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Ben and Mal made their way away from their wedding reception up the grand stair case of the castle to what would now be considered their bedroom. They would be leaving for their honeymoon in the morning, but they would spend their first night as husband and wife together in the huge suite of the castle. When they reached the door way Mal went to open it and step into the room. "Allow me" said Ben. He picked her up bridal style and carried her across the threshold. Ben was very traditional and Mal found it amusing how he went about some things. Like he insisted they have a big wedding ceremony and a honeymoon while Mal would rather have had a small gathering and no honeymoon, but it made him happy so she was happy. She was so lost in thought she didn't hear Ben the first time he call her name.

"Mal? Did you hear me?" he asked her. "Hmm? What? I didn't hear what you said Ben." She replied to him snapping out of her trance. "I asked you if you wanted some strawberries and champagne." Ben told her. The first time Mal had eaten a strawberry was on her first date with Ben when she was sixteen, and now here she was at the ripe age of twenty-two having them again with him on their wedding night.

"Actually Ben," Mal began as she walked over to him with a wicked look in her eyes. "I'm actually hungry for something else…" Mal trailed off while taking the bowl of berries from his hands and wrapping her arms around his neck. "And wh-what might that be?" Ben stammered as she backed him up against the wall of their bedroom. "You're awfully smart Ben, I mean you are the king and you are excellent at reading people, so you tell me." Mal stated as she worked at the buttons of the shirt Ben had on. (They had both changed in to simpler clothes for their wedding reception.)

"Well if my assumptions are correct I do believe th-that your intended actions are to-" Mal cut Ben off with a hungry kiss which he immediately returned to her. Ben flipped then around so that Mal was the one against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist and she could already feel his manhood pressing against his pants. Mal freed him of him shirt and went to work on his belt and pants while Ben trailed kisses across her jaw line and down to her shoulders. "Oh Ben" she gasped as he sucked on a sensitive spot behind her neck. Mal threw her head back against the wall and with a THUNK, Ben's belt and pants hit the floor. Ben set Mal down so he could free her from her beautiful purple dress Evie had made for her to wear. Ben wanted her skin against his. Ben struggled with the lacing on the backing of the dress. It was so hard to concentrate when Mal was kissing him and sucking on his skin. He was growing impatient with the dress, He wanted it off of her and he wanted it off right then. Ben grabbed either side of the back of the dress and with all of his beastly strength, he ripped it open and it fell off of Mal. "Ben!" Mal shrieked. "You ripped my dress, Evie is going to kill you!" "She can make you a new one" Ben smirked.

He picked Mall up again and carried her over to the huge bed in the middle of the room. Somewhere along the way Mal's bra hit the floor and both of were left in just their underwear. Ben set mal down on the bed and hovered over her. And for the first time that night, Ben looked unsure of himself. "Um. Mal.. I.. I've never… I've never done anything like... Ugh" Ben trailed off. "And like I have?" Mal said taking his face in her hands. "You haven't?" Ben said in voice barley above a whisper.

"Ben, you're the only man I have ever dated or love so it only makes sense that you will be the first and only man I will make love to." Mal told him. Ben kissed Mal deeply as they fell against the pillows of the bed. "Mal I don't really know what I am doing." Ben told her breaking the kiss. "Just do what feels right. But first I think we need to get out of our underwear." Mal told him. "Agreed" Ben stated. He shimmied out of his boxers and his erection sprang free. Mal silently gulped at its size and wondered how that was going to fit inside her. Ben them looped his thumbs under her panties and pulled them off his wife. He climbed up the bed and hovered above her as he rested between her thighs.

"Mal, I'm going to have to hurt you and I don't want to." Ben told her. "It's okay Ben, I trust you." Mal reassured him.

Ben lined up with her entrance and slowly began to push inside her. Mal dug her nails into his back and Ben gripped the headboard to control himself. Ben pushed all the way in and let out a groan and Mal let out a gasp of pain as tears welled up in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Ben repeated over and over in her ear as he held onto Mal and wiped the tears from her eyes. Mal's nails were digging so hard into his back, she was sure she would draw blood. "Mal, we can stop." Ben said to her. "NO!" Mal stated harshly. You have waited your entire life for this and so have I, we are not stopping. I will be okay. Just go slow. Mal told him.

Ben slowly started to pull out of Mal and then pushed back in. He did it a few more times and he couldn't help himself but her let out a low moan. "Oh Mal," he moaned. Then pain that Mal had been feeling started to subside and turn into pleasure. "Ben" she gasped in his ear and she dug her nails into him. "Please, harder" she choked out. Ben began to pick up the pace and Mal tightened her legs around his waist which pushed his further into her. They both groaned at the new sensation.

"Oh Ben!" Mal cried over and over again as he pushed in and out of her. Ben let out what could only be classified as a growl when he flipped both of the over into a sitting position with Mal on top of him. She wrapped her legs around him and he firmly grasped her hips as he thrust up into her. Mal was so lost in her own world of pleasure she couldn't do anything except hold onto Ben. She was sure that she was screaming his name so loud that the entire castle could hear them and Ben was sure that he was moaning so loud he could be heard two kingdoms over, but neither of them cared. Mal's purple hair was sweating and clinging to her forehead and it draped over her like a curtain when she pressed her head to Bens. She kissed him hard as he tightened his grip on her waist.

They were both so close but Mal just could let herself fall over that edge. "Come on Mal, it's okay to fall. I will catch you. Just let go." Ben whispered into her ear. That was all it took for Mal and then she was falling over that edge. Her eyes screwed shut she threw her head back and let out a huge scream and reached her blissful high. Ben let out another growl and screamed Mal's name as he came deep inside her. Ben fell back onto the bed with Mal on top of his chest, both of them breathing heavy and their hearts racing. Ben pulled the quilt over them and the both felt into a deep blissful sleep.

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