddenly shot up making Ritsu jump back.

"Oh hello, you two must've been bringing me those papers from school than-" Right back to sleep again
"I think we better leave him here, he'll be alright." Ritsu backed away and found Mio fainted where she stood after two scares in a row. When they finally got outside they saw Gigi arrive with a big package and with a car.
"Oh hey, you two brought the assignments again? Thanks for the help. I know I had to cancel the one day I promised but I'll make it up this weekend, I got everything settled, so if you are free... What's wrong?" Gigi looked at the two scared almost half to death
"Th-the guy, in.. Inside kitchen."
"Don't tell me he fell asleep again, I'm really sorry please come in, I'll have him introduced to you and make him apologize his bad behavior"
"No need."
"Oh come on it wont take long." Gigi was persistent enough to get the two change their minds and re-enter the house.
"Alright." Ritsu said holding Mio close who clutched tightly to Ritsu's hoodie.

"you can wait in the living room it is right through that doorway there." Gigi pointed from the hall the 2nd door to the left and then entered the kitchen.
"Come on Mio, I'll treat you some tea after this ordeal is over." Ritsu lead Mio on and seated her to the couch in the living room next to a small coffee table there.
The living room was more spacious that normal Japanese houses living rooms usually were. There was glass window size of a wall showing to huge backyard, yellow curtains, fireplace on top of what there was big flat screen TV and lot of boxes still laying around.
When Ritsu sat next to Mio to comfort her telling there was nothing to worry about they both raised their heads up hearing strange noises from the kitchen and then Gigi speaking almost shouting.
"Wake, up, you damn, idiot, we, have, guests, you, need, to, apologize to!" And the strange voice still head until suddenly
"I'm wake! I'm wake! You can stop slapping my face now.. OUCH! What was that for?"

"For scaring out guests and my new friends half to death."
"Guests? Dan it, you should've told me we are having guests." Then after few more minutes Gigi walked to the living room with some cookies and Kaz brought some tea behind her.
"Hey, I'm... Hey didn't we meet last week?"
"You?!" Mio and Ritsu looked surprised.
"Come on now apologize!" Gigi pushed Kaz almost making him spill the tea.
"Sorry for scaring you two like that, I didn't sleep too well last night so I took a small nap and woke just little while ago, I think I was sleepwalking, maybe, oh and thank you for showing me the place last week."
"It's okay and... You're welcome." Ritsu and Mio still couldn't believe it was the guy who they had showed way to the industrial area where they had seen Mugi's father waiting for them and this guy.
"Here's some tea, might not be as good as Japanese teas to your taste but I do like it." Kaz took two cups and handed them to Ritsu who took it happily and then to Mio who took it more shyly.

"Sorry, she is just a bit shy." Ritsu said still worrying for her best friend.
"Ah I understand, again sorry about making you guys get scared like that, didn't mean it." Kaz awkwardly smiled as he hadn't used to smile.

"Oh hey, you girls are in a band, Kaz here plays bass and also acoustic guitar. What about a small sample Kaz?"
"Uh... I have to go, still got lot to work. And my instruments aren't here yet."
"Actually I just picked them up from the mail office." Gigi went to get the packages from the kitchen meanwhile Kaz sneaked away showing Ritsu a pleading look asking her not to tell Gigi where he goes hiding.
"Hey, where that guy went?"
"Out" Ritsu pointed at the door leading to the backyard.
"Oh snap, you two would've loved it. Well I'll make sure he'll play for you."
"We really should be going now too, Mio come on let's get back to the dorms."
"Oh sorry for keeping you this long, Kaz is still going to be busy this week but next Monday he should come again back to school normally but I can get his assignments for him tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."
"We can still bring them over, don't worry about it. Maybe we'll get the chance of getting Mugi try this tea." Ritsu asked Gigi.
"Sure, come right over, I should be home around this time like today. See you at school"
"See you." The two girls left the house and started to walk towards the campus still little bit shaken by what they had seen when Kaz had first walked into the kitchen.

The next Monday Kaz did arrive to school but was busy with something else and was not seen on any of the classes he was suppose to have the same thing happened on Tuesday until Gigi had had enough and called her new friends asking if they were in any of the clubs.
"We're in the college's Light Music Club it is way bigger than our high school club was lot more people there." Yui informed their new friend

"Sounds great, I thought you'd might be in music oriented club, what about I get him to come and join the club, he'd finally stop avoiding classes and have something interesting to do.
Ritsu and Mio both were bit hesitant but rest of their friends were sold after hearing that he was great with bass and acoustic guitar.

And on the next Friday Gigi managed to get Kaz to go and check out the club though he had guessed it would be nothing like a real music club should be that there would probably be tea and cakes, sure it was just a random guess by him but he still hit spot on as he entered the club room on Friday afternoon.

He saw few familiar faces among punch of unfamiliar faces eating caked and drinking tea. 'Yup, I knew it I'm...' His thoughts were cut off by a girl two years older than him holding a sheet and a pen.
"What is this?" Kaz looked at the eccentric girl almost at his face

"A form to join the club, that girl there told me you'd be joining the club." The same girl pointed now the crowd of club members sitting in the relaxation area and he saw Gigi sitting there smiling widely.
"You set me a trap!" Kaz took the pen from the girls hand and threw it at Gigi who snatched the pen out of the air.
"Oooh!" Was heard as no one even saw the pen flying yet Gigi was able to catch it.
"Come on, sign it. You do know I know where the crate is and you don't"
"Fine. I'll sign" Kaz turned back to the girl still standing in front of the exit now with another pen in her hand. Kaz took the pen and signed but the girl wasn't moving.
"Give a small sample to us what you can play." The girl said.
"Can I go after that?"
"Fine, give me a acoustic guitar."
"There you go. I thought you were bassist." Mugi had brought her fathers old guitar as of requested by Gigi.
There was a moment of complete silence as if Kaz was trying to feel something in the air and then he started to play, the music he was played was like they were telling some kind of a story, some were peaceful some were sad and depressing, others were fast and sounded either dangerous or like going to help someone or even some of them were almost like someone was running from something. Soon Kaz smiled as people started chatting quietly some gathered around talking their day about their past. He could instantly tell which ones were lies, which ones were true, exaggerated and which weren't as good as they could be.
Gigi stood at the edge of the room face palming herself seeing it was a trap within a trap, she got played by Kaz. She had also heard these tunes before but not even she knew where he had learned them and even how many times she had tried to ask him about them he wouldn't tell her about them.
"Gigi, do you know where he has learned those tunes?" Ritsu kept jamming to the tunes while turning her head to the redhead standing next to her.
"Sorry I don't know, I've tried to ask him but he never answers. Oh no you don't"
"What? I am just going to ask him if he could teach me those songs." Azusa looked back seeing Gigi hold her shoulder trying to stop her.
"Exactly and all he is going to tell only those who know where these songs come from can learn them." She did not care of Gigi's words and still went to ask Kaz but it was word for word what Gigi had told Azusa before what Kaz was saying now and of course Azusa had no answer, but she did not give up she called her parents who should be now in a hotel room resting after a gig. After she had let her parents listen awhile she thought she'd get answer from them for sure, after all they were these days constantly traveling the world but not even they had heard about the songs they heard through the phone.
"I told you so." Gigi patted Azusa's shoulder comforting her.

What no one knew that they had a rare chance of hearing songs that you only heard in a place called 'The Zone'. Kaz was always wearing this strange jacket having two patches on its left shoulders area, other one Gigi knew as she had the same on her jacket but the other one was a mystery even to her.

Kaz showed no signs of stopping playing and kept on creating calm warm mood and this made Mugi think of a campfire and guitar playing around the campfire, she then got an idea and went to their club leader.

"Hey, I know it is club tradition for everyone to go to same place on club trips in summer but could I go with my friends and him to one of my family villas?"

"Of course, but you gotta let us use one of your other villas in exchange." To this Mugi just nodded and went back to her friends to discuss their new plans for club trip.

The next weekend Mio, Ritsu, Yui, Azusa and Mugi were sitting at the coffee shop still waiting for two people to arrive. One was Gigi and the other one was their old teacher Sawako. Sawako was first one to arrive.
"Hey, am I late yet?"
"Not yet Sawa-chan" Yui said eyes looking out the coffee shops window.
"Well that's good, so who was this friend of yours who canceled before?"
"Her name is Gigi something, last name is real tongue twister ah there she is."
Sawako turned her head before she even had a chance to sit down.

"Yo! Sorry I am bit late, had to hide something from Kaz. Oh new face, Please to meet you I am Gigi Gregorovitz, please to meet you."
"Sawako Yamanaka, please to meet you too, they weren't kidding your last name is a real tongue twister to us, where you from?"
"Republic of Molan, though family line originates from Kingdom of Slovanya"
"So you're...?"
"Citizen of both Molan and Slovanya though I feel more closer to Slovanya."
"You didn't tell us you were from Slovanya before." Mio put her tea cup down

"Oh? Didn't I sorry about that. I don't mean to brag but I am close friends with the Queen, I could tell right a way that these cups are from her court."
"Y-yo-you know Queen Perdita?" Everyone said in unison being amazed.
"Yup, so does Kaz, we're actually childhood friends of her." Gigi was blushing a bit.
"S-so, th-these are from her court? I had some in the club room at our college." Mugi started to think for first time ever if it was alright to leave such valuables to such public place.
"Oh so that's why they looked so familiar. Oh and don't worry Mugi, she'd be glad that they are in such use." It was almost like Gigi could read Mugi's mind.

"So where were we?" Ritsu looked at everyone honestly forgetting what they were talking about.
"We were talking about where we'd go for summer trip, Mugi-senpai, is it honestly really alright that we go to one of your villas again?"
"Of course it is Azusa-chan. Papa just bought this new villa and mama told me that if we want we can use it this summer."
"Wow that is awesome. We were betting with Kaz few weeks ago if you were from rich family or not, guess I lost the bet. Sorry for betting on you."
"It's quite alright." Mugi smiled her gentle lovable smile making everyone feel much better.

"Am I invited?" Sawako asked.
"Of course you are." Ritsu told their old club advisor.
"We go on the trip on July 3rd. Right?" Azusa wanted to confirm and at this Sawako flinched.
"That date ain't good for me after all. I have other plans then. Meeting with old band members then."
"Well will you come at least Gigi-chan?" Yui asked finally able to concentrate to something else other than her chocolate parfait as she just finished it.

"Yeah sure, hey is it alright if I bring two more friends besides me and Kaz?"
"I don't see no trouble with that and it would be nice to hear Kaz-kun play again." Mugi tried to be in control getting Gigi get Kaz to come but Gigi was way ahead of her.

"Great, I'll bring them all then. What do you say we go for some window shopping, hadn't had the chance to look around so maybe you would show me around?"
The girls nodded thinking it would be fun and sure they all had their share of fun, which was mostly showing Gigi how easy it was to tease Mio.


It was now few weeks later and it was early in the morning in a house where Kaz and Gigi were living in, it was not that they didn't want to go to live on campus to the dorms but what they were doing here made it so that the dorms were not good place to live in, besides these houses were new and had been finished few months before they arrived to Japan so it fit them nicely not that many people lived in this new neighborhood yet and it was right at the edge of the city overlooking a long grassy landscape with forest rising up in the distance. Inside the house there was a conversation going on at the breakfast table.

"So seems you've become a regular at the music club" Gigi said while sitting at the breakfast table "And it is way too early for you to have a drink. We still need to go to the club check things out for the next weekends meeting.

"It's already one weekend why the god damn those lazy bums can't come now."

"Because we are still transferring The stuff here and they need to make sure none of it is discovered by the customs office."

"Argh, I can't wait to drive my beauty again. At least let me go outside to practice."

"Nope, your toy stays in my locker under lock and key, for now. Oh and I invited some friends over."

Just then the doorbell rang and Gigi went to open up the door taking the bottle from Kaz and hiding it when he wasn't looking.

"Ah welcome, sorry our moving is still on going and not all of our stuff has arrived here yet, please coming in." Kaz heard Gigi welcome her guests as he popped open one of the floor boards under his chair and picking up a bottle from under the floor boards.

"Sorry for intruding." Was choir reply notifying that there were several people coming over.

"Damn it! Where the heck did you get that one? I told you it was too early for that!" Gigi had come to kitchen with her guests there were familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces.

"Hope you don't mind that we brought few friends along." Ritsu said hugging a guy next to her.

"Oh I don't mind. What I do mind is this guy drinking this early."

"He drinks?" The group that has just entered the kitchen said in unison and with very loud voice too, scaring the shit out of Kaz making him spill some of it.

"Dang it, you made me spill good sh-" Suddenly Gigi threw her hands in front of Kaz's foul mouth.

"Ehehehe, he's bit grumpy for our stuff being so late. Why wont we go to the living room for now. Oh and well I believe you know the girls but the guys are Akihiko, Arata, Hideki and Genzo."

"Yeah, nice to meet yah" Kaz's eyes had gone to papers in front of him looking through them so intensely that he hadn't notice what was going on around him as Ritsu had whispered something to Gigi before pushing Mio and Arata into the kitchen closing the door behind her friend forcing Mio to stay in the kitchen.

Kaz still hadn't notice Mio and Arata as they sat to the table Arata helped himself with some bread and some water, Kaz just kept going through the papers and mumbling something until he had enough of apparently some very important paper work that he had to do.

"Having trouble with paper work?" Arata finally spoke up making Kaz realize there was two people in the kitchen with him who shouldn't see what was on the papers he quickly cleaned up the mess of papers and replied.

"Yeah, damn annoying too. Nothing really going my way with this repor- bureaucracy shit."

"I understand and could you not swear around a lady? Though I do understand how you feel. I had hard time with dorm applications and some other things when we started at the college year ago. I still have hard time with it, but lucky me that I have this beautiful girl here helping me out with them." Kaz just nodded to the guy as answer as he took some tea from thermos bottle before looking at the two

"So your childhood friend is dating someone then and you also have someone, who started dating first?" Kaz didn't mind even if it was way too personal question, it made Mio blush really hard hiding almost completely behind Arata.

"Well we actually started dating around the same time as Ritsu-san and Akihiko, there was just few days between us starting to date."
"We... We met on a group date." Mio blushed.
"We had fun, I really am still sorry Genzo, Akihiko and Ritsu-san forced you to come to it, but I am in the end glad that you accepted the invitation." The two nuzzled each other making Kaz feel bit sick from the stomach.
Kaz looked the couple whispering sweet words to each other he just decided to leave the two love birds alone and release some of the aggression he was having because of the paper work he had been doing all morning.
"Well was pleasure to meet you Arata, if you two will excuse me need to go make sure these wont get lost." Kaz waved the pile of papers in his hand and walked out of the kitchen.
"Pleasures all mine Kaz-san."

The couple walked to the living room seeing curious eyes.

"So did you ask him out on that date?" Ritsu teased Mio.

"Ritsu!" A loud smack was heard as Ritsu received a punch on top of her head. "No I didn't ask him, besides I am going out with Arata-kun already... Hey where's Gigi-chan?"

"Oh she realized she had forgotten to go buy something yesterday so she told us we can be at home here." Akihiko told her before continuing to tease her on Ritsu's behalf "I gotta admit, That Kaz guy would fit you nicely. Sure he looks rough on the outside but inside those guys are big softies." The way Akihiko made this sound and his tone those two factors made Mio honestly think about it before she realized she was being teased again and it made her blush just realizing that she had thought about it.

"Heeyyy!" Mio shouted and she would've slapped Akihiko but Arata managed to punch the guy first on top of his head first.
"Stop teasing her like that, she loves me and I love her.!"
"Sorry sorry!" Akihiko chuckled while holding his head but then something happened making his jaw drop and same happened to everyone else but Mio and Arata looked at their friends confused that why their jaws were wide open.

"What? What is it?" Arata asked turning around realizing it was something their friends had seen behind them.

"Kaz just passed behind you. From other side of the doorway." Genzo said feeling cold sweat run down his spine.

"Was that, it couldn't have been what I saw, right?"

"I don't wanna even think I saw that" Akihiko and Hideki were talking among themselves while the girls were dead silent.

"Hey, I'm back, sorry for... What's wrong?" Gigi stepped to the living room with some groceries and saw her friends dead silent.

"We think Kaz had something strange in his hands, it looked like a rifle. He just passed through there." Yui pointed the doorway they had seen Kaz passing by.

"Uh, hold on a sec. Gotta check my laptop for one thing, I got a text about some delivery stuff." Gigi ran upstairs then as fast as she had gone there she ran to the doorway of the Living room and turned from there to the right where Kaz had gone to.

"What's going on?"

"Lets follow them." Mugi and Hideki said right after the other.

As they quickly ran to the doorway peeked all they saw was a closet door but as they opened it up they saw light from a crack.

Mugi pushed the back wall more open and they saw a stairway leading downstairs.

After few minutes of careful walking they found a soundproof room with a window.

They all saw Gigi holding tightly to a case while Kaz was looking pissed. Then it seemed that Gigi was about to open the case until Kaz sightly nodded towards the window making the spy group of girls and boys hide as quick as they could and then sneak back where they came from and back to the living room trying to start as normal conversation as they could though few questions were raised.

"What do you guys think that place was? I mean not even my cousin Mugi has that much money with her family to build something like that." Hideki mentioned.

"That is true. I saw this on the wall at the entrance to that place." Mugi pulled out her smart phone and showed a photo she had taken before they had exited the underground place, the photo showed strange language and multiple floors below the house.

"Something is going on in here." Mio had mentioned.

"Whats going on where?" All of them got spooked as Gigi had returned a clear twitch on the side of her eye.

"Oh was just telling these boys how my mom thought something was wrong when me and Ritsu were little... Right Ritsu? Right?"

"Urgh, uh hehe yeah that's right. I told you we should have been more careful back then" Ritsu laughed off making Gigi bit suspicious but she didn't press on with her questions thus they left for their shopping trip as in two weeks time they would have their summer vacation and Kaz was about to have unpleasant surprise then.