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Summary: A New Year Eve Party of Takuya, combined with lots of guests? Well that sounds like a normal party. till the Digimon come in revolting for a salary raise lead in by Cyberdramon!! This should be interesting to see. ^_^


Title: The Preparations

Takuya was upstairs getting ready as he stood in front of the mirror, with the clock reflecting in it, on the other side on the wall to see it was only 6:00 PM. He tucked his hat on and strapped on his goggles around it. He then gave a cheesy smile of confidence into the mirror. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!"

He ran to the staircases and slid down the railing to the front door but ended up being smacked into the wall rather than to a stop at the end. He got on the other side of the railing that went into the wall than the other free fall one.

"Ow! Stupid wall! I just had to let my mom rearrange the house didn't I?" Takuya grumbled about as he walked down the rest of the stairs.

He got to the door and opened to see Tommy and J.P. standing there.

"Hey Takuya! We're here!" Tommy greeted.

"Great! Just have to wait for the others," Takuya replied. "J.P. did the guy at the studios say you can get a raise yet?"

"No. He said that because of all the retakes in the past I keep getting them into, I can't get one till later in the season," J.P. groaned.

"Yeah remember when you in that episode with Zoe at the beginning, with the fields and you were suppose to trip on a rock and fall to the ground but instead you kept falling on Zoe on accident?" Tommy reminded.

"Eh, yeah, it was on 'accident'," Takuya said, letting them in.

"What? It really was on accident," J.P. cried out.


As Takuya closed the door behind him, another doorbell rang. He opened it. "Hello."

It was Zoe and Koji at the door. "Hi Takuya! Ready for the New Year?" Zoe asked.

J.P. rushed in right next to Zoe in a heartbeat and wrapped his arm around her. "Zoe! How was the trip? Cold? Warm? Hot? Did you miss me?"

Zoe steadily held her arm up with annoyance and pushed him away. "J.P., you're only suppose to have a crush on me in the show, not in real life."

"So? Some stories actually do come true." J.P. smoothly told.

Zoe just let out a small yelp of disgust. "Blech!"

"Can you let us in? It's freakin' cold out here!" Koji yelled.

"Don't have to yell," Takuya replied as he let them in. "Hey where's Bokomon and Nehmon?"

"Don't you mean Neemon?" J.P. corrected.

"No, because in the dub version its changed to Nehmon," he answered.

"What's wrong with the name Neemon?"

"How should I know?"

"Anyway, Bokomon and Nehmon called me and they both said they're bringing some other guests along with Patamon," said Zoe.

"Aww, but I said this was to be a small and quiet party," Takuya complained.

Suddenly the doorbell rang the third time and Takuya opened the door to look down to see Bokomon, Nehmon, and Patamon. Nehmon was somewhat, sort of like dancing like as if he had ants in his pants.

"What's wrong with you?" Takuya asked.

Bokomon shook his head. "I told you, Nehmon. You should have gone to the bathroom before we left!"

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" Nehmon apologized repeatedly. "Bathroom?! Bathroom?! Bathroom?!"

Takuya pointed the upstairs and Nehmon rushed off screaming, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Zoe said you called and you invited some other guests over. Who?" Takuya wondered.

"Uhhhhh, don't be angry Takuya but I invited the Tamers over."


"I said don't get angry! I only invited them because the Digimon and I were all playing poker and decided to come over here for a little while to talk to the other cast members," Bokomon said quickly. "Oh, and the second season cast."


"Sorry but I gotta go! Ophanimon's calling me!"

"Ophanimon isn't even here!"

But already Bokomon dashed off before Takuya could wrap his fingers around the little guy's neck.


Minutes later, the party started to go along. People were talking, people were dancing, people were playing games, and one person was moping.

"Aww, why? Why? Why?!" Takuya moaned.

"Aw, it's not that bad," Koji reassured. "Just because they have higher salaries, you don't have to have a grudge on them. Takes a long time to achieve what they got."

"Yeah, yeah," Takuya said.


In another room of the house, the same thing was said.

"Aww, why? Why? Why?!" Veemon moaned.

"Aw, it's not that bad," Lopmon reassured. "Left hand green."

Terriermon, Veemon, Gatomon, Calumon, and MarineAngemon tried their best to play this game but you can't really when you're barely half way on the mat.

"You know, Impmon would really love this game but too bad he's not here," Calumon suggested. "He would have won this game because he could burn us off the mat with his middle finger."

"Calumon it's his index finger, not his middle finger," Terriermon corrected.

Calumon then demonstrated. "Then what's-"

"No! No! No! Don't need to show me!" Terriermon stopped. Suddenly he slipped on his ear and fell. "You're out, Terriermon!" MarineAngemon giggled.

Some of the other Digimon were either playing Twister with the spinner barely hanging on the board, and watching a movie on a small old TV that kept giving off static. They were separated from their partners for the moment while they chat and had fun, while the Digimon were bored from the lack of fun. It was a regular scenario where the parent would go out with their child to a restaurant and the kid is all alone, surrounded by parents talking.

"Why?! Why?! Why?!" Veemon moaned again.

"Quit your belly-aching, Veemon, *hic!*" Patamon ordered. "It's not like this is the *hic!* first time we've been left out. *hic!*"

"What's wrong with him?" Guilmon wondered. "Hiccup?"

"Uh- *hic!* huh!"

"Hi!" another Patamon in a pink strap said as he landed side-by-side with the other Patamon. "Oooh, two bat-pigs," Guilmon noticed.

"We're not bat-pigs!" they both screamed.

"Moody bat-pigs."

"We've never really got enough airing time on the show," Terriermon pointed out. "The only time we do get air time on the show is when we have to fight the other Digimon and those hurt."

"Ugh, especially during the part where Beelzemon was to kick our can around and kill Leomon," Guardromon groaned. "I still got that dent in the side of me."

"By the way, how is Leomon?" Guilmon wondered.

"Since Beelzemon kept punching Leo below the 'belt' instead the stomach, Leomon is gonna have to spend in the hospital for few months or so."

Renamon was sitting on the couch lazily across and watching the TV while throwing popcorn in her mouth with Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Cyberdramon, and Wormmon too. "What are we watching again?"

"I think its Hamtaro the hamsters," Cyberdramon answered. "From what I could tell from the static."

"No, if you turn your to the side, I think it's Pokemon," Wormmon thought. "See, that's a Charizard."

"A what?! There's no way that's Hamtaro or Charizard," Hawkmon protested. "It's Big Bird from Sesame Street."

"Just change the channel," Armadillomon snorted. "Maybe a western movie be good."

"Fine, whatever," Hawkmon said, ruffling his feather as he gabbed the remote and started changing the channels. "Maybe a nature show on birds would be great."

Channels after channels of flipping, they finally hit something. "Hey! Go back! Bo back!" Cyberdramon shouted.

"No, there's a nature show on birds now," Hawkmon hushed. "Shhh!"

Cyberdramon just banged his fist on the little hawk's head and took the remote out of his wings. "Sheesh! I simply asked to change the channels back but you just had to make it difficult, didn't you?"

He flipped channels back to a show of a lizard rampaging through the city. "Oooh, Godzilla."

The giant ancient lizard king rampaged across the city roaring across and breathing fire. He was enjoying this show till Hawkmon dived on the remote and changed it back to the bird show. "No, I want to watch this!"

"Hey, I got the remote first!" Armadillomon shouted, yanking it away.

"No, I did!"

"I did!"







"Knock it off! Here, I'll change the channel and choose our own show," Renamon calmly suggested. She picked up the remote and when she was just about to press the channel button.


.the TV blew up right there with a small cackle of smoke puffing out.

"That's it! I hate this #@%! like!" Veemon screamed. "It's like a #@%! hole and we have a #@%! life! AAAHHHH!!!"

Guilmon held Calumon's ear. "Don't add this to your vocabulary list, okay?"


"Hey, you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Cyberdramon thought.

"Uh, in the mind of a vindictive, carnivorous, blood-thirsty, ravenous creature like you?" Terriermon asked. "Nope!"

Cyberdramon gave a small grunt of annoyance and shook his head. "Son of a dog/rabbit. Look, I got a plan to go against them humans for making us always get low paying checks, small trailers, and no benefits! It's time for a revolution!"



"So. Did you miss me since the last time we met?" Davis flirted, standing next to Rika.

"Ugh, no. Not a chance, Davy," Rika replied in disgust.

"Uh, it's Davis but, come on. I think we were getting a connection with each other," Davis smiled. "You know what I mean?"

Rika just tossed her drink into his face and walked off. Davis shook it off. "Okay! I think we're getting to a stronger connection now!"

"Zoe." J.P. said.


"Aw come on!" J.P. pleaded, as Zoe walked off with him following her.

"J.P. I'm not interested with you!" Zoe shouted.

That must have really gotten through him because he looked like he was about to run off and cry. Zoe then left while J.P. ran off upstairs to the bathroom. Well, the love in the air wasn't going well for some.

"Well, at least things can't get any worst," Takuya gladly sighed.


"What? Now who can it be at a time like this?" Takuya wondered.

Takuya looked through the peephole in the door to see something big and black that's about to kick the door down with its big leather boots of spikes. "Uh-oh!"



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